Vaccine Choice Canada Suit: 2 Years Later, No Defenses Filed

Word is that Vaccine Choice Canada is supposed to have a live online meeting to discuss various anti-lockdown lawsuits. Presumably, their highly publicized case from July 6, 2020 will be covered. This is Ontario Superior Court (Toronto) #CV-20-00643451-0000. Word is trickling through social media right now about it.

Just a prediction, but there probably won’t be many (if any) specifics given about this case. The meeting will be bland. There’ll likely be vague statements about “making progress”, or the suit “working it’s way through the system”. So, let’s get into some specifics.

The problem is: this case has been sitting dormant for the last 2 years. There have been no defenses filed, no motions, applications, hearings, or anything else.

The above screenshots from the court search are from today. They aren’t old.

For anyone interested in SEARCHING CASE FILES, click on this link. A free account can be created. If you have the court file number, it can be instantly searched. Other information can be found here.

Other than Windsor-Essex County and their Medical Officer of Health, none of the other defendants even have representation listed. CBC, for their part, claims they weren’t served, but just “obtained an unredacted copy”. This implies they got it from the Court itself.

According to the Toronto Court, the only other item on file is a Notice of Intent to Defend, from Windsor-Essex County. That was filed September 30, 2020.

Yes, there was a moratorium on filing deadlines. That expired on September 14, 2020, so there’s no reason not to have sent anything afterwards.

There are serious questions that need to be answered. Has everyone even been served? Why are most service addresses missing? How come no one filed a defense? How come none of the major parties even have representation? And why was it written so poorly?

Additionally, claims have been made that various affidavits of evidence have been filed, and they amount to the thousands of pages. Problem is, they likely don’t exist. One phone call to the Toronto Court confirmed that no such documents are on record.

Considering no one ever filed a defense, why was no effort to seek a default judgement ever undertaken? There’s nothing on file to indicate that any attempt was made. This is something that even self-represented litigants would know about.

Now, the argument has been made that no one besides parties to the case have the right to dig into this. This is disingenuous. Considering that the public is constantly on the receiving end of requests donations, it’s fair to inquire where the money has gone, and what’s been happening. Rumour has it that several million dollars has already been raised for this lawsuit.

Ontario Superior Court, Civil Branch
330 University – Toronto
330 University Ave.
Toronto ON M5G 1R7

Court file# CV-20-00643451-0000

Civil – Superior Court of Justice
tel. 416-327-5440 (front desk)

And again, by checking this link, anyone can SEARCH ONLINE FOR FREE to see what’s happening with various cases. Don’t accept the word of anyone here, but check it out for yourselves. Call the Court, or visit in person if that’s a feasible option.

Since everything is filed online these days, the Court staff can send emails with pdf attachments of case documents (if originally sent electronically). It’s incredibly easy to get ahold of such information.

If this really is such an urgent case, why has nothing happened in 2 years?

Vaccine Choice Canada also has another suit from October 2019. This is Ontario Superior Court (Toronto) #CV-19-00629810-0000. It has to do with vaccinating students in Ontario schools. The pleadings closed in March 2020, and it seems nothing has happened since. It also appears to have been financed with public contributions.

Also, consider that according to Rule 24 of Civil Procedure for Ontario, a case can be dismissed for delay if everyone hasn’t been served within 6 months, or if it’s been stagnant for 6 months. Both of these lawsuits would qualify under that Rule.

Note: This was published November 2020 (4 months after the initial filing). It’s been followed up on several times since. Even back then it was apparent that this “groundbreaking” lawsuit would go nowhere.

People who donated money should be asking these questions. And those who took the funds really need to come clean on what’s been happening. Clearly, no lawsuit(s) is/are being advanced.


6 Replies to “Vaccine Choice Canada Suit: 2 Years Later, No Defenses Filed”

  1. Thanks for continuing to follow this up. As a VCC member, I have asked the organization several times to account for its spending on this. Nada.

    1. Seems they are infiltrated? Controlled opposition with no real action then -people should demand their funds IN 2 YEARS???!!!

  2. What do you expect? The Corporation of Canada, and all of Canada, itself, is one big corporation that is owned, outright, and funded by the Synagogue of Satan. They own and fund the World Economic Forum, IMF, BIS, WorldBank, WHO, the Gates of Death, the UN, WEF and all it’s lackeys like pedophile Trudeau, tranny Tam, and all the other shekel-grubbing talking heads. Blackrock and Vanguard, Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and AstraZeneca and of course, Sinopharm — all the thousands of corporate stooges, sucking on the shekel sausage, craving the “milk and honey” of millions of “useless eater” ignorant and dumbed-down goyem Canucks. I cannot wait until the Synagogue is destroyed — along with every last one of it’s devils who think they are going to get away with mass murder, and escape the dammnation of Hell.

  3. I have nothing against Mr. Galati, but the entire point of hiring a lawyer is to have one’s day in court. And thus far, the VCC claim has yet to be heard. As the record shows, there has been no movement on this case at all, whatsoever. No case management. No timetable. No evidence sworn. No motions. Nothing. I was hoping to have heard a substantive update tonight on the VCC call, but he said very little about this particular matter and no other members bothered to ask about it. It’s up to the client to follow up and demand up-to-date information and that hasn’t happened since the beginning of 2021. This was the very first case in Canada to challenge the narrative and there is no appetite to know anything about it. Disappointing. And too bad.

  4. “disappointing” is the under-statement of the year
    In my complaint to the Law Society of British Columbia, about the woe-ful NON performance of lawyer Rocco Galati in the Action4Canada case in Supreme Court of BC, I accused him of FRAUD in that he has taken fund$ from his client, for something ( the Claim ) which he must know was dead on arrival at the Registry.
    The Law Society doesn’t want to talk about it!
    inquiring minds want to know
    I’d like to get at the veracity of the rumor that Mr Galati once said in an interview ( on CBC ? ) that he ‘plans to retire to his villa in Turkey.’ ????????

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