Following The Money: Why Are Churches REALLY Pushing The Vaxx Agenda?

Continuing this series, we look at another potential subversion agent.

We know that Trudeau finances his political opponents, which is partly why they only provide token opposition to the things he does. Hundreds of law firms got the wage subsidy among other grants, including some “freedom lawyers”, and Bar Associations. The topic of media subsidies has been extensively documented.

How deep does this rabbit hole go? Have religious organizations also been tempted by dark money to sacrifice their believers?

Just a thought: but with this level of funding at stake, is it any wonder why so many religious groups are now shilling for the vaccines? Have they (en masse) decided that money tops what should be their primary role in society? While the existence of these payments is not necessarily proof or corruption, the size and scale are impossible to ignore.

Let’s look at some of the pathways that are open. The sheer number of religious groups getting money is mind blowing. But at the same time, it may explain an awful lot.

Either get shut down by force, or take the cash to play along….

Of course, this is all very short sighted. Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of history knows that Communists (like the ones in power) ultimately want to get religion and faith out of society. These useful idiots will go once they’ve served their purpose.

1. Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) Recipients

  • A.C.T.S (Apostles’ Church of Today Saints)
  • Abundant Life Church Society
  • Abundant Life Evangelical Missionary Church
  • African Methodist Episcopal Church of Canada
  • Aid to the church in need (CANADA) Inc./Aide à l’Église en détresse (CANADA) Inc.
  • Ajax Church of God
  • All Saints Lutheran Anglican Church
  • Alliance Chrétienne et missionnaire au Québec
  • Amazing Grace Mission
  • Archangel Raphael & St. Marina Coptic Orthodox Church
  • Armenian Evangelical Church Of Montréal (The United Church Of Canada) / L’Église Arménienne Évangeline de montréal
  • Assemblea Cristiana Pentecostale Italiana
  • Atlantic Community Church Inc.

This is just the first page on the CEWS site, or Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy. While there are a number of irrelevant entries, there are still about 3,000 or so recipients that get flagged by searching under the term “CHURCH”. Of course, this wouldn’t include other religious affiliations who’d also be eligible.

Kudos to the National Post for covering it early on. It’s extremely rare to see something like this.

2. Grants From Federal Government

Also, a good number of these grants are pushing the “woke” racial nonsense. Great use of Canadian taxpayer dollars.

African Methodist Episcopal Church of Canada Oct. 1, 2021 $50,347
Ailsa Craig United Church Sep. 22, 2021 $90,581
Apostolic Pentecostal Church in Pickering Oct. 4, 2021 $70,423
Armenian Apostolic Church of British Columbia Sep. 5, 2021 $6,622
Bayview Glen Church of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Aug. 20, 2021 $25,106
Berean Church Of God International – Edmonton Oct. 25, 2021 $99,814
Bethel Christian Reformed Church Aug. 13, 2021 $65,181
Bethlehem United Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ (Winnipeg) Inc. Oct. 1, 2021 $70,000
Bradford Baptist Church Jul. 21, 2021 $100,000
Calgary Kidanemhret Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Oct. 11, 2021 $100,000
Celestial Church of Christ (Imisi Ibukun) Parish Inc. Sep. 7, 2021 $85,000
Celestial Church Of Christ Toronto Sep. 8, 2021 $95,000
Central United Church Sep. 29, 2021 $55,690
Church of God Sabbath Keeping Ministries Sep. 30, 2021 $100,000
Church of the Holy Spirit of Peace Sep. 15, 2021 $30,833
Christ Healing Evangel Church – Faith Chapel Oct. 4, 2021 $90,000
Cornerstone House of Refuge (OTTAWA) Apostolic Church Sep. 24, 2021 $32,400
Consecon Pastoral Charge Sep. 29, 2021 $87,633
Dominion Church International Oct. 4, 2021 $100,000
Emmanuel United Church Sep. 22, 2021 $100,000
Empowerment Center Church (Edmonton) Oct. 4, 2021 $65,000
Ephesus Seventh-Day Adventist Church Sep. 29, 2021 $67,518
Ethiopian Evangelical Church – Ottawa Oct. 14, 2021 $97,016
Ethiopian Othodox Tewahedo Debre Amin St Abune Sep. 28, 2021 $100,000
Faith Lutheran Church Sep. 29, 2021 $100,000
First Baptist Church Oct. 6, 2021 $100,000
First Baptist Church Toronto Sep. 29, 2021 $68,872
German Catholic Church St. Albertus Pfarrgemeinde Sep. 22, 2021 $100,000
God’s Dwelling Place Pentecostal Church Inc. Sep. 22, 2021 $47,671
Golden Lake United Church Camp Sep. 22, 2021 $100,000
Grace Apostolic Ministries Inc. Oct. 11, 2021 $61,810
Greek Canadian Orthodox Church of Hamilton Sep. 22, 2021 $100,000
Hudson Pastoral Charge Sep. 29, 2021 $100,000
Inspire Church Sep. 20, 2021 $92,845
Jubilee Mennonite Church Sep. 15, 2021 $32,827
Kenyan Global Church Oct. 4, 2021 $35,050
Knox Presbyterian Church Sep. 22, 2021 $100,000
Knox United Church Sep. 15, 2021 $40,531
Malvern Methodist Church Oct. 4, 2021 $100,000
MFNI Church Edmonton, AB Sep. 24, 2021 $28,500
Michael Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church Sep. 28, 2021 $100,000
New Life Seventh-Day Adventist Church Sep. 29, 2021 $100,000
New Testament Church Of Christ, Redeemer Of Canada Oct. 4, 2021 $72,243
Parish of Newboro-Westport, St. Paul’s Anglican Church Sep. 22, 2021 $65,399
Porcupine United Church Sep. 22, 2021 $100,000
Presbyterian Christian Fellowship in Canada Oct. 1, 2021 $28,090
The Redeemed Christian Church – Cornerstone Chapel Moncton Inc. Sep. 10, 2021 $50,001
Redeemed Christian Church, Peculiar People’s Parish Oct. 1, 2021 $99,564
Redeemed Christian Church of God Dominion Sanctuary Inc Aug. 30, 2021 $27,850
Redeemed Christian Church of God (King of Glory Chapel) Sep. 1, 2021 $99,295
Redeemed Christian Church of God Regina Inc Oct. 7, 2021 $82,675
Redeemed Christian Church of God – Solid Rock Markham Parish Sep. 20, 2021 $98,961
Redeemed Christian Church of God Solution Sanctuary Inc. Oct. 4, 2021 $100,000
Redeemed Christian Church of God-Kings & Priests Sep. 22, 2021 $54,517
Redeemed Christian Church of God-Victory House Calgary Sep. 30, 2021 $64,600
Refuge City Pentecostal Church Oct. 11, 2021 $98,838
Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation for the Diocese of Toronto Sep. 3, 2021 $9,136
Samuel The Confessor Coptic Orthodox Church Sep. 8, 2021 $100,000
Sechelt Parish of the Anglican Church Sep. 15, 2021 $27,200
Shiloh Assembly (Apostolic) Corp. Nov. 1, 2021 $100,000
Showers of Blessings Apostolic Church of Calgary Oct. 15, 2021 $99,900
Simcoe Street United Church Sep. 22, 2021 $42,936
St. Aidan’s United Church Sep. 15, 2021 $32,827
St James Anglican Church Emily Sep. 22, 2021 $100,000
St. John’s United Church Sep. 15, 2021 $34,992
St Mark’s United Church, Canterbury Oct. 6, 2021 $100,000
St. Paul’s United Church Sep. 22, 2021 $44,003
St. Paul’s United Church Sep. 22, 2021 $53,661
St. Thomas Anglican Church Sep. 22, 2021 $100,000
Toronto Calvary Cross Church Sep. 27, 2021 $100,000
Trinity United Church Manitoulin Pastoral Charge Oct. 6, 2021 $100,000
The United Church of Canada Aug. 1, 2021 $1,896,308
West Haven United Church Camp, Inc. Sep. 22, 2021 $100,000
Wilmar Heights Baptist Church Oct. 4, 2021 $100,000
Wilmar Heights Baptist Church Nov. 1, 2021 $12,989

