BC Provincial Health Services Authority Is A Private Corporation, Charity

The PHSA, or Provincial Health Services Authority of British Columbia, is a private organization that runs health care in the Province. It operates similar to SROs, or self-regulating organizations in other Provinces. It was founded in 2001. True, it receives FUNDING from the public, but is set up as a corporation, and acts in an autonomous manner.

Part 2 — Fundamental Matters in Relation to Societies
Division 1 — Nature of Societies
2(1) Subject to subsection (2), a society may be formed under this Act for one or more lawful purposes, including, without limitation, agricultural, artistic, benevolent, charitable, educational, environmental, patriotic, philanthropic, political, professional, recreational, religious, scientific, social or sporting purposes.
(2) A society must not have, as one of its purposes, the carrying on of a business for profit or gain, but carrying on a business to advance or support the purposes of a society is not prohibited by this subsection.
(3) The registrar may, in writing and giving reasons, order a society to alter its purposes if the registrar considers one or more of those purposes to be contrary to this Act or otherwise unlawful.

Liability of members
5 A member of a society is not, in that capacity, liable for a debt or other liability of the society.
Capacity and powers of society
6 A society has the capacity, rights, powers and privileges of an individual of full capacity.

Division 3 — Incorporation of Societies
Application for incorporation
13 One or more persons may incorporate a society by filing with the registrar an incorporation application that
(a) sets out the name reserved under section 9 [name] for the society and the reservation number given for that name,
(b) contains
(i) a constitution,
(ii) bylaws, and
(iii) a statement of directors and registered office, and
(c) sets out the full name and contact information of each of the applicants for incorporation.

The PHSA, is a corporation that acts under the BC Societies Act. It has the by-laws and constitution like any other company, and has the legal protections and rights of a full person.

In section 2.1 of its By-Laws, the PHSA specifies that there must always be at least one person appointed from the University of British Columbia. Very strange to have a quota system from an institution. It’s even more strange since Adrian Dix and several members running PHSA also have attended UBC.

Members are also able to rack up large debts in the name of the PHSA, but won’t be held personally responsible for any of them.

Why does all of this matter? Because the PHSA is the group that oversees all health care in British Columbia. According to a 2018 mandate letter from Health Minister Adrian Dix:

PHSA is directed to develop, review, and/or update evidence informed provincial clinical policy, in alignment with the policy direction set by the Ministry, to ensure appropriate, consistent, and equitable patient care services to strengthen the quality of our system of health care, in the following areas:
• Cancer Health
• Women’s Health
• Perinatal Health
• Children’s Health
• Mental Health and Substance Use (as requested by the Ministry of Mental Health and
• Forensic Psychiatric
• Health Care for Provincial Correctional Institutions
• Out-of-Hospital Emergency Health
• Disease control
• Renal Health
• Cardiac Health
• Organ Donation and Transplantation Health
• Trans Health
• Trauma Care
• Stroke Care
• Laboratory Medicine
• Provincial Blood and Blood Product Utilization
• Other areas as requested by the Ministry.

The mandate letter from Dix also specifies the PHSA is to “provide effective provincial oversight which includes provincial planning, coordination , monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on province-wide results and health outcomes for the following specialized provincial services”. In essence, PHSA is to be the brains and coordination behind health care in BC.

Keep in mind, Adrian Dix became Health Minister without being a doctor, or having any medical background whatsoever. His education consists of studying history and political science at the University of British Columbia. He is a former Chief-of-Staff for ex-Premier Glen Clark. It’s political climbing, not skill, that landed him in this current role. So he likely serves as little more than a yes-man.

In May 2008, the BC Health Act was replaced by the BC Public Health Act, also, implementing provisions from the 2005 Quarantine Act (Bill C-12). This included “Modernization of powers and duties of public health officials for communicable disease prevention and control, environmental health hazard response, chronic disease and hazard prevention, and public health emergency response; e.g. updated inspection powers, powers to issue orders, quarantine and isolation provisions”.

The Public Health Act also requires that there be a “Provincial Health Officer” appointed, and that such person be given broad powers. Currently, it’s Bonnie Henry, who has never had her name on any ballot.

There are references to “the Authority” in the Public Health Act, but it isn’t clear if it refers to the PSHA. Likely it means the people enforcing the various orders, not the policy heads. In any event, it goes on and on about the power to enforce “safety measures“.

