Meet Dr. Abdu Sharkawy: Paid, Professional Commentator For Vaccines And Lockdowns

Abdu Sharkawy frequently appears on CTV News as an “infectious diseases expert”. Strange thing however, it’s not disclosed that he’s actually a professional speaker, who makes money on the circuit. He is part of the NSB, or National Speakers Bureau. This is an agency that connects speakers with organizations searching for someone on a particular topic. It’s a sort of referral agency.

The NSB will connect people with a speaker on a variety of different subjects. These include: current events, education, finance, health, leadership, media, motivational speaking, and much more. This group claims not to charge a fee, which implies that it will be getting a piece of whatever contract is signed with the speaker in question.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with making money, these types of arrangements show that a person is interested in doing this for the long haul. This isn’t just a one time event, or a special occasion. Sharkawy, like the others, see this as just a way of doing business.

It can also create serious conflicts of interest, depending on who the audience is, and in what context. It’s even worse when these payments are not disclosed, as seems to be the case here.

Having a handler arrange for people to appear in the media as an “expert” brings back memories of Tom Quiggin and One Godless Woman.

Sharkawy is hardly the only person who moonlights with a conflicting job. Michael Warner is head of the Canadian Division of Kumar Murty of OST runs a technology company called PerfectCloudIO, which stands to profit from lockdowns. Kwame McKenzie of OST led the research into the 2017 UBI project in Ontario. And on a related note: Trillium Health Partners got a $5 million gift from a company that makes face masks.

Speaker Biography
Dr. Abdu Sharkawy is a world-renowned internal medicine and infectious diseases specialist who is based in Toronto, Canada.
From the outset of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Dr. Sharkawy was one of the key authorities speaking on and educating the public about the Covid-19 pandemic on a global stage.
Dr. Sharkawy has provided extensive knowledge about the Covid-19 pandemic to many audiences on a global stage. He has spoken about the pandemic on well-known media platforms, such as Dr. Phil, ABC News, Al-Jazeera and BBC News, and he is the leading source of COVID-19 information for the biggest news network in Canada, CTV News. Millions of Canadians rely upon Dr. Sharkawy’s medical expertise, as a part of their daily routines.
Working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, in one of the largest hospital networks in Canada, has undoubtedly allowed Dr. Sharkawy to have a unique perspective on the pandemic. Dr. Sharkawy has spoken on several key areas of the pandemic, including but not limited to, the vaccines, the trajectory of the virus, and the best/worst case scenarios for the future.

That is from Sharkawy’s professional profile with NSB. He has spoken not just in Canada, but internationally on this subject. Millions of Canadians rely on his medical expertise.

All of that said, it doesn’t appear that his arrangement his NSB (or any other agency), or his fees, have ever been publicly discussed. He is referred to as a doctor, and an infectious diseases expert, but not as a paid actor. This is pretty important information to leave out.

Yes, he does appear quite regularly on CTV, spreading fear-porn each time. However, this arrangement as a professional speaker is not disclosed. Here are a few examples of what he has been saying.

If they were going to use him at all, CTV should have disclosed Sharkawy’s side job as a professional speaker. It should be done at least once each appearance. Being working for CTV, he does have other clients.

On March 19, 2021, Sharkawy spoke with the B.C. Pharmacists Association on the subject of vaccine rollouts. May 6, 2021, he talked about these mysterious variants that were overwhelming Canada.

  • Abbott
  • Amgen
  • AstraZeneca
  • Janssen (owned by Johnson & Johnson)
  • London Drugs
  • Merck
  • Pfizer
  • PriceSmart Food Pharmacies
  • Sandoz (part of Novartis)
  • Save On Foods Pharmacy
  • Urban Fare Pharmacy
  • Westland Insurance

It gets even worse, as the B.C. Pharmacists Association has is funded by big pharma. However, this isn’t surprising. If you view companies like Pfizer and Merck as the manufacturers or wholesalers, pharmacies are just the retail end of it.

Sharkawy promotes vaccines for one of his clients that is funded by big pharma. Is there anything wrong with this?

Shawkawy has also been promoting the group ThisIsOurShot. It’s been targeting minority populations for vaccination, while downplaying the actual risk. The group is also selling T-shirts, which is going to help Kids Help Phone. This is morbid, considering that child mental health has deteriorated in large part due to the lockdowns that Sharkawy supports.

Go on his Twitter account. He spends a lot of time posting and retweeting about vaccination and more restrictions.

Sharkawy is also an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, which has endless connections to the Ontario Science Table, promoting lockdowns in that Province. The OST also has numerous conflicts of interest, which has been outlined on this site.

With all of the side work that Sharkawy does, when does he find the time to actually practice as a doctor? This isn’t even sarcasm.

Now, a few points must be addressed about CTV itself.

This is a summary of CTV News policies and is not meant to be comprehensive. CTV News is committed to producing journalism that is accurate, fair and complete. Our journalists act with honesty, transparency, and independence, including from conflicts of interest.

CTV claims that it has a strong ethics code, which specifically includes conflicts of interest. Fine, but what about the experts they bring on? This wasn’t difficult to find. Was no due diligence done before giving Abdu Sharkawy the microphone? Or have they known about these other interests, but just kept silent? Was he recruited using the NSB group?

CTV is also part of the Trust Project, which sounds Orwellian.


The National Speakers Bureau did respond to an inquiry on Sharkawy. His fee for a virtual event would be $12,000. An in person event would presumably cost much more. Now, who would pay this kind of money, unless they had a financial interest in what he had to say?

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  1. This information should wake up People of the reason for the continuous lockdowns and promoting of the JAB. It is amazing how People cannot see the true reason for this agenda. They are taking Pension money that belongs to the People and hyping up the fear of this hoax to make big profits for themselves…. plus this is why they want to censor the internet to stop people from digging for the truth….

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