Nova Scotia FOI Shows Province Has No Evidence “Asymptomatic Spreading” Even Exists

Freedom of information requests (or access to information) can often unearth a treasure trove of data. Alternatively, it can force the body in question to admit that it doesn’t have records that are being sought. After 2 years of this “pandemic” nonsense, one would think that a huge body of evidence had piled up.

Our friend in Nova Scotia is back at it again, digging up dirt and information about the tyranny of Robert Strang. Here are some of the latest finds. Previously, there was the hospitalization scam debunked, the lack of data for masks in schools, the screwy definition of “cases”, and Nova Scotia reduced (yes, reduced) ICU capacity.

Now, let’s see what a doozy the latest round of FOIs bring:

On November 22, 2021 Nova Scotia Health (NSH) received your request under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPOP Act).
We understand your application to be for a copy of the following:
Any record, proof, document, report that an asymptomatic positive COVID-19 case is contagious and spread to others in Nova Scotia.
We have conducted a thorough search of our records, but we were not able to find any records responsive to your request. We are now closing your file.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

So, Nova Scotia has had a mask mandate for well over a year, in order to stop healthy people from “spreading a virus”. However, the Government admits it has no evidence to support any of this.

For some wider context: despite all the fear-porn, there is no hospitalization wave in Nova Scotia. In fact, the Province has reduced ICU capacity in recent years. Although there’s no evidence this virus exists, let alone can spread in healthy people, they impose masks on children. And all of this came after forcing businesses to shut down (many for good), and all in some abstract sense of public health. Let’s not forget the attempts to ban public gatherings.

Pretty strange, after the tyrant Iain Rankin was voted out, Nova Scotians were expecting liberty. Instead, they got Tim Houston, who does pretty much the same thing. It’s almost as if they’re all in it together.

UPDATE TO ARTICLE: It appears that Nova Scotia doesn’t have its own records on this subject. It seems that it simply relies on PHAC (Public Health Agency of Canada) and WHO to tell it what to do. Interesting. For some background on PHAC’s real roots, check this out.

Also, if you haven’t looked at Fluoride Free Peel, Christine Massey and her group have done a stunning amount of work proving that this “virus” has never actually been isolated. What is shown on television is just a computer simulation of what people claim they believe it looks like.

It’s nice to see truthers hard at work, but we need more of them.

(1) 2021-185 No Responsive records, Asymptomatic Spreading

5 Replies to “Nova Scotia FOI Shows Province Has No Evidence “Asymptomatic Spreading” Even Exists”

  1. Ronnie, Why when I press like am I sent to WordPress? Who are they?
    Notice how They Ignore Everything that is Proof of Of All These Lies.
    Yes, They are All In It Together… Which Is Unbelievable.
    So Many People Going Along With All of This To Kill People!
    Do They Really Believe That They Will Be “Spared” In This “Mass Genocide”
    Their “World Depopulation Plan?”
    And The New World Order of a One World Government Of Communism?

    I would Love to have your mailing address to send you some papers and more, is that possible? And I’ll give you mine.


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