To be fair, there were a lot of these grants that came PRIOR to 2020. Still, when Ottawa is just handing over money, one has to wonder if there were any “understandings” that took place. It can’t all just be free, can it? This is just a sample of what these groups have been getting lately.

And this one is interesting: nearly $2 million to make temporary foreign workers aware of their rights, and to help out with legal clinics.

3. Churches Getting Favourable Tax Rates From Revenue Canada

Some 15,000 institutions are considered to be charitable organizations, according to the Canada Revenue Agency. Any donations they receive are in fact subsidized by the public.

4. Charities Eligible For Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy From C.R.A.

Registered charities such as churches are (for the most part), eligible for CERS, the Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy. One more line of financing from Ottawa. Granted, a lot of them own their property outright, but a lot don’t. If 3000 such organizations are getting the CEWS, how many have gotten rent subsidies as well?

5. Lobbying Registries Have More Information Available

Christian Reformed churches in Canada (CRCNA Canada Corporation)

Canadian Lutheran World Relief

This can be a bit tedious, but looking through the Federal and Provincial Registries can unearth some specific details.

6. Look At What’s Still Promoted In Society

This topic has been covered before. Many places, like British Columbia, openly promote degenerate behaviour, drug use and abortion during this “pandemic”. At the same time, stable institutions like religion, and family events (like weddings and funerals) must be interfered with.

Restaurants may have been shut down in 2020, but B.C. did release a guide to “safely” go about doing sex work (prostitution).

It’s also worth pointing out that religious groups — at least those calling themselves Christians — are remarkably silent on what’s going on around them. Maybe the message is to not call out destructive activities if one’s donors happen to be funding them.




Ontario Divisional Court Rules Requirement For Teachers To Be Proficient In Math Is Unconstitutional

There is a group that’s asking for handouts in order to water down the standards required to teach in Ontario. Unfortunately, it seems that they’ve had success.

The Ontario Teacher Candidates’ Council is an NGO that claims to advocate on behalf of (potential) teachers looking to get certified in Ontario. The group states that it was created largely in response to the new requirement that new teachers have a certain level of proficiency prior to getting to teach students. The online begging started quickly.

Is this really in the best interests of students? Is eliminating a pretty reasonable requirement in the name of “diversity and equity” the way to go about this? It’s pretty alarming that (apparently) large numbers of people can obtain and undergraduate degree, and a bachelor of education, and have a limited grasp of mathematics.

This also highlights a serious flaw with the legal system in Canada. NGOs can commence lawsuits claiming they have a “public interest standing”, and try to get the laws changed to suit their political ideologies. Providing the papers are worded properly, this is routinely down. Courts often grant such standing.

The Ontario Teacher Candidates’ Council was founded in early October [2019] largely in response to the Math Proficiency test which was made a mandatory requirement for the qualification of new teachers. According to the OCT, “On August 20, 2019 two regulations were filed: Regulation 271/19, Proficiency in Mathematics, under the Ontario College of Teachers Act, and Regulation 272/19, Objects of the Office under the Education Quality and Accountability Office Act, 1996. As a result certification requirements were updated to ensure that Ontario teachers are prepared for the modern demands of a changing society and increasingly dynamic learning environment.”

We believe that this test is not equitable, fair, justified or backed by data. The EQAO office has been rushed into creating a massive test in just months. In the past, EQAO has taken 3 years to roll out new tests. There is no definitive evidence which suggests that new teachers will become more effective math instructors as a result of this test, nor that students will perform better in math as a result of this. The last government-implemented test for teachers cost taxpayers $22 million and the results were mostly abandoned. This new legislation is costing tens-of-millions of dollars for a test which decides the futures of thousands of Ontarians. This new legislation comes to teacher candidates who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on their education and carefully planned the steps they would need to take to reach their goals. These thousands of jobs deeply affect the economy and future of our great province. Read our Email Templates on the Newsletter page to see our questions and arguments regarding this test. Help us, the people, even if our government will not.

It’s interesting that this group claims there’s no evidence that such requirements help. From the looks of their members, most probably couldn’t pass an introductory statistics course.

In February 2020, there was a podcast for “Education Is A Right“. Apparently, the right to a QUALITY education isn’t that important. If this really was about the students, there would be efforts to attract, retain, and upgrade the best teachers available. Instead, this group takes the opposite approach.

