(Now Available) Borderless Canada: Replacement Migration & Fifth Columnists Operating Within

With all the content given out, occasionally, an ad needs to be run. And this is another book. The 4th one, Borderless Canada, is now available both in paperback and as an e-book. This helps support the costs of running the website, and ensures the information reaches a wider audience.

Borderless Canada: The many hidden costs of the mass migration policies, including economic, social, and cultural. This couldn’t have happened without many subversive interests pushing it. Many know that politicians act as puppets, but not how deep it goes.

Most people aren’t remotely aware of what’s happening on the subjects of borders and immigration. Nor do they grasp the full extent of subversion agents and NGOs working towards these goals. Partly, this is intentional, as politicians and media figures aren’t interested in a fully informed public. You think those subsidies are just a form of charity?

This cannot be explained as simple incompetence or cluelessness. The replacement of the West has long been a deliberate aim.

Also, this isn’t a partisan issue. The bulk of the “right wing” in Canadian politics supports this destruction, as do many of their voters. They just insist it be done legally, and with economic benefits.

Of course, earlier publications are still available.

Twenty Twenty-One: A condensed form of this research into the fake pandemic in Canada. Hard details and stats provided throughout, refuting virtually all major Government claims. Spoiler, there isn’t a “pandemic” at all.

Inside The Ontario Science Table: The sequel focuses on the “independent experts” calling for Ford to keep the Province locked down, and pushing and pandemic narrative. The ties to the University of Toronto and big pharma run very deep.

The Green Bankers Cartel: There’s a lot more than meets the eye to the climate change movement. Far from the image of being grassroots, the financial sector sees it as opportunity. Useful idiots support it anyway, without realizing that they advocate for policies that ensure their own enslavement. We are told “The debate is over” as a means of stifling legitimate concerns and inquiries.

All of these are available online either as ebooks, or paperback.

Naheed Dosani, Mandatory Vaccines, PEACH, End Of Life, Care For The Homeless

The above tweets are quite chilling. Here, we have someone who is angry that Doug Ford announced that proof of vaccination will end in January. The rationale is that if unless people are pressured to get it, they will just “wait it out”. This attitude is sick and twisted, yet people like this are allowed to care for vulnerable patients.

This isn’t a one-off from someone showing poor judgement. Nor is it some troll being a twit online just for kicks. This man is treated as a medical expert by the establishment.

If a person repeatedly posted comments about pedophilia, would you let them near your children? Of course not. Then why is someone who frequently writes in favour of forced medical procedures allowed such a power as a doctor?

Another day, another look at a doctor on the media circuit. This time, it’s McMaster University Professor, Naheed Dosani. Any time an “expert” is all over the news, pushing vaccines and public health measures, it’s worthwhile to do a bit of digging. Dosani is quite obviously on board with the “pandemic” agenda. Dosani’s Twitter feed is full of social justice issues, mocking the “anti-vaxxers” and retweeting people being called racists.

There is a lot of these comments in Dosani’s feed, and it’s downright creepy how readily he wants to impose his will on others. He seems to have no real respect for bodily autonomy.

Regarding some of these tweets, Dosani employs a common tactic: he’s gaslighting people by claiming if they “wait for the mandates to end, it undermines efforts to force injections”. While true, it undermines the validity that these are even necessary.

We obviously can’t have people shopping around for a less harmful “vaccine”. Things like blood clots, leaking capilaries, Bell’s Palsy, or heart inflammation aren’t that serious anyway.

Dosani received a Meritorious Service Cross from the Governor General for his work with (PEACH), Palliative Education and Care for the Homeless (PEACH). Apparently this was a model to be replicated in other cities around the world.

On its own, Dosani’s work with homeless and vulnerable people seems quite noble and admirable. However, given his obsession with pushing these experimental concoctions, it’s fair to ask whether he will be pushing them on those groups he claims to want to help? Will these lead to pressuring people into accepting them? Given his animosity towards people trying to exercise free will, one has to wonder how he behaves with his own patients.

This person has also called for UBI, or a universal basic income, to be implemented. He says that in the long run it’s much cheaper for everyone. Kwame McKenzie of the Ontario Science Table, previously was the research chair for the 2017 Ontario pilot project. Strange, if this is just a coincidence.

