Law Firms & Bar Associations Receiving Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS)

Don’t you find it strange that there are no lawyers posing any serious challenge to the tyranny of Trudeau, Ford, Legault, Kenney, Horgan and the others? Ever wonder why people who (theoretically) are best placed to challenge this are sitting on the sidelines? Perhaps, this may explain some of them.

Note: several duplicate and irrelevant entries were omitted.

  • 0914819 B.C. LTD. ( Magellan Real Estate Lawyers)
  • Aasara Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • AGB Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • Alam Law Firm, Professional Corporation
  • Alberta Lawyers’ Assistance Society (The Assist Program)
  • Alpert Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Andre J. Boudon Professional Corporation
  • Antoine Mailloux Avocat Inc.
  • Armoured Suits Professional Corporation
  • Aulis Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Avocats Cragmore Inc.
  • Avocats sans frontières Québec / Lawyers without borders Quebec
  • Ayoub A. Ali Professional Corporation
  • Bakshi Law Firm Firm Professional Corporation
  • Barapp Law
  • Barteaux Labour And Employment Lawyers Inc.
  • Benoit Roussy, Avocat Inc.
  • Blacklock Law Firm, Professional Corporation
  • Blouin Avocat S.A. Blouin Lawyer Corp
  • Borders Law Firm, Professional Corporation
  • Brooks Professional Corporation
  • Brown Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • Brunet Avocats Inc. / Brunet Lawyers Inc.
  • Bryshun Mace Law Corporation
  • BSS Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Burrows Professional Corporation
  • Buzaker Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Cabinet d’avocats NOVAlex Inc. / NOVAlex Law Firm Inc.
  • Canadian Defence Lawyers Association
  • Capelle Kane Immigration Lawyers Professional Corp.
  • Charney Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • Charthouse Law Corporation
  • Chinneck Law Professional Corporation
  • Cizan Suliman Professional Corporation
  • Corporate Immigration Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Costa Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Counter Tax Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • Cubicle Fugitive Inc.
  • D3B Avocats Inc.
  • D’Alessio Romero Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • David M. Piccolo Professional Corporation
  • Derstine Penman Professional Corporation
  • Di Stasio Avocats Inc.
  • Dietrich Professional Corporation
  • Disability Lawyers of Ontario
  • Douglas J. Lord Professional Corporation
  • DPJP Professional Corporation
  • Drayton Law Firm Law Corporation
  • Dube Latreille Avocats Inc.
  • Duford, Dion Avocats Inc.
  • Duncan F. Smith Law Corporation
  • Elkouby avocats inc. Elkouby lawyers Inc.
  • Étude légale N. Touma inc./ N. Touma law firm Inc.
  • Farley Avocats Inc.
  • Fife Cameron Trial Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • Foundation Law Corporation
  • Frank MacDonald Lawyer Inc.
  • Fresh Life Canada, Immigration Lawyers Inc.
  • Friedman Law Professional Corporation
  • Gary R. Armworthy, Lawyer Incorporated
  • Girones Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • GKS Law Corporation
  • Gladysz Camet Avocats Fiscalistes Inc.
  • Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • Gobran Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Goldfinger Injury Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • Gosselin Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Grandmaitre Virgo Evans Professional Corporation
  • Grinhaus Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Gupta Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Guzun And Associates, Lawyers Inc.
  • H. Zhang Professional Corporation
  • Haber & Associates Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • Hadayt Nazami Professional Corporation
  • Hagel Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Harris Law, Personal Injury Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • Holmberg Watson Professional Corporation
  • Home & Castle law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Hum Law Firm, A Professional Corporation
  • Iacobelli Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Jae Park Law Professional Corporation
  • James Bennett Law Firm PLC Inc.
  • Jane Poproski Professional Corporation
  • Jay G. Meunier Professional Corporation
  • JFB Avocats Criminalistes Inc.
  • John A De Bakker Professional Corporation
  • John M. Richter Law Corporation
  • Jonathon Kahane-Rapport Professional Corporation
  • Joseph T. Santoro Professional Corporation
  • JP Mann Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Justin James Walsh Law Professional Corporation
  • Kapoor Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Kelly D. Jordan Professional Corporation
  • Kelly + Kelly Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • Kennedy Schofield Lutz Lawyers Inc.
  • Kenneth Peacocke Professional Corporation
  • Kinder Law Professional Corporation
  • KMH Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • KPA Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • KRB Avocats Inc. / KRB Lawyers Inc.
  • Kruse Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Lak Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • LaLande Law Professional Corporation
  • Lamoureux, Avocat & Fiscaliste Inc.
  • Lang Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • Larson Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • Lauze, Avocate Inc.
  • Law Firm Of Shikha Sharda, Professional Corporation
  • Inc.
  • Liang Tax Law Corporation
  • Lisa C. Gilvesy Professional Corporation
  • Lomax Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Longo Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • M. Chuchla Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Mack Professional Corporation
  • Mauro Palumbo Law Corporation
  • Mayes Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Melville, Krotz Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • Millars Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • Minkin & Associates Professional Corporation
  • Mirian Law Firm, Professional Corporation
  • Monkhouse Law Professional Corporation
  • MPH Avocats Inc.
  • Mulligan Defence Lawyers Law Corporation
  • N3 INC.
  • Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers
  • Nanda & Associate Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • Natalie L. Hebert Law Corporation
  • Nimegeeers, Schuck, Wormsbecker & Bobbitt
  • NLCI Your Real Estate Lawyer Professional Corporation
  • NSWB Law Firm P.S. Inc.
  • Oldham Law Firm, A Professional Corporation
  • Ontario Trial Lawyers Association
  • Pace Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Pappas Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Peter Yi Law Corporation
  • Petitt Schwarz Professional Corporation
  • Philip J. Gerler Professional Corporation
  • Pilkington Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Pranzitelli Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • R C Di Bella Law Corporation
  • R. Farhat, Professional Corporation
  • R.W.J. Professional Corporation
  • R.Z. Skibinski Professional Corporation
  • Rajdeep Singh Deol Law Corporation
  • Rar Litigation Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • Renaud Lebuis Avocat d’Affaires Inc. Renaud Lebuis Business Lawyer Inc.
  • RH Law Professional Corporation
  • Roadlawyers Inc.
  • Rocco Galati Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Roger J. Baker Professional Corporation
  • Ronald S. Williams Lawyer Professional Corporation
  • Rui Zhen Feng Law Corporation
  • Salina Chagpar Professional Corporation
  • Seif Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Shaikh Law Professional Corporation
  • Sultan Lawyers Professional Corporation
  • The Kahler Personal Injury Law Firm, Professional Corporation
  • Top Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Verraich Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Wennie Lee Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • WN Law Firm Inc.
  • Y.L. Law Professional Corporation
  • Y. Liu Law Firm
  • Yixi Legal Firm Corporation
  • YuSheng Immigration Law Firm
  • Zafar Law Firm Professional Corporation
  • Zayouna Law Firm, Professional Corporation

