Solutions #17: Claim That Masks, Other Restrictions, Violate Religious Beliefs (CV #23)

(This is Doug Ford in April 2020 telling the public that he thinks masks are beneficial, but won’t say or do anything without the approval of the Health Department. Not like he’s Premier of Ontario or anything.)

(This is Doug Ford in October 2018 telling the public that respecting civil rights and religious freedoms is more important than public safety. Apparently the laws of gravity don’t apply since the turban is religious.)

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2. Other Articles On CV “Planned-emic”

As of the time of writing this, the “planned-emic” series has 23 pieces in it, including efforts to shift the culture, in order to make mask wearing the new normal. Lots of detail in the series.

3. Helmets Mentioned In Previous Article

The topic of letting motorcycle riders evade health and safety regulations was mentioned on this site nearly 2 years ago. While it seemed absurd at the time, perhaps there is a silver lining to this double standard.

Whatever faith you may belong to, it doesn’t matter. But know that from this day on: your religious beliefs don’t allow you to wear a mask in public. Forcing you to do so will violate your conscience and beliefs.

4. Resisting The “Culture Shift”

This was brought up in the last coronavirus piece but worth repeating. There is a deliberate, conscious, and planned effort to make mask wearing normalized and mandatory throughout the world. In parts of the West, this is not so much being imposed, but by attempts to “shift the culture”, to make this the new way of life. It’s time to fight back against it.

There aren’t criminal penalties in the West for not wearing masks — yet. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen at some point in the future.

5. BC Exemption On Helmets For Sikhs

“Point in Time” Regulation Content
Motor Vehicle Act
Motorcycle Safety Helmet Exemption Regulation
B.C. Reg. 237/99
Section 1 BEFORE amended by BC Reg 62/2017, effective March 1, 2017.
1 The following persons are exempt from the requirements of section 221 of the Motor Vehicle Act:
(a) a person who
(i) practices the Sikh religion, and
(ii) has unshorn hair and habitually wears a turban composed of 5 or more square meters of cloth.

BC has given Sikhs an exemption on wearing helmets when riding a motorcycle since 2017.

6. Alberta Exemption On Helmets For Sikhs

Sikhs who wear turbans are exempt from:
the Vehicle Equipment Regulation helmet requirement in the Traffic Safety Act
the Off-highway Vehicle Regulation helmet requirement in the Traffic Safety Act
This means:
drivers and passengers who are over 18 and are bona fide members of the Sikh religion who wear a turban can ride a motorcycle without using a helmet
drivers and passengers who are bona fide members of the Sikh religion who wear a turban can ride an off-highway vehicle without using a helmet
Turbans are an integral part of the Sikh identity. This decision allows them to ride without having to remove their turban.
Alberta is the third jurisdiction in Canada to allow this exemption, alongside British Columbia and Manitoba.

In March 2018, Alberta gave Sikhs and exemption on helmets.

7. Manitoba Exemption On Helmets For Sikhs


The following persons are exempt from wearing a helmet:
• persons riding motorcycles in a legally-authorized parade
• bona fide members of the Sikh religion

On page 8 of the handbook, it clearly states that Sikhs are exempt from wearing helmets, as are people taking part in a parade.

8. Ontario Exemption On Helmets For Sikhs

Despite obvious safety concerns with letting some people ride motorcycles without helmet, Ford seems to think that religious freedom is a much more important virtue.

9. Quebec Hypocrisy On Face Coverings

(This is Quebec Premier Francois Legault in 2019 saying that he will use the “Notwithstanding Clause” if needed to ban religious symbols — which include face coverings — from people in government positions. Many countries have banned the Muslim face veil as a security risk.)

(This is Francois Legault in 2020 saying that he strongly recommends everyone wearing face masks in public. Apparently it’s in order to help protect public health.)

10. CHRC – Duty To Accommodate

Employers and service providers have an obligation to adjust rules, policies or practices to enable you to participate fully. It applies to needs that are related to the grounds of discrimination. This is called the duty to accommodate.

The duty to accommodate means that sometimes it is necessary to treat someone differently in order to prevent or reduce discrimination. For examples, asking all job applicants to pass a written test may not be fair to a person with a visual disability. In such cases, the duty to accommodate may require that alternative arrangements be made to ensure that a person or group can fully participate.

What is Undue Hardship?
It is also important to consider that there is a reasonable limit to how far your employer or service provider has to go to accommodate your needs. Sometimes accommodation is not possible because it would cost too much, or create health or safety risks. This is known as undue hardship. Your employer or service provider can claim undue hardship as the reason why certain policies or practices need to stay in place, even though they may have a negative effect on you. They will need to provide sufficient evidence.

Would a service provider be required to make an exception for this planned-emic? Difficult to say how it would play out in court, or at a human rights tribunal. That said, this tactic can definitely be a “boot on the neck” to getting around any requirements in most cases.

11. Mask Objections: Specific Religions

If you are a Muslim (or just “identifying” as one) remind the person that in the Middle East, the headscarf and face coverings are used to subjugate and enslave women. It’s not a sign of religious freedom, but one of being a prisoner. If the service provider doesn’t take a hint, you can always can them a sexist and Islamophobe.

If you are Jewish (or just “identifying” as such) remind the person that attempts to erase your people have been made throughout history. If the service provider doesn’t take the hint, remind him/her that 6 million people died in the Holocaust. If the person still doesn’t get it, feel free to start dropping the term anti-Semite.

There are other religions of course. Feel free to find a scripture that helps your case, no matter how weak or flimsy, to justify your refusal. Reminder, passages can always be quoted out of context, and store clerks probably won’t know the difference. Should that fail, just gaslight the person as a bigot.

12. Alternative: Get A Medical Note

An alternative to this is going to a walk in clinic to get a medical note to attest to the fact that you have a medical condition (such as asthma) that will make wearing a mask unhealthy. There will probably be a fee to pay, but it may be worth it to you.

A further alternative is to just create your own doctor’s note. With Photoshop, and many similar applications, the average computer user can generate a realistic looking note in minutes. No need to prove anything, since doctor-patient confidentiality is grounded in law.

13. Reject Masks, Vote With Your Wallet

If you have a variety of places to shop from, one option is to stop patronizing places which require masks. This avoids the confrontation aspect, but in numbers it sends the message that people won’t shop at such a place.

14. Masks Are About Asserting Control

Does it make sense that a Quebec town would change the law to require masks be worn in public, but not have it kick in for another month? How about Brampton announcing they will be mandatory on transit, in another month? Or Toronto requiring them for transit riders — in another 2 weeks? Make no mistake. This is all about asserting control and domination over you.

But there is a solution. Remember, your religious beliefs do not allow you to wear face coverings. Governments, employers and service providers have a duty to accommodate. While a few may push back and claim it is an undue burden, most will not. This is especially true if you happen to be filming them and suggest it will be posted online.

Never forget: your well being, and the well being of your family members come first. If it means putting a “foot on the neck” of someone just following orders, then so be it. That excuse didn’t work for the Nazis either.

Solutions #16: Push Back On Pride And “Conversion Therapy” Bans (TSCE #22)

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2. Trafficking, Smuggling, Child Exploitation

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3. Important Links

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CLICK HERE, for followup on children w/gender dysphoria.
CLICK HERE, for James Cantor on child GD followup.

4. Context For This Piece

This isn’t an attempt to make a religious argument on the SOGI (sexual orientation, gender identity) agenda. Instead, this is more of the effects — both intended and unintended — that this ideology causes. The primary focus is on changing one’s gender/sex, though the same issues apply (to a lesser degree), for sexual orientation.

