Demographic Makeup Of People Entering Canada Illegally 2017-2021

Now for something that isn’t covered much by mainstream (or alternative) media. Who exactly is coming into Canada illegally, in between official border ports of entry? What are the numbers? Fortunately, the Immigration and Refugee Board has at least some information to share.

n/a Total 60,544 25,802 18,010 1,059 3,404 49,000 11,544
1 Nigeria 16,374 4,739 7,279 189 1,785 13,992 2,382
2 Haiti 9,350 2,210 4,595 323 517 7,645 1,705
3 Colombia 3,565 1,629 486 57 117 2,289 1,276
4 Pakistan 2,406 1,184 670 21 115 1,990 416
5 DR Congo 2,165 479 416 36 145 1,076 1,089
6 Turkey 2,011 1,812 43 <20 <20 1,901 110
7 Sudan 1,694 1,372 123 25 77 1,597 97
8 Angola 1,486 420 381 <20 <20 865 621
9 Eritrea 1,224 1,004 <20 <20 105 1,178 46
10 U.S.A. 1,203 24 754 57 160 995 208
n/a All Others 19,066 10,929 3,205 308 305 15,472 3,594

ACC = Accepted
REJ = Rejected
ABAN = Abandoned
WD&O = Withdrawn And Other

**The IRB lists some totals as <20, and they claim that this is done for privacy reasons. The logic seems to be that if there were only a few who crossed, it would be easier to identify them.

The above totals are from February 2017 to December​​ 2021. The IRB claims that it didn’t have access to such information prior to this.

Isn’t this lovely, that the bulk of the people ILLEGALLY entering Canada are from the 3rd World? But let’s be fair, we don’t have nearly enough rocket scientists and brain surgeons here already. Keep in mind, these people have entered the United States — at some point — and decided to continue onwards. They’ve already passed on at least one safe country, one that gets hundreds of thousands of applications per year.

And again, this could be stopped very quickly. However, politicians (of all stripes) actively work against the interests of their own citizens.

(3) Wayback Machine

3 Replies to “Demographic Makeup Of People Entering Canada Illegally 2017-2021”

  1. And right now, if you check Jihad Watch, you will learn that Nigerian Muslims are the leading slayer of Christians… sometimes hundreds at a time. It’s at where you will learn how Muslims have destroyed France, Italy, Egypt and other nations, and this is what is being invited into Canada.

    1. its all fighting age men…. read the bible… it tells of the hoards of these people with their machetes, thats what the end will look like.

  2. The government lied about the Syrian crisis. I have one document left that shows where in Canada they went but the other two are gone. I only saved them to my reading list not to a file. One showed the nationality and the other was an internel document to whom it may concern of clerical staff. In the memo it stated that staff were not divulge any information in regards to their age or nationality. In case citizans become alarmed.They were listed as military aged single men from 18 to 45 I believe it was. They were from all over the third world countries, Somalia, Nigeria Zimbabwe. I can’t remember all the countries. I was not into politics very much till the criminal became liberal leader. After going through the pain of the father I knew we were in trouble. I just wish I’d have protected some of the documents a little better, It never ends with him. a person could have a full time job trying to keep up with his corruption

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