Meet Éric Lamoureux Of Public Affairs Advisors, Puppet-Master Of Francois Legault On SNC Lavalin

In February 2019, Quebec Premier Francois Legault called on the Federal Government to make a deal with SNC Lavalin in the ongoing criminal case. Presumably, that meant offering Lavalin a Deferred Prosecution Agreement, or DPA. This would allow them to continue bidding on Federal contracts immediately, and bypass the mandatory 10 year ban. Previously, Quebec had been pressuring Ottawa to change the law to allow for such legislation to be enacted.

The topic of corruption at SNC Lavalin has been addressed in this mini series. Take a read through for more background information.

Now, a question has to be asked: where did Legault get this idea? Who has been pulling his strings?

Éric Lamoureux
Managing Director, Montréal

Éric Lamoureux has been helping Canadian corporate and political leaders effectively manage complex public policy and reputational issues for more than a decade. In that time, he has been a political advisor to leading federal and municipal politicians, national associations, cultural groups, and both national and global corporations.

Based in Montréal, Éric draws on deep expertise in politics and public administration to help clients protect and promote their interests in Canada and Québec. As a specialist in issues management, regulatory affairs, stakeholder relations and media relations, Éric has achieved many notable successes on behalf of his clients, including: helping a global financial services company safeguard its market position in the face of regulatory change; mobilizing the support of a provincial government to pressure for changes to the federal Criminal Code on a client’s behalf; and encourage a major Canadian municipal government to reverse a decision to construct a public building beside a client facility.

As Managing Director based in Montréal, Éric leads all of the firm’s activities and operations in Québec, and works with clients on issues across Canada.

Meet Éric Lamoureux Of Public Affairs Advisors, PPA, a lobbying firm that operates out of Quebec and Ottawa. While he doesn’t name SNC Lavalin, perhaps to make it less obvious, who else could it be?

The implication is that Lamoureux and PPA lobbied the Quebec Government to pressure the Federal Government to change the law. This would have allowed Lavalin to escape the worst of potential criminal sanctions. If this isn’t illegal, at a minimum it’s incredibly sleazy.

It takes a special kind of stupid to announce corruption in your professional profile. Then again, in this atmosphere, it may just be a form of advertising.

According to his LinkedIn page, Lamoureux worked for the Liberals from 2003 to 2006. Keep in mind, this is the period that Jean Chretien was forced to resign (because of corruption allegations). Later, Paul Martin was voted out of office (because of corruption allegations). Afterwards, Lamoureux became the Chief of Staff for the Ottawa Mayor.

So why not just lobby Ottawa directly? Well, that was done as well, primarily by Bruce Hartley (a Chretien operative), and William Pristanski (a Mulroney operative). Check earlier pieces in the series. Lamoureux and PPA were just another level of pressure, trying to get Quebec to pile on with the Federal Liberals.

Now, it’s possible that Lamoureux is just puffing his chest, and he isn’t the mastermind. But then, why brag about something like this? It’s strange that his name doesn’t appear anywhere in the mainstream press about this “accomplishment”.

Looking through the index of advisors, it’s clear that these are political hacks (of different Parties), who come together to peddle influence for whoever happens to pay their bills.

Felix Wong is an Advisor in PAA’s Ottawa office with nearly a decade of political experience and a strong background in communications, public policy, issues management and stakeholder engagement.
Felix understands the government decision-making process, having worked in various roles on Parliament Hill, including as an advisor to several Cabinet Ministers. In addition, he served as Manager of National Outreach for the Conservative Party of Canada and has been a part of two national election campaign teams for the Conservatives. In these roles, he helped create a stakeholder outreach strategy to communicate policies to Canada’s diverse cultural communities.

Maryanne Sheehy is an Advisor in Ottawa providing strategic analysis, public policy, media, and stakeholder relations advice to clients.
Maryanne has an in-depth knowledge of government having worked in the Prime Minister’s Office in Ottawa for over five years where she served in a variety of roles including as an Advisor for stakeholder relations and outreach. She brings expertise in developing and implementing communications, stakeholder, and issues management strategies for key business and political decision makers. During her time on Parliament Hill, Maryanne also worked as an Advisor to the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff and was part of two national campaign teams for the Conservative Party of Canada.

