Children’s Health Defense (Canada): Just Another Fundraising Arm?

Sounds great, doesn’t it? The challenge has been filed! Problem is, too few people follow up to see what has happened since. All of this can be found online. It’s an issue that comes up far too often: individuals and groups ask for money for a lawsuit. Then, either no suit emerges, or one does that is so poorly written that it has no chance of advancing.

This isn’t hyperbole. The Action4Canada case is a perfect example of a suit designed to fail. Stunningly, it has since been appealed, and that will be thrown out as well.

Now, this particular case has been addressed here before. This case was filed in April 2021, (a year and a half ago), and is no closer to being heard than it was back then.

It appears that the Children’s Health Defense Canada, a branch of its American head, has been trying to push itself as a force against the Ford regime.

Of course, don’t forget to donate!

A Notice of Application from April 20, 2021 is listed here, along with information that would indicate this is a serious case.

Problem is: when one SEARCHES ONLINE, becomes obvious that this case has sat dormant over the last 18 months. There are no hearings booked, nor does it appear that any evidence has been sworn.

There are a new Notices of Appearance from last Spring, see here and here, but nothing since. Just another high profile lawsuit that never went anywhere.

Yes, there was a Rule 2.1.01(6) attempt to get the case thrown out — that failed. However, it’s unclear why it was used, since it’s not really appropriate here.

Children’s Health Defense (Canada) is listed as an Applicant, but it doesn’t seem that any effort — beyond collecting donations — has been made. In a similar vein, Vaccine Choice Canada and Action4Canada were listed as Plaintiffs in their respective suits, and we know how those turned out.

Thing is: the names listed on the CHD Canada website don’t match the names filed with Corporations Canada. A quick search revealed who is really in charge of this organization. And the addresses for all Directors is a law firm on College Street, in Toronto.

The suit was promoted on Wholehearted Media. This is an interesting choice, considering the real owner isn’t mentioned in the video.

Childrens Health Defense Canada Registered Office
Childrens Health Defense Canada Incorporation
Childrens Health Defense Registered office & Directors
Childrens Health Defense Canada Annual Return

While Protonmail is fine for personal use, it seems strange to use it for an organization, especially one that seems to be part of a much larger group.


  • Vaccine Choice Canada (VCC), et. Al. (and others) v. Her Majesty the Queen, (and others) Ontario Superior Court #CV-00629810-0000. Filed October 2019. No movement since pleadings closed in March 2020.
  • Vaccine Choice Canada (VCC), et. Al. (and others) v. Justin Trudeau, (and others) Ontario Superior Court #CV-20-00643451-0000. Filed July 2020. Single Statement of Defense in August 2022.
  • Gill & Lamba v. MacIver et al. Ontario Superior Court #CV-20-00652918-0000. Filed November 2020. Dismissed as a SLAPP, or strategic lawsuit against public participation. Appealed, but status unknown.
  • Gill v. Attaran & University of Ottawa, Ontario Superior Court #CV-21-00658784-0000. Filed March 2021. A Notice of Intent to Defend (not an actual Statement of Defense) was filed in July 2021. No movement since then.
  • Sgt. Julie Evans, et al v. AG of Ontario, et al Ontario Superior Court #CV-21-00661200-000. Filed April 2021. No movement since Notice of Application filed.
  • M.A. and L.A., et al vs. Eileen De Villa, et al Ontario Superior Court #CV-21-00661284-0000. Filed April 2021. No movement since Notice of Application filed.
  • Action4Canada, et al vs. Dr. Bonnie Henry, Justin Trudeau, Premier Horgan, et al British Columbia Superior Court # VLC-S-S-217586. Filed August 2021. Struck in its entirety.
  • Federal challenge to vaccine passport. Filed May 2022 on behalf of dozens of people. Federal Court File #T-1089-22. No activity since initial filing.

As an honourable mention, a 9 month suspension was agreed to regarding Dr. Jeffrey Matheson. A joint submission. Perhaps fighting for the client was too much work.

Just another lawsuit that collects dust, while the people responsible are still asking for handouts. These grifts need to be called out. Please stop donating. None of these cases will ever get into court — other than to be thrown out.

It’s both heart breaking and infuriating to see this kind of thing go on. Well meaning people open up their wallets for what they believe are good causes. Being betrayed by an ally stings far worse than what an open enemy can do.


(1) Childrens Health Defense Canada Registered Office
(2) Childrens Health Defense Canada Incorporation
(3) Childrens Health Defense Registered office & Directors
(4) Childrens Health Defense Canada Annual Return

(2) Federal Court Vaccine Mandate Challenge

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(13) A4C Notice Of Appeal September 28 2022

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(1) Notice Of Application — April 20, 2021

(1) Notice Of Application — April 20, 2021, Masks On Students
(2) Schools – Rule 2.1.01 Decision
(3) Schools — Notice Of Appearance Robert Kyle
(4) Schools — Notice Of Appearance Halton Durham

4 Replies to “Children’s Health Defense (Canada): Just Another Fundraising Arm?”

  1. I wait to see who gets results first, then donate. Justice Centre ( and Chad Williamson (usually through Rebel News) have got results so I back them. Now past performance is not a guarantee of future results but it’s a good start.

  2. Also in the USA the ICAN organization has its act together and has been getting results for close to a decade ( Aaron Siri is an ace that other lawyers should try to emulate.

  3. I love how they want to celebrate the Kennedy grifter who would be happy to jail climate change deniers… people are stupid lemmings – and RFK Jr. moved to antivxx grifting when he saw the dollar potential [his climate grifting work should alarm people calling for jailing deniers]

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