Reiner Fuellmich Concludes Bogus Hearings, Starts “Crimes Against Humanity” Tour

Pretty strange that a lawyer who claims to be taking Governments to court isn’t at all concerned whether this “virus” has ever been isolated and proven to exist. Then again, considering he’s not actually going to trial over this. (12:45 in this video)

There is a reason [we] the group of international lawyers, who are conducting this grand jury investigation, did this outside the existing system: because the system is completely and totally corrupt.
But its true effort is to show the people what’s going on, and then empower them by showing that they can’t trust the system. Empowering them, for them to understand that they have to get up and do something. Force their own judiciaries (if they’re still functioning) to do their job.
— Reiner Fuellmich

There never was any lawsuit.

In other words, Fuellmich didn’t actually take his “case” to court. This wasn’t the “Nuremberg 2.0” that it had long been hailed as. These people took large sums of donor money for a case they had no intention to try. His so-called grand jury investigation has no legal standing, no power, and the outcome will mean absolutely nothing.

And why should Reiner be “inspiring others to take action”? After all, he solicited donations for a long time, under the pretense that HE would be doing something on behalf of others. This comes across as a complete fraud.

Now, after ripping off donors for nearly 2 years, Fuellmich and his cronies are going on a speaking tour across the United States. If you want to attend, tickets fall in the $100 to $300 range.

Don’t forget to donate, suckers!

Rather than pursuing an international case, as Fuellmich had been promising the entire time, he used the platform — and donations — to raise his own stature. He never brought any case, and it looks like he never intended to do so. Now, he’s ready to make even more money, duping those same people into hearing him speak live.

Beyond that, Fuellmich comes across as intellectually lazy and dishonest for propping up the bogus narrative that there is a virus to deal with. Since these “hearings” have no effect, at least have some truth as to the germ theory hoax.

Of course, Fuellmich is hardly the first lawyer to pretend to be taking the Government to court. He certainly won’t be the last either. One always has to wonder when some superstar lawyer spends all his time giving media appearance, but has no actual progress to report.

Just another subversion agent and grifter.


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  1. Thanks a bunch for exposing just what these lawyers are about. Few people understood that the court he was in had no enforcement mechanism whatever. He didn’t seem to have much history until he started with this go-nowhere case.

    It was the same with Rocco Galati…asking for donations and then suddenly nothing that they were supposed to be championing went anywhere.

    1. AGREED on Rocco Galati–ALL lawyers work for the BAR–as corrupt as any other system we have in place–Believe in the Lord..HE is the ONLY way.

      Protect yourself and your family….The Father is coming—but STAND and fight till then!

  2. I’m pretty sure that it was identified early on by Reiner Feullmich et al that the Corona virus has never been isolated. Furthermore, due to the widespread corruption of the judicial system worldwide, getting a conviction for the many scoundrels involved is very difficult. Even after Nuremberg 1, only some of the evil players under Hitler’s regime
    were convicted and hung. Under Operation Paperclip, some of the guilty doctors, and scientists were allowed into the US and not only survived but were protected and allowed to continue their subversive plans, etc.

    Isn’t it possible that after two years of stress, hard work and threats on their lives and livelihoods that these lawyers and their group are organizing this tour to let off some steam and to get the people of the land involved in prosecuting the culprits as this is what truly needs to happen to bring Truth back to our world? It is easy to write everyone off Ronnie, but I wouldn’t call Reiner Feullmich a grifter unless you really know what you are talking about! I think you might be wrong this time!

    1. Reiner has insisted in just the last couple of months that “there IS a virus”… and that he knows “its” mortality rate… while in the same breath admitting that “it” has only been “isolated” on a computer (LOL) and that the tests are completely worthless. He’s incoherent and misleading people.

    2. Karen, you have a point about them de-stressing etc. But when the rest of us de-stress, we go out for a bite to eat with family or talk to a friend, etc. Others are not asked to pay for our holiday.

      How is it they can’t just have zoom talks?

