Media #15: George Floyd Psy-Op; Call Times; The Swapping; Crisis Actors

Oblivious people seem to think that Derek Chauvin (left) is the man shown in the video (right). The entire event and arrest were preplanned and staged.

1. Media Bias, Lies, Omissions And Corruption

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2. Important Links


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3. Context For This Piece

The content here will read like a wild conspiracy theory, but it is an attempt to explain what happened in the George Floyd death.

The police had been called on George Floyd supposedly for passing a counterfeit $20 bill, and it was mentioned he may be drunk. The first police car responded in 7 minutes. While this sounds okay, you have to keep in mind that the average response time for non-serious matters is much closer to half an hour.

As was outlined in this previous article, the man who allegedly did this is not Derek Chauvin. It is someone pretending to be him, and not even a very convincing double. (see photos at the top).

The actual George Floyd might have died a few years ago.

The video compilation appears to show George Floyd being put in the back of the police car via the driver’s side door. He is then pulled out via the passenger side door. If he was already in the car, immediately removing him makes no sense at all, unless it was a ruse to place a switch.

The behaviour of the (allegedly) Derek Chauvin is comically evil. He doesn’t appear to care that all of this is being videotaped. Anyone with an instinct for self preservation would put a stop to it. Did none of the four think that this might be a bad idea?

Disclaimer: this is not 100% certain, but a good faith effort.

4. Minn Not Getting Calls Answered

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Thousands of 911 calls are going without an immediate response in Minneapolis. That’s according to new numbers taken from the Minneapolis Emergency Communications Center.

That was when the original estimate of priority one 911 calls going without an immediate police response was 1,251– between July 1, 2018 and June 30th, 2019. New data released over the weekend shows the real figure is more than five times that.

“There were 6,776 priority one calls that were made that we didn’t have an officer immediately able to respond,” Minneapolis Police public information officer John Elder said.

Those emergency calls include homicide and rape. Elder says the data renews the Chief’s call to add 400 more officers to the force over time. The Minneapolis Police Department currently employs around 600 patrol officers.

“We need additional staff to properly serve the residents of the city,” he said.

In this CBS Minnesota article from 2019, it is reported that Minneapolis Police Department isn’t answering calls (even serious ones) in any sort of timely manner. There have been calls to add another 400 officers to the ranks of the PD, something that Mayor Jacob Frey says is quite unrealistic.

Why is this important? Because, according to the New York Times video above, the police were called at 8:01pm, and the first car arrived at 8:08pm, just 7 minutes later (if it’s been pieced together accurately). While not impossible, it seems like this fairly minor alleged crime was responded to very quickly.

According to the transcript of the 911 call, Floyd had allegedly passed a counterfeit $20 bill, and may have been drunk. That seems pretty low down on the scale of seriousness, but the police were there in 7 minutes.

5. Call Response Times Continually Bad

Minneapolis police officers have been slower to arrive to emergencies so far this year, continuing a trend that some city officials say is a downside of community-style policing.

Between July and September, the department’s average reported response times for the most urgent 911 calls — “unstable scenes” with an imminent threat to life or property — were 10 minutes, 45 seconds, Minneapolis Police Department figures show. That’s 42 seconds longer than the same period last year and continues a steady lengthening of response times over the past four years.

Callers who reported situations without an immediate threat of harm, dubbed “Priority 2,” had to wait an average 36 minutes, 47 seconds to see a squad. That’s up from 34 minutes, 26 seconds during the same span in 2016.

Sgt. Catherine Michal, a police spokeswoman, said that officers are being asked to spend more time at crime scenes or in some cases are getting stuck in traffic jams around ongoing construction around the city.

This review is from 2017, and a good reference point. Priority 2 calls had an average wait time of over 36 minutes. Presumably, the call on Floyd would have been a Priority 2. So despite an average of over half an hour on these types of calls, the Minneapolis Police was able to respond to this one in just 7 minutes. Very interesting.

