Immigration, Population Replacement (UN)

(1) Review of 2016 New York Declaration
(2.1) Review: United Nations Global Migration Compact
(2.2) Review: CPC Supports UN Global Migration Compact, And More
(2.3) UN Global Migration Compact: Read Between The Lines
(2.4) More Nations Rejecting UN Global Migration Compact
(3.1) CPC Supports CANZUK, Otherwise Erasing Borders
(3.2) CPC Endorses Various Globalist Policies
(4) UN/Mastercard Financing Global Migrant Invasion
(5.1) Review of UN Convention on Genocide
(5.2) Review of Barcelona Declaration; Kalergi Plan
(5.3) Review of Decades Long Replacement Migration Push
(5.4) 70 Year Journey To Replace Host Populations Of 1st World Nations
(5.5) UN Kalergi Plan (Replacement Migration) Laid Out
(6) N. American North American Partnership for Equity and Racial Justice

(A) UN New York Declaration (UN GMC Prelude)
(B) UN Global Migration Compact
(C) UN Guide For “Refugee” Rights (2017)
(C.2) UN Meddles in US Asylum Process
(C.3) UN Helps Illegal Migrant Caravans Into US
(D) Mass Migration & Agenda 2030
(E) UN Publication On Human Smuggling
(F) UN Replacement Migration Promotion Throughout 1st World
(G) UN Convention to Prevent Genocide
(H) Barcelona Declaration, Replace European People
(I) Kalergi Plan in German, 1 People of Europe

(J.1) replace.european.population
(J.2) replace.korean.population
(J.3) replace.russian.population
(J.4) replace.1999.general.assembly

(A.2) United Nations Population Division _ Department of Economic and Social Affairs
(B.2) UN Replacement Migration Overview Chap 4
(C.2) UN Replacement Migration France
(C.3) UN Replacement Migration France Tables
(D.2) UN Replacement Migration Germany
(D.3) UN Replacement Migration Germany Tables
(E.2) UN Replacement Migration Italy
(F.2) UN Replacement Migration Japan
(G.2) UN Replacement Migration Republic Of Korea
(H.2) UN Replacement Migration Russian Federation
(H.4) Russia Replacement Migration Paper Vishnevsky
(I.2) UN Replacement Migration United Kingdom
(J.2) UN Replacement Migration United States
(K.2) UN Replacement Europe

(0.3) Margaret Sanger _ Biography, Birth Control, & Significance _ Britannica
(0.5) Proceedings, Held at the Salle Centrale, Geneva, August 29th to September 3rd, 1927
(A.2) UN Population Replacement Conference 1954
(B.2) UN Population Replacement Conference 1965
(C.2) UN Population Replacement Conference 1974
(D.2) UN Population Replacement Conference 1984
(E.2) UN Population Replacement Conference 1994
(F.2) UN Population Replacement Conference 1999
(G.2) UN Population Replacement Conference 2014


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United Nations and Population Replacement

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