Macron v. Hitler (Satire)

(Artist Unknown)

How would Hitler stack up against Emmanuel Macron of France?

Hitler: Alpha male
Macron: Beta male

Hitler: Fantasized about conquering and dominating France
Macron: Fantasized about being conquered and dominated by Germany

Hitler: Wants to take over Europe
Macron: Wants others to take over Europe for him

Hitler: Wanted a European army dominated by Berlin
Macron: Wanted a European army dominated by Berlin

Hitler: Will imprison or kill people for wrong-think
Macron: Will dox people for wrong-think

Hitler: Wrecked Europe using huge German armies
Macron: Wrecked Europe using huge foreign armies

Hitler: Bullied Eastern Europe into doing his bidding
Macron: “Trying to” bully Eastern Europe into doing his bidding

Hitler: Angered that the Americans defeated Germany in 1918
Macron: Angered that the Americans liberated France in 1918

Hitler: Raised the swastika flag over fallen nations
Macron: Raised the European Union flag over fallen nations

Hitler: Believed legality of secondary importance
Macron: Believed consent of secondary importance

Hitler: Wanted “lebensraum” in Europe for German people to live
Macron: Wanted “lebensraum” in Europe for African and Middle Eastern people to live

Hitler: Thinks that strong national identity is necessary for a nation
Macron: Thinks that national identity shouldn’t exist

Hitler: Wanted a society of a pure Aryan race
Macron: Wanted a society of a pure mixed race

Hitler: Believed that the German people were superior to all
Macron: Believed that the French people were superior to none

Hitler: Blames Jews for Germany’s many problems
Macron: Blames whites for France’s many problems

Hitler: Hates diversity of thought, and diversity of race
Macron: Hates diversity of thought only

Hitler: Had a beta sidekick named Mussolini
Macron: Had a beta sidekick named Trudeau

Hitler: Replacing other populations using force–
military occupation/invasion/deportations/killings
Macron: Replacing local populations by:
(a) abortion on demand;
(b) LGBTQ agenda;
(c) encouraging career over family;
(d) making a family unaffordable;
(e) “White Guilt” to discourage breeding;
(f) mass immigration of very different groups;
(g) forced multi-culturalism;
(h) balkanization and white flight;
(i) celebrating other cultures;
(j) tax incentives for foreigners to start families

Who is worse?

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