6. More Recent Call Response Data

In Minneapolis, once dispatchers get basic information from 911 callers, they label calls in a computerized queue based on the type of emergency — a system that patrol officers can also see via dashboard computers in their squad cars or listen to over the scanner. A significant chunk of 911 calls in Minneapolis receive a “Priority 1” categorization, while another large portion are “Priority 2” calls, which could be reports of property damage, a suspicious person or situations that don’t pose an immediate threat to public safety.

Once officers see a new 911 call with its code in the queue, they weigh whether they should drop what they’re currently doing to respond to the new emergency, or if other officers should help out. That period of time — from when a dispatcher codes a call and officers claim it — in the majority of cases averages about 3 minutes for Priority 1 calls, 25 minutes for Priority 2 calls and 28 minutes for Priority 3 calls, which include reports of illegal parking, thefts or cases where conditions are safe at the time of the call.

This Minn Post article has Priority 2 calls at an average of 25 minutes. Considerably better from the last one, but still a long way off from the 7 minutes it took to respond to Floyd allegedly passing a counterfeit $20 bill.

One caveat, these times are not necessary when the call is made, but when an officer takes it from dispatch. So the times will be a little (or a lot) longer, depending on availability.

Yes, in spite of all this, 3 cars responded to George Floyd passing a possibly counterfeit $20 bill in just 7 minutes. And what was Floyd doing the whole time, just sitting and waiting?

7. George Floyd’s Various Tattoos


  • A 42 cm maximum dimension monochromatic blue tattoo of an eagle holding a rifle spans the upper chest, from shoulder to shoulder and from the inferior neck to the distal sternum.
  • An 11 cm maximum dimension monochromatic blue tattoo of a pair of praying hands is on the epigastric abdomen.
  • A 9 cm maximum dimension monochromatic blue tattoo of the name “LAURA” is on the right upper abdomen.  A 10 cm maximum dimension monochromatic blue tattoo of the name “CISSY” is on the left upper abdomen.
  • A 28 cm maximum dimension monochromatic blue tattoo of the name “FLOYD” spans both sides of the abdomen just superior to the umbilicus.
  • A 10 cm maximum dimension monochromatic blue tattoo of what appears to be a gravestone with some letters and numbers and the letters “R.I.P.” is on the anterior right forearm.
  • A 12 cm maximum dimension monochromatic blue tattoo of two stars and what appears to be the name “Brittney” and the letters “R.I.P.” is on the proximal anterior left forearm.
  • A 20 cm maximum dimension patterned monochromatic blue tattoo spans the anterior, lateral, and posterior aspects of the left forearm.

Information is quoted from the Autopsy Report issued by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner.

This has to be asked: is that an illuminati tattoo on an eagle on Floyd’s chest? Was this event a sacrifice, or a staged death altogether?

8. Available Footage Makes Little Sense

(The first video is from a New York Times investigative report that was recently released. The second is supposedly the unedited footage from one of the witnesses’ phone camera.

Admittedly the quality of the video is not great, but for a moment, it looks like Floyd has no legs when he was being moved. See 5:58 mark in the second video. Yes, this is going full conspiracy theory here, but it looks as if he has no legs.

What may have happened here: the officers put a man into the back of that police car (on the driver’s side), but then pulled a mannequin or crisis dummy out from the passenger’s side. This means the man — whoever he is — remained hidden in the back seat the entire time. This was a very elaborate ruse.

Man goes in ==> Driver’s side
Dummy comes out ==> Passenger’s side

The New York Times video accurately picked up that that he entered on one side, and then “he” was pulled out from the other side. However, they missed the connection as to why.

The “paramedic” here appears to be wearing a bullet proof vest, which seems very odd for an EMT worker. Another accomplice perhaps.