Note: if you search under the heading “LEGAL”, another 300 names come up. These are not exclusively law firms, but include other companies who are involved in the industry. Looking up “BARRISTER” results in 68 more matches in the CEWS database.

Of course, the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy is just one program. There’s also the rental subsidy, which countless businesses applied for. Given how these programs keep getting different names, it can be difficult to track exactly who’s getting what.

While this certainly doesn’t include every firm, it’s still a lot of them.

Considering that the industry never shut down, it’s unclear what money was lost. Sure, there was a delay in 2020, but everything seems to run virtually now. In fact, since law can be done online, it probably led to a significant decline in expenses.

Wild idea, but perhaps not everyone wants to see the gravy train end.

There have also been claims (though it’s hard to grasp the magnitude) of lawyers and law firms being retained by the Government as ghost representatives. This would be done for the sole purpose of taking them out of the game. If such a person or company takes money in this manner, they’d be prohibited from taking on cases against Trudeau or his ilk. This would apply even if the lawyers never do anything to earn that original amount.

It’s been covered ad nauseum about how the media is being subsidized to dupe and mislead Canadians into going along with the psychological warfare. Maybe that’s not the only industry that can be bought off. And on the subject:

The Canadian Bar Association, as well as its counterparts in Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec have all been receiving the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy. Of course, it’s quite likely they’ve received funds under different programs as well.

There’s no real urgency within the legal community to end these martial law dictates. Strange, since few lawyers will pass up on the opportunity to grandstand. But perhaps there are other factors. No accusations are being made, just some curious observations.

Do you get it now, stupid lemmings? They’re all in it together, or, at least that’s how it looks on the surface.


(L) Institute For Strategic Dialogue: Partners, Funding


26 Replies to “Law Firms & Bar Associations Receiving Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS)”

  1. I would go with the theory that the major law firms have all been deliberately “conflicted out” by having been retained for something-or-other by the government.

  2. Thank you, this research it connects what I have been wondering about, as why no lawsuits are working to show this evil scam for what it is. I believe you have to make the individuals the focus not governments because they bury you in lawyers and fight you with your own tax dollars. The individuals must be held responsible possibly through class action lawsuits. It’s time to sue the individuals in the media for spreading lies and hate which has and will continue to lead to death. Make them personally responsible for their words.

