Senate Bill S-215: Act Respecting Financial Stability Of Post-Secondary Institutions

Senate Bill S-215 was introduced in November 2021. It is described as an Act respecting measures in relation to the financial stability of post-secondary institutions.

Let’s call a spade a spade. Is this going to lead to taxpayers having to bail out colleges and universities sometime soon? And what are the details of how this will be implemented?

It was introduced by Senator Lucie Moncion, who is labelled as an independent. Her Senate biography lists her as having a “distinguished career of more than 38 years in the co-operative financial institutions sector, the last 16 as President and CEO”.

How very interesting that a longtime banker would be putting forward legislation to potentially bail out colleges and universities in Canada

4 (1) The Minister must develop a proposal for federal initiatives designed to
(a) reduce the risk that an institution becomes bankrupt or insolvent;
(b) protect students, faculty and staff in the event that an institution becomes bankrupt or insolvent; and
(c) support communities that would be impacted by an institution becoming bankrupt or insolvent.

(2) The proposal under subsection (1) must be developed in consultation with representatives from
(a) institutions;
(b) provincial and municipal governments;
(c) groups and associations of — or advocating on behalf of — students, faculty and staff of institutions.

Very interesting to have a former banker in the Senate, and introducing such a Bill.

The Bill went to Committee in October 2022, and doesn’t appear to have moved since. That is, of course, not to say that it won’t advance in the future. Of course, it’s always possible to be slipped into another, larger Bill, and passed with little to no debate.

Consultations will be made with groups acting on behalf of students, faculty and staff? Okay, how do we ensure that there is real representation?

As previously described here and here. Canadian colleges and universities are in fact registered charities, which are already receiving lucrative tax breaks.

There is a provision to support communities that would be impacted by an institution becoming bankrupt or insolvent. While may sound okay, one has to wonder why we have communities that are dependent on universities. Do we think it beneficial to require their survival?

Of all the things to prop up, why the higher education industry? We let citizens go bankrupt, but support this sector?

It’s hard to give a proper critique when there’s so little specific information here.


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2 Replies to “Senate Bill S-215: Act Respecting Financial Stability Of Post-Secondary Institutions”

  1. U of BC, U of Toronto, McMaster and so many others have all been involved in the COVID scam and should be shut down.

    But the reason for this Bill?

    The Chinese Communist Party runs politics in Canada…they want Canadians to pay for their indoctrination centres called Confucius Institutes. In addition, 1/2 citizen Islamic MPs have been angling for years for the funding of Islamic educational institutions.

    Gotta think outside the box to really understand why Bankers want to bankrupt Canadians and replace them with other ‘societies’. It’s all part of the WEF/UN goal to control ‘education’ and the next several generations.

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