Site Shut Down? Group Promoting Lawsuit Goes Silent After Exposure

On November 10, 2023, this site covered what appeared to be a grift. This was a website promoting a lawsuit for Federal employees, and Federally regulated workers who had been injured by the experimental injections. The reason for suspecting so was that it was a largely regurgitated version of a case struck as “bad beyond argument” in February 2023.

The previous iteration called for around 600 Plaintiffs who had been forced from their jobs instead of taking the shots. This one asked for another 600 who had taken the shots, but received injuries. On the surface, it looks to be more of the same.

But after Canuck Law published a story on this new lawsuit, the following happened:

This isn’t just a one-time thing. Having checked the site for several days now, it appears to have been disabled altogether. Different browsers were also used in attempting to connect, and all unsuccessfully. Not the expected behaviour of a legitimate group, is it?

A little digging was done to learn more about the site. Here’s some information that may be useful.

The website was created December 18, 2022, and started off with a 2 year hosting, according to WHOIS. The information is redacted, which is not uncommon. It would take a Court order to get the names, but that’s not really necessary here. The last time it was saved on the Wayback Machine was November 18, 2023.

It’s not clear when the site went offline, but it seems to have been sometime between November 18, 2023, and December 18, 2023. This is when WHOIS says the site was modified last.

And the plot thickens.

One detail not mentioned in the last article: the site was contact by email prior to it getting published. A response came fairly quickly. When asking for details, another response came, along with a copy of the last Federal lawsuit.

While this group would apparently not be able to help me, as they already had their fill of 600 Plaintiffs, I was referred to a few alternative lawyers. As an aside, please don’t contact them, as they may have no idea about any of this. But now….

However, after the article, another email was sent, and it came back as undeliverable. It appears that email has been disabled as well.

There was even a chat function built into the site, but not anymore.

Is this what sections of the Freedom Movement have been reduced to? Soliciting donations and retainers online, and then shutting down as soon as someone blows the whistle? While the whole thing seemed a bit shady at first, closing the website like this removed any and all doubts. Probably wise to get rid of evidence.

These people must really hate the Canuck website.

(A.3) fre4justice Main Page

(B.3) fre4justice About Us

(C.3) fre4justice Expression Of Interest

(1) FCA Adelberg V. HMTK A-67-23 Notice Of Appeal
(2) FCA Adelberg V. HMTK A-67-23 Appeal Book
(3) FCA Adelberg V. HMTK A-67-23 Appellants MFL
(4) FCA Adelberg V. HMTK A-67-23 Respondents MFL

(2) Federal Court Vaccine Mandate Challenge
(3) Federal Vaccine Passport Challenge Retainer Agreement
(4) Federal Court Vaccine Mandate Challenge Motion To Strike
(5) Federal Court Vaccine Mandate Challenge Affidavit Of Service
(6) Federal Court Vaccine Mandate Challenge Responding Motion Record
(7) Federal Court Of Canada Rules
(8) Federal Court Decision On Motion To Strike (Archive)


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(2) Federal Workers Action Donation Link For PayPal
(3) Ontario First Responders Action Donation Link For PayPal
(4) School Action Donation Link For PayPal
(5) Police Officer Action Donation Link For PayPal
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(9) Donate To Public Citizens Inquiry
(10) Donations For Supposed B.C. Doctors Action

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