Immigration, Population Replacement (UN)

(1) Review of New York Declaration
(2.1) Review: Global Migration Compact
(2.2) Review: CPC Supports UN GMC, And More
(2.3) UN GMC: Read Between The Lines
(2.4) More Nations Rejecting UN Compact
(3.1) CPC Supports CANZUK, Erasing Borders
(3.2) CPC Endorses Globalist Policies
(4) UN/Mastercard Financing Migrant Invasion
(5.1) Review of UN Convention on Genocide
(5.2) Review of Barcelona Decl & Kalergi Plan
(5.3) Review of Replacement Migration Push
(5.4) 70 Year Journey To Replace Host Populations Of 1st World Nations
(5.5) UN Kalergi Plan (Replacement Migration)

Cathy McLeod, CPC MP