Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, And Some Of Their Holdings

The Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board is responsible for investing the money that gets taken from workers’ pay cheques. Now, what does this group actually invest in? The answers may be surprising, as it speaks to the direction they plan to take the fund.

3M Co. $51,203,000
Acceleron Pharma Inc. $85,000
Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc. $1,017,000
Alexion Pharmaceuticals $33,800,000
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals $1,329,000
Amicus Therapeutics $31,186,000
Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals $69,000
Biogen $3,749,000
Biohaven Pharmaceuticals $31,000
China Biologic Products $242,000
CVS Health Corp. $104,361,000
Cardiovascular Sys Inc. $1,339,000
Checkmate Pharmaceuticals $219,000
Eli Lilly & Co. $134,902,000
Fusion Pharmaceuticals $36,624,000
GW Pharmaceuticals $173,115,000
Gilead Sciences $85,944,000
HCA Healthcare $20,325,000
Healthpeak Properties Inc. $43,159,000
Horizon Therapeutics $688,000
Hutchison China Meditech $3,145,000
Ionis Pharmaceuticals $2,414,000
Johnson & Johnson $479,225,000
Ligand Pharmaceuticals $466,000
Magellan Health $5,683,000
Medifast Inc. $641,000
Medpace Holdings Inc. $15,813,000
Merck & Co. $379,344,000
Mirati Therapeutics $61,000
Moderna $75,193,000
Neurocrine Biosciences $752,000
Novavax Inc. $56,000
Opko Health Inc. (Sold off)
Orthofix Med Inc. $976,000
PTC Therapeutics $13,561,000
Pacira Biosciences $13,925,000
Pfizer Inc. $224,969,000
Phillip Morris $128,347,000
Physicians Realty Trust $5,618,000
Prestige Consumer Healthcare $1,022,000
Procter & Gamble $498,019,000
Quest Diagnostics $130,317,000
Reata Pharmaceuticals $323,000
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals $3,233,000
Royalty Pharma $5,420,000
Sabra Healthcare REIT $6,232,000
Sage Therapeutics $735,000
Sigilon Therapeutics $71,333,000
Starr Surgical Co. $21,247,000
Teladoc Health Inc. $4,796,000
Tenet Healthcare Corp. $14,267,000
Teva Pharmaceuticals $1,723,000
Theravance Biopharma $169,000
Thermo Fisher Scientific $198,939,000
Trevi Therapeutics $36,000
Trillium Therapeutics $1,431,000
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical $1,000
United Therapeutics Corp. $413,000
Unitedhealth Group Inc. $1,067,720,000
Usans Health Sciences $5,867,000
Viatris Inc. $16,153,000
West Pharmaceutical SVSC $410,000
Zimmer Biomet $19,398

Aside from all of the stocks in pharmaceuticals and health care, the CPPIB has interests in many other organizations that will raise eyebrows. True, the “Great Reset” may be a massive conspiracy theory, but the investments here would suggest otherwise.

Alphabet Inc. $2,188,964,000
Amazon Inc. $779,986
American Express $134,979,000
Apple Inc. $979,811,000
Aramark $19,240,000
Autodesk $19,044,000
Bank of America $372,509
Bank of Montreal $62,350
Bank of Nova Scotia $216,553,000
Best Buy $12,943,000
Blackline Inc. $493,000
Blackrock $230,895,000
Blackstone $53,059,000
Boeing $70,565,000
Citigroup $319,809,000
Comcast Corp. $65,150,000
E-Bay $15,259,000
Equifax $135,602,000
Fox Corp. $4,632,000
Hewlett Packard $121,000
Home Depot $274,181,000
Icici Bank Limited $59,222,000
JP Morgan Chase $876,096,000
Mastercard Incorporated $2,236,387,000
Microsoft Corp $1,143,414,000
Molson Coors Beverage $8,593,000
NASDAQ $5,116,000
Newscorp $470,000
Paycom Software $993,000
Paychex Inc. $19,982,000
PayPal Holdings $228,341,000
Pinterest $611,000
Rogers Communications $1,500,000,000
Royal Bank of Canada $537,548,000
Shaw Communications Inc. $100,269,000
Shopify $244,903,000
Starbucks Corp. $32,580,000
Synchrony Financial $5,553,000
Target Corp. $29,903,000
Tesla Inc. $128,538,000
Toronto Dominion Bank $289,035,000
Transunion $37,293,000
Trip Advisor $1,468,000
Twitter Inc. $57,887,000
Uber Technologies $60,382,000
Verizon Communications $192,559,000
Visa Inc. $135,000
Vonage Holdings Corp $145,000
Walmart Inc. $245,483,000
Zoom Video Communications $5,807,000

For reference, Alphabet Inc. is the company that owns Google and its subsidiaries, such as YouTube. It seems that being major stakeholders in the business will have great influence over the social media censorship that Governments ask them to play. CPPIB holds over $2 billion. Difficult to say no to your biggest shareholders.

Additionally the CPPIB holds over $50 million in stock in Twitter. This platform has also been brutal when it comes to censoring views that contradict official pandemic or election narratives.

This is certainly quite in the interesting portfolio: pro-big pharma, and pro-Great Reset. However, there is a bigger and more fundamental problem that needs to be addressed: liabilities.