This is another moment that makes you wonder. Supporting his neck seems to be an afterthought, and only at the outrage of people watching. Keep in mind, the police and EMT knew full well that people were watching and videotaping it. There’s no reason to be so half hearted about it — unless the goal was to generate outrage.

Once more, here is George Floyd, with what appears to be no legs at all. It’s not so much that the video quality is grainy, it’s that it looks like he has no legs at all.

Right after the image of apparently a legless George Floyd, the camera turns to Tou Thao, the officer standing guard. It could be that he moved to keep onlookers from advancing. It could also be that he wanted the camera’s attention diverted while something else was happening.

Lo and behold: George Floyd has legs again. At least that’s what it looks like. Were there some extensions available in the stretcher, then attached while Tou Thao was diverting attention away?

9. Innocent Man Framed For This

Yes, these were shown before, but worth showing again. Derek Chauvin is not the man who was crushing George Floyd’s neck. Contrast mug shots with screen shots from the video. It’s clear as day, yet the media doesn’t report on this.

10. Floyd Gets Several Memorials

Even heads of state don’t get this kind of treatment, or this level of people coming out. This is absurd, unless of course it was pre-planned from the beginning.

Things just wouldn’t be the same if Al Sharpton wasn’t around to race bait. Endless grandstanding about pain and loss in the black community.

This is really strange. It’s like the coronavirus psy-op has crossed paths with the George Floyd psy-op. It was previously mentioned that a major goal in the shifting of media narratives is to “move on” from legitimate questions about this so-called pandemic, and now get to systemic racism. It seems to have worked very well.

11. Coordinated Riots, Anti-Racism Campaign

Yes, this one murder resulted in random, spontaneous protests and riots across the globe. It caused “systemic racism” to be the new catch phrase and crisis to deal with.

Yeah, right.

12. George Floyd Died Years Ago?

Also see this Twitter thread.

Note: I can’t independently confirm this, but there are rumours circulating that the actual George Floyd may have been dead for up to 3 years when this murder was supposed to have happened. While this would be incredibly messed up to do, it doesn’t seem that far fetched in context with other recent events.

13. Nothing Is What It Seems

On some level it would be fine to accept the official narrative about George Floyd, it’s impossible to take everything at face value. Consider some very questionable details in this story, things that just don’t seem to add up.

  • Floyd is sporting an illuminati tattoo on his chest
  • Floyd “may” have been dead for 3 years
  • Derek Chauvin isn’t the man who did this
  • The police arrived bizarrely fast on scene, for a minor offense
  • Floyd was put in the car, then pulled out from the other side
  • The police act comically evil in these videos
  • Paramedics apparently wear bullet proof vests
  • Floyd appears legless at one point
  • Floyd is given closed casket funeral
  • Floyd generates global protests/riots
  • Anti-white racism flares up globally, is coordinated

Lost in the mix is real questioning about the coronavirus. Remember, there is supposedly still a pandemic. Yet the narrative seems to be: shut up, wear your mask, and move on. The Floyd incident has been quite effective at neutralizing opposition. Large gatherings are now allowed, provided it’s protesting for woke causes.

Civil war is coming, and these are just the crisis actors.

2 Replies to “Media #15: George Floyd Psy-Op; Call Times; The Swapping; Crisis Actors”

  1. Let’s not forget that Epstein has been swept under the rug very effectively. Which was, I believe, the original goal of the pandemic b.s.

    The whole gang of elites that had been caught up in that underage kids blackmail trap are doing everything they can to make sure none of them are required to appear in court.

    Funny, isn’t it, that all of those videos, which we saw being taken from Epstein’s place, have not been used to prosecute the pedophiles in the videos diddling minors?

    There goes all of the blackmailing material, the true heart of that case, relegated to an also ran news story next to the scary novel corona virus pandemic. What pandemic? Fake news, mostly wrongly reported as being corona deaths. Mostly given as a related to cause of death… covid-19 was not the primary cause of death in the vast majority of the reported deaths.

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