Vaccines, Coronavirus “Planned-emic”: Reviews

(1) Coronavirus: Bill Gates; Pirbright Institute; Depopulation Agenda
(2) Corona: Richardson, University Sask, UNDP-IVI, Gates
(3) Gates: GAVI; WHO; ID2020; UN Population Division
(4.1) Gates Using Proxies (GAVI, Crestview) To Lobby Parliament
(4.2) Zakery Blais, Lametti’s Former Assistant, Renews Lobbying Gig
(4.3) Ashton Arsenault Replaces Zakery Blais As GAVI/Crestview Lobbyist
(5) Crestview Strategy’s Vast Political Network
(6) Turns Out Lobbied Bureaucrats Already Follow Gates
(7.1) Canada’s Parliament, Motion M-132, Pharma Lobbying
(7.2) Raj Saini And His Pharma Connections
(8.1) Canada’s Vaccine Strategy, “Vaccine Hesitancy”
(8.2) Vaccine Confidence Project; Hesitancy
(8.3) More Vaccine Hesitancy Research, Mandatory Now?
(8.4) Psychological Manipulation To Overcome “Vaccine Hesitancy”
(8.5) WEF Meeting Again To Boost “Vaccine Confidence” Levels
(9) Government Subsidizes Media To Ensure Positive Coverage
(10.1) Pharma Lobbying Of Alberta Government
(10.2) Quebec Lobbying, Bipartisan Hatred Of Freedom, Rights
(11) Pharma Lobbying ON, Bill 160 Stalled
(12) 2006 Study Recommends Vaxx/Surveillance
(13.1) Theresa Tam; Outbreak Film; Lobbying; GAVI Archives
(13.2) More Questions About Theresa Tam
(14) Ottawa Gives $176M Grant To AbCellera
(15) Options For Refusing Forced Vaxx
(16) AB Court Challenge, Ties To Both Sides
(17.1) Conquer Corona, IDRF, New Industry Here
(17.2) Ford Likely Ordered Business Closures Due To Walmart Lobbyists
(18) Ottawa Financing “Vaccine Bonds”; GPEI/GAVI
(19.1) Media Parrots Covid Narrative Because Of Huge Subsidies
(19.2) Conservative Inc. Media Avoids Hard Questions On “Pandemic”
(19.3) Global Canada Wants Lockdowns, Lilley Omit Gates Funding
(19.4) The “Debate” With Brian Lilley, Anthony Furey
(20) Fetal Tissue Used For Vaccine Research
(21) Gates’ Tax Returns; Conflict Of Interest
(22) “Culture Shift” To Make Face Masks Mandatory
(23.1) Claim CV Masks Violate Religious Beliefs
(23.2) Using Cellphone, And Knowledge, To Bypass Mask Rules
(23.3) Mass Filings Of Complaints Against Public Health Officers
(23.4) Fluoride Free Peel Filing FOI Requests On Virus Isolation
(24.1) Ferguson Models Intentionally Wrong?
(24.2) London School Of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
(24.3) Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium, Funded By Gates, Run By ICL
(25.1) Will Contact Trace App Be Anonymous?
(25.2) Statistics Canada Sending CV Kits To Canadian Residences
(25.3) Intelligence/Detention Firm G4S Hired In Manitoba For Tickets
(26.1) Toronto Public Health admits falsifying numbers
(26.2) WHO Lies About Asymptomatic Virus Spread
(26.3) Compilation Of Lies By Public Officials
(27.1) UNESCO’s Campaign to Silence Contrary Voices On CV
(27.2) UNESCO And Banning Misinformation — Part 2
(28.1) BC Election Just Illusion Of Choice, No Real Options
(28.2) Trolling Sadie Hunter’s Stream, BC Election Rigged
(28.3) Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister Proposes Mandatory Curfew
(28.4) Conservative “Pandemic” Motion Is To Divert Attention Away
(29) Sick Kids Hospital Gets Funding From Gates; O’Toole Chief Of Staff
(30.1) Plant Based Vaccine Research Underway
(30.2) Pfizer Still Lobbying In Canada, Gets Approval In U.K.
(30.3) AstraZeneca Lobbying, Looking To Push Vaccines
(31) UNESCO Debt-For-Nature (Or Health) Swaps
(32.1) Bonnie Henry Admits No Science behind Group Size
(32.2) Bonnie Henry Admits No Science In Anything She Does

