The Climate Change Money Pit: Where Is The Money Really Going?

Ever think that your tax dollars are being wasted on the climate change scam? Well, they are. But at least, one can have a better idea of “where” they are being wasted. Here are some, but not all of the recent amounts in recent years.

Considering how little attention any of this gets in the media, or even in political spheres, it’s fair to ask why. Notice that scandals in Ottawa tend to be over relatively minor things. It’s a great way to divert attention.

Some of the grants contain little to no information, making it impossible to say for certain what’s happening. They could be legitimate, or they could just be slush funds. This list only contains money handed over by Ottawa, not any Provincial or local efforts.

African Development Bank Group Mar. 31, 2021 $132,900,000
Agence Française de Développement Mar. 18, 2020 $10,000,000
Alliance agricole international UPA-DI, CECI Mar. 19, 2021 $16,589,517
Asian Development Bank Mar. 23, 2017 $10,000,000
Canadian Co-operative Association Apr. 1, 2019 $14,800,000
Canadian Coop Society for Int’l Development Sep. 25, 2018 $19,177,873
Canadian Coop Society for Int’l Development Mar. 10, 2020 $17,502,828
Canadian Coop Society for Int’l Development Mar. 19, 2020 $8,030,063
Canadian Coop Society for Int’l Development Mar. 1, 2021 $9,829,509
Canadian Foundation For Development Tech Aug. 27, 2018 $399,141,615
Canadian Foundation For Development Tech Apr. 1, 2021 $747,762,060
Canadian Inst. for Clean Growth, Climate Change May 14, 2019 $20,000,000
CARE Canada May 8, 2013 $12,000,000
Caribbean Development Bank Mar. 27, 2012 $20,000,000
Centre for International Studies, Cooperation Mar. 27, 2019 $13,000,000
Centre for International Studies, Cooperation Mar. 29, 2019 $17,993,407
City of Richmond Mar. 4, 2020 $13,780,000
City of Saint John Mar. 11, 2020 $11,916,074
Cuso International Apr. 15, 2020 $49,985,745
Federation of Canadian Municipalities Jan. 31, 2017 $75,000,000
Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green Fund Mar. 19, 2018 $62,500,000
Government of Northwest Territories Sep. 13, 2019 $30,000,000
Government of Nova Scotia Jul. 22, 2019 $90,000,000
Government of Nova Scotia May 25, 2020 $24,997,500
Government of Yukon Sep. 20, 2019 $118,212,428
Green Climate Fund Mar. 25, 2020 $190,000,000
IBRD Trust Funds – World Bank Mar. 24, 2016 $30,000,000
IBRD Trust Funds – World Bank Jan. 12, 2018 $165,000,000
IBRD Trust Funds – World Bank May 14, 2018 $20,000,000
IBRD Trust Funds – World Bank Sep. 16, 2019 $20,000,000
IBRD Trust Funds – World Bank Feb. 26, 2020 $16,500,000
IBRD Trust Funds – World Bank May 29, 2020 $28,000,000
IBRD Trust Funds – World Bank May 29, 2020 $410,000,000
IBRD Trust Funds – World Bank Mar. 31, 2021 $35,000,000
IDB – Inter-American Development Bank Mar. 28, 2018 $16,000,000
IDB – Inter-American Development Bank Mar. 19, 2019 $223,500,000
IDB – Inter-American Development Bank Mar. 31, 2021 $190,000,000
IDRC – International Development Research Centre Mar. 24, 2017 $19,600,000
IFAD – International Fund for Agricultural Development Dec. 19, 2019 $150,000,000
IFAD – International Fund for Agricultural Development Mar. 31, 2021 $190,000,000
Oxfam-Quebec Sep. 5, 2019 $13,000,000
Papyrus S.A. (Haiti) Mar. 15, 2019 $13,000,000
Seedchange May 26, 2015 $17,599,059
St. Francis Xavier University Dec. 18, 2019 $9,797,119
Sustainable Development Technologies Canada Dec. 10, 2014 $23,293,000
United Nations Development Programme Mar. 8, 2018 $10,150,000
United Nations Environment Programme Oct. 16, 2013 $15,500,000
United Nations University Jun. 22, 2020 $10,000,000
UPA Développement international Apr. 7, 2020 $12,015,755
World Food Programme Jan. 27, 2020 $20,000,000
WUSC – World University Service of Canada Jan. 5, 2021 $19,487,814

Keep in mind, this is nowhere near the full list of such payments, but does include many of the larger grants. Now, where is any of this going? While some are spent locally, many are handed out to foreign groups. Let’s look at a few of them.