Dosani received his MD at McMaster University in Hamilton, and he’s listed as an Assistant Clinical Professor there. This university has received substantial amounts of money from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in recent years.

Kashif Pirzada is another pro-lockdown, pro-vaccine personality who’s frequently on the news. He’s also a Faculty Member at McMaster, and more information about the school is available. A quick tidbit: McMaster’s endowment fund is managed by Blackrock.

In July 2021, Dosani co-authored an opinion piece in the Toronto Star, calling for the mandatory vaccination of healthcare workers. In the article, they comment that workers can use paid sick days to take time off work to recover from the side effects.

Of course, this should not detract in any way from the often repeated talking points that these vaccines are safe and effective. Remember, the correct vaccine for you is the one you’re offered first.

Many health workers may not be aware that they can use paid sick days (called the Ontario COVID-19 Worker Income Protection Benefit) to take time off to recover from vaccine side effects. Unfortunately, only three days are available. This means that if a health worker had already taken time off to go get a COVID test, or to look after a family member with COVID-19, they would have no sick days left.

The piece was cloaked in a plea for compassion for marginalized people, and had the same usual social justice talking points. What was noteworthy was that one of the co-authors was Sabina Vohra-Miller. She and her husband, Craig Miller, started the Vohra-Miller Foundation. More background information on them is available here.

The Institute for Pandemics, which opened in August 2020 at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, is working to strengthen co-ordination, communication and collaboration between science and government—an approach rooted in evidence-based policies that will support quicker responses to future pandemics.
The Vohra Miller Foundation’s investment to launch the Institute for Pandemics was just the start of its extraordinary new partnership with the University. In February 2021, the couple once again made history—for the University of Toronto and for public health in Canada—with a $5-million commitment to help create First Exposure, an innovative new research network and information hub for maternal, reproductive and child health also housed at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health.

The Vohra-Miller Foundation was a major financier of the “Institute for Pandemics“, run by the Ontario Science Table, at the Dalla Lana School for Public Health, at the University of Toronto. Dosani himself received training at UofT. His profile still lists him as a lecturer there. Certainly an interesting connection that they know each other.

He was part of a group of researchers that received nearly $1 million from the CIHR on behalf of the University of Victoria to study homelessness, life limiting illness, and vulnerable populations.

Dosani appeared before the Canadian Senate on Bill C-7, to expand MAiD, or medical assistance in dying. He spoke out how many people who consider this only do so since they face many other problems in their lives. It was quite the compelling piece to watch. Of course, will he view that certain medications are needed to maintain a certain quality of life?

Journey Home Hospice, an end-of-life centre for people who are homeless, opened up in 2018, due largely to Dosani’s efforts. PEACH was also founded in 2014 by Dosani.

Bit of a side note: until recently, Dosani was a physician at the William Osler Health system. This place previously challenged the VOM or “vaccinate-or-mask” policies. This is basically the opposite of what Dosani supports. Of course, this was in the days when the Ontario Nurses’ Association actually stood up for its members.

Dosani’s work with homeless people is something (by itself) to commend. However, given his attitude towards mandatory injections, and his connections, where exactly is this heading? Considering that he supports coercing people into taking experimental drugs, does he really have humanity’s best interests at heart?

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Dalhousie Experimenting On 6 Month Old Infants; Lisa Barrett; More “Vaccine Hesitancy” Grants

Unfortunately, the conspiracy theorists have been proven right again. In this specific example, Dalhousie University will be doing drug trials on infants and toddlers between the ages of 6 months and 5 years old. That’s right, INFANTS and TODDLERS. Sadly, there are still many parents who would knowingly sign their children up to be experimented on.

[A few quotes from the notice]

What is the purpose of the KidCOVE Study?

The purpose of the KidCOVE Study is to test a vaccine that may protect children from getting sick if they come into contact with SARS-CoV-2 (also called coronavirus), which causes COVID-19.

What is the KidCOVE Study?

The KidCOVE Study is a clinical trial that is testing a study vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19. Researchers will measure your child’s immune response to the vaccine by collecting blood samples. These samples will be tested for natural proteins that are called antibodies. Checking your child’s antibody level helps researchers know how well the study vaccine is working. The study doctor and study team will monitor your child’s health throughout the study.

