Canada Adopts Plan To Deport Mask-Holes And Karens To Newfoundland (Satire)

After widespread rumours and delays, Canada is finally going ahead with plans to ship all the crazy people to Newfoundland. The new camps will be run by arbitrary rules science and proven methods.

Officials reminded the public that these are not internment camps. Despite the fences, armed guards, and constant surveillance, people should not tell others that engage in conspiracy theories.

While this was expected to be a huge logistical challenge, the problem has largely sorted itself out. Most insisted on taking the mRNA vaccine ahead of time, and many have since died. In related news, Theresa Tam has reassured Canadians that they are possibly completely safe to take.

For those who made it to Newfoundland, they will be subjected to mandatory “voluntary” anal swabs daily. However, the more traditional form of nasal rape will still be available for those who want it.

Yes, people will be locked in their homes for 23 hours a day, but this isn’t martial law. It’s considered “sheltering in place”, and will be used to cut down on virus spread.

Residents will be expected to wear plastic bags over their heads when outside. Public Health Officials had promoted the quadruple mask, when they found not enough people were getting bacterial pneumonia. However, after recent suffocation deaths, it is believed that 2 masks are 5 masks masks are insufficient, hence the change to plastic bags.

Contact tracing will take place as well, and is required strongly encouraged. New arrivals are asked to trace their entire family lineage, going back 10 generations, to see who may be infected.

Microchipping will also be readily available. The new types are shaped like farm animals, to make them more appealing to children.

Marriages and church services are prohibited, as they are safety risks. However, abortions, divorces, prostitution, drug use and other degeneracy be will be permitted. Bonnie Henry stated that while there is no science behind it, it is a clear and rational approach.

There will also be constant media coverage available. CBC, CTV, Global News, and the litany of Government funded newspapers will be free to all. For more “diverse” views, there will be Brian Lilley, Anthony Furey, and Lorrie Goldstein to whine about vaccines not arriving fast enough. Open discussion is discouraged permitted of course.

Inmates at the new penal colony, Residents of these new homes will get to have their voices heard on important matters. They can vote on what colour the social distancing stickers should be, and what kind of ringtones their new tracker bugs will emit.

A followup: There have been no developments in a Toronto lawsuit filed 3 years ago to stop mandatory vaccines and masks. Lawyers for the Plaintiffs assure us that a Defense is expected to be filed any day. However, more donations are needed to keep the case going.

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  1. Newfoundlanders require you to send the maskholes and karens elsewhere. Anywhere but here! Perhaps they could board the next SpaceX shuttle to an off-planet destination. (Satire)

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