The Green Climate Fund is essentially a large slush fund that countries pay into, so that the money can be doled out to various climate programs, with little to no accountability. Of course, no one ever voted on allowing unelected bureaucrats to do this, but whatever.

4.3 Catalysing private sector finance at scale
21. Contributing to making financial flows managed by the private sector consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions and climate resilient development is key to realizing the scale of resources – in the trillions – needed to implement developing countries’ NDCs, ACs, NAPs, TNAs, TPs , and other climate strategies. The GCF’s 2020-2023 programming will aim to more systematically and fully realize the potential of the GCF to mobilize resources at scale, and support activities to increase the impact of investments, while encouraging a wider alignment of financial flows with countries’ climate plans and strategies.

According to their updated 2020 to 2023 plan, the Green Climate Fund projects that trillions of dollars (with a “T”) will be needed for developing countries to implement their various goals.

The African Development Bank Group is set up to hand out grants to companies that are working to achieve the UNSDA, or the Agenda 2030 goals. This acts as a middleman to write the cheques. Interestingly, in its FAQ section, there isn’t a question about ensuring the accountability of the funds.

The Asian Development Bank, hands out money to finance a variety of projects, with climate change being one of them. It’s interesting, given how nations like China, Japan and South Korea are actually more wealthy than Canada.

The Inter-American Development Bank works in much the same ways as others, acting as a middleman to hand out money for various projects related to the UN Sustainable Development Agenda. This primarily takes effect in South America.

Keep in mind, there is virtually no way to track the money once it’s left the country. This means there is really no way to ensure it goes where it’s supposed to. An astute person will realize how absurd it is for Canada to be borrowing money only to be sending it off overseas, at least the portions sent abroad. We will be charged endless interest for funds that will never benefit Canadians. An even more observant person will take note that the international banking system means private borrowing, and no way to pay it off.

But hey, as long as Canada appears virtuous in the eyes of outsiders, then what else matters?

(5) Updated Strategic Plan Green Climate Fund 2020-2023

ACOG, Council On Patient Safety In Women’s Health Care, Partnered With Drug Companies

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the ACOG, made quite a stir when they recommended back in December 2020 that it was okay for pregnant women to get these experimental “emergency use authorization” vaccines. Apparently, that is still the case.

Turns out, there is a bigger picture to look at. The ACOG is part of the Council on Patient Safety, a collective of health care groups that work together.

The Membership Of The Council On Patient Safety In Women’s Health Care comprises 19 different spots, and there are currently 2 vacancies. The groups have different goals, but there is a lot of overlap with what they do. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is a member, and so is the American College of Nurse Midwives. By itself, that it nothing remarkable.

  • American Academy of Family Physicians
  • American Association of Nurse Anesthetists
  • American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • American College of Nurse Midwives
  • American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  • American College of Osteopathic Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  • American Society for Anesthesiologists
  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine
  • Advancing Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses
  • Nurse Practitioners In Women’s Health
  • Preeclampsia Foundation
  • Society for Academic Specialists in General Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Society of Gynecologic Surgeons
  • Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology
  • Society of OB/Gyn Hospitals
  • Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

The problems start to set in once you realize that the Council on Patient Safety also has an “industry” branch, including pharmaceutical companies. Needless to say, whatever policies the Council pushes can greatly increase the market for these products

The Forum on Patient Safety in Women’s Health Care, created in January 2013, is a collaboration between the Council and industry partners committed to advancing patient safety in women’s health care. The Forum is designed to facilitate open and ongoing dialogue in order to identify and maximize common interests in women’s health and to develop collaborative initiatives.

There is a scrolling banner of those industry partners, and it was capped for illustrative purposes. Anyone find it odd that drug companies are partnering with health groups this closely?

Some familiar names, including Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson. Is it any wonder that vaccines are still recommended for pregnant women? I don’t suppose the industry partners had anything to do with that. Interesting, that people online are recently getting upset over these recommendations, yet no one takes that time to do even a basic search.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control Foundation (the fundraising arm), receives considerable donations annually, including from drug companies. This isn’t really a secret these days. And what a shocker, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer, are both on the donors list.

