Meet Robert Steiner, (Self-Claimed) Brainchild Behind The Public Health Agency Of Canada

The Ontario Science Table is full of conflicts-of-interest and countless ties to the University of Toronto. However, this piece will mostly focus on one person in the OST: Robert Steiner. From his OST profile, we get this interesting information.

While the Public Health Agency of Canada, or PHAC, had been covered, it seemed that no one person was taking credit for bringing it here. After all, it was a product of the 3rd Edition of the International Health Regulations, imposed by the World Health Organization.

A bit off topic, but another member of OST. Dr. Kwame McKenzie, was the Chair of the Research and Evaluation Advisory Committee of Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot. Yes, he test run what is now coming to Canada. Now, back to Steiner:

Robert Steiner is Assistant Professor and director of journalism and health advocacy programs at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health Sciences, University of Toronto. The Fellowship is the first journalism program designed specifically to teach outstanding specialists with graduate degrees or professional experience in a field how to cover their own disciplines as freelance reporters for media around the world.

Mr. Steiner began his career as a global finance correspondent for The Wall Street Journal with postings in New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo, where he was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, won two Overseas Press Club awards and the Inter-American Press Association Award.

After leaving The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Steiner received his MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He then worked as a management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group and later led strategic planning for Bell Globemedia, parent of the Globe and Mail and CTV. From 2006 to 2010, Mr. Steiner served as Assistant Vice President of the University of Toronto in charge of Strategic Communications.

Mr. Steiner also served as health and public health policy advisor and principal speechwriter for Paul Martin, during his Liberal Party leadership campaign and transition to being Prime Minister of Canada in 2003. He subsequently advised the Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet on the creation of the Public Health Agency of Canada in 2004. In 2000, Mr. Steiner had managed the Liberal Party of Canada’s new media campaign in the period leading to and during the federal general election, working for Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

Just in case you missed it, here is the really important part. This is who Steiner claims to be:

Mr. Steiner also served as health and public health policy advisor and principal speechwriter for Paul Martin, during his Liberal Party leadership campaign and transition to being Prime Minister of Canada in 2003. He subsequently advised the Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet on the creation of the Public Health Agency of Canada in 2004. In 2000, Mr. Steiner had managed the Liberal Party of Canada’s new media campaign in the period leading to and during the federal general election, working for Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

Steiner’s profile with the Ontario Science Table is interesting for a number of reasons. First, he has no medical or science background whatsoever. He is a political science graduate, who later got an MBA. While impressive, it doesn’t explain why the OST would have anything to do with him.

Second, Steiner’s role with the University of Toronto is related to journalism, not science. Again, a strange circumstance.

Third, he acted as a Health Advisor for the Liberal Party of Canada, despite no background in health or science. He claims to be responsible for bringing PHAC here. Strange, since he doesn’t list any affiliation with the United Nations or with WHO. If he was a lawyer, such a move might make sense.

Fourth, he omits his membership with the Trudeau Foundation, both with the OST, and on his LinkedIn page. The association is sketchy enough, but he could at least be transparent about it.

Fifth, he created a company, Whitehall Principal Advisors, which was he supposedly ran while advising Paul Martin on the creation of PHAC. The company has since been shut down, and it’s unclear what, if anything, it ever did.

Now, what is Whitehall Principal Advisors? It used to be a Federally registered corporation. The corporation number was 4251334, and the business number 854746146RC0001. According to Corporations Canada, it was dissolved in 2008, and was delinquent for years in filing annual returns.

Whitehall Principal Advisors Inc 01 Directors
Whitehall Principal Advisors Inc 02 Registered Office
Whitehall Principal Advisors Inc 03 Incorporation
Whitehall Principal Advisors Inc 04 Filing
Whitehall Principal Advisors Inc 05 Dissolution

There isn’t really any information about what this corporation was supposed to be doing, and nothing in the available documents. Steiner was the only Director. Keep in mind, he was supposedly advising Paul Martin on the creation of PHAC during this time.

Whitehall may have been an entirely legitimate operation. And being closed for a decade can explain why there’s no information available. Still, given the timing, it’s worth asking if it was used as a way to pay for services rendered while advising Paul Martin on PHAC.

And here’s another interesting bit of information: Steiner spent years at the University of Toronto, Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy. So did Michael Ignatieff, and there is overlap in their tenure. Ignatieff was a Member of Parliament from 2006 until 2011, and even became Liberal Leader, and Leader of the Official Opposition. Ignatieff later went to work for Open Society, George Soros‘ outfit.

Steiner also interviewed Chrystia Freeland when her book “Plutocrats” was released. Interesting topic, since Freeland is now the Finance Minister, hell bent on redistributing everyone’s wealth with the Great Reset.

Robert Steiner is part of the Behavioural Science Working Group with the Ontario Science Table. Their job is come up with psychological and sociological techniques for getting people to comply with the agenda. They even provide scripts for what to say. The obedience training is right out in the open. Check the publication today, as it’s particularly interesting.

What do you think? Is this the man behind PHAC’s creation? Perhaps we should just take him at his word.

