Uppity Peasants: The Moral Argument For Closing Loophole in Safe Third Country Agreement

(Uppity Peasants website)

1. Context For The Article

This is a quote from the author of Uppity Peasants. During a recent conversation, she gave some really good reasons as to why people should not be allowed to enter Canada illegally and feast off the taxpayers. Rather than paraphrasing, here is a quote in its entirety in Part #2.

Initial challenge has been struck down. The Prothonotary has ruled that a citizen has no standing to make such a claim (either public or private standing), and that there is nothing that the Court can do. Pretty messed up to say that a citizen has no rights or say in having a secure border. The first level appeal is underway, which is an appeal to a Justice of the Federal Court, and more information will provided as it comes along.

2. Input from Uppity Peasants

Morally, I would say that the citizens of Canada have as much of a right to safety as does any genuine refugee, and that letting in large numbers of “undocumented migrants” puts their safety at risk. I would also say that if the intent is to provide safety for those fleeing persecution, making it easy for individuals who may be after them (gang members, abusive husbands, w/e) to follow them into *our* country is doing no one any favours

I would further submit that we have no business in taking in so many people when we already have a housing shortage on our hands. crowding our homeless citizens out of the shelters by filling them with border crossers is morally reprehensible, particularly in light of our harsh winter climate. to do so is to argue that any one “refugee” from the other side of the planet is more worthy of shelter than a given, homeless Canadian; and given the disproportionately high rates of indigenous men and women among the homeless population, and the recent semi-official declaration of the federal government’s treatment of indigenous Canadians as “genocide”, this ought not to be a perception for the government to continue to reinforce.

Go check out Uppity Peasants website. Some very interesting content indeed. This is a moral and philosophical argument against allowing illegals to keep sneaking into Canada (mainly via Roxham Road, QC).

Hard to disagree with a single word here.

3. Why Try To Close The Loophole?

Writing and talking about immigration — legal or illegal — is one thing. Anyone can say they oppose something, or oppose an injustice. Anyone can complain about their concerns.

But in the end, do you actually mean anything that you say?
Are you willing to make the effort?

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