Media #13: George Floyd “Murder” Was Psy-Op To Start Race War

On the left, the person who allegedly choked George Floyd. On the right, the mug shot of Derek Chauvin. In fairness, the photo quality is not good. Still, they look nothing alike, especially the hairline.

1. Media Bias, Lies, Omissions And Corruption

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2. Important Links

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3. A Mea Culpa

Considering the article that was published (Media #12), less than 24 hours ago, this is a huge failure to catch the obvious. I should have immediately picked up on the fact that the images are of different men. This is even more so the case considering the recent article on the “Trudeau” double.

A huge thank you to the people who did catch it earlier and had been posting sooner. The efforts are much appreciated.

4. The Incriminating Video Itself

Some thoughts on the video itself:

  • The acting is over-the-top evil. It’s as if the people deliberately wanted to be vilified by the media.
  • The acting continued even though the police are fully aware that they are being filmed. Anyone with an ounce of self preservation would tone it down when they were faced with being video recorded
  • The badge on “Officer Chauvin” is very crooked
  • The license plate reads “POLICE”. While it’s true that vanity plates exist, one has to wonder if this is even real.
  • Looks very bizarre that the “paramedics” are wearing bulletproof vests.
  • Given YouTube censorship that runs rampant, why is this video still easy to find? One would think that it would be erased entirely

Comparing the two images of Derek Chauvin, they look nothing alike. The man on the left (supposedly the attacker):

  • has a widow’s peak, the other doesn’t
  • has a more flat bridge to his nose
  • larger cheekbones
  • has a more square forehead shape
  • has a more square chin
  • has larger ears
  • has a more prominent brow ridge
  • has more deep set eyes

In fact, when you spend time studying the 2 pictures, it’s clear they don’t look alike at all. This is a double, and not even a very convincing one.

In all honesty, Tou Thao looks like a different man as well. In the police mug shot, the neck appears thicker, the hair is thicker, and he appears to be considerably older.

There is currently the conspiracy theory floating that the man who played the role of Officer Chauvin is really Ben Bailey, the star of the TV series Cash Cab. Bailey does resemble the man from the video much, MUCH more than Chauvin does. That being said, it’s difficult to say for sure, and Bailey’s ears appear more rounded.

Seriously, at least 2 out of the 4 perpetrators don’t look anything like the people who have been arrested. Whatever happened to due process?

One would think that having the police department burned down would cause someone to speak out publicly that the man who allegedly killed Floyd wasn’t the officer in question. If telling the crowd that “it wasn’t one of our people” doesn’t work, what approach would you take?

Seriously, coming out an saying that the person on film wasn’t actually an officer should calm people down. Why was that not being done?

Considering that George Floyd had a closed casket funeral, it means that no one will be seeing the body, including friends and family. A cynic might wonder if he is even dead. After all, police charged his “killer” who doesn’t look anything like him. That the entire murder may be a hoax is not out of the realm of possibility.

Of course, don’t expect the mainstream media to cover this story properly. Here is Jennifer Mayerle perpetuating the coronavirus psy-op with her mask, while she covers the George Floyd psy-op in her talk. Mayerle clearly has trouble breathing with her mask on (just listen to her), but the act must keep going.

5. Ben Bailey To Star In “Stakeout”

Benjamin Bailey is starring in a fictional police series called stakeout. The trailers were released 2 months ago. Bailey then impersonates a police officer and takes part in the (apparently) fatal assault on a suspect, which is billed as real by the public. Then the real Derek Chauvin — who Bailey had been impersonating — gets arrested and faces murder charges.

Keep in mind, this may not actually be Benjamin Bailey, but it does look an awful lot like him. This fusing together of fiction and reality is enough to really mess with your mind. Of course, this could be just a very morbid coincidence.

6. Public Submitting For “Systemic Racism”

This is disturbing on many levels. Then man pretending to be Trudeau, and his adoring public, are wearing useless masks to protect themselves from a fake pandemic. While doing that, they are taking a knee to atone for the non-existent problem of systemic racism. Of course, the real Trudeau has worn blackface several times, and openly calls Canadians “racist”.

It’s hard to tell how many people actually are taking this seriously. Nonetheless, it is chilling to see Canada, or anyone, go down this path.

In fact, take a stroll through YouTube, or any search engine. In recent days “systemic racism” content has been piling up. A cynic might wonder if the media was controlled and all worked in unison. A person may also ask whether all of this media on “systemic racism” had all been suddenly generated in the last week, or whether this was just an excuse to let it out.

7. Protests Next Stage Of Psy-Op

Tam’s ever more convoluted logic. Now, let’s think about this.

The coronavirus “pandemic” was a largely calculated effort to take control over people’s lives. Businesses and industries were forcibly shut down, travel for Canadians was restricted, quarantines were imposed, entire areas of the public became off limits, and in many areas (and countries) wearing a mask became mandatory. Talks of mandatory vaccines hasn’t been met with widespread outrage. Nor has the idea of continuing to limit freedoms until vaccines are widely available.

It has been a largely effective method of seeing how far the public can be pushed into submitting and giving up their freedoms. How do we know it was a hoax? Aside from all the evidence of premeditation, foreigners are still allowed to enter en masse. This has been about increasing control.

Now we get to the next phase.

The government is helping contribute to bad race relations by trumpeting the message that Canada (and other nations) are horribly racist, and that people need to atone. Protesting is now fine. Gathering in large groups is fine. Just make sure you are wearing masks while you do it. Not that people are more likely to do bad things while their identity is concealed.

While the media is coordinated with the shifting narratives, serious questions don’t get asked. Who were the people who supposedly committed murder in that video? Is the victim really George Floyd? Was the entire thing staged? As for riots going on: who is coordinating them? Who is financing and supplying the riots (with bricks)? Why are people coming from out of state to take part?

Given all of the anti-white rhetoric that has been generated as of late, it’s fair to wonder if a civil war against whites has been part of the plan all along.

The media never really asked hard questions about the coronavirus planned-emic, so it’s no surprise to see the same thing happening here.

And whatever happened to the murder hornets that were supposed to invade the West? Is that hoax considered abandoned now?

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