Now, the USCDC recommends mass vaccinations, including for pregnant women. The Council on Patient Safety recommends them too. And both have ties to companies that will benefit from these decisions. Do you get it now?

(Update): This problem isn’t limited to the United States, which isn’t surprising. The Society for Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada has some interesting donors. The largest is MD Financial Management, a company that provides money management services to doctors. The next largest are Bayer, Merck and Pfizer. Related health care groups probably are funded by big pharma as well.

Now, SOGC refers to this as “providing resources”. Is that a euphemism for drug companies providing money? Or discounting their products? Wish it was a little more specific.

(2) ACOG Recommends Vaccinating Pregnant Women

Alberta Activist Collective: Selling Merchandise At PRO-Lockdown Protests

Over the last 18 months or so, protest in Canada have typically been over restrictions to civil liberties. People quite reasonably were angry over arbitrary and heavy handed crackdowns on basic freedoms. However, something new has arrived, standing that idea on its head.

There are protests in Alberta demanding that Jason Kenney, Deena Hinshaw and Tyler Shandro MAINTAIN restrictions on people’s rights. This isn’t trolling or satire. These people are quite serious, and they want your freedoms eroded on an indefinite basis.

That being said, there are things about these protests that seem off, things that the paid off media in Canada will never address. Things just aren’t quite right with these people.

There is a new group around, called the Alberta Activist Collective. It states that it’s here to support non-violent activism and engagement. Well, who could disagree with that? Of course, the Commie fist in the logo is an odd choice.

It would be nice to know if these same people showed such outrage when places like Nova Scotia banned public gatherings. Did they speak up then rights to free (peaceful) assembly were trampled on all across the country? Have they protested about the incoming vaccine passports and mandatory shots that are creeping in?

By new, it’s very new. In fact, its Twitter account was set up earlier this month. Strange that they are only now considered with the freedom to assemble and protest. They claim to be a non-profit organization, although that seems unlikely. Given their lack of any presence or infrastructure, it seems doubtful they’ve taken to filing the appropriate paperwork.

Currently, there is a Go Fund Me page active to raise money for the AAC. There is also merchandise (shirts, coffee mugs….) being sold, with the proceeds going to that Go Fund Me account.

Vladislav Sobolev, the founder of Hugs Over Masks, seemed to be shameless when he used the freedom movement to open up his own fashion line in 2020. AAC outdoes him, using calls for tyranny to sell their products. Just 2 sides of the same grifting coin.

It’s hard to tell what the AAC actually does, since their website isn’t operational. However, it promises to be ready in the next 8 or 9 days, or so. Seriously, this group claims to be a non-profit, even though its site doesn’t work, and its social media is all very new.

The merchandise lists 2 people as promoting it. One is Albert Nobbs, the head of AAC. The other is Darrin Thompson, who founded the Gamechangers Canada Online Network. The site is pretty bare, so it’s unclear that exactly it’s supposed to be doing.

It’s interesting that both men have Palestinian flags in their Twitter bios. They also promote the same Black Lives Matter and gay rights talking points. Strange how people can virtue signal about the non-existent oppression of minority groups in Canada, yet support the overall erosion of basic rights. But this is what the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism, and similar institutions, have led to.

These protests included people like Muna Saleh, a “curriculum studies and Muslim motherhood researcher, social studies teacher educator.” She identifies as Palestinian, suggesting a lack of attachment to this country. She demands that the Kenney Government maintain such violations in the name of safety. Interestingly, if she were still in Palestine, she wouldn’t enjoy anywhere near the freedoms and rights that she enjoys today. Oh, the joys of multiculturalism.

These protests are anything but organic and natural. However, the media that was so quick to vilify other gatherings turns a blind eye to this. It looks like a combination of grifting, injected with other political movements. Sure, there are legitimate doctors, but their movement is already co-opted.

Of course, how much of these funds raised will end up going to the pro-Palestinian groups? The main players all seem to be on their side. Hell, if they hate freedom so much, then go home, or at least to Toronto.

Seriously, this information wasn’t difficult to find.