What does all of this mean? It means that health care policy in BC is being determined by an autonomous group that isn’t really part of the Government. Yes, they receive public money, but they act on their own to determine how care shall be provided. While technically answering the Minister of Health, Adrian Dix has no qualifications, and can’t act to check that power. Not only that, the Public Health Act was modelled after the WHO International Health Regulations and 2005 Quarantine Act.

A body that isn’t accountable to the public, and a “Provincial Health Officer” who can’t be easily replaced are enforcing laws written by the World Health Organization. This is the state of affairs in British Columbia. With a set up like this, it’s no wonder that people like Bonnie Henry, Adrian Dix, John Horgan and Mike Farnworth are able to get away with so much. Collusion between political parties doesn’t help.

Update To Article

Pardon the oversight, but the B.C. Provincial Health Services Authority actually has charity status with the Canada Revenue Agency. In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2020, this group took in some $3.8 billion in revenue from various sources.

Receipted donations $37,800.00 (0.00%)
Non-receipted donations $172,585.00 (0.00%)
Gifts from other registered charities $754,945,753.00 (19.86%)
Government funding $2,947,928,518.00 (77.55%)
All other revenue $98,427,173.00 (2.59%)
Total revenue: $3,801,511,829.00

Charitable programs $3,536,901,905.00 (93.05%)
Management and administration $264,235,205.00 (6.95%)
Fundraising $0.00 (0.00%)
Gifts to other registered charities and qualified donees $0.00 (0.00%)
Other $0.00 (0.00%)
Total expenses: $3,801,137,110.00

Total compensation for all positions: $1,373,060,592.00
Full-time employees: 8760
Part-time employees: 6403
Professional and consulting fees: $83,454,434.00

It’s also worth pointing out that 10 people made at least $350,000

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2 Replies to “BC Provincial Health Services Authority Is A Private Corporation, Charity”

  1. There is nothing like the investigative research at CanuckLaw.ca

    Collusion, yes, that is the understatement of the year. If we have a point of reference as the BNA Act of 1867, section 91 & 92 you will notice Health is a government jurisdiction, in provincial and federal/national levels. This is not delegated, abrogated or otherwise to a private entity, as in, it is an illegal transfer of power. This has also been done with the illegal 1982 Constitution illegal transfer of power to the courts in addition to a few other “inappropriate actions” ,

    Additionally, there is no authorization or provision of a supra-national government, such as UN, WHO or otherwise, as we may consider this as “Parliamentary Sovereignty” which may be argued and debate in various vectors, timelines and space.

    You will notice, in the BNA Act of 1867, if you look that the type of government cannot be changed, the successor Parliament cannot be bound, and also rules of procedure to reading of the Bills and passing Law, and the proper operations of a legitimate Parliament, including Budgets, which, for some is not apparently being done. Evidently by regarding the society constitution and provisions, a run around real legit law, with super-imposed agenda by “enemy combatants” “enemies foreign and domestic” “acts of aggression” and “wars of aggression” and the all time favourite “collaborateurs” “traitors” and “the usual suspects” in addition to the very stealthy “goblin”…

    If you look, you will notice a vastly increased weaponized group of associations, totally un-elected and un-accountable, as if fraudulent elections are not enough, we have the shadow government, more illegal and unethical transfer of power. This reminds some of us, the not necessarily obvious, oblivious or implicated “collusion” or evident the corresponding “authorized” and/or “approved” research inter-related deceptions, fraud and “mis-information” “dis-information” that has previously been well researched and documented at CanuckLaw.ca

    Concerning the :
    “provide effective provincial oversight which includes provincial planning, coordination, monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on province-wide results and health outcomes for the following specialized provincial services” ;

    as quoted, this is a fraudulent deception of implication by the word use “provincial” and “province wide” which essentially makes the PHSA an entity masquerading as a government or government authority or entity, much like a government masquerading as a religion, to enable, augment, amplify, establish or super-impose without any other government interference of the invaded territory, a form of direct and proxy warfare, proxy government, in addition to what seems zero accountability and oversight except to the foreign allegiance and “we are all in this together” crowd of global compact enforced genocide, internationalism globalism, etc et al.