Undeniably, having this issue promoted the way it is creates a few problems. First, there are a lot of physical and mental health issues that are still present. Second, genuine criticism and concern is frequently shut down under the pretense of bigotry. This can also lead to doxing and damaged careers. Third, it allows those with an agenda to essentially rewrite the laws for society as a whole. Fourth, the lives that get destroyed are often lost and ignored afterwards.

While the “conversion techniques” described in the UN report are barbaric and savage, this is not an effort to endorse SOGI. Trying to change one’s sex is not something that should become normalized or promoted. This is especially true among children.

Don’t get the wrong idea. There are serious issues that people face, and compassion is needed. However, the solutions that are promoted and pushed in society today are destructive and harmful, and need to be called out.

Consider this: instead of mangling and destroying your body, what if that peace could be achieved another way? Isn’t finding a way to be happy a better option?

5. Why Is Pride Even Needed?

Let’s just address this briefly: what is even the point of having Pride every year? If the goal was about legal equality, that has been achieved long ago. Even same sex marriage became legalized nationally in 2005.

Think it through. Once all of the major issues are resolved, then whatever is left is less and less important. Bake my cake? Wax my privates? Cater my wedding? Are these really the problems that are plaguing society?

Whether accidental or by design, the continued push by LGBTQ activists has the effect of causing people who were otherwise accepting of the movement to begin rejecting it. Purity spirals never end well.

6. UN Wants Ban On Conversion Therapy

83. Practices of “conversion therapy”, based on the incorrect and harmful notion that sexual and gender diversity are disorders to be corrected, are discriminatory in nature. Furthermore, actions to subject lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or gender-diverse persons to practices of “conversion therapy” are by their very nature degrading, inhuman and cruel and create a significant risk of torture. States must examine specific cases in the light of the international, regional and local framework on torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and/or punishment.

84. Perpetrators of abuse through practices of “conversion therapy” include private and public mental health-care providers, faith-based organizations, traditional healers and State agents; promoters additionally include family and community members, political authorities and other agents.

85. Under the conditions established by international human rights law and the international framework on torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment, practices of “conversion therapy” may engage the international responsibility of the State.

86. Practices of “conversion therapy” provoke profound psychological and physical damage in lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or gender-diverse persons of all ages, in all regions of the world.

87. In view of the foregoing, the Independent Expert recommends that States:
(a) Ban the practices of “conversion therapy” as described in the present report, including by:
(i) Clearly establishing, through appropriate legal or administrative means, a definition of prohibited practices of “conversion therapy”, and ensuring that public funds are not used, directly or indirectly, to support them;
(ii) Banning practices of “conversion therapy” from being advertised and carried out in health-care, religious, education, community, commercial or any other settings, public or private;
(iii) Establishing a system of sanctions for non-compliance with the ban on practices of “conversion therapy”, commensurate with their gravity, including in particular, that claims should be promptly investigated and, if relevant, prosecuted and punished, under the parameters established under the international human rights obligations pertaining to the prohibition of torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment;
(iv) Creating monitoring, support and complaint mechanisms so that victims of practices of “conversion therapy” have access to all forms of reparations, including the right to rehabilitation, as well as legal assistance;


The report does list several forms of “conversion therapy” that are absolutely horrific, such as forced gang rape. These are inexcusable under any circumstances.

That being said, the UN findings take the position that SOGI should be normalized and accepted by everyone. It implies that even very young children should be able to engage in this sort of behaviour. It isn’t normal for very young children (or anyone for that matter), to want to change their gender, yet the UN report makes no mention of it. Instead, people should be accepted as they are.

The UN report leaves out many important details and topics which should be addressed. However, the report is clearly motivated by ideology, not compassion or truth.

7. Canada’s Bill C-8, Conversion Therapy Ban


Interestingly, Bill C-8 would list materials promoting conversion therapy to be materials corruption public morals in the Canadian Criminal Code.

As this Federal bill is just one example of this nonsense being pushed, consider the mental gymnastics needed for any of this to make sense. A father can’t stop his 11 year old child from starting a sex change, because it would be in the interests of the child. Yet, the Federal Government in 2018 watered down the criminal penalties for sex crimes against children. The also lowered the age of consent for anal sex, because that was supposedly a priority.

Various bills and laws are being considered across the world to ban conversion therapy. Now, some methods in the 3rd world are pretty savage, efforts should be made to determine if the person (especially a child) really wants to do this. The person should also be made fully aware of the consequences they are facing.

In 2019, the CBC wrote about the proposed ban, mentioning health risks depending on the type of conversion, but provided little concrete detail. Omitted was the harm that transitioning young children can cause.

8. Long Term “Aging Out” Research

A 2009 study of adolescents with gender dysphoria found that for the majority, this did not persist into adulthood. To be fair, a large part of the original sample group wasn’t available.

A 2013 study found that 84% of adolescents who had gender dysphoria had their symptoms stop in adulthood.

An article was written in 2016 by Jesse Singal about what was missing from the discussion from trans-activists: regrets, and people wishing to change back.

James Cantor has a dozen studies listed in this article which followed on teens/adolescents with gender dysphoria

  • Lebovitz, P. S. (1972). Feminine behavior in boys: Aspects of its outcome. American Journal of Psychiatry, 128, 1283–1289
  • Zuger, B. (1978). Effeminate behavior present in boys from childhood: Ten additional years of follow-up. Comprehensive Psychiatry, 19, 363–369
  • Money, J., & Russo, A. J. (1979). Homosexual outcome of discordant gender identity/role: Longitudinal follow-up. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 4, 29–41
  • Zuger, B. (1984). Early effeminate behavior in boys: Outcome and significance for homosexuality. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 172, 90–97.
  • Davenport, C. W. (1986). A follow-up study of 10 feminine boys. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 15, 511–517.
  • Green, R. (1987). The “sissy boy syndrome” and the development of homosexuality. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.
  • Kosky, R. J. (1987). Gender-disordered children: Does inpatient treatment help? Medical Journal of Australia, 146, 565–569
  • Wallien, M. S. C., & Cohen-Kettenis, P. T. (2008). Psychosexual outcome of gender-dysphoric children. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 47, 1413–1423.
  • Drummond, K. D., Bradley, S. J., Badali-Peterson, M., & Zucker, K. J. (2008). A follow-up study of girls with gender identity disorder. Developmental Psychology, 44, 34–45.
  • Singh, D. (2012). A follow-up study of boys with gender identity disorder. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Toronto.
    Steensma, T. D., McGuire, J. K., Kreukels, B. P. C., Beekman, A. J., & Cohen-Kettenis, P. T. (2013). Factors associated with desistence
  • and persistence of childhood gender dysphoria: A quantitative follow-up study. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 52, 582–590.

Plenty of available research suggests the overwhelming majority of youth with gender dysphoria eventually get past it. So why exactly the push to have younger and younger children participating and messing up their lives?

Does banning conversion therapy mean that this type of research will become banned? Will it be considered hate speech to talk about it? How does hiding the plentiful amount of study done help people suffering from this condition? Of course this doesn’t even get into the tons of comorbid conditions and the suicide rates.

Don’t Liberals routinely claim that they are the “party of science”? Or does that only matter when the science fits their preshaped agenda?

9. Gender Dysphoria/Autism Link?

While it may be too early to say definitively, research has been done into gender dysphoria and other conditions such as Autism and Aspberger’s. If there is any truth to it, giving hormone blockers to autistic people (especially autistic children) amounts to medical malpractice and child abuse.