This isn’t something that anyone should be proud of. The Ontario Divisional Court essentially says that pandering to the anti-white diversity crowd is more important than providing quality education. Quite simply, whites passing at too high a rate implies systemic racism.

Parents would be up in arms if they were made aware of this. That said, it seems doubtful that there has been any publicity within those circles. At least the College of Teachers had enough sense to reject this idiocy.

One would think that this group would want to do what they can to ensure people of all groups are able to pass basic proficiency testing in math. However, that’s not the way they go. Turning to the ruling:

Significant Disparities in Success Rates
[32] The EQAO collected demographic information about Field Test takers through the voluntary demographic questionnaire which revealed significant disparities in success rates based on test-takers’ race, language and disabilities.

[33] In particular, the Field Test demographic data showed that non-White candidates writing in French were only successful 55 percent of the time, whereas White candidates writing in French were successful 84 percent of the time. Candidates who identified as belonging to non-White ethno-racial groups (such as African, Indigenous, Latino and Middle Eastern) failed at a significantly higher rate than White candidates. Candidates who indicated they had a cognitive disability failed the Field Test at over twice the rate of candidates without a disability.

Apparently there are differences in the average cognitive abilities between groups. The solution is obviously to reduce (or eliminate) standards, to ensure there is no difference.

Also, let’s not mince words. This isn’t just an effort to dumb down the teaching profession. This is an attempt to reduce the number of whites, and replace them with non-whites.

What Is the Appropriate Remedy?
[161] A declaration will issue that the Mathematics Proficiency Test and the legislative provisions that create it infringe s. 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the infringement cannot be justified under s. 1. Specifically, the Proficiency in Mathematics regulation (O. Reg 271/19), as amended, and s. 18(1)(c) of the Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996, S.O. 1996, c.12 are of no force or effect.

[162] A declaration will issue that the Ontario College of Teachers shall grant certification to teacher candidates who have not passed the Mathematics Proficiency Test (or shall grant full certification in the case of teacher candidates whose certification is conditional on passing the Mathematics Proficiency Test) but have otherwise met all other certification requirements.

[167] The application for judicial review is granted. The following relief is ordered:
(a) The Mathematics Proficiency Test violates s. 15(1) of the Charter, is not justified under s. 1, and is unconstitutional;
(b) O. Reg. 271/19, Proficiency in Mathematics, as amended, under the Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996, S.O. 1996, c.12 is unconstitutional and of no force and effect;
(c) Paragraph s. 18(1)(c) of the Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996, S.O. 1996, c.12 is unconstitutional and of no force or effect;
(d) The Ontario College of Teachers shall grant certification to teacher candidates who have not passed the Mathematics Proficiency Test (or shall grant full certification in the case of teacher candidates whose certification is conditional on passing the Mathematics Proficiency Test) but who have otherwise met all other certification requirements; and
(e) The Respondent shall pay the Applicants $90,000 in costs of the application.

Basically, the Ontario Divisional Court ruled that it was discriminatory in order to force all teachers to have a certain mathematical background.

And on top of it, a $90,000 costs award was also handed down. Now, will the donors get a refund for their contributions, or will the group owners just pocket it?

Bella Lewkowicz is a French teacher with Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. The group itself boasts some pretty impressive educational credentials. It’s baffling then why they would work like this to dumb down the teaching profession. Is it guilt? Self-hatred? Or is this some more destructive impulse?

(3) Home _ Ontario Teacher Candidates’ Council
(9) Court Ruling Divisional Court 2021.12.16 OTCC v Ontario FINAL signed by all

Some Of The Larger “Anti-Racism” Grants The Feds Pump Out At Taxpayer Expense

Racism divides communities, breeds fear and fuels animosity. Addressing racism and discrimination is a longstanding commitment of Canadians who see our country’s diversity as a source of strength. Canada is strong, not in spite of our differences, but because of them. Unfortunately, Canada is not immune to racism and discrimination — challenges remain when it comes to fully embracing diversity, openness and cooperation.

It is vital that Canada stands up to discrimination perpetrated against any individual or group of people on the basis of their religion and/or ethnicity and this is why the Government of Canada has committed to engage the public on a new federal anti-racism strategy. We are exploring racism as it relates to employment and income supports, social participation (for example, access to arts, sport and leisure) and justice.

Building a Foundation for Change: Canada’s Anti-Racism Strategy 2019–2022 is a $45 million investment that will take immediate steps in combatting racism and discrimination based on what was heard during the engagement process and supported by research. The Strategy will complement existing government efforts and programs aimed at eliminating inequities by focusing on three guiding principles: Demonstrating Federal Leadership, Empowering Communities, and Building Awareness & Changing Attitudes.

The premise of this would be laughable, if it weren’t meant to be taken seriously. Canada is strong, not in spite of our difference, but because of them? How is having nothing in common with your neighbours a source of strength? What exactly binds communities together if not their commonalities?

If diversity really is our strength, then why does this continuous racism exist? Doesn’t everyone celebrate that being divided makes us united?

More than just words, the Federal Government (or rather, taxpayers), have been spending huge sums of money for this delusion for years. Below is just a sample of the money spend on this.

Note: some of the grants predate that program, but are worth sharing anyway. If nothing else, this stupidity needs to be exposed.