Not to worry, this isn’t just a problem of Liberal cronyism. At least at few advisors at PPA has ties to the higher ups on the Conservative Party of Canada.

Latitia Scarr is a Senior Advisor & Client Director in Ottawa, where she brings extensive experience in policy, government relations and communications. Most recently, she worked for the Canadian Produce Marketing Association, managing advocacy and regulatory issues affecting trade.
Previous roles have included Caucus Services in the Liberal Research Bureau/Office of the Leader of the Opposition and Policy Manager at the Liberal Party of Canada National Office. These and other positions have given her wide-ranging knowledge on issues such as trade, agriculture and food, public safety, health, customs, innovation, Indigenous affairs, natural resources, among others, as well as of the public policy arena.

Bit of a side note: she also worked for the coalition for gun control. Now she works with so-called conservatives. How peculiar.

Dan Pfeffer is a Senior Advisor & Client Director in Ottawa, working with the firm’s clients at the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government. Based in Ottawa, he holds a Ph.D. in political science and has researched and published on various aspects of public policy and government decision making. He also has taught in faculties of various universities including McGill and l’Université du Québec à Montréal.
Dan brings extensive knowledge of group mobilization and stakeholder engagement to his work on behalf of clients in the health, technology, financial services and telecommunications sectors. In addition to his academic work, he served as a key member of the campaign team that elected Anthony Housefather in the hotly contested federal riding of Mount Royal in 2015.

Pfeffer taught at McGill University. That is a strange coincidence (if it is one) that current Attorney General David Lametti is a Professor there, currently on leave. Lametti was brought in as the “fixer” after Jody Wilson-Raybould refused to grant SNC Lavalin their DPA.

Noah Niznick is a Senior Advisor & Client Director in Ottawa, where he works closely with clients in the financial services, natural resource and health care sectors. He joined the firm after serving for several years as the senior political advisor to the national caucus chair of Canada’s Official Opposition.
In that role, Noah established deep policy knowledge and strong relationships with elected officials, government advisors, as well as the many stakeholders engaged in public policy at the federal level. He has developed significant policy initiatives on a range of economic, consumer, and technology issues, working with a range of diverse interests. He also manages traditional and social media strategies, as well as issue-focused communications campaigns to reach targeted audiences.

Michael von Herff founded the firm in 2010 and works with clients to advance their public policy and regulatory agendas in Canada, the United States and Europe.
Over the past 25 years, Michael has helped clients protect and promote their interests with governments, media and stakeholders on the issues that matter most to their business. He has delivered success on a range of challenging assignments including: convincing a U.N. body to pass new regulations to accommodate the concerns of one of the world’s most important commodity groups; securing $100 million in new government support for a research fund in a previously ignored disease area; and, ensuring a major Canadian services company did not become a victim of policy change during a major overhaul of financial services regulations.

Other than political cronyism, what else are these people up to these days? Who’s writing the cheques now?

Seems that Public Affairs Advisors is now lobbying on behalf of Moderna. After all, Canadians need those interim authorized (not approved), mRNA vaccines to be distributed immediately. Seems that the PPA really will represent anybody. We’ll have to see what else comes their way.


SPOR Evidence Alliance (OST Partner), Gets Funding From World Health Organization

This is another look at the Ontario Science Table, and their partners. Now we get to the SPOR Evidence Alliance, which was supported by CIHR, the Canadian Institutes for Health Research. SPOR itself is an acronym for “Strategy for Patient Oriented Research”. Okay, it’s funded by the Canadian Government, but by itself, that isn’t too bad.

Problem is, SPOR is also supported and sponsored by, the World Health Organization, although the distinction isn’t clear. It’s also sponsored by CADTH, the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health, a WHO Working Group.