      IF they had stated that all the profits from the tour would go into the prosecution, or into a Victim’s Fund, I might be inclined to think that maybe they were not just giving themselves an expensive holiday on other’s coin. But they never stated anything of the sort and it’s likely they will pocket someone else’s hard-earned money and have the nice holiday to boot.

    3. When I let off some ‘steam’, I don’t charge others $300 for a ticket to watch me.

  3. This is kind of unrelated but it’s reminding me about the 18th century, when the Natives were massacred. Unfortunately I can’t see any fair play in any direction going forward. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The corrupt courts are a serious threat, and the BAR is essentially an elitist club we’re not invited to. The worst part is that It’s glaringly obvious that their efforts are successful because not only is cognitive dissonance rampant, people now just think law means whatever the government deems “illegal” which is actually very different than unlawful. Imagine if you could convince anyone to do anything you wanted with some typed words on paper?

    1. I think another give-away about Fuellmich is that Trump has never mentioned him and his ‘efforts’, directly or indirectly. I follow the goings on down south and when someone is worth following, Trump or Flynn or one of the other trustworthy people will let a hint drop.

      Apparently that same International Court has subpoenaed Putin. It is Zelensky that should be subpoened and charged with Crimes Against Humanity, as it is HIS DUMBS, child trafficking network, 47 BSLB level 4 labs that were uncovered and destroyed by Russian troops, and not Putin’s. It is Zelensky who has been rounding up 13-14 year old boys and sending them to the front lines to fight the Russians, untrained. Their average life-span on the front lines is 4 hours.

      Sound familiar? When the ‘lawyers’ should have been closing down the Biden Crime Network (Satanists), they were after Trump with made-up nonsense. Now, when they should be after Zelensky (Nazi), they are trumping-up charges against Putin (Christian).

      So it seems to me that the Court Fuellmich plays in is protecting what’s left of Ukraine (Nazis government and military), human sex trafficking, adrenochrome harvesting and deadly bioweapons laboratories.

      Mainstream media has suppressed all info about what has been found in Ukraine, but now that they’ve attacked Putin, the truth will really gush out, just as it gushed out about Biden.

  4. I understand Canucklaws opinion. When looked at as a”Legal” action there is no remedy. Why does Canucklaw not provide an appropriate remedy? The assumtion that there is one jurisdiction only to pursue a remedy is not accurate. The Elite installed corporate law as a weapon of control. It replaced Common Law which the People had been working on for a thousand years. If Common Law returns it will make the “Legal” profession and all that practice within it, obsolete. Common Law stands above their Maritime Law. We need to remove their corrupt system of “Law” before any progress can be made in the real, not Strawman, world. Luckily Common Law has no statute of limitations. These people pushing legal actions (Some Judges have dismissed cases using evidence arguing the existence of an isolate SARS-cov-2 virus, because the existannce of these viri is taken as “fact” and is non debatable) are at least showing us how corrupt their laws really are even if it is not apparent at the moment. We can use their work to build upon for a real case. And there is no containment for remedies. An act of a Crime Against Humanity should have an appropriate and equal solution, remedy. I wonder what the families of the Covid Vaccine victims rather than their corrupt legal systems representatives will have to say is an appropriate remedy?

    1. It does not matter in the least what ‘legal’ system you have; what matters is the enforcement. If the nation is governed by a corporate government, the police all work for the corporate government and there is no remedy enforced, even if one is provided for in court.

      Canada has never had anything but a corporation masquerading as government (at all levels) and so there is no enforcemant of anything except what the corporation wants. That’s why Trudeau can change the Criminal Code or any legislation as he wishes, when he wishes.

      The US had a Republic for 150 years and it was an awesome, productive country. Then corporations moved in their people, and took over government. Now Americans are fighting Nazis embedded in their land, to regain their land and republic.

      I undertstand that they are now restoring their Repubic and it will be called the New Republic of United States with an up-to-date Constitution, so that the People can deal with the bioweapons, clones, etc the founding fathers could never have imagined would be a ‘thing’. Lawyers had scuttled the original Constitution to the point where the US Supreme Court, top-heavy with pedophile Nazis were writing law from the bench.