519 Church Street Community Centre Nov. 9, 2020 $300,000
Aboriginal Legal Services Inc. Apr. 1, 2020 $290,000
Aboriginal Peoples Alliance Of Northern Ontario Sep. 1, 2021 $512,600
ACCT Foundation Apr. 15, 2020 $309,000
Action Dignity Society Sep. 1, 2021 $245,675
Action For Healthy Communities Society Of Alberta Sep. 1, 2021 $233,430
Actions Interculturelles De Developpement Et D’Education Sep. 1, 2020 $200,000
Algoma University Sep. 1, 2021 $262,500
Association Of Ontario Midwives Sep. 1, 2021 $224,936
Bilal Community And Family Centre Apr. 1, 2020 $212,000
Black Legal Action Centre Feb. 1, 2020 $336,577
Black Students’ Mental Health Project Sep. 1, 2021 $226,798
Bureau De La Communaute Haitienne De Montreal Sep. 1, 2021 $400,000
Canadian Anti-Hate Network Jun. 1, 2020 $268,400
Canadian Council Of Muslim Women Oct. 1, 2020 $316,700
Canadian Freestyle Ski Association Apr. 1, 2021 $1,010,295
Canadian Sport Institute Ontario Apr. 1, 2021 $1,247,877
Canadian Sport Institute Pacific Society Apr. 1, 2021 $1,721,743
Catholic Centre For Immigrants (Ottawa) Apr. 1, 2020 $380,578
CEE Centre For Young Black Professionals May 1, 2020 $279,500
Centre D’Amitie Autochtone De Val D’Or Inc. Oct. 1, 2021 $416,400
Centre Des Femmes Afghanes Sep. 1, 2021 $203,702
Centre for Race and Culture Apr. 1, 2010 $497,663
Centre Multiculturel de Ressources de LaSalle Oct. 18, 2021 $425,000
Children’s Peace Theatre Sep. 1, 2021 $250,000
Chinese Canadian National Council Sep. 1, 2021 $240,000
Coaching Association Of Canada Apr. 1, 2021 $308,000
Coalition Of Muslim Women of KW Jul. 1, 2020 $285,000
Council For The Advancement Of African Canadians In Alberta Sep. 1, 2021 $221,500
Corporation Wapikoni Mobile Sep. 1, 2021 $587,313
Culturelink Settlement And Community Services Oct. 1, 2021 $227,636
Durhamn Regional Unemployed Help Sep. 1, 2021 $225,801
Edmonton Centre For Race And Culture Sep. 1, 2021 $222,020
Equipe R.D.P. Sep. 1, 2021 $340,000
Equitas – Centre International d’Education Aux Driots Humains Sep. 1, 2020 $490,000
Family Services of Peel Feb. 15, 2021 $324,200
Federation Des Chambres De Commerce Du Quebec Sep. 1, 2020 $200,000
Federation of Black Canadians Sep. 1, 2020 $263,300
Femmes Michif Otipemisiwak Oct. 1, 2021 $659,201
First Light St. John’s Friendship Centre Inc. Jun. 1, 2021 $362,900
First Light St. John’s Friendship Centre Inc. Sep. 1, 2021 $253,940
Georgian bay Native Friendship Centre Inc. Sep. 21, 2021 $416,000
Grand Council Treaty #3 Sep. 1, 2021 $346,700
Institut National Du Sport Du Quebec Apr. 1, 2021 $1,522,301
Institut De Recherce Et D’Eucation Sur Les Relations Racials Aug. 3, 2020 $225,000
Integration Jeunesse Du Quebec Sep. 1, 2020 $281,742
Jane/Finch Community And Family Centre Aug. 1, 2021 $216,879
Jewish Family Services of Ottawa Aug. 10, 2009 $632,273
Jewish Family Services of Ottawa Dec. 23, 2009 $693,415
Jewish Family Services of Ottawa-Carleton May 13, 2010 $1,263,495
John Howard Society of Ontario Oct. 1, 2021 $433,225
Justice For Girls Outreach Program Aug. 4, 2020 $206,970
Legal Aid Ontario Sep. 1, 2020 $285,000
Lift Community Services Of Qathet Sep. 1, 2020 $222,000
Maison D’Haiti Sep. 1, 2021 $279,810
Makeway Charitable Society Sep. 1, 2021 $228,833
Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak Inc. Aug. 1, 2021 $500,000
Matawa First Nations Management Sep. 7, 2021 $355,208
Metro Toronto Chinese & East Asian Legal Clinic Apr. 1, 2020 $301,904
Metro Toronto Chinese & East Asian Legal Clinic Sep. 1, 2021 $286,910
Midaynta Community Services Oct. 1, 2021 $275,000
MOSAIC – Multilingual Orientation Service Association For Immigrant Communities Sep. 1, 2021 $213,250
Muslim Association Of Canada Sep. 1, 2021 $349,210
National Anti-Racism Council of Canada Mar. 28, 2008 $211,205
National Anti-Racism Council of Canada Aug. 28, 2008 $430,213
Nigerian Canadians For Cultural, Educational And Economic Progress Oct. 1, 2021 $219,420
Nishnawbe-Aski Legal Services Corp. Apr. 1, 2020 $376,788
Northern Alberta Alliance on Race Relations Sep. 1, 2009 $497,161
Northern Nishnwabe Education Council Sep. 1, 2021 $250,000
North Shore Multicultural Society Aug. 1, 2021 $247,653
Northwestern Ontario Women’s Centre May 3, 2019 $250,000
Nova Scotia Department Of Justice Oct. 1, 2020 $200,000
Nunatsiavut Government Sep. 1, 2021 $352,660
Ontario Federation Of Indigenous Friendship Centres Apr. 1, 2020 $284,050
Parry Sound Friendship Centre Sep. 1, 2021 $225,000
Q’Wemtsin Health Society Jul. 1, 2021 $333,865
Reach Edmonton Council Oct. 1, 2020 $255,000
Regent Park Community Health Centre Sep. 1, 2021 $275,823
Regional Connections Inc. Sep. 1, 2021 $254,704
Return The Love Community Support Sep. 1, 2021 $200,000
Riel Institute For Education And Learning Aug. 30, 2021 $236,095
Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre Sep. 8, 2021 $288,387
Ryerson University Sep. 1, 2020 $250,000
Sentencing And Parole Project Nov. 1, 2021 $300,000
Service D’Orientation Et D’Integration Des Immigrants Au Travail De Quebec Sep. 1, 2020 $280,000
Social Planning Council Of Winnipeg Apr. 1, 2020 $266,100
Sommet Socio-Economique Pour Le Developpement Des Jeunes Des Communautres Noires Mar. 1, 2020 $251,090
Table De Concertation Des Organismes Au Service Des Personnes Refugiees Et Immigrantes Inc. Sep. 1, 2021 $375,000
Taibu Community Health Centre Apr. 1, 2020 $460,238
Town Of Strathmore Apr. 1, 2020 $260,000
Tsuut’ina Nation Police Service May 1, 2020 $215,000
Umoja Community Mosaic Sep. 1, 2021 $288,800
United Jewish Appeal Of Greater Toronto Sep. 1, 2021 $340,000
Urban Alliance On Race Relations Jul. 21, 2021 $235,800
Urban Rez Solutions Social Enterprise Aug. 1, 2019 $430,000
Vieux Theatre De St.-Fabien (LE) Apr. 1, 2021 $1,900,140
Women’s Health In Women’s Hands Sep. 1, 2020 $340,000
YMCA Of Windsor-Essex County Jan. 29, 2008 $203,002
ZMQ Global Sep. 1, 2021 $287,840

It must be stated that the connection between many of these grants and “fighting racism” is far from clear. For a lot of these, it looks like just a way to funnel money in a manner that couldn’t otherwise be done. Do we really have to pay for people to go skiing, just to prove we’re not racists? The actual search results in 600 hits, so it’s not practical to cover them all. These are just the bigger ones listed.