How We Manage Conflicts of Interests
-We currently DO NOT accept any funding from private industry (e.g., pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers) to support our research activities.
-All our members must declare annual statements of conflicts and competing interests.
We encourage and nurture open communication and respectful relationships, and strive to resolve conflicts and competing interests through diplomacy.

While this sounds fine on paper, it overlooks 2 details. First, Governments, supra-national bodies and academia “can” and often do have conflicts of interest. Second, even if they don’t have conflicts of interests, groups they partner with can.

SPOR has more sponsors. This includes the University of Toronto, which has all kinds of ties to the Ontario Science Table. Furthermore, it’s sponsored by McMaster University, which hosts Cochrane Canada (another WHO partner), and receives money from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

At a Glance
The Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Evidence Alliance is a pan-Canadian research initiative designed to promote evidence-informed health policy and practice changes. Our 300+ network of researchers, trainees, patient partners, and stakeholders is led by Dr. Andrea Tricco and 11 principal investigators from across Canada.

The SPOR Evidence Alliance was founded in 2017, thanks to a five-year grant awarded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) under Canada’s SPOR Initiative, and the generosity of partners from 41 sponsors from public and not-for-profit sectors in Canada.

From this description, SPOR seems to present itself as a researching and consulting group, one designed to cause systematic change to health care. How many of these groups are there?

And when they take money from institutions like the World Health Organization, how independent can they really be?

Also, CIHR funds initiatives that seem to run counter to independence, like paying groups to act as vaccine salesmen and improve uptake rates. How independent is this group, or any part of the Canadian Government?


(a) Michael Warner Financially Benefits From Prolonged Lockdowns
(b) Who Is Ontario Deputy Medical Officer, Barbara Yaffe?
(c) OST, Monopoly From The University Of Toronto Connected
(d) OST, University Of Toronto, Look At Their Members And Partners
(e) OST’s Robert Steiner Claims To Be Behind PHAC Canada Creation
(f) OST’s Kwame McKenzie Headed 2017 UBI Pilot Project
(g) OST UofT Prelude Actually Set Out In May 2019
(h) OST’s Murty Has Tech Firm That Benefits From Lockdowns
(i) OST: Como Foundation Gives Trillium Health Partners $5M
(j) OST: Current PHO Officials Also Sitting On As Partners
(k) OST: Canadian Agency For Drugs & Technologies In Health; pCPA
(l) OST: Centre For Effective Practice Gets Money From Lockdown
(m) OST: Cochrane Canada; WHO; McMaster University

Centre For Effective Practice, Yet Another OST “Partner” That Stands To Profit From Lockdowns

The Centre for Effective Practice, or CEP, is another “partner” of the Ontario Science Table. The OST apparently does the thinking for Doug Ford and Christine Elliott.

Unsurprisingly, CEP was established as part of the University of Toronto in 2004. They list their services as: research & evaluation, clinical tools and digitization, education programs, and engagement & communication.

CEP also provides a set of key talking points that doctors and other health care providers are to parrot concerning these “vaccines” now available in Canada. The goal isn’t to address legitimate concerns, but rather, to appear to be addressing them.

COVID-19 vaccine authorization
Health Canada has authorized a number of COVID-19 vaccines for use in Canada after a thorough and rigorous review of the evidence to ensure the vaccines meet the standards of safety, quality and efficacy for authorization in Canada. Health Canada will continue to monitor the safety of the vaccines after they are available.

Key messages
Lead by example. Get the COVID-19 vaccine yourself as soon as it is offered to you to protect yourself, your patients, and your community.
Advise patients to receive the vaccine. Communication by trusted health professionals about the importance of vaccines is the most effective way to counter vaccine hesitancy. Tell your patients you will get or have already received the vaccine.
-Be an educator. Be prepared to answer patient questions and address concerns about the vaccine.