To be eligible, your child must:

  • Be between six months old and less than six years old and in good health
  • Not have a positive COVID-19 test within two weeks prior to receiving the first vaccination
  • Be free from exposure to someone with SARS-CoV-2 infection or COVID-19 within two weeks prior to receiving the first vaccination
  • Not have received an investigational vaccine or treatment for COVID-19
  • Be willing and able to comply with all study requirements

What will my child have to do?

  • Your child will have two injection visits, which will be 28 days apart. If your child is enrolled in the first part of the study, you will know that they are receiving the study vaccine. If your child is enrolled in the second part of the study, they will be chosen at random to receive either the study vaccine or the placebo.
  • There is a 75% chance your child will receive the study vaccine and a 25% chance they will receive the placebo. Your family will not know which option your child has been assigned if enrolled in the second part of the study.
  • You and your child will be asked to return to the study site three to four more times, depending on their enrollment assignment. These visits will occur 15 days, one month, six months, and 12 months after the second injection.
  • Your child will have two telemedicine visits – about one week after each injection. During these calls, the study team will check how your child is feeling. After that, the study team will call you once a month during the months your child does not have a study site visit.
  • You will be asked to complete electronic diary (eDiary) entries for the duration of the study to report any COVID-19 symptoms your child experiences.
  • Your child will be closely monitored by the study team if any symptoms of COVID-19 are reported at any time throughout their participation.

To be eligible, the children must be under the age of 6 years old. This is alarming on many different levels. Over 13,000 children are expected to be enrolled in this.

This study appears to be a collaboration between Dalhousie University and the Canadian Center for Vaccinology. It gets even creepier, as the Center for Vaccinology already prepared their list of “talking points” (their label) for children who are understandably worried. And what do you know? It’s Moderna who’s behind the study.

The CCfV collaborates with 3 partner organizations:
(a) CAIRE (Canadian Association for Immunization Research and Evaluation)
(b) CIRN (Canadian Immunization Research Network)
(c) IMPACT (Immunization Monitoring Program, ACTive)

CIRN has actually been covered by Canuck Law before. The organization has extensive ties to the pharmaceutical industry. CAIRE is currently studying the effects of vaccines on pregnant women, and has ties to the usual suspects. IMPACT is run by the Canadian Paediatric Society, and tries to push vaccines on children.

Does these people really have your interests, and the interests of your children at heart? Or is this simply a lucrative business opportunity?

One of the members of the CCfV is Lisa Barrett, who is a “Clinician Investigator” at Dalhousie. She has quite the interesting background, and is more than just a doctor.

It turns out that Barrett is another media darling, making the rounds on the Canadian news. She’s just one more “expert” pushing the mass vaccination agenda, and is often on outlets like CTV News.

According to both her LinkedIn and Dalhousie profiles, Barrett spent time at the NIAID, or National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. This is the organization headed by Anthony Fauci. She also completed a residency at the University of Toronto, which is where the Ontario Science Table is based.

Dalhousie received a $50,000 grant from NSERC (or rather, taxpayers) over the Summer of 2021. This was to promote the pro-vaccine agenda. It was one of just many handed out to Canadian universities. See the links at the bottom for much more on these subsidies.

For another batch of taxpayer grants used to “fight vaccine hesitancy“, consider the list below. A lot of money is being used to promote and push these shots. Now, if there was were a raging pandemic, would all of this be necessary?