An interesting observation: considering all that white privilege that exists in the West, it seems that whites are about the only group that hasn’t qualified for it’s own specific funding.

15(2) Subsection (1) does not preclude any law, program or activity that has as its object the amelioration of conditions of disadvantaged individuals or groups including those that are disadvantaged because of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

Of course, equality under Section 15 of the Charter doesn’t seem to mean much. The second part of it specifically allows discrimination as long as it’s done to help “disadvantaged groups”. Thank you very much, Pierre Trudeau.

Ever wonder why some problems continue to get worse? Trudeau Jr. has substantially increased the funding of his predecessor, Stephen Harper.


HireBIPOC, Replacing Whites In The Media Industry, All At Taxpayer Expense

HireBIPOC is a group that promotes the hiring of BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of colour) in the media. This includes pretty much everyone except whites, and that seems to be their only function.

All self-identified BIPOC working in all areas of the industry, across all experience/education levels, are encouraged to join.

Self-identified BIPOC? That sounds interesting.

The group claims to be run by volunteers, but this doesn’t mean that there is no cost to the public. The companies that they land jobs with are funded by taxpayers. But don’t worry, it’s all in the name of equality, or some such nonsense.

HireBIPOC’s objective is simple:
To eradicate systemic racism in the Canadian media landscape by

  • Shifting thinking and practices around hiring
  • Investing in the BIPOC community
  • Getting more BIPOC hired

Apparently, there is systemic racism in the Canadian media landscape. So, the solution seems to be to ensure more people of every background are hired, except for whites. That actually sounds really racist.

HireBIPOC will facilitate and increase BIPOC hiring in Canadian media & entertainment (television, film, digital) – whether Canadian or shot-in-Canada – in roles at all levels, across all areas of the industry – including production (above and below the line), behind the scenes, communications & marketing, and on-air.

HireBIPOC will be the most comprehensive roster of roles in the Canadian tv, film, and digital media and will encompass jobs in production as well as at media companies and arts organizations. The site will be available in both English and French. HireBIPOC’s category list will be extensive and include roles across all experience/education levels: writer, director, set decorator, wardrobe, production assistant, publicist, camera operator, post supervisor, social media manager, hair and makeup, accountant, on-air promotions, development executive, VFX/graphic designer, production executive… the list goes on and on.

We know a list is just a list unless it is used – consistently and across the industry. Canadian broadcasters Bell Media, CBC, Rogers, and Corus are HireBIPOC Foundational Partners and have committed to changing hiring practices within their respective organizations and the companies they work with. Specifically, they have committed to making the use of HireBIPOC a condition of greenlight.

HireBIPOC is operated by BIPOC TV & FILM, a volunteer-run advocacy group founded nearly a decade ago with deep roots in the BIPOC community and a track record for training and educational work, as well as building solidarity across industry organizations. BIPOC TV & FILM will also track how the site is being used in order to develop new programs and initiatives to address gaps.

You may notice on this site that there is no emphasis whatsoever on ensuring that SKILLED people are put into such positions. There’s no effort to ensure that the best people end up in such roles, regardless of background. A true meritocracy would be great. Instead, let’s hire based on race and skin colour.

One could argue that it’s private companies doing as they please, but that isn’t really true. Canada Media Fund, for example, is heavily subsidized by taxpayer dollars. It seems that they all are, and this has been the case for many years. The CBC gets around $1.5 billion from the public annually, and the City of Toronto is “supposed” to serve all residents of there.

Side note: Toronto is a “sanctuary city” and will allow illegal aliens to access services. Thank you Rob and Doug Ford. But it also supports explicitly racist hiring practices in the media. Taking a look at HireBIPOC’s partners, we see this:

