M.E.P. Christine Anderson: Cashing In On The Freedom Movement

Last year, Christine Anderson, a Member of the European Parliament for Germany, made headlines by publicly criticizing Trudeau as a dictator. While she was hailed in Canada as a freedom champion, it’s worth asking if there was something more self-serving in this condemnation.

Specifically, a Canadian speaking tour is now in the works, with the possibility of expanding to more locations. At the time of writing this, there are events scheduled for: (a) Calgary; (b) Toronto; (c) Whitby; and (d) Montreal. A merchandise line has also been started up, primarily selling T-shirts. Where have we seen this sort of thing before?

Granted this AfD (Alternative fur Deutschland) politician is likely more eloquent than the typical huckster who’s been making their way across Canada over the last 3 years. Still, one can’t help but see this as an opportunistic way to cash in on anti-Trudeau sentiments.

Sponsorship costs:

  • Bronze sponsor: $1,000
  • Silver sponsor: $5,000
  • Gold sponsor: $10,000 to $20,000

In addition to selling merchandise, this Canadian tour is also asking for sponsors to help offset costs. There are 3 tiers of sponsorship listed, along with the required amounts.

One of the major sponsors listed is the Children’s Health Defense Canada. As covered before, they are a Plaintiff in a lawsuit in Ontario that’s been sitting idle for nearly 2 years. Interesting connection.

Yes, the criticisms of Trudeau being a dictator and having no respect for Canadians is true. Few would dispute that. So, why is a speaking tour and merchandise line necessary to prove that point? And isn’t a T-shirt line with your own face more than a little narcissistic?

Is there also a book deal in the works?

Tickets to attend shows can cost hundreds of dollars each. Therefore, one has to ask what this German politician has to say that would justify such a fee. Even if it were a more reasonable amount, why would anyone be giving money for this?

Yes, Trudeau has little to no respect for Canadians. True, he has trampled on everyone’s civil rights in the last few years. While this cannot be justified, it’s not exactly news either.

What can be said that locals haven’t already said or written hundreds of times before? Seems like a way to milk celebrity status.

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3 Replies to “M.E.P. Christine Anderson: Cashing In On The Freedom Movement”

  1. Sometimes opportunists are so obvious. And people fall for that, while others who toil in the background for no compensation are ignored.

    The EU is collapsing under the weight of its own evil and incompetence. It needs money; she’s a prominent EU Parliamentarian. Trudeau is not an EU member. So, it’s easy to make money by criticizing someone everyone else is criticizing.

    We don’t need someone like that to tell Canadians that man is a complete failure and Canada is suffering terribly from analysis paralysis.

    We need real solutions, MADE in Canada for a change.

  2. In this interview, you can hear what her message is. She outlines the myth of authority, meaning we should’t be begging to have our inalienable freedoms ‘given’ back from governments who have not right to take them away in the first place. Instead, we should be demanding the politicians (criminals) back down and get them out of office. She doesn’t say how to do that.

    ps – In Canada and other United Nation ‘states’ have the ‘responsibility to protect’. This means that if there is civil unrest in a member country, the U.N. can step in, uninvited.

  3. I’m open, but there is nothing wrong with raising money to cover the costs of travel and getting the message out. Whether or not the message is useful, well that’s something for the potential audience to decide on their own.

    One of the great failures of the freedom movement in Canada and around the world is our difficulty when competing against those with million and billion dollar budgets who don’t like what we’re saying.

    Even Robin Hood, who spent most of his time robbing from the rich to give to the poor, always remembered to skim a little bit off the top to cover expenses.

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