    1. Why do you consider STOP WORLD CONTROL a scam? They clearly point out that they are strictly an information only site, though I agree that sometimes posting articles about movements can lead one to believe that they are involved in action… but looking closer, it should be clear that this is not their purpose.

      As for Reiner Fuellmich, I agree that it is rather disappointing to not see more results from his efforts. And I agree that it felt like legal action was the whole aim…. but then, in the article re: the Maori, it states:

      “• The merits of the case are: there was never a novel Coronavirus, they invented cases by misusing the PCR-test, they used new, untested drugs on the entire population, the drugs were designed as bio-weapons, and the military were in charge.

      • Füllmich restates that he never said that Nuremberg 2.0 trials would be held; this was misconstrued by the ‘enemy’ to sow division.

      • Füllmich explains how he has tried, in many different judiciaries, to work within the framework of the system. But to no avail so far. Although there have been major victories, the citadel has not yet been broken down. He mentions four major victories concerning the PCR-test, by a Portuguese court, an Austrian court, a German court and a Turkish court. All these courts have stated that PCR-tests cannot tell whether someone is infectious.”

      Trying to follow all the various work here, and by others, it is hard to be sure it was intentionally a scam or if it is all spin, but I agree that it sure leaves one wanting.

  5. In the early days of Fuellmich’s “Corona Comimttee”, I recall that there were a couple of men with him, featured at the Corona Committee web site. Then, when Fuellmich got his bogus “hearings” going, it seems his only colleague was the female lawyer with the odd short hair-cut. I always wondered what happened to the men who had started with him on the committee. Where did they go, why did they disappear?
    Was this men one of them? Dr. Heiko Schoening:

  6. I recall Fuellmich giving hi-powered interviews in which he was asked to confirm his legal accomplishments suing major international corporations and winning. And the whole point was that he was going to sue to stop the PCR fraud. As to his complaints about the non-independence of the German judiciary, he had said he packed up his family and their dogs and flew to Germany to do something about the pandemic scam. But why go to Germany if you know the courts are not independent? Moreover, he publicly made those comments which amounts to contempt ex-facie, he could have been arrested for contempt by setting foot in a German court. So he seems to have undermined himself in such a way that he could not in fact litigate to stop the scam.

    So what if he now repeats all the things he said 3 years ago, the PCR is a fraud, there is no novel virus, he did nothing about it before, and that’s before 3 billion people were injected with poison.

    He also aligned himself with people in Canada who are left-wingers and communists, and relied on some of them in his bogus video “hearings”, in particular Soviet mole Matthew Ehret, who spat on John A. Macdonald and Confederation, and Fuellmuch gave him the platform to do it … without a contrary opinion… blackening the country.

    Why is Fuellmich suddenly, with the Maori, announcing there is no novel virus? He was told this with patent evidence by Dr. David Martin PhD, a patent expert, nearly 3 years ago, but he seems then to have ignored it. He’s hop-skipping from one position to another. He had himself stated and assumed that there was a virus, and he guessed it had leaked or been released. The guy is supposed to be a lawyer. You don’t accept theories like that if you are a decent lawyer; you find the FACTS. And he also claimed to be a qualified judge; but judges find facts.

    I don’t trust him at all, and I think he made his name because it’s been circulating so long, and not because he follows through on his promises, i.e. he was supposed to sue Drosten to stop him lying about the PCR. What happened to that? The man is unreliable.

    I am also concerned about his witness David Martin, whose business web site features logos and symbolism with a decidedly Freemasonic flavor, and he has publicly made statements that sound Freemasonic, such as denouncing nation-states as stupid “lines on maps”, similar to the contents of the 33rd-degree Masonic oath. So, while we can pretty well guess that there is no novel virus, because people didn’t die of the fake Covid, they died of morphene & midazolam overdoses in old folks’ homes where they were murdered and said to have died of Covid-19 to kick-start the fake pandemic. People started dying when the shots rolled out.