10. Bill C-16 Already Silenced Debate

To a large degree, Bill C-16 has already cut off a large part of the debate at least regarding the trans issue. Both the Canadian Criminal Code, and the Canadian Human Rights Code were amended to make “gender identity or expression” a protected ground.

To start out: “gender identity or expression” is so vague that it could be applied to a lot of different things. It doesn’t just refer to people who are transgender. Nor does it prevent someone from demanding made up pronouns, or repeatedly changing their pronouns.

What most likely started off with good intentions is a disaster waiting to happen.

11. Society Shouldn’t Normalize This

Instead of condemning conversion therapy as horrible, realize that trying to make people content in their bodies should at least be considered. Rather than making mutilation the first option, it should be the last thing (the very last thing), considered by doctors and others in the field.

In contrast to the instinct to make the child happy, responsible parents should make every effort to find out what is wrong with the child and find a way to deal with it.

If someone has a legitimate condition and needs to find a way to deal it, fine. But society shouldn’t be making this sort of thing mainstream, or encourage others to do it.

The incessant, never-ending demands of activists make even many tolerant people stop caring, or become outright resentful.

TSCE #21: DNA Testing For Spotting Fake Refugee Families

1. Trafficking, Smuggling, Child Exploitation

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CLICK HERE, for #8: UN blurs line between smuggling/irregular.
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CLICK HERE, for #10: allowing illegals violates int’l treaties.
CLICK HERE, for #11: NGOs in court to open CDA’s borders.
CLICK HERE, for #12: the Zionist roots of Amnesty Int’l NGO.
CLICK HERE, for #13: Canadian Council of Refugees NGO.
CLICK HERE, for #14: NGOs coordinate illegal Roxham Rd. crossings.
CLICK HERE, for #15: Ex-Israeli Ambassador David Berger.
CLICK HERE, for #16: NGOs in court for decades to open borders.
CLICK HERE, for #17: reduced penalties for child sex crimes.
CLICK HERE, for #18: does CDN Gov’t support trafficking?
CLICK HERE, for #19: politicians deliberately keep border open.
CLICK HERE, for #20: Soros, lawfare, funding, population replacement.

2. Important Links

CLICK HERE, for CBC article on DNA testing for refugees.
CLICK HERE, for IRCC on DNA testing for families.
CLICK HERE, for fraud in U.S. Refugee Reunification Program.
CLICK HERE, for National Sentinel on refugee fraud, 30%.
CLICK HERE, for WA Examiner: 30% refugee families are fake.
CLICK HERE, for Epoch Times article on fake families.
CLICK HERE, for ACLU lawsuit on family separation.
CLICK HERE, for ACLU wants DNA testing as last resort.

3. Context For This Article

Regardless of what a person feels about letting high levels of refugees into their country, most people will agree on one fact: they want the “family units” who enter to actually be made up of related family members.

However, as is being seen more and more, particularly in the United States, this is not the case. Adults are coming with children they claim are “their” children, but DNA testing is proving that false. In a U.S. pilot program, nearly 1/3 of professed families were not blood relatives.

Obvious questions have to be asked. Who are these children? Who are the supposed parents? Are the children being used to simply help adults along, or are they being trafficked? How are these arrangements being set up, and where? Those are just a few that need to be answered.

Bizarrely though, migrant rights groups and civil liberties groups don’t seem so concerned about those questions. Instead, they focus on what will happen to the DNA sample afterwards.

4. UN High Commission On Testing

IV. DNA testing to establish family relationships in the refugee context
12. …. Thus, interviewing family members should normally be undertaken as the primary means of establishing family relationships. Where documents are available, they should be used as corroborative evidence. Care should however be taken to prevent that, because of pressure to produce such documents, refugees are driven to take risky actions. These may include, for instance, desperate measures to sneak back home and/or approach the authorities of the country of origin, which could place them at risk of arrest, detention or other inordinate consequences.

13. In line with the above, UNHCR considers that DNA testing to verify family relationships may be resorted to only where serious doubts remain after all other types of proof have been examined, or, where there are strong indications of fraudulent intent and DNA testing is considered as the only reliable recourse to prove or disprove fraud.

14. Even if the existence of a blood link is not established, this may not necessarily imply an intention to commit fraud. Cultural and social dimensions of ascribing family relationships should be considered. In the refugee context, the nature of ascribing family relationships should be understood based on the refugee’s social and cultural background. UNHCR also believes that individuals will be less inclined to misrepresent non-existing blood ties if they are confident that persons whom they have always treated and considered as part of the family and with whom they have developed strong personal bonds, or where there is mutual dependency, will be considered as part of the family for purposes of family reunification.

While it does pay lip service to the idea that nations need to be secure in who they allow to enter their borders, it becomes clear that the UN High Commission on Refugees sees DNA testing as a last resort. Even in cases where there is no biological link, the UNHCR recommends “looking at the culture” of the people anyway.

5. Canadian Policy On Testing

When to do DNA testing
An applicant may be given the option of undergoing DNA testing in cases in which documentary evidence has been examined and there are still doubts about the authenticity of a parent-child genetic relationship or when it is not possible to obtain satisfactory relationship documents. A DNA test to prove a genetic relationship should be suggested by IRCC only as a last resort.

For citizenship purposes, it is only necessary to establish one parent-child relationship with a Canadian citizen parent. However, it is preferable to take samples of genetic material from both parents as it facilitates the testing process.

A relative or family member’s DNA can be useful to DNA test results for immigration purposes, even if that person is not specifically involved with the sponsorship application. In such cases, the processing office needs to be satisfied that the person is a blood relative of the sponsor and that the person’s DNA sample is collected in accordance with these guidelines.

The IRCC does require DNA testing to prove a genetic relationship, but does so only as a last resort, when family ties cannot be proven otherwise. While this may not be a huge problem for people coming in many streams, it should be required for those coming via refugee channels, especially those coming illegally.

6. CBSA Checking Ancestry Sites

Immigration officials are using DNA testing and ancestry websites to try to establish the nationality of migrants, the Canada Border Services Agency said on Friday.

CBSA spokesperson Jayden Robertson said the agency uses DNA testing to determine identity of “longer-term detainees” when other techniques have been exhausted.

“DNA testing assists the CBSA in determining identity by providing indicators of nationality thereby enabling us to focus further lines of investigation on particular countries,” Robertson said in an email.

But the process raises concerns about privacy of data held by ancestry websites, and highlights political pressure over the handling of migrants by Canada’s Liberal government. More than 30,000 would-be refugees have crossed the U.S.-Canada border since January 2017, many saying they were fleeing U.S. President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Again, the DNA testing appears to be a last resort to verify identity, rather than a main one. Moreover, it’s sickening how people living in the U.S. illegally are able to enter Canada and try to claim asylum. The rules aren’t meant to allow for asylum shopping.