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One Reply to “Meet Robert Steiner, (Self-Claimed) Brainchild Behind The Public Health Agency Of Canada”

  1. Yes, extremely interesting comments and linked resources…since I like to point out the obvious that nobody talks about, mind control, trauma and isolation based mind control, subliminal and neuro linguistic programming in addition to the more direct and fast forward approach, hypnosis, not only ericsonian but others, information wars, psychological wars and related PsyOps, censorship wars, the editorial opinion wars of mainstream fakestream news are all utilized, along with corrupt government practice to stamp out “dis-information” aka the truth, alternative points of view, alternative facts and evidence, sometimes labelled as “conspiracy theory” when in fact it is conspiracy fact, or “collaborateur evidence” “the war on whitey” in this case real evidence, not so call “science based evidence” a code word word “cartel controlled official narrative” or something like that, as science is not really “consensus” or “conforming to super imposed pre-engineered agenda.

    additionally, if you look you may notice, all those things and what you have listed are pertaining to “behaviours” which is super imposed mind control or enforced actions, of which many are against the conscience of an individual, which they despise, an anti-vaxxer, for instance, or anyone not in accordance or agreement with their own genocide, and also behaviours that are not science based for your health, rather your genocide, such as toxic masks, nano tech, chemical warfare, oxygen deprivation, microwave warfare…

    for all the science based bogus news, who is talking about how microwave cause the increase of mould by 4,000 times, mould is toxic, or microwaves heating lung tissue causing infection, or other toxic drugs causing infection in the lungs, aka pneumonia, bronchial problems for simplicity, or that vaping has neuro toxins as well as being extremely damaging to the lungs, which also affects the blood, or the 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes, or the GI gmo nano tech chemical laced weed? Eh Oh genocide tools are censored eh, conspiracy theory eh, racist white nationalist rhetoric eh, yes, so anyone with a brain and spheres of influence is disqualified, censored, cancelled, labelled, as the mind control agents have poor self esteem issues when it comes to being proven wrong or having inappropriate behaviours, un-civilized behaviour etc et al…

    As a reminder, credentials do not equate with character, there is no sliding logarithmic scale or universal law, actions, thoughts and words are character, what someone does when nobody is looking is character. The illusion of credentials is based on credentialism, which is also utilized to discredit others, including through the use of psychologists or other so called experts which may also be stacked in one or more entities and organization against an individual or others.

    You may also notice the capacity for money laundering, proxy government, shadow government, rogue government, the criminal organization behind the government or even political party, supra-national government, governments masquerading as a religion or political party, protocol, agenda or otherwise.

    We are being subject to acts of aggression and wars of aggression, with the mind control and “social experiment” and “social engineering techniques” being deployed, against the citizen.

    Don’t let smiles, fancy words and credentials deceive you, those people do not believe in freedom of choice, especially if you choose higher values, true values, family values, Made in Canada, thoughtful patriotism, health sovereignty or even nation state sovereignty, private property or the right to self defence including the associated rights and responsibilities and corresponding civilized behaviour.

    So realizing that credentials and all those super imposed mind control tricks for behaviour modification is not actually part of peace, order and good government, and is actually war, chaos and disorder and not real government at all.

    Proxy government or other supra-national entity association, agenda, protocol is all illegal, along with trade deals and other agreements, as a different form of government and illegal transfer of power has taken place, in addition to the total fraud, deception, evil, genocide, homicide, serial killing, and related problems that are now and will continue to take place, with the super imposed disease of vaccination, and even testing has caused considerable damage, infection, death, some of this is indicated in the Quiet Weapons for Silent Wars, as many already know.

    If you analyze the writing from the corresponding links, and if you have developed the capacity to read between the lines, reverse speech analysis or other intuitive methods, or the ability to decode, phrases and codewords, then you are in the races, not only off to the races, as you are in the race…

    If you really look at the character and track record facts, many in government and proxy government are totally unfit for public service, certainly altruistic or ideal public service based on true values, and real Canadian values, not super imposed liberalism or liberal values, or liberal fascists or other kinds of destructive social over-control.

    What is being done now is obsolete, backwards and un-civilized by people that have no real character, ethics, nation building vision or love and loyalty to Canada, the founding people, or anyone whatsoever except may for those collaborateurs that claim “we are all in this together” another codeword for enforced genocide, anti-nation state plundering and destruction.

    What has increased now is the ability to recognize good versus evil, wise versus unwise, patriots versus traitors, allies versus enemies foreign and domestic, true friends versus enemy combatants, pro-life versus genocide, peace versus war, order versus chaos, good government versus you really don’t want to experience a living hell or death, disease, sickness, debt, slavery and zero freedom of choice do you? something like that, as simple as it gets….

    Let “x” represent the variable….

    Let there be light, and there was light…and there still is light…

    The future already happened a long time ago and it is time to decrypt this message since your very survival depends on it….

    stay tuned for the best investigative research in Canada with, as your life is yours to live with powerful freedom of choice, and the information is power idea is good, so long as you realize it is potential power, that you the individual must be pro-active to exercise power on earth as it is in heaven. Freedom of choice is yours…

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