SPOR Evidence Alliance (OST Partner), Gets Funding From World Health Organization

This is another look at the Ontario Science Table, and their partners. Now we get to the SPOR Evidence Alliance, which was supported by CIHR, the Canadian Institutes for Health Research. SPOR itself is an acronym for “Strategy for Patient Oriented Research”. Okay, it’s funded by the Canadian Government, but by itself, that isn’t too bad.

Problem is, SPOR is also supported and sponsored by, the World Health Organization, although the distinction isn’t clear. It’s also sponsored by CADTH, the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health, a WHO Working Group.

How We Manage Conflicts of Interests
-We currently DO NOT accept any funding from private industry (e.g., pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers) to support our research activities.
-All our members must declare annual statements of conflicts and competing interests.
We encourage and nurture open communication and respectful relationships, and strive to resolve conflicts and competing interests through diplomacy.

While this sounds fine on paper, it overlooks 2 details. First, Governments, supra-national bodies and academia “can” and often do have conflicts of interest. Second, even if they don’t have conflicts of interests, groups they partner with can.

SPOR has more sponsors. This includes the University of Toronto, which has all kinds of ties to the Ontario Science Table. Furthermore, it’s sponsored by McMaster University, which hosts Cochrane Canada (another WHO partner), and receives money from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

At a Glance
The Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Evidence Alliance is a pan-Canadian research initiative designed to promote evidence-informed health policy and practice changes. Our 300+ network of researchers, trainees, patient partners, and stakeholders is led by Dr. Andrea Tricco and 11 principal investigators from across Canada.

The SPOR Evidence Alliance was founded in 2017, thanks to a five-year grant awarded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) under Canada’s SPOR Initiative, and the generosity of partners from 41 sponsors from public and not-for-profit sectors in Canada.

From this description, SPOR seems to present itself as a researching and consulting group, one designed to cause systematic change to health care. How many of these groups are there?

And when they take money from institutions like the World Health Organization, how independent can they really be?

Also, CIHR funds initiatives that seem to run counter to independence, like paying groups to act as vaccine salesmen and improve uptake rates. How independent is this group, or any part of the Canadian Government?

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2 Replies to “SPOR Evidence Alliance (OST Partner), Gets Funding From World Health Organization”

  1. Your research is amazing! Thank you for all the time and energy you’re putting into getting factual information out 😊

  2. “we do not accept funding….” is not the same as, “we have access to offshore numbered accounts with discretionary spending power” or “directions or invoicing can be made to the accounts payable department” and “funding” is not necessarily “a payoff” “a bribe” “or may benefit from beneficial interest notwithstanding that does not necessarily make or be considered as being a beneficiary” or “having designated temporary or dedicated revenue streams or spending capabilities” that could include “offshore credit cards, re-loadable credit cards” or “we don’t need funding, we are engaged in genocide with our own free will, or at our own expense, or at least….we don’t worry about that” or even the use of the stock market and exchange code intel to profit from “trades”, “currency swaps” “golf course memberships” “fuel for the jet plane” “automobile and related expense provisions” “perks” “drugs” “sexual favours” “opportunities to commit crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality, debt, disease, death, slavery, terrorism, perks may also include coffee and TimCards…did I say that right? I work for coffee, ok, moving on….Funding also does not typically include “ransom notes” “extortion & blackmail related ops”, “pay the piper”, “PsyOps” “IOU” “You owe me” “CPP” “UIC” “golden parachutes” or parachutes that don’t open because someone died on the way down from COVID”, miscellaneous welfare or welfare like options and benefits”. Funding is also different than “moving up in the ranks of an organization”.

    Funding may actually be only “official correspondence” “official documents” “notarized documents” “funding notices made with a corresponding public announcement of some type, class, event, including type, size and arrangement of font, styles and titles, stamp, type of paper, watermarks, sealed with blood or not, subject to one or more point(s) of reference, governing instruments, corresponding documents, multiple or designated or even temporary, sequential and simultaneous jurisdiction, authorization, discretionary, integrated, independent and contingency actions, words, deeds, of potential good or bad character, wise and unwise actions, evident virtuous character or questionable, “grey areas” or even “patently ambiguous” fraudulent or otherwise, some things even triggered, enabled, augmented, amplified through the use of mind control techniques, including fear, trauma and isolation based mind control techniques, puppets and remote control or even possession by evil spirits;

    additionally, “we do not accept funding…” is not the same as someone putting something in your pocket and not your hand, or saying that you don’t accept funding while keeping the money or other benefit, which may include financial and non-financial resources, which may also include time, or any number of securities and capital structure, ownership, control, voting, editing, censorship, influence, title, position, credit, benefit, beneficial interest, or other “creative option, including creative destruction”…so likewise or likefool, evidence based and evidence informed, is like yes, we have truckloads of evidence too, as typical science based is a codeword for fraud and deception and the official narrative…

    “…from private industry” is also deceptive and represents potentially a holier than thou attitude, as if non industry is noble, altruistic and “infallible” as we know to be totally not true and impossible for the most part;