    The very idea of zero debt responsibility of the PHSA is absurd in the absence of “sovereign money” or “unlimited taxation powers”, and is also ridiculous, although practiced by governments with treasury bond debt money creation, and the idea in Canada that the federal government is the overall guarantee of provincial debt, and considering historical and present money management, the degree of financial mismanagement and incompetence is billions of times more than what is necessary to totally disqualify someone from any government or administrative, policy or financial transaction infrastructure. If you are really curious, please feel free to investigate how the PHSA qualifies to borrow money and go in debt, and if the people running it have no requirement for asset collateral as a private entity and or enterprise, how about the rest of Canada? So what about that?

    Does the BC government finance and guarantee a private entity or not? Eh? Let us all have private societies, unlimited debt borrowing and zero liability, because that is what that looks like, although some would call it total fraud and misrepresentation, right? If a document exists from the BC government in the control or possession of a financial institution or entity, including a natural person, that guarantees the debt by the society or various people, then that is very interesting, right? Eh?

    Yes, like, me too please, I only need a few hundred billion this year for national security projects, er, provincial security projects, thanks…..after all National Defence has actually been privatized and I am running it, and since this is a need to know basis, I expect your full and total allegiance, co-operation and pro-active patriotism…that is not against your conscience, is it? I am not really elected, only an overwhelming vote of confidence by individuals, entities and organizations of which I am not at liberty to disclose, and wouldn’t anyway, even if I could, so no worries there. Oh sorry, what I mean is, I am a private individual, running National Defence, like you know, somebody has to do it right? As if I could tell you the truth and you would believe it, forget about Ripley, that was only a warm up to the ice age, and the puppet does not need strings to be a traitor or have foreign allegiance, they were born that way, it’s not their fault, freedom of choice is only a conspiracy theory, it was never proven with evidence based science, and certainly not in court, except maybe common law court, by white nationalists who are privileged and racist and disqualified because they are too smart and have too much self esteem for anyone, except those mind wiped flunkies, who really may or may not be humiliated (depending on conscience) when they are caught in their lies, fraud, deceptions, crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality, debt, disease, sickness and death…nobody is perfect, right? We don’t worry about hurting someone’s feelings, since sociopath traitors, collaborateurs and all that riffraff don’t have feelings….

    Considering the UBC requirement and the degree of corruption, collusion, collaborateurs, enemies foreign and domestic, enemy combatants, acts of aggression and acts of war, treason, race traitors, cultural marxism etc, the war against whitey, foreign influence and real national security threats that is projected from UBC, this is considered not only “problematic” but also a very “real national security threat” and in light of the Defence Mission and also for the RCMP that operates in BC, what are they waiting for? Nothing, certainly not a straight white nationalist with the spheres of influence and awareness of what is going on and what to do about it…Peace, Order and Good Government, not disorder out of chaos, collusion, crime, corruption, corrosion, communism, globalism or privatized government for personal aggrandizement and wealth, or the cheap thrill of being a genocide, sociopathic, psychopathic, control freak, engaged in and profiting from genocide….

    All the more reason to stay tuned and informed with CanuckLaw.ca where you can get truckloads of red pill intel and awareness and go forward in a more successful pro-active direction, perhaps something like class action, indictment or simply, the penalty of treason is death…will do fine. After all, the good old days were really better for a lot of reasons…

    How do you vote now? What does your arsenal of democracy look like?

    Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee….

  2. It’s all corporations. None of it’s legitimate. The government is ADMITTEDLY “de facto” (See s.15 of the Criminal Code).
    CANADA is also a company that does business out of Washington, District of Columbia, which is a sovereign state (not part of the united states) and is part of a three City empire (i.e., Washington, D.C., City of London, and Vatican City) ruled by the church of Rome. Here’s the link to the CANADA company and it’s filings:
    And BIRTH CERTIFICATES are “revenue receipts”. They used to stamp it right on the back of the old green laminated birth certificates. There’s still plenty of them around. That’s how people incorporate themselves (through birth registration, because they’re registering their children with a company and pledging them and their future wealth and income as collateral to the national debt. Then they get the “number” of the beast (i.e., Social Insurance) so they can collect the “benefits and privileges” of being enslaved. Communism has been here for a very long time, and almost nobody seems to notice because very few people actually read the laws that govern their lives.

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