A Talk With Professor Colin Furness Of The University Of Toronto DLSPH

This article is going to be different. Friday, July 9, I had a talk with University of Toronto Professor Colin Furness. Although our views are miles apart on a lot of this, it’s worthwhile to get another perspective.

This meeting came about after finding his name listed as an advisor for a firm called Sapphire Health. This company is currently working on a model to implement AI (artificial intelligence) into health records. However, it seems that this listing was done in error, as he personally knew the founder, and had talked on a social basis.

His recent work covers “the effectiveness of information systems for knowledge work; information and knowledge management; health behaviour change; infection control epidemiology; COVID-19 pandemic management in Canada.”

In any event, it’s nice to get outside the echo chamber once in a while.

7 Replies to “A Talk With Professor Colin Furness Of The University Of Toronto DLSPH”

  1. I myself don’t enjoy being scared out of my wits now and then, as I am when I hear professionals talk, giddily, about pandemics and sounding like they look forward to more. Pandemics don’t exist but police States do.

  2. I listened to half of the discussion. I can’t listen to that guy further. He’s part of the BIG problem. He’s loving his yummy Kool Aid!

  3. Why did the Pharma companies lobby so hard to push the vaccine; it seems that the damage is done after the second jabs particularly; why is there Mrna in the vaccines? I don’t buy the professors sell!

    1. All good questions. I’ve been tracking this pandemic hoax since they declared it on March 11, 2020. I’ve got over 160 blog posts just on covid. (I’ve been blogging for 11 years.) I’m not an expert in anything but I pay attention, and, as a blogger (who isn’t interested in talking about fluff only), I have always had my ear to the ground. I knew from the start that the hoax was a hoax.

      It turns out that there’s many interrelated agendas behind the hoax. They’ve been there for a while, just as the idiotic Trudoh revealed on tv. (They tell him to jump and he jumps. Do gangster politicians, like Hollywood ‘stars’ sometimes improvise? Probably. So they may or may not have liked him spilling the beans that way. Who knows?)

      The Bill Gates series by James Corbett is a must see. As James notes in that series, people like Bill Gates do not need more money. It is not all about money. It’s about power and control. Money, in this ruined world, gives people – including sociopaths like Gates – power. Bill is a eugenicist, as are many of those in the predator/parasite class, a minority of people who own, run and ruin the world. As James noted in his discussion recently with Whitney Webb, eugenicists became transhumanists became advocates for biodigital convergence and those three labels all mean the same thing. Powerful special interests with their own particular interests – as long as those don’t involve honest, productive (to society) work – are getting behind the covid hoax. Their interests mesh and overlap. Police State governments (directed by those powerful special interests, not the people) like the idea of control. So they are okay with bankers’ and Gates’s cashless society, because they see the opportunity to make your credit ‘conditional’ (Chinese style social credit). You won’t have ‘free’ access to your cash. You’ll get access if you obey, period. (There will be no revolution. That is called counterrevolution.) See that recent discussion that James has with Whitney for some details about all of that.

      James was impressed with the to-the-point-way that philosopher Giorgio Agamben (in turn getting some of his ideas from a fellow named Patrick Zylberman, who I’m not familiar with) zeroed in on what they are giving us (whether we asked for it or not); which you can read about in Agamben’s article on the biosecurity police State which you can find on the Medium channel of D. Alan Dean. That’s what we’re getting (which I believe that they have the power to give us, but which nightmare world I also believe will be short-lived because Jehovah God has his plan of salvation for humankind and it doesn’t involve Big Pharma and it’s Nazi science). Where we had a mix of rights and obligations, we are now getting obligations only, framed within biomedical terms unconnected to reality. Germ Theory is unconnected to reality, in my opinion. The population will be culled and those remaining, who have been handed over to Big Pharma to play with (as though Big Pharma was God), will be controlled, made to work for elites, only, and experimented on. The experiments will be Nazi-style. When the Nazis did medical experiments on their captives, they didn’t do them with the intention of bettering their lives. As Eric Lichtblau notes in “The Nazis Next Door,” the Nazis sometimes conducted medical experiments “designed to find the easiest ways to kill the elderly, the infirm, children, the mentally handicapped, and others… Sometimes the tests were conducted for no other reason than a morbid curiosity.” (page 100)

      Jon Rappoport recently penned a great blog post/rant against our Canadian doctors in positions of authority over other doctors. He did not mince his words. He called them Nazis.

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