    “how we manage conflicts of interest” is by nature of the acceptance and acknowledgements that they exist, which is not the same as “we have zero conflicts of interest”, and this is also “a presumptive variant” of “our evidence-information” is different than “your evidence-information” which is classified as “disinformation” “conspiracy theory” “not conspiracy evidence, only we have the evidence” or “that is a racist comment” or “you are a white nationalist” (and therefore wrong and disqualified from “freedom of speech” (which is arbitrary);

    and also the new variant of, oh look, our conflicts are against the truth, anti-vaxxers, health sovereignty and nation state sovereignty, (why else the super imposed WHO and other supra-national entities, and agreements) ,

    and by the way, managing conflicts is like managing “chronic illness” we wouldn’t want you to get better and know the secrets to health, and certainly can’t agree with the problems caused by microwave technology, land and space based 5G bio-weapon technology, GMO weed, nano-tech, chem trails, toxic drugs, neuro toxic vaping and e-cigarettes, or the 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes, or the 4,000 times growth acceleration of mould from microwaves, or that pneumonia is created with microwave technology, smart meters, cell phones, wifi and all that good stuff, and certainly talking about pesticides, GMO and glyphosate is a total conspiracy theory, we are evidence informed, get with the program,

    Certainly, there are no conflicts with straight white nationalist people, right? Eh Especially if the badge of honour is being a traitor, or a race traitor, that is the gold standard, yeah, when you have a badge of honour like that, you don’t need funding, it has its own reward, that is prestige that no money can buy, right?

    After all, “an apple day keeps the doctor away” is only a conspiracy theory and is not scientifically validated in a double blind placebo controlled experiment so it is not evidence informed either, since we are not into semantics, what do you think of them apples anyway? Win the prize if you know what toxic chemical is sprayed on apples? I mean, it is not really toxic, after all, it is a conspiracy theory by white nationalist apple eaters and has never been validated in any scientific experiment or court anywhere in the world, so no worries, and the cinderella and the poison apple story is also a conspiracy theory and total fiction, that never really happened. sarcasm is not a word, it is a geo-physical feature found in many countries around the world and technically a topographical geo-physical feature, and we would know, since we are evidence based and evidence informed, and you don’t have credentials either, do you?

    Hmmm, what’s that you say, you don’t need credentials to read? You must be a racist white nationalist if you can read, that is so oppressive, and colonial, how dare you, you imperialist you, I don’t feel safe, yikes, where is my safe space, I feel so vulnerable, someone can read, and read between the lines, someone hacked our code, OMG of lies and deception, control freak master of genocide…I think I’m having a panic attact…you hurt my feelings…oh wait, I don’t have feelings, sociopaths don’t have feelings, do they? And anyways, I never feel regret, grief, remorse, pain, anguish, sadness, dejection, depression or anything else negative for anything I ever did or said or wrote….so there….what’s that you say? “the white rabbit to follow is the straight white nationalist waskilly wabbit….” …’ the 1982 constitution is illegal because of the illegal transfer of power and also that you cannot change the form of government from the 1867 BNA Act, and a proxy government, or government by private industry, association, supra-national entity or organization, jurisdiction or agreement, agenda, protocol is also illegal” “yield or die” “the penalty of treason is death” “the definition of genocide is…”

    Anyways, according to astral time travel events-intel, if you add E for extinction to SPOR you have SPORE which represents another presumptive variant, which is not entirely classified for the most part, and since it has never been isolated and sequenced, there is nothing to worry about, just be happy…

    everything is under control, and remember one evidence alliance has no conflicts of interest with another evidence alliance, they are probably only wannabe evidence alliance anyways, and it can all be thrown out of court, or actually, never make it to court, since the courts are in our pocket, which is not the same as accepting funding, and funding does not include mortgages either, or lines of credit, or mystery debt payments, or buying a house for a dollar and the statement “In God We Trust, all others pay cash” in only hearsay, or heresy or whatever, since cash is legal tender, everything done with cash is legal right?

    Wealth generating power is not funding, a private or public investment portfolio with capital appreciation and revenue stream, conversion rights, warrants, options or other provisions are not funding either….Made in Canada is not funding either, truss funds are not funding either, get over it why don’t you?

    Cash is not funding, it is a monetary instrument that represents a store of value, certainly not funding, don’t be ridiculous, where do you get your definitions from anyways, after all, do you know who We are or who We is, or what god are you talking about anyways? What is this cash business? How colonial and oppressive is that? A gift is not funding either. What about gold, precious metals and jewelry and watches you ask, that is not funding either, that is only a symbol, it is intrinsic, sort of maybe tangible, sometimes, and sometimes intangible, so that is a nebulous non issue, we are only dealing with evidence information, we are evidence based and science based, don’t you ever forget that!

    Je me souviens – now you know what that means, right? Maybe now you realize geography expertise is essential for all Canadians, and know that the map is not the territory as some people have said, and there is a lot more to reality that what meets the eyes, lucky for you if you can read, that is the real secret credentials and as you explore with greater awareness, perspective, perception and understanding, you will see that world from the eyes of truth, freedom, independence, pro-active power, courage, confidence, trust and faith to go forward…

    now, how independent are they?

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