(34) BC CDC Promoting Degeneracy, Prostitution In Pandemic
(35.1) Canadian Court Rulings On Vaccine Indemnification
(35.2) Parallels To Swine Flu: Ferguson; PCR; Indemnity; Limited Tests
(35.3) Health Canada Won’t Answer Questions About Indemnity
(36) Dark Winter; Atlantic Storm; Clade X; Event 201; John Hopkins
(37.1) WHO Supports Mask Use, Admits No Real Evidence
(37.2) WHO “Still” Recommends Masks Despite Little Evidence
(37.3) WHO’s Records Show PCR Testing Always Was A Fraud
(38) Using “Pandemic” To Attack Religions Is Genocide
(39) Forcing Vaccines Violates Spirit Of Nuremberg Code
(40.1) Big Tech/Big Pharma Collude To Push Vaxx Agenda
(40.2) Google, Social Media Censoring Online
(40.3) Bill C-10; Gov’t Supports Social Media Collusion/Censoring
(41) Were Sherman Killings Tied To Pharma Research?
(42.1) CV Hoax To Provide Cover For Global Reset
(42.2) Green Climate Fund; Global Green New Deal; Disclosures
(42.3) Rempel Upset That Liberals Will Get To Implement Reset
(42.4) World Economic Forum, Great Reset, Communist Takeover
(43.1) Barbara Yaffe Admits Tests Can Get 50% False Positives
(43.2) Jason Kenney Doesn’t Care About 90% Error Rate In PCR Tests
(44) BBC Reports WHO Mask Policy Reversal Politically Motivated
(45) What WHO Actually Says About Separating People (1m)
(46.1) Dominic LeBlanc Proposes Law To Ban “Misinformation”
(46.2) Journalist Mark Slapinski Calls For Jailing Over Opinions
(47) Hoax Compilation, Media Manipulation, Free Speech
(48) Misleading Data, Computer Modelling Deceive Public
(49) WHO’s July 31 Vaxx List, No Promise They’re Safe
(50) BC Transit: Wear Masks For “Comfort” And Poll Results
(51) Dozens Of Sanitizers Pulled By Gov’t For Being Toxic
(52) OPH Recommends Masks, Admits They Don’t Work
(53) Colleges Adjusting To Pandemic Hoax Realities
(54) BC Gov’t Recommends: Stay Home, Do Drugs, Screw Around
(55) Australian Gov’t: PCR Tests Conflate Live/Excretions
(56) CTV Selectively Edits Out Admission 98% Deaths Were LTC Homes
(57) US CDC Admits Very Serious Problems With Testing
(58) ON “Vaccine Or Mask” Policies Nullified; BC Ombudsman Report
(59.1) How Are People Recovering If There Is No Cure/Vaccine?
(59.2) Some 35 Million People Globally Have Recovered With No Vaccine
(59.3) Vaccines Pushed Despite Overwhelming Recovery Rate
(60.1) BC Turns Blind Eye To Much Worse Causes Of Death
(60.2) Team Rubicon; Palantir; Hillier; Ford; MacNaughton; Vaccines
(61) CDC: Just 6% Deaths Solely to CV; Vaccine Patents; Masks
(62.1) WHO International Health Regulations Legally Binding
(62.2) A Look At International Health Regulation Statements
(62.3) Quarantine Act Actually Written By WHO, IHR Changes
(63) Were 2017 “CV Supplies” Just Products With New Descriptions?
(64) RCMP, Trudeau, Cave In On Sikh Accommodation Demands
(65) Anti-Mask/Vaxx Movement Corrupted By Grifters/Subverters
(66) Collateral Damage From Taking Covid-19 Vaccines

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