Year Value of Fund Inv Income Rate of Return
2010 $127.6B $22.1B 14.9%
2011 $148.2B $20.6B 11.9%
2012 $161.6B $9.9B 6.6%
2013 $183.3B $16.7B 10.1%
2014 $219.1B $30.1B 16.5%
2015 $264.6B $40.6B 18.3%
2016 $278.9B $9.1 6.8%
2017 $316.7B $33.5B 11.8%
2018 $356.B $36.7B 11.6%
2019 $392B $32B 8.9%

The CPPIB routinely crows about how well its investments do, and how the fund is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. The problem is that it has a screwy accounting system. Instead of taking into account all assets and liabilities, the health is determined by ability to meet current obligations. The fund has been properly accounted, and there is over $1 trillion in unfunded liabilities. This is money taken in an spent, for which it (should have been) paid out.

Most pension systems act as a ponzi scheme, where the only way to meet old obligations is with the infusion of new money. Clearly, such a system is unsustainable in the long term.

But hey, at least our investments in Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Gilead, Eli Lilley and 3M are doing well. Good thing there is a “pandemic” to drive up demand for these products.

To hell with free speech and open media.
Big pharma is here to stay.

2 Replies to “Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, And Some Of Their Holdings”

  1. Good reporting… The establishment realized long ago that they had to control capital allocating in order to keep their stranglehold on a given society. The power of producing wealth is infinitely more important then wealth itself, they like to control who gets funding and who doesn’t, based on ideology and conformity to narrative.

    Overwhelming majority of pension funds and big investment firms in North America have puppets that were put in place over time. They have complete control now. There is minor resistance, but that economic resistance cannot flourish under establishment controlled puppets that we have in Canadian politics.

    Keep doing your thing editor! Your work will get revealed to the masses one day, that’s guaranteed…

  2. Yes par for the course eh1 You may notice that there are not many Canadian companies. You may also notice the amount of companies engaged in genocide, cut , burn, poison, dumbing down. You may also notice those engaged in the war against “whitey”, censorship of truth, monopoly enforcement, links to the CIA. The possibility that you may also notice the degree of crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality, with the culture of death, not ESG as you know it, but Extinction/Extermination, Suppression (including doxxing, deplatforming, spy, crime & censorship) and Genocide,

    Many people do not know, but there exists an association of “Actuaries” and according to the math, real math that is, the CPP is actuarily broke…unfunded liabilities is nothing to brag about, as the people running it are not only traitors, they are incompetent. Additionally, they are classified as “enemy combatants” “enemies foreign and domestic” conducting and engaged in “wars of aggression” “acts of aggression” collaboratateurs” “anti nation state sovereignty” also financing the enemy, and engaged in financial and business transactions with the enemy and foreign states engaged in war, genocide and terrorism against Canada and Canadians, along with the poison business and doing business with known sociopaths, homicide maniacs, genocide maniacs, serial killers, serial polluters, serial agents of disease, sickness and death.

    They got the job because they can’t do honest math, are not nationalists and have no conscience…they are traitors, race traitors and selling out and financing the enemy.

    when you write vaccines or read vaccines, consider that as “bio-weapons” since they are not vaccines, do not act according to vaccine definitions.

    Perhaps, everyone reading could make contributions, much like Judicial Watch in the state and take it a step further for multiple class action litigation and certainly mass publicity.

    By the way, your pension is not safe, do not depend on your pension, if you need to restructure your living, finances, assets, revenue streams and expenses, it would be “wise”. If I told you in less than 40 days, you would have the bad news, that your pension would be cut, especially if you are a white Canadian, what would you say? I am not a prophet, maybe hope that it is not true, however leave nothing to chance and don’t take the so call vaccine, which is a bio-weapon, which is utilized to kill off “geriatricide” or something like that, older people, since the CPP is broke with unfunded liabilities.

    After all, can you argue that vaccines aka “bio-weapons” it was not promoted to older people first? Eh? People that may not be so aware with alternative news, people subject to endless repetition and mind control, isolation and trauma based mind control, After all, if you don’t know who owns, controls, votes, edits and censors fake news, media and vaccine and the drug pharmaceutical companies and microwave towers, smart meters and toxic lockdowns, maybe you need to keep reading at and other reliable true facts….

    it is not conspiracy theory, toxic anti viral drugs are not conspiracy theory, blood clots and sudden death is not conspiracy theory, strokes, heart attacks and cancer from microwave technology is not conspiracy theory, eating an apple a day to keep the doctor away is not conspiracy theory, and everything a white man says cannot be labelled automatically as conspiracy theory or racist, or white nationalist either. the fact is in war, if you are stupid, you can die, if you are not aware, you can die, if you take the vaccine bio-weapon, you can die and. even experience something much worse than death…and it will be too late to say I told you so, you vaxx you die, look at all those companies invested in criminal organizations by the CPPIB, that is criminal, like a political party, a front for a criminal organization, in addition to acting like criminal organization, take a look.

    You are looking at comprehensive war vector scenarios and financing of the enemy, criminals and traitors and genocide maniacs….maybe you can govern yourself accordingly…after all, we really need older people alive and well, and if you notice, there is zero investment in pro-life, organic food and almost nothing of any value that is “Made in Canada” so you can either make them obsolete or you will be made obsolete and extinct…

    Have a nice day with your new portfolio eh

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