African Arts & Culture Community Contributor Society Black communities in British Columbia $450,000
Alberta International Medical Graduates Association Newcomers to Canada $500,000
Alliance for Healthier Communities Vulnerable populations across Ontario,
Community health providers and workers
BGC Canada Youth, Parents and guardians $500,000
British Columbia Association of Community Health Centres (BCACHC) Vulnerable populations across British Columbia, Community health providers and workers $323,871
British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) Public health and immunization stakeholders, General public $2,732,965
British Columbia Fraser Health Authority Hard-to-reach families, Indigenous populations, Newcomers to Canada, Low-income families $709,175
Canada Safety Council Teachers, Students in primary, junior, and intermediate grades, Parents and guardians $220,000
Canadian Association of Community Health Centres (CACHC) Vulnerable populations across Canada, Community health providers and workers $598,915
Dr. Peter Centre Marginalized populations living with HIV and other health issues $537,301
The Canadian Association of Science Centres (CASC) General public $1,749,578
Canadian Public Health Association Vaccinators, Health care providers $1,847,303
Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) Primary care patient populations less likely to have received the vaccine based on factors like reason for vaccine hesitancy, age, language, education level, rurality, gender, and ethnicity. $450,000
Indigenous Primary Health Care Council Health care providers, Indigenous Peoples $500,000
Institute national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ) Parents and guardians, Youth, Teachers/educators $723,804
Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre Inc. Urban Indigenous populations in Winnipeg, Manitoba $470,000
Mainline, a program of the Mi’Kmaw Native Friendship Centre People who use drugs and urban Indigenous Peoples in Halifax, Nova Scotia $123,000
Manitoba Association of Community Health (MACH) Vulnerable populations across Manitoba, Community health providers and workers $350,625
Nova Scotia Association of Community Health Centres (NSACHC) Vulnerable populations across Nova Scotia, Community health providers and workers $292,800
Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness People of African Descent in Nova Scotia $430,000
Public Health Association of British Columbia Youth $1,139,916
Refugee 613 Newcomers to Canada and racialized populations $500,000
Regina Treaty / Status Indian Services Inc. (RT/SIS) Indigenous Peoples in Regina and surrounding communities, Saskatchewan $100,000
Regroupement des centres d’amitié autochtones du Québec (RCAAQ) Indigenous Peoples in La Tuque, Trois-Rivières, and Joliette, Québec $475,000
Saskatchewan Health Authority Community health workers, Parents and guardians, High-risk populations $650,642
University Health Network Personal support workers $325,000
University of British Columbia Public health, Primary and community care leaders, Local organizations, Indigenous and/or cultural leaders, Municipal leadership, and other Policy makers $419,000
University of Toronto Vaccinators, General public $499,792
Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre Underhoused and homeless individuals in New Westminster and Vancouver, British Columbia $460,000
Women’s College Hospital Non-physician health care practitioners and other essential workers in long-term care facilities and homecare settings $500,000
Women’s Health in Women’s Hands Community Health Centre Racialized women, Ethno cultural and faith-based organizations $450,000
Yukon Health and Social Services Yukon residents $599,999

Has this sort of money EVER been spent on trying to push experimental concoctions on the public? Has there ever been drive kind of a drive to use infants as guinea pigs?

Much of the content for this article came from 2 people who read this site often. Thanks very much for spreading the word on these important issues.

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(H) Vaccine Community Innovation Challenge
(I) CIHR Using Public Money To Push Vaccines On Society
(J) Heidi Larson, VCP, LSHTM All Getting Funding From Big Pharma
(K) NSERC Grants To Push Vaccines On More People

“Inside The Ontario Science Table” Now Available Online

Inside The Ontario Science Table: The “Independent” Group Pulling Ford’s Strings, is now available both in paperback, and as an ebook. It builds off of the last one, and as the name implies, there is a heavy focus on that one Province. Of course, Twenty Twenty-One is still there as well, and covers a lot of topics related to this so-called “pandemic”.

A lot of work has gone into both of these, so please support independent research. Thank you.

Other coverage on the site continues.

(1) https://www.amazon.ca/B09BCNP48J
(2) https://www.amazon.ca/B095Y515XK

A Talk With Professor Colin Furness Of The University Of Toronto DLSPH

This article is going to be different. Friday, July 9, I had a talk with University of Toronto Professor Colin Furness. Although our views are miles apart on a lot of this, it’s worthwhile to get another perspective.

This meeting came about after finding his name listed as an advisor for a firm called Sapphire Health. This company is currently working on a model to implement AI (artificial intelligence) into health records. However, it seems that this listing was done in error, as he personally knew the founder, and had talked on a social basis.

His recent work covers “the effectiveness of information systems for knowledge work; information and knowledge management; health behaviour change; infection control epidemiology; COVID-19 pandemic management in Canada.”

In any event, it’s nice to get outside the echo chamber once in a while.

