Getting Government Certified In Contact Tracing: No Skill Or Patience Required

Do you have an hour to kill? Want to become a government certified contact tracer? Now it’s even easier than ever. No real skill, talent, or hard work required.

Side note: I notice that several of the questions imply that you may have multiple sexual partners. Almost as if there was some agenda going on.


It turns out that turning in someone who’s here illegally is actually the wrong answer. One would think that border enforcement is a serious topic, but the Public Health Agency of Canada doesn’t see it that way.


The supplemental sections did cram a lot of social justice nonsense into it, such as privilege and oppression. However, we have to power through it (or just keep hitting skip), in order to get move on.

The public health section has a lot of history lessons, but very little useful information. Yes, this entire article has basically just been trolling, but it wasn’t that painful.

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