“Inside The Ontario Science Table” Now Available Online

Inside The Ontario Science Table: The “Independent” Group Pulling Ford’s Strings, is now available both in paperback, and as an ebook. It builds off of the last one, and as the name implies, there is a heavy focus on that one Province. Of course, Twenty Twenty-One is still there as well, and covers a lot of topics related to this so-called “pandemic”.

A lot of work has gone into both of these, so please support independent research. Thank you.

Other coverage on the site continues.


Canada’s Q-Anon? Romana Didulo Of Canada 1st, Claims To Have Been Installed As Leader In “Republic Of Canada”

Canada already has plenty of fake parties. Names such as: People’s Party of Canada; Maverick Party; Republican Party of Canada; and New Blue Ontario come to mind. However, the “Canada 1st” Party goes even further. Their leader, Romana Didulo, claims to have been installed as the Head of State of Canada already.

It’s hard to tell if this person (not sure if it’s a man or a woman) is simply a grifter, a nutcase or is working at a higher level to confuse people. These claims would be funny if not for the fact that some people will take it seriously.

  • Claims to be Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Canada
  • Claims appointed by White Hats and U.S. military
  • Claims Trump helped by these people
  • Claims assets of Vatican seized
  • Claims assets of British Royal Family seized
  • Claims assets of Royals across Europe seized
  • Claims governments across the world removed
  • Claims Canada declared a vaccine free zone
  • Claims banking system will not exist in this Republic
  • Claims current court system will not exist in Republic

However, it’s unclear why a “Head of State” installed by the U.S. military allows this illegal and criminal injections to still go on. They’re still be done on children.

Didulo claims that military tribunals will be convened, and that the penalty for crimes against humanity is death. But again, people are still be injected with these experimental poisoned. For someone who claims to care so much, he/she can’t be othered to actually do anything about it. Perhaps the new Commander-in-Chief could put a stop to it.

A huge red flag (one of many) was alleging to have been helped by the same people as Trump. The ex-President was a deep state asset from the beginning, who neutralized and co-opted real resistance. His “America first” sales pitch was just a way to get elected, as he never believed in any of it.

Strange how Canada got a new leader, and no one ever heard about it. However, the kinds of people this person would appeal to probably won’t ask such questions. Also, pretty odd, that the sitting leader of Canada can’t find any candidates to run in any ridings. There’s also less information available about this person than Theresa Tam, which says a lot.

There is a website for this “Party”, and it’s pretty skimpy. But to be fair, it has more information on it than the Karahalios Family’s New Blue, or Carbone’s Republican Party. The YouTube channel hasn’t seen any new videos since November 2020. The Twitter account was suspended some time ago, but the link remains on the website.

WELCOME TO THE TRIBE is a bizarre thing to say.

As for the Canada 1st Party itself, there’s also no elected leader, no policy votes, party constitution, or other governing documents. No real structure to make this a lasting organization. Hmmm…. where have we seen this before?

However, there is a donation system which appears to be operational. In fact, there was probably more effort done in setting that up than in anything else they created. And why is the self-professed Commander-in-Chief begging online for donations?

The site, Humourous Mathematics, points out that in Jewish Gematria, the values of “Trump ahead” match Romana Didulo. They add that ROMANA DIDULO is an anagram for I AM OUR DONALD. If the name didn’t come across as bogus before, it certainly does now.

Please note that if the fact-checkers and mainstream media outlets are all controlled by the cabalistic cannibalistic eugenicist globalist leftist liberal pedophilias and their Mossad satellites, heavily controlled by the Khazarian Mafia (Illuminati & Papal bloodlines) and their followers (Communists, Fascists, Luciferians, Masons, Khazarian Mafia (Canaanite, Illuminati & Papal bloodlines) and their followers (Communists, Fascists, Jesuits, Luciferians, Masons, Nazis & Zionists), then we can safely laugh at the free publicity on the mainstream level brought to Queen Romana and her peaceful movement of patriotic sovereign beings. How many replicated fake news articles do the shills require to effectively discredit and smear Romana Didulo? This is what PANIC looks like.

True, a lot of the fact checkers ARE controlled and co-opted. It’s been shown on this site (see links at the bottom) that media in Canada is largely bought and paid for. However, even the controlled outlets are occasionally right.

To entertain an idea: perhaps controlled news outlets are trying to establish some credibility by calling out the more obvious hoax, Romana Didulo. Vladimir Lenin knew a thing or 2 about leading the opposition.