Blue Ant Media Jul. 8, 2013 $45,153
Blue Ant Media Jul. 8, 2013 $286,950
Blue Ant Media Jul. 8, 2013 $290,808
Blue Ant Media Aug. 12, 2014 $44,833
Blue Ant Media Aug. 12, 2014 $302,691
Blue Ant Media Apr. 1, 2021 $350,000
Canadian Film Centre Apr. 30, 2018 $23,520
Canadian Film Centre Aug. 21, 2019 $3,395,000
Canadian Film Centre Apr. 29, 2019 $23,520
Canadian Film Centre May 19, 2020 $9,414
Canadian Film Centre Jun. 4, 2020 $600,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation Jul. 18, 2006 $119,950,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation Nov. 21, 2007 $119,950,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation Jun. 20, 2008 $119,950,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation Jun. 8, 2009 $119,950,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation Apr. 1, 2010 $134,146,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation Mar. 25, 2011 $34,596,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation Aug. 12, 2011 $99,550,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation May 8, 2012 $134,146,077
Canada Media Fund Corporation May 2, 2013 $134,146,077
Canada Media Fund Corporation May 5, 2014 $134,146,077
Canada Media Fund Corporation May 22, 2015 $134,146,077
Canada Media Fund Corporation May 13, 2016 $134,146,077
Canada Media Fund Corporation Apr. 1, 2017 $134,146,077
Canada Media Fund Corporation Apr. 1, 2018 $134,146,077
Canada Media Fund Corporation Apr. 1, 2018 – Mar. 31, 2019 $16,960,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation Apr. 1, 2019 – Mar. 31, 2020 $157,793,710
***Canada Media Fund Corporation Apr. 1, 2020 $222,896,077
***Canada Media Fund Corporation Apr. 1, 2020 $22,000,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation Apr. 1, 2020 – Mar. 31, 2021 $26,365,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation Apr. 1, 2021 $163,843,077
Canadian Media Producers Association Apr. 5, 2016 $156,704.
Canadian Media Producers Association Apr. 28, 2016 $50,600
Canadian Media Producers Association May 2, 2017 $136,120
Canadian Media Producers Association Jun. 1, 2018 $439,964
Canadian Media Producers Association Jun. 1, 2018 $504,964
Canadian Media Producers Association Apr. 12, 2019 $37,907
Canadian Media Producers Association Nov. 27, 2020 $138,300
Canadian Media Producers Association May 31, 2021 $99,750
Creative BC Oct. 20, 2014 $1,200,000
Creative BC Nov. 28, 2014 $1,199,992
Focus Media Arts Centre Jul. 6, 2020 $30,374
The Remix Project Jun. 11, 2018 $73,620
The Remix Project Jun. 11, 2018 $318,750
The Remix Project Apr. 1, 2021 $65,000
Rogers Media Inc. (Today’s Parent) Jul. 4, 2017 $374,592
Rogers Media Inc. (Châtelaine, French) Jul. 4, 2017 $567,295
Rogers Media Inc. (Chatelaine, English) Jul. 4, 2017 $1,176,978
Rogers Media Inc. (Maclean’s) Jul. 4, 2017 $1,492,069
Rogers Media Inc. (Today’s Parent) Apr. 1, 2018 $258,435
Rogers Media Inc. (Châtelaine, French) Apr. 1, 2018 $539,977
Rogers Media Inc. (Chatelaine, English) Apr. 1, 2018 $1,025,639
Rogers Media Inc. (Maclean’s) Apr. 1, 2018 $1,403,958
Telefilm Canada Jun. 8, 2007 $29,000,000
Telefilm Canada Nov. 14, 2007 $2,519,400
Telefilm Canada Jun. 10, 2009 $14,300,000
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival Jun. 20, 2011 $50,000
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival Jan. 31, 2013 $50,000
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival Mar. 10, 2015 $50,000
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival Oct. 27, 2016 $18,500
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival Feb. 27, 2017 $60,000
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival Aug. 1, 2017 $3,200
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival Jul. 17, 2018 $7,532
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival Apr. 11, 2019 $48,085
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival May 21, 2019 $8,860
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival Apr. 1, 2020 $77,500
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival May 19, 2020 $7,840
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival Sep. 15, 2020 $12,000

***With Rogers, those are just some more recent ones

HireBIPOC works with many different media outlets, all of whom are receiving some sort of subsidies. Keep in mind, the above list only refers to FEDERAL grants. One would think that this type of hiring policy would be condemned by a Government that claims to support diversity and equality. But the reality is, that it doesn’t.

It’s interesting that in a “white supremacist system”, the only group it’s legal to discriminate against is whites. Seems to be a really ineffective way of doing things.

In October 2020, the Sherbrooke Record wrote an article in support of these policies. They call it “being inclusive”, which is more than a bit dystopian. Just a thought, but perhaps that $12,000 subsidy they received 6 months earlier had something to do with it.

With all of that said, there seems to be a pretty easy way to game the system. There doesn’t appear to be any verification requirements. You can simply “identify” as a person of colour, in order to work with HireBIPOC. How odd it is to have a systemic racism problem (allegedly), where the only way to level the playing field is to identify as a non-white. Perhaps Rachel Dolezal was onto something.

On a final note, it’s unclear who actually runs HireBIPOC, at least from their website. Perhaps they’re trying to avoid the inevitable backlash. Also, their privacy policy is a bit unsettling. Read into that what you will.

Anyhow, take a look at Press Forward, another media collective that is committing to supporting the work of every group, except one.


Press Forward: Anti-White “Independent” Media Controlled And Funded By The Establishment

This is a media group called Press Forward. While it’s nice to see independent media covering events in Canada, even if we may ideologically disagree, this is not the case here. While presenting itself as a group of indy/alt media outlets, this is anything but.

Press Forward has a list of criteria for membership in their group. Most raise no eyebrows, and are in fact very reasonable. However, #8 catches attention for all the wrong reasons.

8. Members must have a publicly posted diversity, equity and inclusion policy in place and be willing to report publicly on the composition of their organization. If you do not have a policy or self-reporting process yet, Press Forward can provide a template and assistance.

While other requirements such as transparency, ethics policies, privacy policies, and trying to generate revenue are sensible, this last one is not. This isn’t a call to make decisions purely on merit, and to ignore traits like race, gender, age, or nationality. On the contrary, it’s a call to make decisions BASED ON those traits.

The site does go on to provide a template for their diversity, equity and inclusion policy. And wow, it’s quite a doozy.

We recognize that systemic discrimination based on age, class, cultural and/or linguistic background, ability, economic status, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation have contributed to an environment where the voices of many people in Canada aren’t uplifted. We are committed to reporting on stories that reflect the country’s diversity, as well as hiring and promoting journalists from a variety of underrepresented backgrounds.
Diversity: PUBLICATION will integrate equity principles into its decision-making processes. Equity and diversity will inform short-, mid- and long-term editorial planning, source cultivation, editing practices, art direction, etc. Our reporting sheds light on systemic barriers and historic challenges and will reference these issues when contextualizing breaking news.
Inclusiveness: As an employer, PUBLICATION will foster a welcoming, barrier-free environment, and build and nurture relationships with writers, editors, photographers and illustrators, as well as other consultants, from a variety of underrepresented groups.
Leadership: PUBLICATION’s leadership will strive to ensure it reflects the full diversity of Canada. This includes senior leadership, staff, freelancers, interns and volunteers, as well as featured sources, guests, speakers, etc.
Accountability: PUBLICATION will collect on the demographic makeup of the organization and will make a concerted effort to sensitively survey employees, freelancers and audiences on equity and diversity issues. PUBLICATION will then relay this information to the public via regular equity reports.

This is actually the template provided. To be part of Press Forward, it’s necessary to have a policy such as this, which comes across as anti-white. When they talk about factoring diversity into the hiring practices and stories covered, it means non white.

When they say organizations should reflect the full diversity of Canada, it means whites should be replaced. It also means that men, especially white men, are a thing of the past.

Truly independent media outlets don’t need to report on their racial or gender makeup. They don’t need to report the sexual habits of their members. Yet, Press Forward does. Strange, in a country that has all kinds of laws to enshrine equal rights, apparently minorities are oppressed.

