Academy Of Divine Knowledge: Connecting Many “Freedom Fighters” In The West

This is fairly old news at this point, but it’s worth a reminder that many of the prominent names in the “resistance” movement all seem to know each other. One organization is the Academy of Divine Knowledge. For some reason, the group recently changed its name To UnityD. Perhaps the Star of David with the cube inside was too overt.

Household names include: David Icke; Del Big Tree; Judy Mikovits; Robert F. Kennedy Jr.; Carrie Madej; and Sherri Tenpenny. Interestingly, most of them promote the idea that there is some deadly virus, even if they object to the martial law measures most of the world put in place.

Canada’s favourite freedom fighter, Pat King, is also part of this group.

At the Academy of Divine Knowledge, we strive to create a hub of the greatest and most progressive minds, across all disciplines, who are in alignment with our mission to awaken and inspire the collective. Our teachers and special guests are passionate about spreading truth, expansive knowledge and sharing their Lights with the world.

One has to wonder if these speakers go on social media to speak the truth, or to parrot what their organization believes. There are few, if any, disclaimers about this association.

And if spiritual enlightenment isn’t really your thing, you can always buy some merchandise. Even if your movement fails, at least you made some money from it. Not much different from Hugs Over Masks, is it?

While all of is a bit cultish, the head of this group worth a mention.

The man behind Academy of Divine Knowledge is Sacha Stone. He has quite a few interesting connections, to put it mildly.

According to Stone’s biography, (see archive here), he has headed the UN Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization, or UN-IREO since 2010. However, it appears to have been expelled as a UN NGO in 2016, for failing to update its status.

To address the elephant in the room: it’s a cause for concern when one of the main voices opposed to UN-WHO medical tyranny is also a part of the UN.

“One World, One Humanity”

Stone also founded Humanitad in 1999, another NGO.

Humanitad is dedicated to inspiring tolerance and goodwill between people of all nations and faiths. It is committed to ushering in a new era of truth, transparency and right-mindedness whilst inspiring growth in the spiritual framework within which we function as a species.

Humanitad is about people and the intelligent inquiry into the diverse elements which unite us all as people, diversities which nourish our imagination and sense of fellowship and do not lead to conflict, which in turn leads to enclosures and false-divisions. Fellowship is the natural human condition but we are all too easily led and driven to mind-sets of conflict and contrariness. Such seeds are invariably planted in the collective by the few, and the ‘few’ are those who are invariably led by appetites for power, profit and pleasure.

The human heart speaks a simple language and a universal logic. It is this logic and this language which seeks fellowship amongst humanity, beyond artificial divides of religion, nationality and creed. It is the contention of Humanitad’s founders that the biggest obstacle in the path of positive change is the idea that we are too small to make a difference. An idea is as big as we make it, and in reaching toward our highest and most noble expression, we should recall that each of us are a perfect microcosm, a perfect fractal of the whole. Our birthright is that of sons and daughters of G-d. No less.

One of the initiatives Humanitad supports is the ITNJ, which is the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. Supposedly, there were also hearings on the “pandemic” measures, and the planetary shutdown in 2020.

While this may be unrelated, Reiner Fuellmich, the German lawyer, claimed to be pursuing an international lawsuit against this tyranny. What ended up happening was that he held “hearings” outside of any legal setting, which carry no weight whatsoever. Was this to pursue natural justice?

The MDG Award Committee in Stone’s biography refers to the Millennial Development Goals. It’s to recognize people and organizations that have gone above and beyond in advancing various UN agendas over the years.

Why is all of this important? Because, even in 2020, the “resistance” across the West seemed to be inorganic. Many big names all seemed to be connected, and long before this happened.

While this is worth a deep dive from interested readers, I’ll link one piece from Bartoll, which goes more globalist and freemason connections. And there are some really good videos on Bitchute on this topic.

If there’s anything to be taken away from all of this: it’s that no one should be idolized.

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12 Replies to “Academy Of Divine Knowledge: Connecting Many “Freedom Fighters” In The West”

  1. Stone always gave me the creeps for some reason, not sure why. As for seeing Pat King in that group considering the many charges he is now facing, including perjury during his recent bail hearing, it is very curious how he became featured in this group at all.

    I have one personal rule: If they are a member of or have worked for the UN, which is a foreign corporation seeking to install global goverance, I keep walking, really fast. I trust no one from that organization or the WEF.

