Meet Issac Bogoch: Another UofT “Expert” Pushing Experimental Vaccines On The Public

Issac Bogoch is a Professor at the University of Toronto. This just like countless of “officials” prolonging these medical martial law measures. Like many establishment mouthpieces, he never publicly questions the erasure of people’s rights. Nor does he raise any issues such as flawed testing methods, overwhelming recovery rate, or the long term costs of shutting down society.

Bogoch is an obedient — and presumably well paid — mouthpiece promoting the narrative that mass vaccination is necessary. He doesn’t question the fact that they are not approved, but given interim authorization, and he downplays the fact that testing is still ongoing.

This CTV interview is a good example. Pro-vaccination host Evan Solomon hosts professional speaker Abdu Sharkawy, and vaccine pusher Issac Bogoch. This is a common problem with the mainstream media in Canada. Any voices promoted are those which are completely on board with the agenda.

Then again, the family life leads to all kinds of questions. What kind of father has their children build such a snow figure, then uses it as a pinned tweet?

Now, even as Bogoch’s colleagues at the University of Toronto are pretending to manage the “Ontario Science Table”, he’s busy being part of the Ontario Vaccination Task Force. It stands to reason that there won’t be any opinions coming from the OST that will contradict the narrative that these experimental, unapproved “vaccines” are necessary.

It’s chilling and frustrating that nearly all of the “permitted” public speakers on such an important are limited to such a small area. Prevents real diversity of opinion from being heard.

Bogoch’s Twitter feed is full of pro-vaccination content. His pinned tweet is a CV snowman that his family made, which is creepy. It’s unclear whether he is getting paid for all this tweeting, or if he lacks other interests worth posting.

While this man seems to revel in the shutdown of most group activities, he acts as a consultant to “safety” bring professional hockey back to Canada. But no cognitive dissonace here.

Bogoch is another who seems to never sleep. In addition to being a doctor, he’s a university professor, and is on this vaccine task force. He also spends an unhealthy amount of time on Twitter, and giving media appearances. Does he have any sort of real life?

There was also this grant in early 2020.

And no, it’s far from just one person. Scientists and “experts” across Ontario, and Canada as a whole, are compromised.

Michael Warner is head of the Canadian Division of Kumar Murty of OST is an investor of a technology company called PerfectCloudIO, which stands to profit from lockdowns. Kwame McKenzie of OST led the research into the 2017 UBI project in Ontario. And on a related note: Trillium Health Partners got a $5 million gift from a company that makes face masks. Abdu Sharkawy makes a small fortune on the speaking circuit. Robert Steiner of OST, an LPC operative, claims to be the brains of PHAC, founded in 2004. Ryan Imgrund shills for lockdowns while his employer fundraises money.


4 Replies to “Meet Issac Bogoch: Another UofT “Expert” Pushing Experimental Vaccines On The Public”

  1. Thx sir for the calm and intelligent messages for so long, keeping place safe for those who listen, appreciate!

  2. Need more people digging like this. Was just searching Bogoch as I see him now promoting 3rd and 4th boosters. Searching his name, most results are from Canadian MSM. Seems like his only expertise is media mouthpiece.

  3. He gives sound and well considered advice. No one knows anything for certain wrt COVID. He’s not forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want to.

  4. Where’s the science this charlatan uses to justify his behavior?
    Oh that’s right, there isn’t any!
    I’ll challenge any of you numb nuts to show the PEER REVIEWED research on the safety and efficacy of this poison.
    The cognitive dissonance runs deep at the Flo Alistair Lamestream media outlet, known as CTV news.
    Now a full 53% of Canadians no longer trust Lamestream media and number will only go higher!

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