Vaccine summary
Efficacy against severe disease and hospitalization
-All of the approved vaccines have a high efficacy rate against severe disease. In the clinical trials, efficacy against severe disease was shown to be:

Pfizer: 75-100% (after dose 2)
Moderna: 100% (14 days after dose 2)
AstraZeneca: 100% (after dose 2)
Janssen: 85.4% (28 days after dose)

First, whether by accident, or by design, CEP is blurring the line between “approved” vaccines, and ones given “interim authorization”. To clarify, these are not approved. Section 30.1 of the Canada Food & Drug Act allows the Health Minister to sign an Interim Order, allowing them on the market anyway.

(a) Approved: Health Canada has fully reviewed all the testing, and steps have been done, with the final determination that it can be used for the general population
(b) Interim Authorization: deemed to be “worth the risk” under the circumstances, doesn’t have to be fully tested. Allowed under Section 30.1 of the Canada Food & Drug Act. Commonly referred to as an emergency use authorization.

Have a look at the Interim Order, particularly Section 5. Getting authorization isn’t exactly a difficult burden to meet.

Second, an astute person will notice the sleight-of-hand here. These so-called vaccines were “authorized” by Health Canada, however “approved” ones will be rigorously tested. This is an indirect way of saying that these weren’t actually subjected to such testing.

Third, these aren’t really vaccines. Gene replacement therapy would be a more accurate description of the mRNA substances that Pfizer and Moderna produced.

Fourth, it doesn’t say that these gene-replacement “vaccines” will prevent a virus. Instead, it touts efficacy against severe disease and hospitalization. In other words, symptom management.

Fifth, it is explicitly stated that people will rely on your opinion in order to make the decision. While it’s also stated to answer questions, this passage is full of misrepresentations.

Instead of taking word of someone on the internet, it’s probably best to read the product inserts for yourself. Above are the documents provided by Health Canada. Notice, that nowhere do they say “approved” in the documentation.

However, CEP doesn’t provide the actual Health Canada documents. They do other an AstraZeneca summary and a comparison paper, but not the original source materials

Now, why why CEP, the Centre for Effective Practice, be such a blatant shill in the name of big pharma? When you look at their donors and collaborators, things start to make a lot of sense.

Some of CEP’s financial contributors, associates are worth a closer look:

  1. Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario
  2. eHealth Centre of Excellence
  3. Healthcare Excellence Canada
  4. OntarioMD

Could it be that CEP, and its partners and donors support continued lockdowns and restrictions in Ontario, (and elsewhere), at least partially because it’s good for business? Let’s take a look into some of these groups.

We Are The Advocate, Network And Resource For Team-Based Primary Care In Ontario
The Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario (AFHTO) works to support the implementation and growth of primary care teams by promoting best practices, sharing lessons learned, and advocating on behalf of all primary care teams. Evidence and experience show that team-based comprehensive primary care is delivering better health and better value to patients.
AFHTO is a not-for-profit association representing Ontario’s primary health care teams, which include Family Health Teams (FHTs), Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinics (NPLCs) and others who provide interprofessional comprehensive primary care.
Working towards a common vision
Our members share the compelling vision that one day, all Ontarians will have timely access to high-quality and comprehensive primary care; care that is:
Informed by the social determinants of health – the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age
Delivered by the right mix of health professionals, working in collaborative teams in partnership with patients, caregivers and the community
Anchored in an integrated and equitable health system, promoting good health and seamless care for all patients
Sustainable – efficiently delivered and appropriately resourced to achieve expected outcomes

AFHTO works with and on behalf of members to:
Provide leadership to promote expansion of high-quality, comprehensive, well-integrated interprofessional primary care for the benefit of all Ontarians, and
Be their advocate, champion, network and resource to support them in improving and delivering optimal interprofessional care

The Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario is essentially a lobbying group, for the unmbrella of health care workers. That’s what this word salad means. AFTHO also is quite partisan in their efforts, and are pushing for the virtual care model of health, a large part of their online content covers that.

AFHTO is also demanding Ford impose a stay-at-home order. This is a conflict of interest since they are also promoting the “solution”: more access to online health services.