This isn’t the hallmark of a collective of indy authors. This comes across as someone, like a Government, trying to implement social policy in how media outlets are composed, and what is written.

Now, about the groups themselves: what are the media outlets that are part of this organization? Where are they located?

  • Canada’s National Observer (Observer Media Group)
  • La Converse
  • The Coast Halifax Weekly
  • Committee Trawler (Halifax)
  • The Discourse
  • The Independent (Newfoundland & Labrador)
  • The Local (Toronto)
  • The Narwhal
  • New Canadian Media
  • Oakville News
  • The Sprawl (Calgary)
  • Sun Peaks Independent News
  • The Tyee
  • Village Media
  • West End Phoenix

And who is running Press Forward?

  • Emma Gilchrist, Chair, Editor-in-Chief, The Narwhal
  • Stacy Lee Kong, Vice-Chair, Deputy Editor, West End Phoenix
  • Jeremy Klaszus, Editor in Chief, The Sprawl
  • Brent Jolly, National News Media Council
  • Lela Savić, La Converse, Discourse Media
  • Karyn Pugliese, Assistant Professor, Ryerson University
  • Rachel Pulfer, Executive Director, Journalists For Human Rights

Narwhal is Registered Journalism Organization with the Canada Revenue Agency. At the time of writing this, there are only 3, although over a hundred have applied. This means that Narwhal is entitled to special tax breaks most companies wouldn’t be able to get.

A quick search shows a number of recent grants by the Federal Government. Remember, Governments typically don’t hand out money to groups which are a potential threat. Would they give money to media outlets that will hold their feet to the fire?

Discourse Media Jul. 17, 2018 $1,520
Discourse Media Apr. 1, 2020 $161,795
Journalists for Human Rights Jun. 1, 2019 $250,691
Journalists for Human Rights Oct. 11, 2019 $11,764,838
Journalists for Human Rights Jul. 14, 2020 $1,479,856
New Canadian Media Oct. 1, 2018 $42,555
New Canadian Media May 1, 2019 $66,517
New Canadian Media Oct. 1, 2019 $66,800
New Canadian Media Apr. 1, 2020 $9,471
New Canadian Media Apr. 1, 2020 $69,300
New Canadian Media May 1, 2020 $31,900
New Canadian Media Aug. 1, 2020 $40,000
Observer Media Group Apr. 1, 2020 $253,594
Observer Media Group Apr. 1, 2021 $100,000
Sprawl Media Ltd. Apr. 1, 2020 $30,258
Sun Peaks Independent News Inc. Jun. 5, 2020 $3,504
Sun Peaks Independent News Inc. Apr. 1, 2020 $63,452
The Tyee Apr. 1, 2020 $360,469
Village Media Inc. Jul. 25, 2016 $88,000
Village Media Inc. May 1, 2018 $156,000
Village Media Inc. May 18, 2018 $140,000
Village Media Inc. Sep. 2, 2019 $190,000
Village Media Inc. Sep. 2, 2019 $260,000
West End Phoenix Apr. 1, 2020 $140,134

Canadians object to their money being spent on things they consider wasteful. Fair enough. But here, money is being given to organizations that put diversity above talent and results. Journalists are so restricted that they can get their work subsidized by the public.

This isn’t all of them of course. Still, several have received substantial amounts of money from Ottawa to promote their work. Press Forward is supported (financed in part) by the Trottier Family Foundation Foundation. More on them soon enough.

The Misinformation Project provides Canadian journalists and journalism students with digital investigation and media literacy training in online misinformation. The program is a continuation of JHR’s Combating Misinformation Project, which was funded in part by the Government of Canada in 2020. During this six month program, sixteen professional journalists will hold online training sessions for Canadian news organizations. These sessions cover the information landscape, responsible reporting and digital verification with the goal of helping participants integrate the skills into their daily reporting.
The Misinformation Project is funded by the McConnell Foundation, the Trottier Family Foundation and the Rossy Family Foundation.
JHR partnered with First Draft News, a global leader in misinformation research and training, to implement the project.

JHR, Journalists for Human Rights, is running the “Misinformation Project“, which was partially funded by the Government of Canada. It gets additional funding from the Trottier Family Foundation, the McConnell Foundation, and the Rossy Family Foundation. Misinformation, of course, are things that contradict the official narrative.

What does this have to do with Press Forward? Rachel Pulfer, Executive Director, Journalists For Human Rights, is on their Board of Directors.

In this earlier piece, it was laid out how various groups trying to “fight misinformation” were actually run by political operatives, and they were getting public money. JHR is led by Peter Donolo, longtime Liberal Party operative. He has been a handler for Jean Chretien, Michael Ignatieff and Justin Trudeau. This corruption crosses all parties.

JHR also runs another group called “Disinfowatch“, in conjunction with the Koch-funded MacDonald-Laurier Institute for Public Policy.

Of course, this isn’t all the money that gets spent on this. Here are some more grants courtesy of the taxpayers. And you think it was going towards roads and schools.

In March 2020, Ryerson University announced that it would be conducting research into “misinformation”, how it spreads, and how to contain it. This would be funded by the Canadian Government. Strangely, this would be run out of the business school, and not the journalism school.

Karyn S. Pugliese, the Director at Press Forward, has been a reporter on CBC and CTV, and is a former reporter at Parliament Hill. An interesting addition to this group.

The Narwhal, which gets special tax breaks because of its status with the Canada Revenue Agency, is also a member of the organization Covering Climate Now. There are many partners in the group, including mainstream names.

CCNow collaborates with journalists and newsrooms to produce more informed and urgent climate stories, to make climate a part of every beat in the newsroom — from politics and weather to business and culture — and to drive a public conversation that creates an engaged public. Mindful of the media’s responsibility to inform the public and hold power to account, we advise newsrooms, share best practices, and provide reporting resources that help journalists ground their coverage in science while producing stories that resonate with audiences.

By their own admission, CCNow wants to insert the climate change issue into everything, and use that to shift the culture. This isn’t media, it’s indoctrination. Just a thought, but this partnership may be why the CRA is so willing to grant the RJO status to Narwhal. One of their Directors is Alex Himelfarb, a former Privy Council Clerk.