What makes these fake parties so transparent is that they can’t be bothered to put in the effort to appear convincing. And in the case of Didulo, making wild claims of having been installed by the U.S. military without any proof gets normal people rolling their eyes. That same U.S. military is currently helping Trump’s Operation Warp Speed to vaccinate the American population. Some outlets will still share these people as if it’s legitimate.

I actually thought this person/party was satire or trolling when first hearing about it, but it’s clearly a scam. No sensible person would be taken in by it.



B.C. Contemplating Vaccine Passports, As Bonnie Henry Glosses Over Old Statements

Apparently, Bonnie Henry is going to be pressuring people to take the experimental “vaccine”, but will get getting private businesses to do the dirty work.

Health Minister, Adrian Dix, didn’t have much to say in a meaningful sense. After all, his education in history and political science didn’t really prepare him for the role.

People in B.C. may be a bit confused. After all, the Protective Measures (COVID-19) Order was repealed on June 28, 2021. Also, the State of Emergency from March 2020 was formally cancelled.

Guess we can forget about a peaceful life in B.C. Will there also be emergency measures reintroduced at some point? After all, there are still plenty of people who see through this act.

From the looks of things, it seems that the B.C. Government won’t mandate it. However, they will encourage businesses to impose such a policy. Now, will they be subsidized to enforce such rules? Will there be extra perks for places that do?

Many people know about the 2015 Ontario Labour Arbitration which the ONA fought against a mandatory VOM “vaccinate-or-mask” policy. What less people know is that Bonnie Henry was an expert witness in that case.

Case: Sault Area Hospital and Ontario Nurses’ Association, 2015 CanLII 55643 (ON LA)

No joke. Less than a decade ago, Bonnie was telling an Ontario Hearing that there was no real evidence that masks or vaccines worked against influenza. Since then, she has changed her tune, and says something quite different. Although the ruling is readily available, there don’t appear to be transcripts.

134. Dr. Henry agreed with this observation by Dr. Skowronski and Dr. Patrick who are her colleagues at the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control:
I do agree, as we’ve discussed earlier, influenza is mostly transmitted in the community and we don’t have data on the difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated healthcare workers and individual transmission events…in healthcare settings.
135. Dr. Henry agreed that no VOM policy would influence influenza in the community. Dr. McGeer denied that she had used or recommended the use of community burden in the assessment of development of such a policy.

So there is no data on any differences between vaccinated and unvaccinated health care workers. Yet these people are still arguing for VOM (vaccine or mask).

145. In her Report Dr. Henry also referred to observational studies as supporting the data she said was derived from the RCTs but acknowledged that these studies related to long term care and not acute care settings. She was cross-examined at length concerning the studies referenced in this section of her Report, some that dealt with other closed community settings, and agreed that they were “clearly not referring to a healthcare setting”.
146. Witness commentary concerning the observational/experimental studies relied upon in the McGeer/Henry Reports is set out in Appendix A to this Award. I conclude from a review of these studies, and the expert witness commentary, that they do not disclose a consistent position. They address a wide range of issues in a wide range of settings. Some are not supportive of the OHA/SAH experts’ claim. Some provide weak support at best. Some have nothing to do with the issue in question. Some have acknowledged study design limitations.

Evidence introduced by Bonnie Henry was for long term care centers, not health care settings, so this apples and oranges. There is also weak or irrelevant evidence argued.

160. In direct examination Dr. Henry stated that the pre-symptomatic period was “clearly not the most infectious period but we do know that it happens”.[203] She also agreed in cross-examination that transmission required an element of proximity and a sufficient amount of live replicating virus.
161. At another point, the following series of questions and answers ensued during Dr. Henry’s cross-examination:
Q. With respect to transmission while asymptomatic, and I want to deal with your authorities with respect to that, would you agree with me that there is scant evidence to support that virus shedding of influenza actually leads to effective transmission of the disease before somebody becomes symptomatic?
A. I think we talked about that yesterday, that there is some evidence that people shed prior to being symptomatic, and there is some evidence of transmission, that leading to transmission, but I absolutely agree that that is not the highest time when shedding and transmission can occur.
Q. So were you—I put it to you that there’s scant evidence, and that was Dr. De Serres’ evidence, so—but that there’s very little evidence about that, do you agree?
A. There is—as we talked about yesterday, there is not a lot of evidence around these pieces, I agree.
Q. And clearly transmission risk is greatest when you’re symptomatic, when you’re able to cough or sneeze?
A. Transmission risk is greatest, as we’ve said, when you’re symptomatic, especially in the first day or two of symptom onset

Not a lot of evidence regarding risks of transmission. Yes, this is 2015, but it coming straight from BCPHO Bonnie Henry.

