Ontario Teachers Pension Plan, And The Interesting Stocks They Own


The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) has publicly called for forcing masks on children, even those in kindergarten. However, not everything is as it appears. For example, the OTPP, the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan, owns $83 million in stock in 3M. This is a company that makes masks.

Also, an honourbale mention and shoutout to Stormhaven, who has covered this, and taken a different approach. Check that piece out as well, as it has lots of good information.

What else is in the OTPP (which includes both elementary and high school teachers)? Information on the holdings can be obtained for free at the U.S. SEC, the Securities and Exchanges Commission.

3M CO $83,000,000
Abbott Labs $355,000
Biogen Inc. $41,915,000
Eli Lilly & Co $1,110,000
Gilead Sciences $1,406,000
Globeus Med Inc. $513,000
Jazz Pharmaceuticals PLC $317,000
Johnson & Johnson $84,386,000
Medpace Holdings Inc. $393,000
Merck & Co. $406,000
Mersana Therapeutics $504,000
Moderna Inc. $970,000
Pfizer $599,000
Procter & Gamble $837,000
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals $736,000
Sarpeta Therapeutics $753,000
TEVA Pharmaceuticals $17,487,000
United Therapeutics Corp. $1,077,000
Vertex Pharmaceuticals $502,000
West Pharmaceutical SVSC $797,000

$83 million in 3M, a company that manufactures facemasks. This is one of those things that makes you go “hmmm….”, doesn’t it?

In addition to owning parts of companies involved in health care and pharmaceuticals, the OTPP has other interests in businesses that will also profit from extended lockdowns, and the “Great Reset”. Here are some of them:

Amazon Group $287,000
Apple $1,104,000
Bank of America Corp $579,000
Black Hills Corp $322,000
Blackstone Group $413,000
Costco Wholesale $943,000
Goldman Sachs $1,714,000
Home Dept $81,854
Kroger Co. $662,000
McDonald’s Corp. $81,651,000
Microsoft $244,167,000
PayPal Holdings $542,000
Pepsico $853,000
Rogers Communications $743,000
Shaw Communications $906,000
Tesla Inc. $561,455,000
Tri Pointe Group Inc. $1,118,000
Twitter Inc. $257,000
Verizon Communications $860,000
Visa Inc. $83,780,000
Zoom Video Communications $392,000

It’s not much of a stretch to see that the OTPP stands to benefit from lockdowns and the “Great Reset”. After all, they are heavily invested in industries and companies that will profit from the current situation.

In addition to owning part of 3M, this Pension Plan also owns considerable stock in Gilead Sciences, Eli Lilly, Merck, Moderna, Pfizer, Teva, and over $84 million in Johnson & Johnson. This could explain their support for the vaccine agenda. Then again, it could all just be a coincidence.

It could also be a coincidence that Jo Taylor, who’s in charge of the OTPP, has ties to the World Economic Forum. Likewise, it may just be happenstance that Mark Wiseman, who runs Blackrock (which owns SNC Lavalin), used to run the CPPIB, and helped set up the OTPP.

Read into it what you will.

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  1. Excellent work. You should also be aware of OMERS (largest pension fund in Canada) owning scandal-ridden land registration system Teranet, and the quadrupling of mortgage fraud,title theft and value theft since it was privatized. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss gracejodance@protonmail.com

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