Reiner Fuellmich Concludes Bogus Hearings, Starts “Crimes Against Humanity” Tour

Pretty strange that a lawyer who claims to be taking Governments to court isn’t at all concerned whether this “virus” has ever been isolated and proven to exist. Then again, considering he’s not actually going to trial over this. (12:45 in this video)

There is a reason [we] the group of international lawyers, who are conducting this grand jury investigation, did this outside the existing system: because the system is completely and totally corrupt.
But its true effort is to show the people what’s going on, and then empower them by showing that they can’t trust the system. Empowering them, for them to understand that they have to get up and do something. Force their own judiciaries (if they’re still functioning) to do their job.
— Reiner Fuellmich

There never was any lawsuit.

In other words, Fuellmich didn’t actually take his “case” to court. This wasn’t the “Nuremberg 2.0” that it had long been hailed as. These people took large sums of donor money for a case they had no intention to try. His so-called grand jury investigation has no legal standing, no power, and the outcome will mean absolutely nothing.

And why should Reiner be “inspiring others to take action”? After all, he solicited donations for a long time, under the pretense that HE would be doing something on behalf of others. This comes across as a complete fraud.

Now, after ripping off donors for nearly 2 years, Fuellmich and his cronies are going on a speaking tour across the United States. If you want to attend, tickets fall in the $100 to $300 range.

Don’t forget to donate, suckers!

Rather than pursuing an international case, as Fuellmich had been promising the entire time, he used the platform — and donations — to raise his own stature. He never brought any case, and it looks like he never intended to do so. Now, he’s ready to make even more money, duping those same people into hearing him speak live.

Beyond that, Fuellmich comes across as intellectually lazy and dishonest for propping up the bogus narrative that there is a virus to deal with. Since these “hearings” have no effect, at least have some truth as to the germ theory hoax.

Of course, Fuellmich is hardly the first lawyer to pretend to be taking the Government to court. He certainly won’t be the last either. One always has to wonder when some superstar lawyer spends all his time giving media appearance, but has no actual progress to report.

Just another subversion agent and grifter.


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  1. Thanks a bunch for exposing just what these lawyers are about. Few people understood that the court he was in had no enforcement mechanism whatever. He didn’t seem to have much history until he started with this go-nowhere case.

    It was the same with Rocco Galati…asking for donations and then suddenly nothing that they were supposed to be championing went anywhere.

    1. AGREED on Rocco Galati–ALL lawyers work for the BAR–as corrupt as any other system we have in place–Believe in the Lord..HE is the ONLY way.

      Protect yourself and your family….The Father is coming—but STAND and fight till then!

  2. I’m pretty sure that it was identified early on by Reiner Feullmich et al that the Corona virus has never been isolated. Furthermore, due to the widespread corruption of the judicial system worldwide, getting a conviction for the many scoundrels involved is very difficult. Even after Nuremberg 1, only some of the evil players under Hitler’s regime
    were convicted and hung. Under Operation Paperclip, some of the guilty doctors, and scientists were allowed into the US and not only survived but were protected and allowed to continue their subversive plans, etc.

    Isn’t it possible that after two years of stress, hard work and threats on their lives and livelihoods that these lawyers and their group are organizing this tour to let off some steam and to get the people of the land involved in prosecuting the culprits as this is what truly needs to happen to bring Truth back to our world? It is easy to write everyone off Ronnie, but I wouldn’t call Reiner Feullmich a grifter unless you really know what you are talking about! I think you might be wrong this time!

    1. Reiner has insisted in just the last couple of months that “there IS a virus”… and that he knows “its” mortality rate… while in the same breath admitting that “it” has only been “isolated” on a computer (LOL) and that the tests are completely worthless. He’s incoherent and misleading people.

  3. This is kind of unrelated but it’s reminding me about the 18th century, when the Natives were massacred. Unfortunately I can’t see any fair play in any direction going forward. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The corrupt courts are a serious threat, and the BAR is essentially an elitist club we’re not invited to. The worst part is that It’s glaringly obvious that their efforts are successful because not only is cognitive dissonance rampant, people now just think law means whatever the government deems “illegal” which is actually very different than unlawful. Imagine if you could convince anyone to do anything you wanted with some typed words on paper?

  4. I understand Canucklaws opinion. When looked at as a”Legal” action there is no remedy. Why does Canucklaw not provide an appropriate remedy? The assumtion that there is one jurisdiction only to pursue a remedy is not accurate. The Elite installed corporate law as a weapon of control. It replaced Common Law which the People had been working on for a thousand years. If Common Law returns it will make the “Legal” profession and all that practice within it, obsolete. Common Law stands above their Maritime Law. We need to remove their corrupt system of “Law” before any progress can be made in the real, not Strawman, world. Luckily Common Law has no statute of limitations. These people pushing legal actions (Some Judges have dismissed cases using evidence arguing the existence of an isolate SARS-cov-2 virus, because the existannce of these viri is taken as “fact” and is non debatable) are at least showing us how corrupt their laws really are even if it is not apparent at the moment. We can use their work to build upon for a real case. And there is no containment for remedies. An act of a Crime Against Humanity should have an appropriate and equal solution, remedy. I wonder what the families of the Covid Vaccine victims rather than their corrupt legal systems representatives will have to say is an appropriate remedy?

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