    1. Individuals should be held accountable, but politicians,most of whom are lawyers, make certain that there is a provision that immunizes them from civil action if they ‘acted in good faith’. The definitions of good faith and bad faith have never been defined. Only in Constitutional Republics can individuals be held liable.

  3. In order to get the subsidies the business has to have had a serious drop in income. I don’t like the Liberals, the drama teacher, or the vaccine mandates, but getting these subsidies isn’t going to put a business ahead compared to times being normal.

  4. Attorney Dr Reiner Füllmich or Attorney, Aaron Siri are only lawyers I can think of who are trying to hold Big pharma/politicians/think tanks aka the DeepState to account.

  5. Lawyers are Crown agents … the Corona Virus is the Crown virus … this is the Cabals parting shot –

  6. What if it’s not just the lawyers you can’t trust? What if the supposedly resistance media is also fake? Check this out:

    Watch this video. Watch especially between 3:40 – 4:30. Notice how the goons rough up David Menzies, but they don’t touch the cameraman. Watch especially around 4:20 mark, one of the goons actually directs the cameraman back onto the action.

    Watch it. It actually happens twice. The head-goon directs the cameraman back onto the action at the 4:00 mark and the 4:20 min mark. It seems like that whole time in between there, they wanted to get on film. And when I say “they” I mean both Trudeau’s goons and Rebel media. What in the actual f*ck is going on around here?

    Does the extent of the theatre actually go this far? Perhaps not even all parties need to be involved. For instance, it doesn’t look like Menzies is in the loop. But watch around 4:20 and tell me the cameraman and the goons aren’t working together to get the shot right. The number of individuals working to thread this scam together is actually quite large. It is a scary thought to ponder that a large majority of humanity is truly depraved.

    1. Doesn’t look like that to me. Looks like he’s trying to keep the cameraman back from the action. You do know that David Menzies has filed a lawsuit against the RCMP, don’t you? He’s seeking damages for assault and battery, as he damn well should. I don’t think that Rebel would trump up something like this. That would be public mischief. Ezra Levant is too smart to do anything so stupid. And there’s plenty of fascism to go around, believe me. No need to stage any of it.

  7. I believe that everything the public is seeing is staged, including this attack on Menzies. The cameraman, who we are led to believe is a professional, was doing a very poor job of ‘recording’. They weren’t bothering him at all, so there was no reason for his camera to be all over the place and wobbly.

    The entire COVID scam was to cover up the financial collapse across the world and the change-over of all governments to World Government. There is no other way it makes any sense when you look at how they’ve drained the pension plans, and stolen property titles, for starters. Even the Tam’s playing the role of public health officials is all staging. There is no evidence she/he was ever a doctor or a Canadian government employee.

    This final leg of the change-over to World Government in Canada, Australia and NZ (all have very small populations and no guns) was planned long ago. The Parliament Buildings have been locked-down and boarded up for 2 years. The Polivieves and others are on a stage, just as Biden is on a specially-designed ‘stage’ when he is recorded.

    If you want to know what’s going on, avail yourself of the Communist Manifesto and the WEF playbook. It’s the template they have used for over 2 centuries and it goes the same every time, and every time, tens of millions are slaughtered or starved to death.

    We were arrogant and self-indulgent…we raised 2 generations of deadly soldiers for the communist. You are seeing them at work now.

  8. Always been sus on Rebel over here in Australia and that video just made me even my even more sus on them! I know it’s not proof of anything but it does look like one of the goons was directing the cameraman where to film. If it was real he would of at least tried to block him from filming by getting in the way of the camera and the action and not guide him to film the action!

  9. “Rebel” news (hint: rebellious people, rebellious house). Their colors are red and blue (red bill, blue pill; red lodge, blue lodge).

    1. The parasites wok hard to distract great people – so sad so many fall for these – distractions – The problem is the system, and No one is going to save You – Your going to have to wake up and get organized , you know the poison is killing People, the entire corrupt system can topple if you get organized at your local level in your community and build your local community, or keep listening to controlled opposition – detracting you on their empty promises. You know who they are start calling them out..

      Information Hub to meet Sovereigns working On SOLUTIONS to End This Corruption – 5 – 10 Eastern Time, Daily

  10. Doctors Nova Scotia received $64 million. So they covered the lawyers – doctors – Dalhousie. This is a big take down. Print money – pay off people. Voila.