    The main thing driving the fake pandemic was the PCR. Fuellmich first entered the scene precisely claiming that the PCR was a fraud, and he planned to stop it. He did nothing about it, the main driver of the fake lockdowns, injections and digital health passes. And now I’m supposed to think he’s a great guy because he’s jabbering away about the Maori and no novel virus, and PCR fraud? No thanks.

  7. If Fuellmich had done what he said he was going to do, THIS might not be happening now

    “WHO Global Vaccine Passports Go Live in Europe”
    By Ben Bartee 7:37 PM on June 07, 2023

    Story here:

    This is the global takeover. A kill shot for depopulation rolled out on pretext of a non-existent pandemic, to facilitate cattle-branding and control. They’ll go region by region if they can; first, Europe; then where? India looks like a good prospect, their puppet governments managed to get them all iris-scanned for digital ID. Trudeau will be itching to lead North America; and Biden will eat his dust.

  8. Guess who’s been arrested? Reiner Fuellmich!
    I found the story at this page, where there’s a twitter embed in French:
    The French embed says: “L’avocat #Reiner #Fuellmich a été arrêté vendredi dernier à l’aéroport de Francfort.

    La principale accusation portée contre Fuellmich concerne une somme de plus d’un million d’euros récolté grâce au comité Covid qu’il avait créé.

    On va suivre cela de près.”

    TRANSLATION; Lawyer #Reiner #Fuellmich was arrested last Friday at Frankfurt airport.

    The main charge against Fuellmich concerns a sum of over one million euros raised through the Covid committee he had set up.

    We’ll be keeping a close eye on this.

    Are you laughing, too? Dr. Do Nothing is getting it big-time.

    It had to be either the money fraud, or contempt of court Maybe contempt charges will be next for his endless abuse of the German judiciary as his pretext for not going to court as he had said he was going to do.

    Laugh out loud, this is great news. You were right, Canucklaw, money fraud! All those nice donations he did not use to stop the PCR, which could have saved millions from death and injury by lethal mRNA injection.

    Have a great day! LOL!

    1. Actually, he was arrested at the German Embassy in Mexico. He and his wife apparently lost their passports, went to the embassy in Mexico to get new ones, she got hers, but he was asked to return, at which time he was arrested, since he entered ‘German’ soil when he entered the Embassy.

  9. P.S. Canucklaw — I’m very short on sleep, and on wifi data, so I haven’t examined all the materials on Reiner’s arrest. I am hoping and looking forward to your analysis of the situation. Always good to read.

  10. Here’s the latest. The Fuellmich trial begins in Germany. “Trial begins: Göttingen lawyer Fuellmich denies breach of trust. (February 1, 2024)” The Corona donations used…. to put a WHIRLPOOL in Reiner’s garden! To protect the money “from the State” who might have grabbed it.
    Excerpt: “According to Fuellmich, both he and Viviane Fischer had received loans from donations. According to him, to protect the funds from access by the state. Because in 2020 there were fears that the Corona Committee’s accounts could be seized. Fuellmich vehemently denied breach of trust. “I’m not going to cut myself off and take the money we need to work,” he said. He also admitted to using the money privately. His then colleague Viviane Fischer also did that with her loans, claims Fuellmich. Viviane Fischer has repeatedly denied this. Fuellmich also claims: “Fischer was in Göttingen and looked at what my wife did with the money,” said the defendant. She “spruced up” the garden for 200,000 euros, including a whirlpool.”
    Yeah, “the money we need to work” while lounging around in our whirlpool.

  11. Fuellmich is currently being heroized by martyrdom in Germany.
    Fuellmich in this video cites a great victory by Paul Schreyer, also in Germany, and then has the nerve to jump on Shreyer’s back, claiming that this is what he, Fuellmich, was doing for three years with his bogus hearings. Compare the quality of the two men, there is an enormous gulf between this kind of work by Schreyer and Fuellmich’s diddling around: “Paul Schreyer: Pandemic Simulation Games – Preparation for a New Era? (English)”

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