Former Ontario UBI Pilot Research Chief, Kwame McKenzie, Part Of Ontario Science Table

In 2017, Ontario announced they would be doing a UBI, or universal basic income, pilot project in a few cities. Among the progress made was “Striking a Research and Evaluation Advisory Committee, led by Dr. Kwame McKenzie, CEO of the Wellesley Institute and Special Advisor to the Ontario Basic Income Pilot, which will provide advice and recommendations on the evaluation of the pilot.” A serious study with well known researchers.

At the time, the initiative from then Premier, “Liberal” Kathleen Wynne, got a lot of pushback. However, it’s being brought back in different form under “Conservative” Doug Ford.

Dr. Kwame McKenzie, who headed the UBI pilot project, is currently on the “Mental Health Working Group” of the Ontario Science Table. Now, the OST recommends more and more business shut downs. This will predictably cripple more of them, and force more people into dependence on the Government.

For more on the Ontario Science Table, check out the University of Toronto monopoly, the rampant conflicts-of-interest, and PHAC brain trust Robert Steiner. So much is easily available, yet not reported by the mainstream media in Ontario, or elsewhere in Canada.

Dr. Kwame McKenzie is CEO Of Wellesley Institute an international expert on the social causes of mental illness, suicide and the development of effective, equitable health systems.

Dr. McKenzie is also Director of Health Equity at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), a Full Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto and a consultant working with the World Health Organization on equity.

As a policy advisor, clinician and academic with over 250 papers, 5 books, and numerous awards he has worked across a broad spectrum to improve population health and health services for three decades.

He is a Co-Chair of the Expert Task Force on Substance Misuse, a member of the National Advisory Council on Poverty, a member of Canada’s Expert Advisory Panel on COVID-19 and Mental Health, the Minister of Health’s Covid-19 Testing and Tracing Advisory and was a member of Canada’s Delegation to the High Level Political Forum on the Social Development Goals.

Dr. McKenzie was previously a Human Rights Commissioner for Ontario and Chair of the Research and Evaluation Advisory Committee of Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot. In addition to his academic, policy and clinical work, Kwame has been a columnist for the Guardian, Times-online and Toronto Star and a past BBC Radio presenter.

McKenzie is one of many doctors in that group, whose purpose seems to be to provide cover to the Government of Doug Ford to ride roughshod over the rights of residents.

The project did end in 2018, shortly after Ford became Premier of Ontario. McKenzie expressed his unhappiness with the decision, suggesting it was done prior to there being enough data to make a definitive conclusion.

Kwame McKenzie, CEO of the Toronto-based Wellesley Institute, an urban health think-tank, and a special adviser who worked with the former Liberal government on the pilot, said researchers and policy-makers all over the world were looking forward to the results from the biggest basic income project ever rolled out.

“There were people from high-income countries, literally all over the world, ringing, saying, ‘When can we get the results? How can we work with you?’ So everybody was interested in knowing how this would end up,” he said.”

However, it seems as though McKenzie will ultimately get his wish to see it play out. The Ontario Science Table is recommending measures that will inevitably lead to the collapse of the middle class. The only option at that point will be some form of UBI.

Nor was the Ontario UBI project his only project involving societal change. His biography lists many such efforts. Has no one in the Canadian media noticed this yet? Has anyone cared to look?

Interesting timing: while the UBI project started in 2017, McKenzie was appointed to be a Human Rights Commissioner in Ontario in 2016. In the press release it was noted he’s “a professor and the co-director of the Equity Gender and Population Division at the University of Toronto’s department of psychiatry.” Quite the situation here. A man who believes in vast wealth redistribution is also given significant power to spread equity at the OHRT. When he eventually joined Ontario Science Table, it became a way to further expand his goals.

As for other work, in 2011, McKenzie co-authored a paper titled: Moving the Mental Health Equity Dialogue Forward: The Promise of a Social Entrepreneur Framework. It’s a common theme throughout much of his work, that differences in health outcomes must be dealt with.

Summer of 2020, McKenzie shared a plan, available with the World Health Organization.

In November 2020, McKenzie participated in a World Health Organization panel dealing with inequities in Covid-19 risks and mortality. Perhaps the virus is racist for not harming everyone in exactly the same way.
Kwame McKenzie Improving National Health Equity
Inequities In Covid-19 Infection November 2020

McKenzie has many publications to his name, which can be found with a quick search.

On some level, the health equity wouldn’t be a bad concept. Theoretically, if we could guarantee a basic level of health care for everyone, humanity would be better off.

The problem is the deception involved. This “Covid-19” psy-op is being forced upon unwilling victims globally, and is being used as a scheme to remake the world. Never mind the collateral damage from shutdowns — which Ontario Science Table fully endorses. Forget about the loss of basic freedoms, or the death waves that will result from untested, UNAPPROVED gene-replacement therapy.

Now we have communists being important advisory roles, being able to mask their true agendas as a health crisis.

2 Replies to “Former Ontario UBI Pilot Research Chief, Kwame McKenzie, Part Of Ontario Science Table”

  1. Bill C-273 had it’s first reading in Feb. 2021 — UBI has been discussed for years, just like this scamdemic. I believe it will be rolled out to replace the CERB and many will be grateful as they have little hope on future employment, all thanks to the deliberate destruction of the middle class / small businesses.

    This is a disaster to our society – and my gut tells me that people that need / want this, will be forced to take the “JAB” to be eligible.

  2. Communists? That’s a stupid comment. You’re deliberately confusing fascists with communists, who are as rare as politicians who denounce covid 1984. This website is awesome and I’m going to recommend it. But whoever wrote that line needs to give his or her head a good shake.

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