7. Fraud Longstanding Problem In U.S.

Q: Why did the US decide to conduct DNA testing of some nationality groups applying for resettlement in the US?
A: PRM and DHS/USCIS jointly decided to test a sample of refugee cases due to reported fraud in the P-3 program, particularly in Kenya. This pilot program later expanded to test applicants in other parts of Africa. (See questions and answers below.)
Q: What rate of fraud did you discover?
A: The rate of fraud varied among nationalities and from country to country, and is difficult to establish definitively as many individuals refused to agree to DNA testing.
We were, however, only able to confirm all claimed biological relationships in fewer than 20% of cases (family units). In the remaining cases, at least one negative result (fraudulent relationship) was identified, or the individuals refused to be tested.
Q: Which refugees are being tested? From which countries?
A: We initially tested a sample of some 500 refugees (primarily Somali and Ethiopian) in Nairobi, Kenya under consideration for U.S. resettlement through the P-3 program. After that sample suggested high rates of fraud, we expanded testing to Ethiopia, Uganda, Ghana, Guinea, Gambia and Cote d’Ivoire. Most of the approximately 3,000 refugees tested are from Somalia, Ethiopia, and Liberia, as these nationalities make up the vast majority of P-3 cases.
It is important to note that the initial DNA testing was limited to members of families applying for the P-3 program, and not between the applicants and the anchor relative in the United States.

Even in late 2008, the U.S. State Department was reporting that on DNA testing for refugee families had interesting results. Less than 20% of cases were confirmed to be actual families. Others failed testing, or simply refused to undergo it.

Also in that same page, the State Department stated that they stopped accepting affidavits of relationship for people coming from all countries. It stopped accepting the documents and has looked for other ways to verify identity and relationships.

8. How Prevalent Is It?

Relevant part starts at about 8:00 mark in video. Conversation gets to child separation, and that entire families end up getting released. In pilot program, 30% of “families” were made up of unrelated people. Children are in fact being recycled and used to help multiple families.

The National Sentinel reported that U.S. border guards are finding a very high number of so-called families entering the U.S. illegally from Mexico, who aren’t related at all. From the Washington Examiner:

In a pilot program, approximately 30% of rapid DNA tests of immigrant adults who were suspected of arriving at the southern border with children who weren’t theirs revealed the adults were not related to the children, an official involved in the system’s temporary rollout who asked to be anonymous in order to speak freely told the Washington Examiner Friday.

“There’s been some concern about, ‘Are they stepfathers or adopted fathers?'” the official said. “Those were not the case. In these cases, they are misrepresented as family members.”

In some incidents where Immigration and Customs Enforcement told the adults they would have to take a cheek swab to verify a relationship with a minor, several admitted the child was not related and did not take the DNA test, which was designed by a U.S. company.

Nearly a third of the families coming into the U.S. as refugees aren’t in fact related. Okay, who are they really? What exactly are the children being used for? Smuggling aids for adults? Are they being recycled? Are they being trafficked? Has any money changed hands to make these arrangements happen?

9. Civil Liberties Groups Oppose Testing

The ACLU filed a federal lawsuit earlier this year to stop family separation and to require the immediate reunion of all separated children and parents. On June 29, a federal judge issued a national injunction in our class-action lawsuit, requiring the reunification of thousands. Now, we must ensure the administration heeds the court’s ruling and the policy of family separation ends once and for all. The government deported hundreds of parents without their children — without a plan for how they would be ever be found. The ACLU is working to locate every separated parent and advise them of their rights to be reunited.

We are in the courts, streets, and in Congress to hold the Trump administration accountable for the irreparable damage it has done to these young lives. We need you in this fight.

One has to wonder why, if the U.S. was such a horrible place, would people come by the tens of thousands to go there? Why would people travel for thousands of miles just to end up on concentration camps?

The tortured logic is also on display here. The ACLU wants DNA testing to be done only as a last resort, and took the Government to court on that issue. However, they also oppose separating children from parents (or at least people who “claim” to be families).

In short, the ACLU wants children and adults to remain together, and be promptly released into the United States. Yet, they oppose the one measure which would determine if they are in fact related by blood.

The ACLU is far from the only organization that opposes DNA testing, while trying to get “families” released into the mainland. It would seem logical to at least ensure that the children are with family members, but that doesn’t seem to be a concern. The priority with opposing DNA testing seems to be to keep it out of criminal databases.

Who knows how many of these children are being trafficked by their so-called parents? What about the human rights and civil liberties of the children involved? However, groups like the ACLU don’t address that.

Media #15: George Floyd Psy-Op; Call Times; The Swapping; Crisis Actors

Oblivious people seem to think that Derek Chauvin (left) is the man shown in the video (right). The entire event and arrest were preplanned and staged.

1. Media Bias, Lies, Omissions And Corruption

CLICK HERE, for #1: Unifor in bed with Federal Gov’t
CLICK HERE, for #2: Global News’ selective truth on TRP granted.
CLICK HERE, for #3: Post Media owning most Canadian media.
CLICK HERE, for #4: conservative content dominated by Koch/Atlas.
CLICK HERE, for #5: origins of Malcolm’s “charity” True North Canada.
CLICK HERE, for #6: the people running the Post Millennial.
CLICK HERE, for #7: how to do research, investigative journalism.
CLICK HERE, for #8: Koch/Atlas both sides, AB court challenge.
CLICK HERE, for #9: picking up on predictive programming.
CLICK HERE, for #10: Trudeau Foundation & media embeds.
CLICK HERE, for #11: Trudeau swapped out for body double?
CLICK HERE, for #12: Shanifa Nasser, racism narrative, FHA.
CLICK HERE, for #13: George Floyd “murder” was staged psy-op.
CLICK HERE, for #14: culture shift to make face masks normal.

2. Important Links


CLICK HERE, for Minnesota CBS transcript of 911 call.
CLICK HERE, for MN-CBS: 911 calls not getting answered.
CLICK HERE, for transcript of 911 call on Floyd.
CLICK HERE, for Star Tribune: call times worsening.
CLICK HERE, for MinnPost: calls not getting answered.

CLICK HERE, for most recent in CV planned-emic series.

3. Context For This Piece

The content here will read like a wild conspiracy theory, but it is an attempt to explain what happened in the George Floyd death.

The police had been called on George Floyd supposedly for passing a counterfeit $20 bill, and it was mentioned he may be drunk. The first police car responded in 7 minutes. While this sounds okay, you have to keep in mind that the average response time for non-serious matters is much closer to half an hour.

As was outlined in this previous article, the man who allegedly did this is not Derek Chauvin. It is someone pretending to be him, and not even a very convincing double. (see photos at the top).

The actual George Floyd might have died a few years ago.

The video compilation appears to show George Floyd being put in the back of the police car via the driver’s side door. He is then pulled out via the passenger side door. If he was already in the car, immediately removing him makes no sense at all, unless it was a ruse to place a switch.

The behaviour of the (allegedly) Derek Chauvin is comically evil. He doesn’t appear to care that all of this is being videotaped. Anyone with an instinct for self preservation would put a stop to it. Did none of the four think that this might be a bad idea?

Disclaimer: this is not 100% certain, but a good faith effort.

4. Minn Not Getting Calls Answered

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Thousands of 911 calls are going without an immediate response in Minneapolis. That’s according to new numbers taken from the Minneapolis Emergency Communications Center.

That was when the original estimate of priority one 911 calls going without an immediate police response was 1,251– between July 1, 2018 and June 30th, 2019. New data released over the weekend shows the real figure is more than five times that.

“There were 6,776 priority one calls that were made that we didn’t have an officer immediately able to respond,” Minneapolis Police public information officer John Elder said.

Those emergency calls include homicide and rape. Elder says the data renews the Chief’s call to add 400 more officers to the force over time. The Minneapolis Police Department currently employs around 600 patrol officers.

“We need additional staff to properly serve the residents of the city,” he said.

