Meet Ryan Imgrund: HS Science Teacher Whose Predictions Drive Donations For Other Interests

Ryan Imgrund is a high school science teacher, and has also been a “consultant” calling for more restrictions in Ontario. However, things aren’t quite what they seem to be. Like so many “experts” in the media, no real due diligence is done before bringing them on.

I am a biostatistician and corporate consultant working with a several Fortune 500 companies, Ontario public health units, and a private Ontario lab. My specialty is discovering, analyzing and interpreting scientific, mathematical, economic and retail trends.

This man has been a consultant since March 2020. Interesting time to start such a business, especially as he’s supposed to be a full time educator. Unfortunately, this is far from an isolated case.

Michael Warner is head of the Canadian Division of Kumar Murty of OST is the Chief Technology Officer of a tech company called PerfectCloudIO, which stands to profit from lockdowns. Kwame McKenzie of OST led the research into the 2017 UBI project in Ontario. And on a related note: Trillium Health Partners got a $5 million gift from a company that makes face masks. Abdu Sharkawy makes a small fortune on the speaking circuit. Robert Steiner of OST, an LPC operative, claims to be the brains of PHAC, founded in 2004.

Even with that in mind, Imgrund is strange for a number of reasons. Let’s go through some of them.

Imgrund’s LinkedIn profile states that he has an undergraduate degree in science, and a bachelor’s degree in education. This essentially qualifies him to be a science teacher, which is how he makes his primary living. Nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t show that he has any sort of expertise. (see archive here).

It’s unclear why PHAC, the Public Health Agency of Canada, would hire him in 2000, especially since he was at university, starting his junior year at that time. Presumably, he would have been preoccupied with a heavy course load.

Even if there was a typo in the start date, it’s unclear what special skills he would have brought. A superstar student would have gone higher with his career, not be teaching high school science. His profile indicates he was hired as a teacher immediately out of university.

But there is someone else here that is worth attention. Look again at those dates.

Imgrund claims to have been with the Public Health Agency of Canada back in 2000. Problem is, it didn’t exist until 2004. It was created that year due to the instigation of the World Health Organization, to be an outpost for global health measures. It was covered in detail in this earlier piece.

Perhaps he should have talked with Robert Steiner, who claims to have advised Paul Martin on its creation, before putting it on his resume.

It takes a legend (or a moron) to be working at an institution a full 4 years before it was founded. Did none of Imgrund’s other clients check him out ahead of time?

Imgrund admits that modelling is heavily based on assumptions and predictions. However, he leaves out how grossly inaccurate it has been so far. Should algorithms and formulas determine how society is run? Imgrund’s skills are what exactly?

Imgrund was also involved with the Sick Kids Hospital recommendations report, on how to “safely” reopen Ontario schools for the Fall of 2020.

One of Sick Kids Hospital’s major donors is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, but that’s no reason for concern. Nor is the pattern of this, or Walied Soliman being a Director, and Chief of Staff to Erin O’Toole.

Supposedly, after Southlake Regional Health Centre saw some of his modelling, they asked him to be a consultant for them. That being said, Southlake is always asking for money from the public, so Imgrund’s work is likely to generate many more donors.

Quite simply, crisis predictions are good for business. After all, no one wants to be seen as refusing much needed funding to a hospital in the middle of a “pandemic”. It would be nice if his other clients were listed, but searching them is proving tricky.

Imgrund himself seems to love his new celebrity status. He’s frequently on the media circuit drumming up fear and paranoia about Ontarians just going about their lives.

Additionally, is Imgrund getting paid or compensated in any way for his numerous media appearances? Keep in mind, he has only been a “corporate consultant” since March 2020, so it’s not like he has a long history of doing this.

He never addresses serious questions like the virus not being isolated, PCR tests being unsuitable, the high recovery rate, or the health problems from long term mask use. Nor will he cover the documented proof of premeditation in all this. Either he is oblivious, or chooses to ignore it.

While his Twitter feed is filled with “pandemic” postings, he also never mentions potential testing and safety issues with vaccines. He seems very partial and selective about what needs covered.

And it raises the possibility of a serious conflict of interest. Working in the education system, he is supposed to put the needs of students first. However, as a “consultant” and “expert”, he and his clients financially and professionally can profit from having longer and more severe restrictions. There’s no money to be made in a crisis if that crisis goes away.

Does this man work in the best interests of the public?

(8) Sick Kids Hospital Major Donors
(10) for them.

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