January 2019: First Interim Report Of Premier’s Council on Improving Healthcare and Ending Hallway Medicine

The term “hallway medicine” is used to describe a health care system that is so overloaded that there aren’t enough rooms for patients. Ontario’s health care system has long been operating over capcity. Shortly after taking power in 2018, Doug Ford promised to have the issue studied and corrected.

However, in the light of this so-called “pandemic”, that previous issue seems to have been scrubbed from the media, and from political talking heads. Prior to this, apparently there were no serious health care issues.

The Ontario Science Table and various “TV experts” would have you believe that hospitals are overwhelmed because of a virus (that has yet to be isolated). Countless “non essential” health care services have been cancelled in the name of freeing up space to accommodate anticipated death waves.

Read the 1st report for yourself, but it’s quite telling:

Key Findings
1. Patients and families are having difficulty navigating the health care system and are waiting too long for care. This has a negative impact on their own health and on provider and caregiver well-being.
2. The system is facing capacity pressures today, and it does not have the appropriate mix of services, beds, or digital tools to be ready for the projected increase in complex care needs and capacity pressures in the short and long-term.
3. There needs to be more effective coordination at both the system level, and at the point-of-care. This could achieve better value (i.e. improved health outcomes) for taxpayer money spent throughout the system. As currently designed, the health care system does not always work efficiently

Chapter 1: The Patient Experience
Patients and families are having a difficult time navigating the health care system. Ontarians cannot always see their primary care provider when they need to, wait times for some procedures and access to specialists and community care are too long, and emergency department use is increasing. A lack of early intervention and prevention is contributing to more patients becoming ill. All of these challenges are connected to the problem of hallway health care.
Chapter 2: Stress on Caregivers and Providers
Health care providers, family members, and friends are feeling the strain of a system that isn’t making caregiving easy. This leads to high levels of stress and places a heavy burden on caregivers to act as advocates for timely and high-quality health care services.
Chapter 3: Different Health Care Needs
There are more patients with complex needs and an increase in chronic issues that require careful and coordinated management, like an aging population living longer with high rates of dementia. Fair access to health care across the province continues to be a concern.
Chapter 4: Immediate and Long-Term Capacity Pressures
Ontario does not have an adequate or appropriate mix of services and beds throughout its health care system. This leads to capacity pressures on hospitals and long-term care homes. Demographic projections indicate there will be additional strain on existing capacity in the near future.
Chapter 5: Responsibility and Accountability in the System
Ontario’s health care system is large. Responsibility for coordinating high-quality health care is spread across many government agencies, organizations, and the Ministry with no clear point of accountability to keep the focus on improving health outcomes for Ontarians. There is a fundamental lack of clarity about which service provider should be providing what services to patients and how to work together effectively. Ontario could be getting better value for the money it currently spends on the health care system.

Looks pretty serious. Keep in mind, this was 2018/2019, and the consensus even then was that Ontario hospitals were overflowing.

Adalsteinn Brown was part of the Premier’s Council on Improving Healthcare and Ending Hallway Medicine. Their 2019 report concluded that Ontario hospitals didn’t always run efficiently, and there weren’t enough reasons.

Fast forward a year or 2. That same Adalsteinn Brown now runs the Ontario Science Table. The group is claiming that coronavirus cases are responsible for Ontario hospitals being overwhelmed.

This previous Committee work seems to have been completely swept under the rug, as it doesn’t fit with the present narrative.

Even as late as January 2020, it was being reported on that Ontario hospitals were already overwhelmed. In face, CBC referenced a specific campaign promise Ford had made back in 2018 on this issue. CBC’s own investigation had concluded the same thing: that Ontario health care was pushed to its very limits.

From the CBC’s own work, it was shown that many hospitals were over 100% capacity, nearly every single day. This is a serious problem.

However, once the “global pandemic” hit, all talk about this seemed to stop. Instead, hospitals were being overwhelmed by waves of sick and dying “Covid” patients. That was the new narrative.

Hospitals across Canada — not just Ontario — responded by cancelling thousands of preventative, screening, and non emergency procedures. The health care system stopped taking care of the people it didn’t have the capacity to anyway. An interesting way to end hallway medicine. Just cancel services and end the backlog.

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