In this CBS Minnesota article from 2019, it is reported that Minneapolis Police Department isn’t answering calls (even serious ones) in any sort of timely manner. There have been calls to add another 400 officers to the ranks of the PD, something that Mayor Jacob Frey says is quite unrealistic.

Why is this important? Because, according to the New York Times video above, the police were called at 8:01pm, and the first car arrived at 8:08pm, just 7 minutes later (if it’s been pieced together accurately). While not impossible, it seems like this fairly minor alleged crime was responded to very quickly.

According to the transcript of the 911 call, Floyd had allegedly passed a counterfeit $20 bill, and may have been drunk. That seems pretty low down on the scale of seriousness, but the police were there in 7 minutes.

5. Call Response Times Continually Bad

Minneapolis police officers have been slower to arrive to emergencies so far this year, continuing a trend that some city officials say is a downside of community-style policing.

Between July and September, the department’s average reported response times for the most urgent 911 calls — “unstable scenes” with an imminent threat to life or property — were 10 minutes, 45 seconds, Minneapolis Police Department figures show. That’s 42 seconds longer than the same period last year and continues a steady lengthening of response times over the past four years.

Callers who reported situations without an immediate threat of harm, dubbed “Priority 2,” had to wait an average 36 minutes, 47 seconds to see a squad. That’s up from 34 minutes, 26 seconds during the same span in 2016.

Sgt. Catherine Michal, a police spokeswoman, said that officers are being asked to spend more time at crime scenes or in some cases are getting stuck in traffic jams around ongoing construction around the city.

This review is from 2017, and a good reference point. Priority 2 calls had an average wait time of over 36 minutes. Presumably, the call on Floyd would have been a Priority 2. So despite an average of over half an hour on these types of calls, the Minneapolis Police was able to respond to this one in just 7 minutes. Very interesting.

6. More Recent Call Response Data

In Minneapolis, once dispatchers get basic information from 911 callers, they label calls in a computerized queue based on the type of emergency — a system that patrol officers can also see via dashboard computers in their squad cars or listen to over the scanner. A significant chunk of 911 calls in Minneapolis receive a “Priority 1” categorization, while another large portion are “Priority 2” calls, which could be reports of property damage, a suspicious person or situations that don’t pose an immediate threat to public safety.

Once officers see a new 911 call with its code in the queue, they weigh whether they should drop what they’re currently doing to respond to the new emergency, or if other officers should help out. That period of time — from when a dispatcher codes a call and officers claim it — in the majority of cases averages about 3 minutes for Priority 1 calls, 25 minutes for Priority 2 calls and 28 minutes for Priority 3 calls, which include reports of illegal parking, thefts or cases where conditions are safe at the time of the call.

This Minn Post article has Priority 2 calls at an average of 25 minutes. Considerably better from the last one, but still a long way off from the 7 minutes it took to respond to Floyd allegedly passing a counterfeit $20 bill.

One caveat, these times are not necessary when the call is made, but when an officer takes it from dispatch. So the times will be a little (or a lot) longer, depending on availability.

Yes, in spite of all this, 3 cars responded to George Floyd passing a possibly counterfeit $20 bill in just 7 minutes. And what was Floyd doing the whole time, just sitting and waiting?

7. George Floyd’s Various Tattoos


  • A 42 cm maximum dimension monochromatic blue tattoo of an eagle holding a rifle spans the upper chest, from shoulder to shoulder and from the inferior neck to the distal sternum.
  • An 11 cm maximum dimension monochromatic blue tattoo of a pair of praying hands is on the epigastric abdomen.
  • A 9 cm maximum dimension monochromatic blue tattoo of the name “LAURA” is on the right upper abdomen.  A 10 cm maximum dimension monochromatic blue tattoo of the name “CISSY” is on the left upper abdomen.
  • A 28 cm maximum dimension monochromatic blue tattoo of the name “FLOYD” spans both sides of the abdomen just superior to the umbilicus.
  • A 10 cm maximum dimension monochromatic blue tattoo of what appears to be a gravestone with some letters and numbers and the letters “R.I.P.” is on the anterior right forearm.
  • A 12 cm maximum dimension monochromatic blue tattoo of two stars and what appears to be the name “Brittney” and the letters “R.I.P.” is on the proximal anterior left forearm.
  • A 20 cm maximum dimension patterned monochromatic blue tattoo spans the anterior, lateral, and posterior aspects of the left forearm.

Information is quoted from the Autopsy Report issued by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner.

This has to be asked: is that an illuminati tattoo on an eagle on Floyd’s chest? Was this event a sacrifice, or a staged death altogether?

8. Available Footage Makes Little Sense

(The first video is from a New York Times investigative report that was recently released. The second is supposedly the unedited footage from one of the witnesses’ phone camera.

Admittedly the quality of the video is not great, but for a moment, it looks like Floyd has no legs when he was being moved. See 5:58 mark in the second video. Yes, this is going full conspiracy theory here, but it looks as if he has no legs.

What may have happened here: the officers put a man into the back of that police car (on the driver’s side), but then pulled a mannequin or crisis dummy out from the passenger’s side. This means the man — whoever he is — remained hidden in the back seat the entire time. This was a very elaborate ruse.

Man goes in ==> Driver’s side
Dummy comes out ==> Passenger’s side

The New York Times video accurately picked up that that he entered on one side, and then “he” was pulled out from the other side. However, they missed the connection as to why.

The “paramedic” here appears to be wearing a bullet proof vest, which seems very odd for an EMT worker. Another accomplice perhaps.

This is another moment that makes you wonder. Supporting his neck seems to be an afterthought, and only at the outrage of people watching. Keep in mind, the police and EMT knew full well that people were watching and videotaping it. There’s no reason to be so half hearted about it — unless the goal was to generate outrage.

Once more, here is George Floyd, with what appears to be no legs at all. It’s not so much that the video quality is grainy, it’s that it looks like he has no legs at all.

Right after the image of apparently a legless George Floyd, the camera turns to Tou Thao, the officer standing guard. It could be that he moved to keep onlookers from advancing. It could also be that he wanted the camera’s attention diverted while something else was happening.

Lo and behold: George Floyd has legs again. At least that’s what it looks like. Were there some extensions available in the stretcher, then attached while Tou Thao was diverting attention away?

9. Innocent Man Framed For This

Yes, these were shown before, but worth showing again. Derek Chauvin is not the man who was crushing George Floyd’s neck. Contrast mug shots with screen shots from the video. It’s clear as day, yet the media doesn’t report on this.

10. Floyd Gets Several Memorials

Even heads of state don’t get this kind of treatment, or this level of people coming out. This is absurd, unless of course it was pre-planned from the beginning.

Things just wouldn’t be the same if Al Sharpton wasn’t around to race bait. Endless grandstanding about pain and loss in the black community.

This is really strange. It’s like the coronavirus psy-op has crossed paths with the George Floyd psy-op. It was previously mentioned that a major goal in the shifting of media narratives is to “move on” from legitimate questions about this so-called pandemic, and now get to systemic racism. It seems to have worked very well.

11. Coordinated Riots, Anti-Racism Campaign

Yes, this one murder resulted in random, spontaneous protests and riots across the globe. It caused “systemic racism” to be the new catch phrase and crisis to deal with.

Yeah, right.

12. George Floyd Died Years Ago?

Also see this Twitter thread.

Note: I can’t independently confirm this, but there are rumours circulating that the actual George Floyd may have been dead for up to 3 years when this murder was supposed to have happened. While this would be incredibly messed up to do, it doesn’t seem that far fetched in context with other recent events.

