Meet Adalsteinn Brown: Swamp King; OST; Dean Of DLSPH; Ministry Of Health; Ford Operative; Premier’s Council

Adalsteinn (Steini) Brown
Adalsteinn (Steini) Brown is a recognized leader in the development of quality health care systems. Dr. Brown is currently Dean of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto. Prior to becoming Dean, he was the university’s Director of the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation and the Dalla Lana Chair of Public Health Policy. He is also a member of the Premier’s Council on Improving Healthcare and Ending Hallway Medicine. His past roles include senior leadership positions in policy and strategy within the Ontario government, founding positions in start-up companies, and extensive work on performance assessment. He received his doctorate from the University of Oxford where he was a Rhodes Scholar.

From his Ministry of Health profile. He’s also Dean of the University of Toronto, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, the Ontario Science Table, and the Premier’s Council on Improving Healthcare and Ending Hallway Medicine.

A high ranking bureaucrat of Doug Ford’s administration is in charge of DLSPH, and the Ontario Science Table. Let’s not pretend that there is any separation or independence whatsoever.

Now, one of those looks particularly interesting: the Premier’s Council on Improving Healthcare and Ending Hallway Medicine. It turns out that it was formed in October 2018, not long after Doug Ford took power. Now, what were some of their findings?

Key Findings

1. Patients and families are having difficulty navigating the health care system and are waiting too long for care. This has a negative impact on their own health and on provider and caregiver well-being.

2. The system is facing capacity pressures today, and it does not have the appropriate mix of services, beds, or digital tools to be ready for the projected increase in complex care needs and capacity pressures in the short and long-term.

3. There needs to be more effective coordination at both the system level, and at the point-of-care. This could achieve better value (i.e. improved health outcomes) for taxpayer money spent throughout the system. As currently designed, the health care system does not always work efficiently

Even back in 2018, 2019, the Premier’s Council openly admitted that the Ontario Health Care system was overburdened, and was unable to meet current needs, let alone projected increases. Adalsteinn Brown is on that Council. When he headed up Ontario Science Table the following year, did he simply forget his own report?

The Interim Report is quite interesting. Have a read.

Brown is also the head of DLSPH, which several current Medical Officers of Health are also Professors. In effect, Brown would effectively be their boss, and hold power over them.

Does this not come across as a major conflict of interest? Brown the “independent scientist” is in charge of various Medical Officers in Ontario (with respect to the University of Toronto), and they are enforcing Government dictates based on his predictions.

And all of these measures to “prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed” is based on false pretenses, since Brown’s recent work shows he ALREADY KNEW there was a capacity problem in Ontario hospitals.

Has no one in our vibrant Canadian media ever thought this was worth reporting on?

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