Recycling Used “Covid” Masks Apparently A Thing Now

If you (or your children) go to college or university, you’ll undoubtedly remember that there were mask mandates until very recently. Of course, there are many places that still have them to this day. The justification was that there was some deadly virus, and that the masks — and vaccine passports — were necessary.

Notwithstanding the fact that “Covid-19” doesn’t exist, and that germ theory is pretty much based on lies, one would think that schools would be taking this seriously. After all, shouldn’t there be biohazardous containers everywhere to dispose of used masks?

Not only is that not the case, but it seems that recycling masks is also a fairly common thing. Not sure how exactly this works, but wouldn’t that endanger everyone?

This isn’t an attempt to justify endless waste. However, any adult capable of rational thought should be asking why this is being done. After all, this (alleged) virus is (allegedly) what caused the biggest economic crash in generations. Why pinch pennies just to recycle biohazardous waste?

For anyone curious, check the college in your area to see if they have these bins.

It’s almost as if there’s no virus at all.

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  1. The day media started talking about the ‘virus’ and how deadly it would be, I looked around and saw NO biohazard disposal containers anywhere. Yet, they claim the masks were stopping deadly viruses, so preumably the viruses got stuck in the masks.

    Even the dullest among us must have noticed the discrepancy between the ‘talk’ and the ‘action’. Go into any major highway service centre washroom and you will see the containers for all sorts of needles and medical paraphenalia…nothing for masks containing deadly ‘viruses’.

    The fact is that this sort of deception will continue into the climate change lockdowns that are already starting through various ‘financial’ programs because there are NO meaningful consequences to such government and medical institution behaviors in Canada. Murder has long ago been legal.

    In the USA, the Fauci’s are being rounded up, found guilty of crimes against humanity and treason by Military Tribunals, and hung…Fauci’s trial ended yesterday and he was so arrogant and yelling such obscenities that he was gagged during the last two days of his trial. Ironic isn’t it…the guy who gagged the world was gagged himself to stop his abuse of the tribunal witnesses. Anyway, he is sentenced to hang on April 26th, 2022. (see Real Raw News)

    Canada has NO law prohibiting treason against the people…only the Republic of United States has this in their constitution. Canada ONLY has laws that prohibit interference (treason) with the Queen’s enterprises.

    If Canadians could only grasp that we have a corporate government and not a republic, they would stop thinking that democracy is a good thing, when in fact it is a deceptive term used to hide the fact that it is actually one step from full blown communism.

    When people say that democracy died in Canada, in fact what they are saying is that communism is fully installed.

    I’ve never suffocated myself and I never will. And I will never pretend the emperor has clothes when he doesn’t.

    There are many ways of suffocating oneself…look how many people swallow what they know to be true rather than speak up, just because swallowing the truth is more convenient. They have never needed to ‘mask’ Canadians, we have always swallowed the truth about what governs us rather than inconvenience ourselves to make the change to republics in each province that we are entitled to.

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