Why Is Rempel Silent On Harmful Effects Of “Interim Authorized” Vaccines?

Rempel is tied the World Economic Forum, as are many “Conservatives”. Don’t worry, it won’t impact how she does her job. She’ll stand up for Canadians on making sure these “vaccines” are safe.

At least these are safe, right? At least these “vaccines” have gone through all the steps to become approved by Health Canada, correct? These aren’t allowed onto the market by some emergency authorization?

So, Michelle Rempel-Garner is a sell out to big pharma. But at least the Conservative Party of Canada is taking seriously the vast array of civil rights abuses going on in Canada.

Remember: voting works.
Vote next election.

WHO Paper On MANDATORY Vaccination April 13, 2021 (Original)
WHO Paper On MANDATORY Vaccination April 13, 2021 (Copy)
Section 30.1 Canada Food & Drug Act
September 2020 Interim Order From Patty Hajdu

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Vaccines Given “Interim Authorization”, Not Approval. Very Different
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WHO April 13 Paper: Discussion On Mandatory “Experimental Vaxx”

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