13. Nothing Is What It Seems

On some level it would be fine to accept the official narrative about George Floyd, it’s impossible to take everything at face value. Consider some very questionable details in this story, things that just don’t seem to add up.

  • Floyd is sporting an illuminati tattoo on his chest
  • Floyd “may” have been dead for 3 years
  • Derek Chauvin isn’t the man who did this
  • The police arrived bizarrely fast on scene, for a minor offense
  • Floyd was put in the car, then pulled out from the other side
  • The police act comically evil in these videos
  • Paramedics apparently wear bullet proof vests
  • Floyd appears legless at one point
  • Floyd is given closed casket funeral
  • Floyd generates global protests/riots
  • Anti-white racism flares up globally, is coordinated

Lost in the mix is real questioning about the coronavirus. Remember, there is supposedly still a pandemic. Yet the narrative seems to be: shut up, wear your mask, and move on. The Floyd incident has been quite effective at neutralizing opposition. Large gatherings are now allowed, provided it’s protesting for woke causes.

Civil war is coming, and these are just the crisis actors.

Catherine McKenna: Co-Founder Of NGO, Canadian Lawyers Abroad

1. Important Links

CLICK HERE, for McKenna’s LPC page biography.
CLICK HERE, for 2013 posting on Canadian Lawyers Abroad.
CLICK HERE, for Canadian Lawyers Abroad’s blog.
CLICK HERE, for CLA search under “Catherine McKenna”.
CLICK HERE, for Level Justice programs.
CLICK HERE, for CLA changing its name.

Some Posts Written By McKenna
What Is Canadian Lawyers Abroad?
Traditional Law Path A Losing Game.
CLICK HERE, for Should We Get Rid Of Articling?
CLICK HERE, for Becoming An International Lawyer, Part 1.
CLICK HERE, for Becoming An International Lawyer, Part 2.
CLICK HERE, for We’re Failing Our Children.
CLICK HERE, for Articling, And 2011 LSUC Elections.
CLICK HERE, for 2011 – The Rights Of Spring.

2. Context For This Article

When a person steps into public office, such as being a Member of Parliament, it is expected that they will have no other associations or obligations that will interfere with this role. They are expected to have no conflict of interest. For Ottawa MP Catherine McKenna, however, that is not the case.

She co-founded an NGO called Canadian Lawyers Abroad in 2006, which was aimed at getting Canadian law graduates to take on international matters. McKenna remained a director of this organization until the day of the 2015 election.

What does this group (whatever its name is) actually do? Looking at its profile, under the name Level Justice, it seems to focus on social justice and indoctrination for aspiring lawyers. Think of it as a sort of brainwashing movement, promoting a more globalist, or internationalist approach.

It also operates a student internship, where law students and graduates take on work abroad. This amounts to a summer or so or volunteer work abroad, working for NGOs. An interesting situation: even while running for office, Catherine McKenna was a director at an NGO, which tried to get law students to go work for other NGOs abroad. The annual reports do list where people have gone, but more information would have been nice on the work they do.

But looking at the reports issued, it seemed that this global internship was not the biggest focus. More efforts were spent on local initiatives.

3. “Candidate” McKenna Stayed On CLA Board

Today was a big week in the history of Canadian Lawyers Abroad. On Monday, Brittany Twiss came on board as our new Executive Director. The torch had officially passed from Yasmin Shaker and me, the CLA co-founders, to the next generation!

It is bittersweet to be leaving as ED of CLA (although I will still be on the board). I realize how lucky I have been to work with so many passionate and committed lawyers and law students who live up to CLA’s motto of using law to improve lives. We are lucky to count among our boosters (and my mentors) amazing leaders in the legal community including Allan Rock and Nathalie Des Rosiers (who very kindly gave us our first office at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law), Bill Graham, Antonio Lamer, Ed Waitzer, Bob Rae, Greg Kane and Armand de Mestral. We also have thousands of law students who have come through our Student Chapter and Student Internship Programs who are now using their law degrees to build the rule of law and promote human rights in Canada and around the world.

McKenna remained on the Board of Canadian Lawyers Abroad, even though she was campaigning to become a Member of Parliament in the 2015 election. That page is from 2013, but it has to be asked: did McKenna remain on the Board after getting elected? Is she on the Board today? Is she using her position as an MP to push CLA’s agenda?

4. McKenna’s Posts On CLA Blog

About Catherine
I am a Co-Founder, former Executive Director and current Board Member of Canadian Lawyers Abroad. I am Executive Director of the Banff Forum and a lecturer at the Munk School of Global Affairs in Toronto.

Here, Catherine McKenna describes in broad strokes what her organization is, and what it’s goals are. Again, she remained a board member while running for public office, which is a huge conflict of interest.

How? In two ways. First, we run a Student Program that brings together law students from across the country who are passionate about using their law degree to make positive changes around the world. CLA provides a forum for discussion and debate and, through our Summer Internship Program, we offer students the possibility of gaining practical experience with our amazing partners in developing countries and Canada’s north.

Second, we develop innovative projects with our partners that will lead to positive, long-term changes in their communities. For example, we’re helping the KNUST Faculty of Law in Ghana set up a university legal clinic. University legal clinics have been a very successful model in Canada and Canadian lawyers and law students are well-placed to provide assistance. This project will give KNUST law students practical, real-life training and provide marginalized groups, in particular women and youth, access to desperately needed legal information and services. In the long-term, by promoting the rule of law and protecting human rights, this project will help reduce poverty and promote economic development in Ghana. We plan on replicating this pilot project with other partners around the world.

This all sounds great, but when you are an elected MP in Ottawa (or any riding) your allegiance is to the people of that riding. Remaining part of this organization makes McKenna look compromised.

In another article, McKenna outlines how law school is becoming a losing game, as there are more graduates than positions in articling available. She actually has a valid point, and the situation in the United States is much worse. Could this be a way of swaying more lawyers to her cause?

5. CDN Lawyers Abroad A.K.A. Level Justice

In September 2015, Canadian Lawyers Abroad underwent a name change and overhauled its website. However, its indoctrination agenda seems to be pretty much the same, so the changes are more cosmetic.


Looking at the corporate documents, it seems that Canadian Lawyers Abroad was renamed to LEVEL. CHANGING LIVES THROUGH LAW. It also looks like Catherine McKenna remained a Director at the organization until October 19, 2015. This was the day of the election which put her into office. Since there is no time listed, she may have only resigned after having won her seat.

6. CLA/Level Is Registered Charity

This is a bit confusing. McKenna stepped down as Executive Director in 2013. So, was she not considered a Director (according to the CRA) until this happened?

