Pierre Poilievre Begins Flying Canadian Flag In Parliamentary Office (Satire)

Angered by Alt-Right conspiracy theorists, Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre has decided to post a Canadian flag prominently in his office in Ottawa. It was up and to his right, which appeared on the left for viewers.

He had been flying another flag, and for a while, zoomed in the webcam so it was less obvious. However, it was time for a change.

The new flag was first shown in an online interview with ex-Jason Kenney Staffer, Candice Malcolm. They talked about the expanding national debt.

The Member of Parliament for Carleton showed his disdain for anonymous Twitter trolls who kept insinuating that he must have a hidden agenda, and be working for foreign bodies. One called him a hypocrite for criticizing Trudeau for his Aga Khan trip, while he was also compromised. Poilevre reiterated that his loyalty was to Canadians, and not to outside influences

Asked about why he focused so much on the debt, Poilievre responded: “My job is to focus on a symptom (the debt), so Canadians aren’t talking about the disease (the International Banking Cartel). As long as Canadians think that this is simply an issue of overspending, they won’t realize that we all collude to rip them off. Heck, until last year, 95% if our national debt was just compounded interest.”

Poilievre promised to end the deficit in 10 years, which means no more accumulating debt. When asked about paying down the existing debt, the Member looked confused. “I don’t think Canadians actually want us to be debt free. That would stop the interest payments abroad.”

The new flag is in a good place. It compliments the office without drawing too much attention to it. Poilievre said he hopes that more MPs take pride in their home country and start having flags in the offices.

Canadian flags, he clarified.

However, limiting the office to just a single flag would probably discriminate against the 187 Members who were born outside of Canada.

On the subject of also flying a gay pride flag in Parliament, Poilievre seemed uncertain. Sure, Conservatives are completely behind the globohomo agenda, but that might be too overt. We have to at least pretend to uphold the morals and principles of family. Conservative men may not have any balls, but most of the women did. However, that was a different story.

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