Public Health Ontario A Semi-Autonomous Corporation, Whose Leaders Sit With ON Science Table

According to the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion Act, 2007, the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion was created, which is now referred to as Public Health Ontario. The timing is interesting, given that its creation aligns with the 2005 Quarantine Act, which itself is the result of the 3rd Edition of the International Health Regulations from the World Health Organization.

For some background information, here is more on the WHO-IHR, the Quarantine Act, and Ontario‘s own Health Act. It’s worth also addressing PHAC, and its self-proclaimed advisor, Robert Steiner, who also sits on OST. These are not independent events, but are directly linked.

This entity (referred to as Public Health Ontario, or PHO), is set up and structured as a corporation. It’s a Crown Corporation, mostly autonomous from the Government.

7 (1) Except as limited by this Act, the Corporation has the capacity, rights and powers of a natural person for carrying out its objects. 2007, c. 10, Sched. K, s. 7 (1).

This group is to have the same rights and powers as an actual person which is not weird at all. The Act also indemnifies any employees or officers or directors from any liability, as long as they claim to be acting in good faith.

No actions or proceedings against Crown
26 No proceeding for damages or otherwise shall be commenced against the Crown, the Minister or any person employed by the Crown with respect to any act done or omitted to be done or any decision of the Corporation, a director or officer of the Corporation, a member of a standing committee or a person employed by the Corporation. 2007, c. 10, Sched. K, s. 26.

Immunity from civil action
27 (1) No proceeding for damages or otherwise shall be commenced against the Minister, a director or officer of the Corporation, a member of a standing committee, or any person employed by the Crown or the Corporation, with respect to any act done or omitted to be done or any decision under this Act that is done in good faith in the execution or intended execution of a power or duty under this Act. 2007, c. 10, Sched. K, s. 27 (1); 2011, c. 1, Sched. 6, s. 7 (1).

Nothing shows that people take responsibility for their actions quite like giving them a pass for the possible consequences. There are limited provisions for taking action against the Crown itself, but not members involved.

Anyhow, that Act specifies that this corporation is to act as an autonomous and mostly independent group from the Government. This would be similar to Alberta Health Services operates.

Now, PHO is structured as a corporation, and is designed to be an arm’s length operation from the Crown. Okay. But looking at who runs it, some familiar faces appear.

  • Brian Schwartz is Vice President of PHO
  • Vanessa Allen is Chief, Microbiology and Laboratory Science at PHO
  • Jessica Hopkins, Chief Health Protection and Emergency Preparedness Officer at PHO
  • Samir Patel, Deputy Chief, Microbiology and Laboratory Science at PHO

Some interesting names in the Leadership of Public Health Ontario. Why should we care about who any of them are? There’s a really simple reason.

In case it wasn’t clear, here is the point: several high ranking members of Public Health Ontario are also members of the Ontario Science Table. Keep in mind, the OST presents itself as neutral and independent expert advice. At the same time, officials from a Crown Corporation in that same Province are part of their organization.

Considering that PHO functions as an extension of the World Health Organization, and implements their dictates, what kind of perspectives will these people bring to OST? Will they simply implement the same ideas, cloaked as “science”, or will they offer radically different policies? So far, it seems to be the former.

When these people speak at OST events and gatherings, are they talking as scientists working independently for the health of Ontarians overall? Or, are they acting in the capacity of Public Health Ontario representatives? Unless the OST is an extension of PHO, there are bound to be conflicts of interest.

It’s a bit like Theresa Tam, who has a page as the Public Health Officer of Canada, but who also as a page for a World Health Organization Advisory Committee. These people even use the same photographs.

On a related note: Deputy Prime Minister, and Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland is also a Trustee at the World Economic Forum. Other prominent politicians are also involved with that organization.

The mess that is the covered before, and more is likely to be added. Far from being independent, OST is rotten to the core with conflicts of interests, and members who have side ventures.

Do the OST and Trillium Health Partners really think that mask mandates are in the public’s best interest? Or did a $5 million donation from a mask manufacturer change their minds? Does Michael Warner‘s side business influence his support for lockdowns? What About Kumar Murty‘s business interests? Or Kwame McKenzie‘s 2017 Ontario UBI project?

Final thoughts to readers in Ontario: do you have any clue who is really running health care in Ontario? Do you know who is actually running the Province? Who’s behind the martial law masked as medical necessity? Think Doug Ford or Christine Elliott are anything but puppets?

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  1. Are you seeing the correlation between corporate body and natural person? The government is a corporation and any ‘person’ in Canada is a body corporate as stated in the municipality act of Ontario section 4, now section 9 states that the municipality is considered a natural person with all the rights that come with that. So they consider us as corporate body for the purpose of administering their laws and statutes. Are you a natural person or a corporate body? Well how does the government label you as a corporate body and get away with it you ask? It’s your birth certificate, yes your birth certificate is a bank note used with a red number called a CUSIP number on it to track your entitie on the stock market, which is used to borrow money from the IMF world bank, why do you think we have a deficit? Government borrows money using us a collateral and taxes us to pay it back using your registered SIN number which in section 13 of the form you fill out for it states that it is voluntary to do, but you have to have one to work, see the trap for what it is, the corrupt corporation of Canada is not a democratic country, it is a defacto service corporation hell bent on rapeing you for everything and your rights as a natural person.

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