The eHealth Centre of Excellence is another online medical service that offers e-prescribing, referrals, and consults with specialists. As continued lockdowns make physical movement more tricky, this enterprise will surely grow. Also, as the physical and mental health of people wears down, it will artificially generate more business.

Healthcare Excellence Canada acts as a cross between a health care consultant, and an continuing education provided. They also donate to CEP, and their business model is expected to grow. Also, if you wish to take their Executive Training Program, it’s only $2,500 to enroll. What a deal!

OntarioMD offers a variety of services, such as digital health services, which can be bundled together. There’s also eConsulting, which aims to connect patients to specialists quicker. There’s also a Health Medical Upgrade, which is a way of digitizing, storing, and moving records. As physical appearances in health care settings are replaced, the demand for this will grow.

It’s worth pointing out that OntarioMD is not the only party to benefit from this arrangement. Additionally, it means increased business for its vendors, who will also see the rewards. Some of these names should be familiar.

To circle back to the start of the article: what is the real reason that the Centre for Effective Practice, (an Ontario Science Table partner), is so on board with restrictions to liberty? Or, are these connections just coincidental, and completely unrelated?

(8) Ontario Science Table 01 Behaviour Control Techniques April 22 2021
(9) Ontario Science Table 02 Vaccine Confidence March 5 2021
(10) Ontario Science Table 03 Learning From Israel Feb 1 2021
(11) Ontario Science Table 04 Putting In Harsher Restrictions Oct 15 2021
(13) Patty Hajdu’s September 16 Interim Order
(14) CEP AstraZeneca Information Propaganda
(15) CEP Vaccine Comparison Sheet Propaganda
(19) AFHTO Shift To Virtual Health Care
(22) Health Care Excellence Executive Training Class

(a) Michael Warner Financially Benefits From Prolonged Lockdowns
(b) Who Is Ontario Deputy Medical Officer, Barbara Yaffe?
(c) OST, Monopoly From The University Of Toronto Connected
(d) OST, University Of Toronto, Look At Their Members And Partners
(e) OST’s Robert Steiner Claims To Be Behind PHAC Canada Creation
(f) OST’s Kwame McKenzie Headed 2017 UBI Pilot Project
(g) OST UofT Prelude Actually Set Out In May 2019
(h) OST’s Murty Has Tech Firm That Benefits From Lockdowns
(i) Como Foundation Gives Trillium Health Partners $5M
(j) Current PHO Officials Also Sitting On Ontario Science Table
(k) Canadian Agency For Drugs & Technologies In Health; pCPA

Trillium Health Partners Gets $5 Million Grant From Company That Manufactures Face Masks

Robert Reid is a member of the Ontario Science Table. He is also on the Senior Leadership Team of Trillium Health Partners. This is important because it sets up an interesting conflict of interest.

Trillium is also a partner with the OST. So, when Reid is speaking, does he talk as a member of THP, or of the OST?

For some perspective, the OST is already a questionable organization given: (a) rampant ties the the University of Toronto; (b) conflicts of interest with its partners and members; (c) the brainchild of PHAC works for them; (d) the former research chief of the Ontario UBI pilot project works for them; (e) the groundwork for OST was laid out in 2019; and (f) another member has a technology business that benefits from lockdowns.

Ontario Deputy Medical Officer, Barbara Yaffe, is worth a long hard look. She has climbed the ranks and gained power, despite never practicing as a doctor. Another one is Michael Warner, who financially benefits from prolonged lockdowns. It’s also disturbing that NSERC/CIHR are actually paying people to act as vaccine salesmen, and cloak it as research.

Now, what does all of this have to do with Reid and Trillium? On the surface, it looks like OST’s policies are once again being influenced by special interests. Back in September 2020, word of a $5 million donation from the Como Foundation was announced to the public.