Another Director is a member of the National News Media Council. They describe themselves as a “self-regulatory ethics body for the news media industry in Canada”. Now there’s nothing wrong with having different views, but this seems pretty inconsistent for Press Forward, which claims to be pushing independent journalism.

The Sprawl, based in Alberta, seems to be about the closest thing to independent. It is willing to take submissions from a broad group of people. However, it bleats the “diversity” drum to such a degree that everything else seems secondary. A quick look through recent articles show an incredibly leftwing streak.

This is hardly a complete rundown, however, it’s difficult to consider this group “independent” in any way, considering some of the people running it.

Instead of calling for stories based on talent, hard work, or creativity, all of this takes a backseat to “diversity and inclusion”. It seems done to deliberately drive up sentiments about being persecuted or taken advantage of. And we all know what the goal is.

It also has to be said, none of these outlets ask critical questions about the “pandemic” that has been going on for the last 18 months or so. Instead, the official narratives get promoted in their work. Perhaps that’s another reason for the subsidies.


TSCE #14(F): About Michael Chong’s Motion Concerning Genocide In China….

Canada passed a resolution, declaring a genocide in China. It was sponsored by Michael Chong, and Ontario Member of Parliament with the Conservative Party of Canada. While the Motion itself is not the issue, the lack of consistency is.

1. Trafficking, Smuggling, Child Exploitation

Serious issues like smuggling or trafficking are routinely avoided in public discourse. Also important are the links between open borders and human smuggling; between ideology and exploitation; between tolerance and exploitation; between abortion and organ trafficking; or between censorship and complicity. Mainstream media will also never get into the organizations who are pushing these agendas, nor the complicit politicians. These topics don’t exist in isolation, and are interconnected.

2. Text Of Motion Declaring Genocide

(a) in the opinion of the House, the People’s Republic of China has engaged in actions consistent with the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 260, commonly known as the “Genocide Convention”, including detention camps and measures intended to prevent births as it pertains to Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims; and
(b) given that (i) where possible, it has been the policy of the Government of Canada to act in concert with its allies when it comes to the recognition of a genocide, (ii) there is a bipartisan consensus in the United States where it has been the position of two consecutive administrations that Uyghur and other Turkic Muslims are being subjected to a genocide by the Government of the People’s Republic of China, the House, therefore, recognize that a genocide is currently being carried out by the People’s Republic of China against Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims, call upon the International Olympic Committee to move the 2022 Olympic Games if the Chinese government continues this genocide and call on the government to officially adopt this position.

Michael Chong introduced a Motion to declare what has been going on in China as “genocide”. Have they always thought that the Chinese Government was bad?

3. Michael Chong Then V.S. Now

It’s interesting how Chong was a huge fan of letting China infiltrate Canada (via FIPA), in 2013/2014. He shrugged off the many justifiable objections to this.

In fact, Conservatives in general have been largely supportive of “free trade” arrangements which outsource Canadian industries. They see nothing wrong in engaging in a rigged game with a country that can undercut Canadian workers and companies.

4. Erin O’Toole Then V.S. Now

Since first getting elected as an MP, O’Toole was a Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade. O’Toole repeatedly hyped up how Canada would benefit from FIPA, and how the concerns were unwarranted. His recent opposition to China appears to be politically motivated, not based on ideology or morality.

5. Federal Cabinet Abstains In Vote

The vote was 266-0, and sold as “unanimous” to the public. However, that’s misleading, considering that the Prime Minister and the Cabinet all abstained from voting. Was this done to at least make working with China possible, while pretending to object?

Considering that everyone else voted to declare this a genocide, a predicted election would be interesting. Discussions around foreign relations could get awkward and strained.

What really happens now, anyway? Other than some words on paper, what will actually be accomplished? Will the Chinese Government suddenly realize the error of its ways? Will these camps suddenly be shut down?

6. Arbitrary Detention in State-to-State Relations

Declaration Against Arbitrary Detention

It was addressed a week ago that Canada, and dozens of other nations signed the Declaration Against Arbitrary Detention in State-to-State Relations. This seemed (at least in part), to be a shot a China, given it held 2 Canadians prisoner, and was abusing Muslim minorities on a massive scale.

While this is fine in principle, the elephant in the room is that Canada has been under varying levels of martial law over the last year. Using the false of pretense of a health emergency, politicians of all parties have supported suspending indefinitely the basic rights of citizens.

Going abroad to seek human organs should be criminalized (Bill S-240), but forcing quarantine on healthy people, and medical experimentation locally is very hypocritical.

7. Support Genocide Via Population Replacement

The Canadian Government grandstands about how morally superior it is to China. Even so, successive Administrations have engaged in the practice of population replacement, to eliminate the “old stock”, or at least, dilute their numbers. While it’s certainly not exclusively Chinese, they are in the top 3 source countries, year after year.

Not only are the people replaced, but the culture, history and traditions go as well. This is supported by the United Nations. A “Canadian” identity is substituted for a “multicultural” one. This inevitably leads to balkanization and enclaves, as similar people band together.

In most countries, this would be considered genocide. In Canada, and other Western nations, it’s diversity, and only racists question the agenda.

These symbolic actions against China ring hollow when considered against other things that go on.

8. Canada-China Business Council

There is Ambassador Dominic Barton, featured prominently.
Who else runs the group?

  • Paul Desmarais Sr. — former head of Power Corp (deceased)
  • Andre Desmarais — son-in-law of Jean Chretien
  • Oliver Desmarais — Vice President of Power Corp
  • Sam Boutziouvis — VP (Government Relations) of SNC Lavalin
  • Morgan Elliott — VP (Government Affairs) of Huawei
  • Tim McGuire — Executive VP, China Construction Bank
  • Martin Cauchon — was in Jean Chretien’s Cabinet
  • James Moore — was in Stephen Harper’s Cabinet
  • Stockwell Day — was in Stephen Harper’s Cabinet
  • Scott Brison — was in Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet

Sure, Canadian politicians will grandstand to show how righteous they are with regards to China. But will any of this stop them from doing business with them? That seems highly unlikely. Morals are morals, but money is money.

In fact, take a look at the CCBC website. There isn’t a single mention of genocide by the Chinese listed anywhere.

While there is talk locally of boycotting the 2022 Beijing Olympics, that is pretty minor in the scheme of things. It is a single event.