For Period Ending December 31, 2015
Receipted donations $82,191.00 (48.34%)
Non-receipted donations $0.00 (0.00%)
Gifts from other registered charities $81,039.00 (47.66%)
Government funding $0.00 (0.00%)
All other revenue $6,788.00 (3.99%)
Total revenue: $170,018.00

Charitable programs $97,086.00 (79.87%)
Management and administration $0.00 (0.00%)
Fundraising $8,868.00 (7.30%)
Political activities $0.00 (0.00%)
Gifts to other registered charities and qualified donees $0.00 (0.00%)
Other $15,597.00 (12.83%)
Total expenses: $121,551.00

Professional and consulting fees

Note: There is no compensation listed for employees

For Period Ending December 31, 2016
Receipted donations $10,600.00 (7.54%)
Non-receipted donations $78,864.00 (56.07%)
Gifts from other registered charities $43,000.00 (30.57%)
Government funding $0.00 (0.00%)
All other revenue $8,200.00 (5.83%)
Total revenue: $140,664.00

Charitable programs $116,887.00 (90.23%)
Management and administration $12,652.00 (9.77%)
Fundraising $0.00 (0.00%)
Political activities $0.00 (0.00%)
Gifts to other registered charities and qualified donees $0.00 (0.00%)
Other $0.00 (0.00%)
Total expenses: $129,539.00

Total compensation for all positions

Full-time employees (1)
Part-time employees (4)

Professional and consulting fees

Compensated full-time positions:
$40,000 to $79,999 (1)

For Period Ending August 31, 2017
Receipted donations $0.00 (0.00%)
Non-receipted donations $110,300.00 (85.31%)
Gifts from other registered charities $18,992.00 (14.69%)
Government funding $0.00 (0.00%)
All other revenue $0.00 (0.00%)
Total revenue: $129,292.00

Expenses are listed as $163,006

Total compensation for all positions

Full-time employees (3)

Professional and consulting fees

Compensated full-time positions:
$1 to $39,999 (2)
$40,000 to $79,999 (1)

For Period Ending August 31, 2018
Receipted donations $6,790.00 (1.71%)
Non-receipted donations $260,938.00 (65.58%)
Gifts from other registered charities $130,131.00 (32.71%)
Government funding $0.00 (0.00%)
All other revenue $28.00 (0.01%)
Total revenue: $397,887.00

Charitable programs $288,133.00 (91.80%)
Management and administration $25,747.00 (8.20%)
Fundraising $0.00 (0.00%)
Political activities $0.00 (0.00%)
Gifts to other registered charities and qualified donees $0.00 (0.00%)
Other $0.00 (0.00%)
Total expenses: $313,880.00

Total compensation for all positions

Full-time employees (3)

Professional and consulting fees

Compensated full-time positions:
$40,000 to $79,999 (1)
$80,000 to $119,999 (2)

For Period Ending August 31, 2019
Receipted donations $10,000.00 (2.96%)
Non-receipted donations $156,492.00 (46.30%)
Gifts from other registered charities $171,448.00 (50.73%)
Government funding $0.00 (0.00%)
All other revenue $25.00 (0.01%)
Total revenue: $337,965.00

Charitable programs $220,726.00 (89.76%)
Management and administration $25,171.00 (10.24%)
Fundraising $0.00 (0.00%)
Gifts to other registered charities and qualified donees $0.00 (0.00%)
Other $0.00 (0.00%)
Total expenses: $245,897.00

Total compensation for all positions

Full-time employees (3)

Professional and consulting fees

Compensated full-time positions:
$40,000 to $79,999 (3)

7. Little Info On Elections Canada Site

A quick search into the financing section of Elections Canada shows very little. In fact, as of the time of writing this, there are 21 donations total with McKenna’s name on them. Most are for a few hundred dollars. So McKenna hasn’t been getting large donations from various groups.

8. Global Internship Program

In summer 2016, Level placed 20 student interns with NGOs in Canada, the US, Ghana, Namibia, Kenya, Thailand, India and Bangladesh, where they gained practical human rights research and advocacy experience. While Level has made the difficult decision this year to shift its focus to local and remote internship opportunities, we are proud to have facilitated international internships for over 220 students since 2005. I would like to take this opportunity to thank  our amazing partners for their support of our student initiatives, and their commitment to making justice a reality for some of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Focused on an annual theme, Level’s Chapters organize community events, host conferences and panel discussions, and contribute research papers to an annual human rights journal. In 2016-17, our Chapters advanced awareness of women’s human rights both in Canada and abroad, and encouraged their peers to think critically about how they can use their budding legal skills to make a positive impact in their communities.

Through our Global Internship Program, 20 passionate and talented JD/LLB students spent the summer working for NGOs in Canada or overseas supporting grassroots efforts to increase access to justice and combat poverty, inequality and exploitation. Since 2005, over 220 students have advanced the mission of 45 organizations in 15 countries, while at the same time developing practical skills to advance their careers.

The quotes are from the annual 2016 report.

2014 through 2018 are available currently on the website.
On a serious note: one has to wonder how effective these students and new graduates would actually be. Not only would they have little to no experience in Canada, how could they contribute in countries where the culture and language are very different? How would they be able to operate in areas that might be highly suspicious of Westerners?

9. What This Group Does

From the looks of things, Canadian Lawyers Abroad, now called “Level Changing Lives Through The law”, or as “Level Justice”, runs a bunch of advocacy programs in Canada. The focus is on a social justice approach on crime, law, and access to representation.

The group has a “global internship program” which encourages law students and/or law school graduates to go abroad working for NGOs of other organizations. While the places are listed, it would be nice to know more about what these aspiring lawyers are in fact doing.

However, it appears that the bulk of the work has to do with domestic initiatives within Canada. That may explain the name change, as “Canadian Lawyers Abroad” left the impression that it was the bulk of their work.

Within Canada, it does seem to be focused on pitching the notion that poverty, racism and intolerance is what keeps people from getting access to justice. On the surface, this group seems to be noble and benevolent, though it views everything through the social justice lens.

Solutions #13: Refusing Forced Medications Or Vaccines (CV #15)

Bill Gates and Justin Trudeau seem to agree that normal life will not proceed until there is mass vaccination done. Of course, it raises the question: will this become mandatory?

1. Other Articles On CV “Planned-emic”

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CLICK HERE, for #1: piece on Bill Gates, Pirbright, depopulation.
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CLICK HERE, for #6: people GAVI/Crestview lobbied follow Gates.
CLICK HERE, for #7: M-132, Canada financing pharma research.
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CLICK HERE, for #12: 2006 report recommends surveillance/vaxx.
CLICK HERE, for #13: More on who Theresa Tam really is.
CLICK HERE, for #14: AbCellera gets $175.6M from Ottawa.

2. Previous Solutions Offered

CLICK HERE, for #1: Offering something to the other side.
CLICK HERE, for #2: Canada should leave the UN entirely.
CLICK HERE, for #3: Dumping multiculturalism and feminism.
CLICK HERE, for #4: More births instead of replacement migration.
CLICK HERE, for #5: Restore 1934 Bank of Canada Act
CLICK HERE, for #6: Abolish Human Rights Tribunals Entirely.
CLICK HERE, for #7: Abolish Gladue, fix underlying problems.
CLICK HERE, for #8: Banning (political) corporate welfare.
CLICK HERE, for #9: Putting a total moratorium on immigration.
CLICK HERE, for #10: How to do research, investigative journalism.
CLICK HERE, for #11: Have proper entry/exit border system.
CLICK HERE, for #12: maintain spiritual foundation of the West.

3. Disclaimer In This Article

Consider the following information to be just that — information. There is no guarantee offered that this will actually work in a person’s circumstances. They are simply options being given, so make your own decision. Yes, just presenting choices.

This scenario is still (for now) hypothetical, but let’s address it. Many people are understandably upset at the prospect (however remote) that forced vaccinations may one day come to Canada. Here are some ideas to fight back.

Granted, some of the ideas will involve deceit and trickery. However, the priority should be looking after your own health, and the health of family members. Honesty is of not the priority here.

As a last resort, consider to what degree you are willing to inflict on another person in order to protect your body from foreign chemicals. This must be a personal decision.

4. Conservative Weakness: Double Edged

Most Provinces in Canada have Conservative governments, and conservatives in general are weaklings. In practice, they function as a sort of “controlled opposition”. This can be a positive or a negative, depending on context. Let’s go through what this means.