Mississauga, On (September 28, 2020) – When the pandemic hit, Max Cucchiella and his wife, Sarah Veinot, along with their family, gathered around the kitchen table in their Port Credit home to help their community. They started making non-medical masks with a clear vinyl insert in the centre, so that those who are deaf or hard of hearing and rely on lip-reading could rejoin the conversation during COVID-19. The lip-reading lens mask, called My Access Mask, is continually evolving with a commitment to quality, innovation and design. Demand took off and the family launched the Como Foundation, which today is announcing a $5 million gift to Trillium Health Partners Foundation with proceeds from mask sales. The generous donation will be used to support the redevelopment and expansion of Mississauga Hospital.

The gift is the result of local innovation, benefitting not just those who are deaf or hard of hearing and Trillium Health Partners (THP), but also McRae Imaging, a local medium-sized business hurt by lost revenue as a result of COVID-19. McRae is now producing these novel masks at a commercial volume in Ontario and is listed on the province’s Workplace PPE Supplier Directory.

How much is the mask industry thriving when a company can afford to cut a $5 million cheque, based on the proceeds from the last 8 months or so? Trillium Health Partners becomes relevant when you realize they are one of Ontario Science Table’s Partners. Not only is Robert Reid in management for THP, but he’s part of the OST as well. Trillium and Reid are in a position to press the Province for mask mandates.

According to the Canada Revenue Agency, there are in fact 2 charities: (i) Trillium Health Partners; and (ii) Trillium Health Partners Foundation. The first is the teaching hospital aspect, and in 2019, it had about $1.2 billion in revenue. The second is the fundraising arm, and in 2019, it raised about $20 million.

There is also an interesting question that needs to be asked: was any consideration given to the Como Foundation in return for this $5 million donation? In the world of public fundraising, it’s a bad idea to do anything that would harm a donor’s business. And declaring an end to the “pandemic”, or even just mask mandates, would certainly dry up a large part of the Como Foundation’s revenue.

The Como Foundation makes a specialized product: see-through masks to help with people who have disabilities read lips and understand better. While there is definitely a benefit to this, it would have been considered a niche market until about a year ago, when masks became mandated.

What was once a limited business has suddenly exploded in growth, thanks almost entirely to politicians imposing mask mandates on the public. In fact, Como’s business is doing so well, that they can make a $5 million donation to one of the Ontario Science Table’s partner organizations.

Also in September 2020, Doug Ford gave the company a public shoutout, saying that these products were absolutely necessary. Now, his Government, encouraged by the Ontario Science Table, supports mandatory masks for the foreseeable future.

Considering Health Canada only authorized their product in June 2020, they seem to have done remarkably well.

What do you think? Does this donation from Como to Trillium come with any conditions, or any “understandings”? Or is it just a coincidence?

Como Foundation Mask Health Authorization June 2020

Vijaya Kumar Murty Runs PerfectCloudIO, As He Calls For Covid Restrictions And Smart Villages

Vijaya Kumar Murty, works for the Ontario Science Table, conducting mathematical modelling to “guide” the resposes of politicians on taking away our rights. Now, this group appears to be well meaning academics, but there is a lot of information not in the public arena. And Murty is another example of this happening.

Murty is not neutral, nor is he independent. As such, his “modelling” must be regarded with extreme suspicion. More on that later.

The OST is already a questionable organization given: (a) rampant ties the the University of Toronto; (b) conflicts of interest with its partners and members; (c) the brainchild of PHAC works for them; (d) the former research chief of the Ontario UBI pilot project works for them; and (e) the groundwork for OST was laid out in 2019.

Ontario Deputy Medical Officer, Barbara Yaffe, is worth a long hard look. She has climbed the ranks and gained power, despite never practicing as a doctor. Another one is Michael Warner, who financially benefits from prolonged lockdowns. It’s also disturbing that NSERC/CIHR are actually paying people to act as vaccine salesmen, and cloak it as research.

The Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) handed out $666,667 in 2020 to Murty and his associates to conduct modelling for CV cases and deaths. It was to last for 2 years. In 2021, he received a couple more grants of $100,000 each. One was to conduct modelling on the effectiveness of countermeasures. The other was modelling the risk to health care workers.

