Pavlov’s Dogs: OST’s Obedience Training Guide For Ontario Residents

Many years ago, Ivan Pavlov discovered that given the right structure of rewards, dogs could be trained simply by ringing a bell. Dogs would to associate the ringing with food, even at times when that wasn’t the end result.

While his experiments are rudimentary today, they were important break throughs at the time. It’s still taught in introductory college psychology classes. Now, from the Ontario Science Table, and their paper of April 2021.

Key Message
The science of getting people to start something new is different from the science of getting them to continue positive behaviours. Amid rising rates of new SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern, Ontario needs a refreshed approach to maintaining and enhancing adherence to public health measures. Promising strategies to increase effective masking and physical distancing include persuasion, enablement, modelling the behaviour, and clear education.

As such, the strategies are explicitly linked to target groups in a position to action them to support two key groups of Ontarians:
1. Those who are already adhering to physical distancing and masking in most situations but are unclear on the remaining high-risk scenarios that exist in their lives (focus on maintenance).
2. Those who are inconsistently following these public health measures due to easily addressed capability, opportunity and motivation reasons (focus on enhancement)

This paper (also archived here) from the Ontario Science Table outlines psychological and behavioural modification techniques that can be applied to convince people to obey the ever changing public health measures.

This was mentioned in a previous article, but now, deserves its own standalone piece. This is quite a piece of work.

The Ontario Science Table recommends tax breaks for companies to force customers and employees to wear masks. That had been rumoured to be a part of the subsidy requirements, but the OST openly suggests that sort of thing.

This is a common type of tactic in retail settings. By moving certain products to make them constantly visible, they are more likely to be on the minds of customers. Hence, they are more likely to be bought.

Masks are to be provided at will in order to reinforce the message that mask wearing is necessary. And by extension, masks are used to reinforce the claim that there is a global pandemic, despite there not being any evidence whatsoever for it.

This one puts the “training” in obedience training. OST recommends creating videos and instructional guides on masks, and to claim it’s what they’ve learned from the science.

OST recommends the implementation of “mask refreshers” so that masks are constantly on the minds of Ontarians. This is essential, otherwise they may start questioning whether there really is a pandemic.

This is straight out of advertising. Get people to identify with those sending the messages, and they are much more likely to comply. It’s subtle emotional manipulation.

Interesting way to get people to go along with the psy-op. Just use humour to lighten the situation.

That same idea can apply to people who get the experimental gene-replacement shot. Doughnuts, beer, lottery tickets and other incentives are already being handed out. Then again, maybe taking out such people is for the best.

Governments, public health units, and healthcare organizations are delivering strategies to support Ontarians in adhering to public health measures, with an emphasis on physical distancing and masking. This Science Brief recognizes that more than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to move beyond “more of the same” when it comes to strategies to maintain and enhance how, when, and where Ontarians engage in masking and distancing. Groups in a position to support change can leverage behavioural science to refresh their approaches by using a range of evidence-based behavioural change strategies. These strategies can help to move beyond asking Ontarians to “do more” (potentially contributing to pandemic fatigue) and instead focus on creating the conditions needed to ensure ongoing adherence in our current state.

Methods Used for This Science Brief
The advice on this brief has been developed using the COM-B model. COM-B is a theoretical framework employed by Behavioural Scientists to help identify key behavioural barriers to desired action. The model identifies three essential conditions: Capability, Opportunity, Motivation that affect Behaviour and decision making. Capability barriers include lack of knowledge and comprehension about a behaviour and its consequences, and lack of skill necessary to carry out a behaviour. Opportunity barriers include time and resource constraints that make a desired behaviour more difficult or costly to carry out. Motivation barriers include emotional reactions and inaccurate beliefs that create obstacles for carrying out a behaviour.

It’s hard to believe that the OST would release such a report, detailing how to use Ontario as modern day dogs of Ivan Pavlov. But here we are. The April 2021 white paper speaks for itself, and commentary isn’t really necessary.

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2 Replies to “Pavlov’s Dogs: OST’s Obedience Training Guide For Ontario Residents”

  1. Maybe they figure that by doubling down on their police State lockdown, they can distract us, including those of us preparing lawsuits, from organizing and fighting back. In any case, they can’t go back. Especially the lower level enforcers. They are expendable. They can’t admit to their crimes. They can only hope to destroy everything, as their masters wish, so that evidence and fightback itself is destroyed. Their reward for their terrorism is a brave new perverted, cruel world. But, The world which those ruined souls are ushering in isn’t one I’d want, no matter how much power I had and I won’t be self-modifying so as to acquire the twisted desire to see a new feudalism. Fortunately, Their new world won’t last long.

  2. Yes, that is really interesting…I remember a Pavlov cartoon from many years ago, where the dog had a bandanna (mask) on his face, holding a revolver in his paw, he said essentially, ” I am through with begging!” maybe someone can find that cartoon and post it here…je me souviens…in actually, we are in “a social experiment” engaged in “social engineering” “mind control” which is also fear based and trauma based mind control, in addition to overt and covert/subliminal mind control, with graphic video, audio the controlled narrative….these people are also classified as, “enemies foreign and domestic”, “enemy combatants” who are guilty of crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality, sickness, disease, death and total lies with information warfare….please replace the word “vaccine” with “bio-weapon”…incessant repetition, as the fundamental drive of the best form of emphasis, aka mind control, is an advanced persistent threat, much like the cyber warfare options exercised against a computer, server or individual…you already know what to do….

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