The downside to conservative weakness is that they are unable or unwilling to actually stand up for anything. If Ottawa were to impose measures, they would likely give very tepid opposition.

However, there is a benefit to conservatives being spineless: you may be able to run roughshod over them. They are often to timid to fight back, so take advantage of it. Additionally, calling them a bigot may cause them to capitulate faster.

Is this stereotyping? Absolutely it is, but it’s very often true, so don’t disregard it.

5. Argue Over Jurisdiction

Section 91 and 92 of the Constitution outline what is Federal jurisdiction, and what is Provincial jurisdiction. If the Federal Government were to ever order mass vaccinations take place, argue that this encroaches on Section 92(7) of the Constitution, which is health care. Health care is a Provincial matter, and Ottawa cannot intrude.

Of course, if a Province were to insist that everyone were to be vaccinated, challenge it under Section 91(27), which is criminal law. Criminal law can only be made by the Federal Government. If a Province were to make laws that could result in people being detained, then it is an end run around imposing criminal penalties.

Yes, this is deliberately making contradictory arguments, and that is the point. Any forced vaccination scheme needs to be ground to a halt by whatever means are available.

6. Canadian Charter Of Rights

Some other options may be found in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Here are some sections of it that may be useful to look

Guarantee of Rights and Freedoms
Marginal note:
Rights and freedoms in Canada
1. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

In any Charter challenge, if it is found that there is a Charter breach, it comes back to Section 1. This section asks if the breach can be reasonably justified. Now, let’s explore a few grounds to refuse.

Fundamental Freedoms
Marginal note:
Fundamental freedoms
2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
(a) freedom of conscience and religion;
(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
(d) freedom of association.

Early in his time as Ontario Premier, Doug Ford gave an exemption to Sikhs who want to ride motorcycles without helmets. British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba have such exemptions as well. This is idiotic, as gravity won’t care that your inadequately protected head is covered by a religious piece.

If health and safety regulations take a backseat to pandering to religious groups, then take advantage of it.

Life, liberty and security of person
7. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.

If abortion and euthanasia can be protected under the guise of “security of the person”, then certainly preventing unknown chemicals form being put into your body can as well. in fact, the same arguments that the SJW types make can be applied here.

Search or seizure
8. Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure.

While the prohibition against search and seizure typically applies to people suspected of, or accused of committing crimes, there is another way to look at it. If a person is forced to produce proof of vaccination, or have their freedoms restricted, you could argue that it does an end run around Section 8.

Treatment or punishment
12. Everyone has the right not to be subjected to any cruel and unusual treatment or punishment.

This is pretty obvious.

Several options exist within the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to stop, or at least slow down any vaccination agenda. This would, at a minimum, violate:

  • Your right to religious freedom (if your faith doesn’t allow it)
  • Your right to be secure in your person (pretty self explanatory)
  • Your right against unreasonable search (such as med history)
  • Your right to not receive cruel, inhumane punishment

Would these be successful? Who knows? At a minimum they would delay any such measure for months, if not years.

Broadly speaking, here are three paths to follow:

One is to straight up sue the Government (and potentially any people involved). This is commenced by filing a Statement of Claim.

Two is to file a formal request for exemption with whatever health officials are involved. If that is denied, file and Application for Judicial Review.

Three is to proceed with a complaint with your Human Rights Tribunal. Interesting note: human rights are a Provincial matter, so this may void any Federal order.

The details for each are outside the scope of this article. However, consult your Provincial Human Rights Code, or Rules of Civil Procedure (or Courts of Justice Act), for more specific information.

7. Claim To Be On Other Medications

Are you on anti-depressants? Hormone regulators? Oxycontin for back problems? Antibiotics for a previous infection? Guess what, you are now. Don’t be ashamed about being dependent on the pharmaceutical industry.

While this is perhaps the easiest to pull off, it also requires some research to be believable. Do some online research about the ailment(s) you have, including common medications. Most sources will also list side effects of various drugs (and they are plentiful). Remember to ask probing questions about the cross reactions of various medications.

Also, if you can get ahold of the vaccine ingredients — or the list for a similar vaccine — you should do so. Search online to see what these ingredients will react with, and what medications will be fatal to mix with. There’s no need to ACTUALLY be taking these meds. Instead just CLAIM to be taking them.

Murder isn’t murder if it’s self defence. In that same line of reasoning, lying isn’t wrong if it prevents unwarranted harm from coming to you.

8. Fake Being Trans If Needed

This is a subgroup of the last solution.
And yes, this is a serious proposal.

Ever since Bill C-16 passed, which modified both the Criminal Code and the Human Rights Codes, “gender identity and expression” have been considered protected grounds. While this poorly defined expression has caused problems, there is a solution here.

If a person of authority ever insists that you need to be vaccinated, immediately ask how the vaccine will react with the hormones you are taking. This should cause most people to back off. But if the person doesn’t, then demand answers. If need be, threaten to lodge a human rights complaint against them.

Since Bill C-16 protects people who aren’t even transgender, it is okay to use it to throw your weight around. File formal complaints if need be. Sure, the other person(s) will have an enormous amount of aggravation heaped on them, but your well being comes first.

If this vaccine risks you being forced to stop taking hormones, then clearly that is transphobic. If the other person probes for details, there is always the option of bullying them into silence.

9. Weaponize Human Rights Codes

Really, this should be an absolute last resort, although there are people who would choose to do it first. The choice is your to make.

This option involves fully weaponizing the human rights codes (and any other such acts your area may have). It involves making completely bogus complaints of discrimination based on the most harmless or innocuous things, such as a joke taken out of context. Yes, this is going full-SJW. Accuse the person of racism, sexism, or whatever may tangentially apply.

Normally, I would not even suggest such a method, since it will almost certainly lead to people getting either suspended or fired from their positions.

A note of caution: be mindful of other witnesses, or recording devices. This method doesn’t work if the entire event is caught on video.

10. Your Well Being Comes First

While a forced vaccination seems extremely farfetched, there is at least the possibility of it happening. So people need to air out some solutions. Here they are, in order of most to least preferred.

(a) Ideally, these forced vaccines will never come to be a reality. If legislators attempt to enact it, publicly expose and spread the information. Make them back peddle in the face of public scrutiny. Feel free to launch petitions or to prevent this from going ahead.

I would also add doxing to this category. If it stops this from going ahead, then the humiliation of a health care worker, or police officer, or public official, serves a greater good.

(b) Going further: consider taking legal action on the matter. There are several provisions of the law which a suit can be filed under. A few are Sections 2, 7, 8 or 12 of the Canadian Charter. Depending on who orders the mass vaccination, challenge the authority under Section 91 and 92 of the Constitution.

(c) If need be, then use weasel techniques to get out of it. Ask probing questions to determine what is actually in the vaccine, and how it might mix with your current medications. Note: you don’t have to be on anything, but for this — then claim to be.

(d) File formal complaints against specific people involved, regardless of how minor their role. CAUTION: please understand, that there is a lot of hesitancy in offering some of these ideas. Acting maliciously against someone “following orders” can seriously mess up their lives. Find other options if possible.

(e) The option exists for moving to another jurisdiction to avoid the order. However, that is not desirable, as people should be able to stand their ground.

These are just some ideas to consider. The idea is still hypothetical — for now — but may not be at a later point. And it would be a good idea to consider them well in advance of any such order being proposed. In this case, honesty is not a concern; the health of yourself and family members is.