  11. There was a UK reporter that worked for rebel, went to leave the company and Ezra went to him, to give him “hush money” (Ezra’s own words recorded on audio) to convince him NOT to say anything about the way the WHOLE rebel news operation is nothing but a large grift on the viewers/readers and how each “story” is really a push for one more fundraiser which NEEDS to be pushed onto the viewers in order to remain an employee of Ezra… I can’t remember the guys name but ik sure you can find it either on YouTube or rumble.. Rebel is a grift just like chiklets among others..

    1. I remember when Ezra (a lawyer) was with the cable channel, Sun News TV, before they went bankrupt and he and Brian Lilley and the woman anchor whose name escapes me right now (maybe Paige MacPherson or Lauren Southern ?), were promoting vaccination as though their very lives depended on our taking vaccines. This was years ago, around February 15th, 2015.

      The day I saw him in a rage because their viewers were not taking the jab fast enough, and claiming that unvaccinated were endangering the lives of others, I stopped watching them completely. I guess their endless virtue-signalling with expressions of rage worthy of an Oscar Award, turned off a lot of people because not long thereafter, the Quebec-based owner shuttered it all.

      I tried to find some Sun News TV episodes, but it seems they’ve all been purged from the internet.

      Then I learned that Brian Lilley, one of the founders of Rebel News, has 3 severely autistic chilldren, but still does not believe there is a connection with vaccines, despite all the research and his own experience.

      I also heard that Rebel News was sold a couple of years ago, but I could never learn who the buyer was. For some reason, I tend to think the Chinese bought them out, as they do little coverage of this communist enemy to Canada.

      As far as ‘hush money’, I found this tidbit on Wikipedia, with source included:

      “British contributor Caolan Robertson no longer works for the Rebel.[49] Robertson claims he was fired for “knowing too much” about the Rebel’s finances, claiming the company dishonestly solicited donations for projects that were already funded and concealing how that money was spent.[49] He also claimed that Southern[clarification needed] was fired for refusing to tape a fundraising appeal for the Rebel’s Israel trip after fundraising targets had already been met. Robertson also played audio of Levant offering him thousands of dollars of what Levant himself called “hush money”. Levant denies these allegations and says he will present evidence opposing this in court, claiming that he was being “blackmailed” by Robertson and his partner.[51][52][53] ”

  12. why would you want a Liar in the first place we dont need them because they are the ones making the laws and their employer is the Govt. you cannot win anything in court using all.. You take the courts on by yourself under Natural common law as a living man, they cannot deal with the living and have no jurisdiction over us..but most dont know this. When a client walks into court with a lawyer the judge sees you as an incompetent child who is not capable on representing himself..Learn law not fictional legal… man made fairy tales

    1. And you neglect to mention that when a Judge sees you walking into court without a lawyer, he sees prey. After all, court is a for-profit business operated by the corporate government.

  13. I didnt want to go into to much because its to deep of a subject and most wont research it anyways..In todays worlds we have a plague of ADD anything past 20 seconds..

    1. What does that have to do with anything, frank? Do you think you can just draw a line between Jews and everyone else and say “Those people are evil, and those aren’t.”? That’s bullshit. There are Jews and Christians and Muslims and Sikhs and Buddhists and Hindus on BOTH SIDES of this issue. You’re just naive to think otherwise.

    2. Frank, we are all frustrated, but don’t fall for the line that it’s a race issue. That’s what the evil want us to do — divide ourselves. There are really depraved individuals in every religion, idealogiy, profession, and in most families of any kind.

      Keep your eye on the ball, take note of those that are a problem as individuals, not the groups. This will be important later.

      The ‘ball’ is the style of government we have, protected by the BAR lawyers, top-heavy with pedophiles who have been blackmailed for decades. The ‘ball’ is foreign corporate governance, in which the People are nothing but commodities to be bought and sold.

      We can change this non-violently, but we must stop believing in party politics, lawyers, and corporate-style ‘justice’. Once we clear our belief system, then and only then will we be able to build a Constitutional Republic where the People ratify a Constitution that is then the Rule of Law. No more Rule of Law by ciorporate-owned Judge and Lawyer. Rule of Law by the People and ONLY the People.

      Right now we must get right with GOD (not religion), stand our ground and resist. Once we are right with our Creator, we will be well-guided and safe to organize and advance humanity. We are dealing with thousands of self-admitted Satanists and we need to recognize that and recognize that only GOD can help.

  14. CEWS money is also nice cover for Bar members being 1. oathed to the British Crown and operating in their jurisdictions, and 2. members being masonic grand lodge members. Jesuits in there too just like Surrey South MP Kerri-ann Boyd or whatever her name is now..

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