The February 2021 grant is explained as:

The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, in collaboration with the Pacific Institute of Mathematical Sciences and the Atlantic Association for Research in Mathematical Sciences, together with the Public Health Agency of Canada and international partners, is assembling a national COVID-19 Mathematical Modelling Rapid Response Task Force. Our goal is to mobilize a national network of infectious disease modellers to develop mathematical technologies to assess transmission risk of COVID-19, project outbreak trajectories, evaluate public health interventions for its prevention and control, and inform public health policy makers as well as multi-scale modelling to assist in the development of effective treatment strategies. Such a network functioned during SARS and was successful in providing real-time advice to public health officials. In the case of COVID-19, in addition to the mathematical modellers drawn from across Canada, we have the partnership of the Public Health Agency of Canada and its Coronavirus Modelling Group, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization at the University of Sasketchawan, the Advanced Disaster, Emergency and Rapid Response Simulation facility at York University and several research institutes in China including one at Xi’an Jiaotong University.

To be clear, computer modelling is not evidence of anything. They are predictions, and limited by both the knowledge and bias of the people involved. And as outlined earlier, the “independent” Ontario Science Table will be being both the modelling, and make the decisions what to do about it. Quite the conflict of interest.

April 2018: the Fields Institute, part of the University of Toronto, hosted a seminar on “smart villages”. The idea is self explanatory, as it would involve bringing even small and remote areas into the digital sphere. Murty was one of the speakers.

September 2018: Murty gave a speech for the Atlantic Association for Research in the Mathematical Sciences, or AARMS.

May 2019: Murty was chosen to be the head of the Fields Institute. The timing is interesting, as that’s also when the Centre for Vaccine Preventable Diseases was launched by the University of Toronto.

The decision to appoint Professor Murty received unanimous approval of the Fields Institute Board of Directors. Professor Murty will lead the Institute’s continuing efforts to advance research and development of the mathematical sciences in Canada and abroad.

June 2019: The Fields Institute held a conference on the topic of “smart villages”. It was cohosted by the Canada-India Foundation, and Process Research ORTECH Inc. Murty gave a speech on innovation, inequality, and smart villages.

Quite the coincidence: the Fields Institute is pushing for smart villages, and a greater online connectedness. Murty is helping make that happen. However, Murty is also largely responsible for the alarmist computer modelling that is shutting down society, and forcing everything online.

This isn’t just ideological. Murty has a financial interest in keeping this pandemic going, as his other enterprise will surely benefit from it.

It turns out that Murty is a Co-Founder and CTO of PerfectCloudIO. Although there are broken links on the Leadership section, his Wikipedia page is linked from his biography.

PerfectCloud is a Canadian cloud company developing innovative technologies to make the cloud safer. We are headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with offices in NY, USA and New Delhi, India. Our services are hosted with Firehost who have data centers located in London, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Dallas.

The website goes on to explain what Perfect Cloud is, and what they are selling to the public. Two of the products they offer are:

  • SmartSignin: the most secure way to manage access to your cloud applications for SSO for your employees, customers or partners, across multiple devices. Includes a Single Sign-On solution, Federated Identity Management, Authorization & Authentication, and Access Control & Audit.
  • SmartCryptor: encrypt your data and store it securely on desktop or cloud storage applications. Share your files or revoke access to any shared documents anytime, using any device. You have the full control over your critical data and who can access it.

In order for a company to be successful, it needs customers, and a growing base. Here, Murty is in a unique position to do both.

First, by promoting the doomsday computer modelling as fact, he can convince the Ontario Government (and elsewhere) to impose more restrictions. That means more people are stuck at home, and more people will be looking at computer services.

Second, by pushing the “Smart Villages” initiative, Murty is able to grow the market. In order to connect people the way he wants, they will need digital hookups, like the kinds of services that Perfect Cloud offers.

Far from being alone, Perfect Cloud partners with several organizations, all of whom stand to profit from the increased computerization of our society. Strange, Murty doesn’t disclose this obvious conflict of interest in his Ontario Science Table biography.