    They are unelected and have no right whatever to invade our land.

    1. ??
      they are all un. i have the same rule ‘UN, which is a foreign corporation seeking to install global goverance’. you might want to take another look. their wet dream is un great reset. it’s clearly stated that they are un. completely and irrevocably among the demons gathered under the aegis of the un. humanitad? are you joking?

  2. i believe most of these people are being used as satans minions… the biggest deception will be the nesara/gesara crap, thats coming to a head… new age, “spiritual, and all this mother earth BS… its a perfect plan really.. people are so over all the elites and the evil….that they will THINK they are doing good by going along with this new age plan…then when they take the “oath” that WILL come with nesara/gesara… they really will be taking the mark.

    The ole… double whammy fake out!! Genius!!!

    THERE’S YOU AND JESUS… that’s it. Choose wisely.

    1. I think you better read NESARA/GESARA again, becauae there is no oath, all nations remain soverign, all soverign individuals return to fully sovereign status, there is an end to interest (usury) charges on loans, all mortgages are forgiven due to the fraud involved, and income tax ends. All currency world-wide will be printed/minnted each the sovereign countries themselves, but all currencies will be equal in value backed by gold (instead of hot air as with fiat currency).

      No nation is obligated to adhere to GESARA, but the nations that do not have republics where the people run the country — instead of corrupt corporations and banks — will not have the privilege of doing commerce with the free republics. Therefore, Communist China and Canada will have no one to trade with until they end their communist systems (corporate enslavement) and install proper Constitutions that are compliant with GESARA.

      NESARA was a hard-fought legislation brought against the government and banks by farmers and landowners, wherein they won not only full restitution for land stolen from them since 1931, but monetary damages in the billions. Bill Clinton did all he could do to prevent the enforcement of the Act and he finally signed it at gunpoint. Then George Bush blew up the Twin Towers to stop the NESARA enforcement…why the Twin Towers? Because all of the documentation, plans for NESARA implementation and expert staff were housed in those buildings.

  3. thanks so much for this. lol – though i wish i had opened your email before i spent thirty minutes looking in my ‘sent’ folder for the same links you just provided. i thought it was old news as well – but that is so not the case.

    i will add that the two members who strike me as the most egregious are dr david martin and dolores cahill (freedom travel alliance & adk). their curriculum vitae(s) are horrifying. they both excel, blatantly, in the very arenas that are crushing noble life on this plane.

    from what i have determined there is not a single ‘conference’, ‘summit’, ‘alliance’ or ‘federation’ group that is not controlled opposition in no uncertain terms.

    here’s another ‘conference’ group to watch out for. i unsubscribed from
    everything catherine austin fitts long ago. it was much later that i found
    the ‘architects of the new paradigm’. to me, the very name is chilling.
    including but not limited to – fitts, michael tsarion, jordan maxwell, foster gamble, kimberly gamble, nassim haramein.

    if it’s not grass-roots it’s not real.

    i find this online and i am not sure whose words they are but they are worth sharing:
    ‘This is a dark, dark art masquerading as salvation. We must be strong of heart and clear of head so as not to wander into the wrong story. If we unthinkingly follow the crumbs being dropped it will be game over for natural life.’


    1. Jordan Maxwell (now deceased) was one of the finest, most honourable of researchers. He’s one of the people who started to teach people how to think for themselves. Even if you don’t like Dr. Martin’s abrasive style, he gives you evidence that you can look up for yourself. You are making a mistake not closley following Martin and not looking up all of Maxwell’s work.

  4. ok, gracejobournem blabla…lol… seeing as i cant reply to you on here?? whats up with that?? you are being deceived make no mistake, so..either you are very gullible, or a part of satans house…which is it? But with all the bullshit you just spouted, ill take a wild guess thats its the latter.. people–RUN from any gersara/nesara crap!!!

    1. jane ruby is not an md and there is no record of her having a Ph.D. as far as i can find – she is a health economist (?) and pharmaceutical researcher, though she poses in a white jacket and stethoscope for her glamour shots. they are tools. the right is no more honest or clean than the left. best to check it out for yourself. watch one of their videos with the sound off. sometimes you pick up things that way than you would otherwise. they are closely associated with members of the adk. don’t know if they are members. peters used to be with infowars.

  5. This is a huge lie and bullshit page. Pat has no affiliation with this nonsense. To those who believe he does, you’re just as fked as your prime minister and you’re part of the problem!

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