No, Patrick King’s Case Didn’t Mean All Measures Ended For Alberta

The case of Patrick King v. Alberta Health Services has been all over the alternative media lately. People are now thinking this is some landmark decision against the Kenney Government. That isn’t really the case though. People are getting excited over a misunderstanding of the results. The measures remain in effect, though (update) it’s not entirely clear from the video the result of his case. He does admit later that he lost. See 53:44.

King claims that he won a court case in Alberta, and that all restrictions in the Province have been removed. On the surface, this looks fine, or at least possible.

Problem is, that isn’t what happened at all. King’s trial began on May 4, 2021. He got an adjournment so that he could subpoena Deena Hinshaw, the Chief Medical Officer of Alberta. Later, it was discovered that, although a Justice of the Peace did sign one, it required the signature of a Judge. This was a procedural error, which would make it defective in the eyes of the Court. The Crown brought an application on July 16 to quash the subpoena, with a hearing date of July 19.

King, in the May 4th trial, had tried to challenge the constitutionality of the measures themselves, but never filed a Notice of Constitutional Question. He says he didn’t know it had to be done in advance, which is quite plausible.

The Crown also claimed in their July Application that Hinshaw had no material evidence to offer, which is being taken to mean that there was no evidence at all. The Crown asserted that Hinshaw had nothing meaningful to say in this case. The Application to quash was successful.

King implies that his own $1,200 ticket was thrown out, but interestingly, the ruling isn’t posted. He later admits that he lost and had to pay, but it’s not obvious.

In fairness, King is right that the whole “pandemic” is a scam. However, the admission doesn’t mean quite what he thinks it does.

King also has a point that the Judge was supposed to help out self represented litigants, at least to a degree. The 2017 case of Pintea v. Johns made that mandatory.

Now, there’s no justification whatsoever to the assertion that King’s win had any effect on the measures in Alberta being lifted. In fact, many of them were on July 1, previous to this appearance. However, King has been making the rounds claiming that freedom has been won for Albertans by this. Stew Peters interviewed him, but did little to no due diligence first.

Also, there is still no ruling posted on CanLII, and there doesn’t seem to be a copy anywhere. Pretty strange if the Judge ended everything, but never bothered to write anything up.

King had asked for a transcript of his August hearing, to get in writing the admissions he wants. That’s fair. But the transcripts floating around are from his May 4th appearance. These are not the same things. The transcript was attached as an Exhibit in Alberta’s Application to quash.

While King claims to be self representing, it appears that he’s had some coaching from someone. And it’s interesting, King is friends with Kelly Ann Wolfe. Also, the woman at the bottom looks very familiar. Where have we seen her before?

Oh right, this is WholeHearted Media, earlier talking with her co-host, Galati. This previous video by Awake Canada speaks of non-existent Court rulings ending all measures in Canada. That hoax was only a few weeks back. Of course, when a person is asked to provide an actual ruling, there’s nothing to say.

Though unrelated to this matter, there was this floating around the other day: an obviously fake transcript of Calgary Mayor Nenshi. The King case may have been just a misunderstanding, but there’s no doubt that this one is intentional deception.

It would have been nice to see a ticket thrown out (for whatever reason), but it wasn’t. And these silly claims that all illegal measures have ended don’t help. It makes it harder to take such things seriously.

Correction: it was wrongly thought the ticket was dismissed. That has been corrected

(4) Patrick King Application Service Of Documents
(5) Patrick King Application To Quash Subpoena

15 Replies to “No, Patrick King’s Case Didn’t Mean All Measures Ended For Alberta”

  1. What about his claim that two Ottawa lawyers unexpectedly appeared on the prosecution team at some point and that the case was changed to him vs the Crown – as in the Queen of England – from a different status (can’t recall) and that this indicated his case had been reclassified because it was a threat to the establishment.
    Did this happen?

    1. “The Crown” doesn’t mean the Queen of England anywhere in the Canadian legal system. It doesn’t mean that in Australia either, where it means “The Queen of Australia” at its most literal. In the context of prosecutions it means “the Executive Government” in both countries and, indeed, in the UK. It is the equivalent of the US usage of, say, “The US v Smith” or “The People v Bloggs.”

  2. OMG people…dont you get it!!??? WHY ARE all shitting on Pat???

    He got them to ADMIT–THERE’S NO VIRUS!!! <<< GET IT????? GET IT????


    its like YOU, the rebel and a few others i follow, are desperate to sway people to the side that –GETTING THEM TO ADMIT IN COURT, ON FILE, ON PAPER..IN DOCUMENTS… THAT THERE’S NO VIRUS, isn’t a good thing?? WTF???

    1. we’re on the good side. Pat King looks like he is too, but he looks foolish when he is stating things that aren’t true. If he can’t stand corrected then he has to be questioned.

    2. From Blacks Law 4th Edition
      MATERIAL EVIDENCE. Such as is relevant and goes to the substantial matters in dispute, or has a legitimate and effective influence or bearing on the decision of the case.
      This is not the same definition of Material in English which is: The substance or substances out of which a thing is or can be made, and Evidence in English. Something indicative; an indication or set of indications.
      Do not be confused by legalese.

    1. He’s just dumb.

      I’ve met him. Spend the day a rally with him and a couple of his pals.
      He’s like Ricky from Trailer park boys, just without the humor.

  3. The reference to….”This previous video by Awake Canada speaks of non-existent Court rulings ending all measures in Canada. That hoax was only a few weeks back.” I think those videos were referring to the revocation of the following in Ontario:

    Are you saying the revocation of the orders were not the result of a challenge and court ruling? OR Are you saying the revocations of the Declaration of Emergency were a hoax?

    1. They were not the result of any court rulings.

      They expired sure (BC & ON), and the reasons were undoubtedly political in nature. However, there is no court decision that made those happen.

  4. Well, I’m late in following the Patrick King story. My first minimally close look came via an interview that Laura Lynn Thompson gave to Andrew Kaufman. I then watched most of an interview that Dan Dicks had with Patrick. Patrick made it clear that others are making claims about his case that he does not endorse. And he made it clear that he lost his case. And he pointed out to Dan that he wasn’t responsible for the sensationalists title that was given to a widely seen video interview of him by Stew Peters. I watched a few seconds of that and quite. I’m not a fan of Stew Peters. I might watch it, now that I see that this story is big. I would add, I find it confusing. Patrick wants us to take hope from the (seeming) dodge of the question of the existence of the Sars CoV 2 virus. I like that the subject is up for discussion as a result of this series of events.

    Patrick told Dan that he’s going to release the transcripts. He feels that people really need to see them and believes that it will be good for democracy and the push back against covid 1984 if they do. Does Patrick believe that there’s a Sars CoV 2 virus? I don’t know.

  5. “Where intuitive knowledge is equal to, and symbiotic with the intellectual. We strive to be to media and broadcasting what integrated medicine is to health and healing. We support and embrace freedom and expression. We strive to assist and be part of the emergence of an evolved community of nations. If you share, or are curious of our vision, please join and collaborate with us.”

    That’s the intro to Whole Hearted Media and I find it bizarre and alarming. “We support and embrace freedom and expression.” ? Is that free expression? An evolved community of nations? What? Is that the same ‘evolved’ community of nations that Jehovah God is about to put an end to?

  6. King is nothing more than a scam artist and uses women to his advatage. If you believe there is not CLOVID and the vaccine is noi good, then tell us what is killing all these people wporld wide for the last two years? Don’t say the flu as many health professionals are telling us flu victims are less due to wearing a mask. I would not believe a word King says but if you do, you need more help than King.

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