Perfect Cloud also publishes the identities of some of its major clients. This suggests this isn’t just some start up, but a well established company. And Kumar Murty is one of the people running it.

While his association with the Fields Institute is listed, it is never made clear that advancing the Smart Villages initiative is a major goal of theirs. He’s calling for policies that will benefit him financially, even if they are against the best interests of society. Martial law in Ontario certainly is against the public interest, which is likely why this connection isn’t readily available. Not exactly transparent, is it?

CV #17(E): Airline Industry Lobbying Recently, Main Beneficiaries Of Local Border Closures

Within the last week, the freedoms of Canadians to travel within Canada have been seriously eroded. Ground travel between Ontario and Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, and within British Columbia has been stopped except for “approved” reasons. Was this done for safety, or something else altogether?

A few observations here. First, stopping ground travel makes travel by air the only realistic option for many people. Second, this makes movement of people easier to control. Third, it can be expected to generate a boost in business and revenue for airlines.

It’s possible that airlines are playing along with these increased control measures because it’s generating much needed business for them. And giving them near exclusive rights over Canadian travel insures that only approved passengers will be able to enjoy their “freedoms”.

A look through the Office of the Lobbying Commissioner’s website shows some interesting activity in recent weeks. This “could” all be a bizarre coincidence, but it doesn’t present that way.

  • March 29 – Greater Toronto Airports Authority
  • March 30 – Air Transport Association Of Canada
  • March 30 – Air Transport Association Of Canada
  • March 30 – Canadian Airports Council
  • March 31 – Hamilton International Airport
  • March 31 – Hamilton International Airport
  • March 31 – Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
  • March 31 – Greater Toronto Airports Authority
  • March 31- Association Of Canadian Travel Agencies
  • April 8 – Canadian Air Traffic Control Association
  • April 12 – Canadian Airports Council
  • April 13 – Canadian Airports Council

In the weeks leading up to the April 16 border closures, there were several meetings between Ottawa and groups interested in boosting the airline industry.

To address the elephant in the room, the lobbying was done Federally, but the travel restrictions were imposed Provincially. The reason is simple. Trudeau would have a hard time demanding domestic travel stop, while foreigners flood in. However, Premiers could implement the restrictions, under the pretense of trying to protect their Provinces. Is this sleazy? Yes, but this kind of collusion isn’t that farfetched.

Now, Doug Ford has set up roadblocks for people entering Ontario from Manitoba or Quebec, BY GROUND. However, this doesn’t seem to apply to airplanes, both entering from other Provinces, or coming internationally.

B.C. has gone even farther, announcing that people cannot travel between regions without a permitted excuse. However, this also seems to apply only to travel from the ground.

What is the result of this? Airlines now have an effective monopoly for the bulk of travel into, out of, and within Canada.

While this claim may seem farfetched, consider this: Ford ordered the closure of small businesses across Ontario. Many went under completely, and countless lost their livelihoods. The terms of the orders seemed arbitrary and illogical. However, when you realize that the Ford Government had been lobbied by places like Walmart — who benefitted financially, things start to make sense.

Take a look on Air Canada or Westjet. Flights are still available. And flights are also coming in daily from China, India, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

You are still welcome to fly anywhere you like, as long as you play along with the “pandemic” measures. It was always about control, and never safety. Keep in mind, people like Ford have never publicly complained about people coming into Canada at all.

As for the idea that a “conservative” Prime Minister would be any better than Trudeau, consider this recent tweet. Erin O’Toole panders to the Polish and Jewish crowd, as a reminder of standing up to German occupation during the 2nd World War. He does this unironically, even as Canada is under varying degrees of martial law. Then again, he always supported stripping freedoms away. And even as he condemns China for human rights abuses and forced sterilizations, he pushes experimental vaccines that would likely sterilize most people.

As for opposition to these human rights abuses at the local level, it seems almost non-existent. Most “opposition” politicians whine that not enough is being done.

Trudeau, Premiers, and “Opposition” is a dog-and-pony show.
Do you get it now?