177. Dr. McGeer and Dr. Henry presented the position of the OHA and the Hospital based upon their understanding of the relevant literature. Neither of them asserted that they had particular expertise with respect to masks or had conducted studies testing masks.

So, no actual expertise of research. Bonnie Henry just read what was available. And this is the Provincial Health Officer of British Columbia.

184. In her pre-hearing Report Dr. Henry responded to a request that she discuss the evidence that masks protect patients from influenza this way:
There is good evidence that surgical masks reduce the concentration of influenza virus expelled into the ambient air (a 3.4 fold overall reduction in a recent study) when they are worn by someone shedding influenza virus. There is also evidence that surgical masks reduce exposure to influenza in experimental conditions.
Clinical studies have also suggested that masks, in association with hand hygiene, may have some impact on decreasing transmission of influenza infection. These studies are not definitive as they all had limitations. The household studies are limited by the fact that mask wearing did not start until influenza had been diagnosed and the patient/household was enrolled in the study, such that influenza may have been transmitted prior to enrollment. A study in student residences is limited by the fact that participants wore their mask for only approximately 5 hours per day. Two systematic reviews of the cumulative studies conclude that there is evidence to support that wearing of masks or respirators during illness protects others, and a very limited amount of data to support the use of masks or respirators to prevent becoming infected
In summary, there is evidence supporting the use of wearing of masks to reduce transmission of influenza from health care workers to patients. It is not conclusive, and not of the quality of evidence that supports influenza vaccination. Based on current evidence, patient safety would be best ensured by requiring healthcare providers to be vaccinated if they provide care during periods of influenza activity. However, if healthcare workers are unvaccinated, wearing masks almost certainly provides some degree of protection to their patients.

Bonnie Henry keeps hedging her answers. Yes, there is protection, but there are issues with the studies, and the evidence isn’t conclusive. She also takes the position that vaccinating everyone in health care settings would be prefereable.

219. Dr. Henry answered the ‘why not mask everyone’ question this way:
It is [influenza vaccination] by far, not perfect and it needs to be improved, but it reduces our risk from a hundred percent where we have no protection to somewhat lower. And there’s nothing that I’ve found that shows there’s an incremental benefit of adding a mask to that reduced risk…..there’s no data that shows me that if we do our best to reduce that incremental risk, the risk of influenza, that adding a mask to that will provide any benefit. But if we don’t have any protection then there might be some benefit when we know our risk is greater.
When we look at individual strains circulating and what’s happening, I think we need it to be consistent with the fact that there was nothing that gave us support that providing a mask to everybody all the time was going to give us any additional benefit over putting in place the other measures that we have for the policy. It’s a tough one. You know, it varies by season.[320]
It is a challenging issue and we’ve wrestled with it. I’m not a huge fan of the masking piece. I think it was felt to be a reasonable alternative where there was a need to do—to feel that we were doing the best we can to try and reduce risk.
I tried to be quite clear in my report that the evidence to support masking is not as great and it is certainly not as good a measure

Bonnie Henry admits no strong evidence to support maskings. However, that was 2015, and apparently the science has changed completely since then. Or perhaps just the politics.

In any event, she seems content pushing experimental, unapproved “vaccines” on the public. Of course, the manufacturers are indemnified against liability.

Even within the last year her view on masks changed considerably. It’s a good thing people document and archive these inconsistencies. Kudos to whoever made this compilation. Otherwise, people like Bonnie Henry, Adrian Dix, John Horgan and Mike Farnworth would be more easily able to rewrite history, and conceal their deceptions

Don’t worry! Action4Canada will be filing their lawsuit any day now, and that will save us! They are just one fundraiser away from being almost ready to start. (Yes, this is sarcasm.)

(5) 2015.ontario.nurses.association.mask.ruling