Media: Reviews And Exposes (Various)

(1.1) Unifor, Media, In Bed With Gov’t, $595M
(1.2) Government Subsidizes Media To Ensure Positive Coverage
(1.3) Subsidized Fact-Check Outlets Run By Political Operatives
(1.4) Conservative Inc. Media Avoids Hard Questions On “Pandemic”
(1.5) Global Canada Wants Lockdowns, Lilley Omit Gates Funding
(1.6) The “Debate” With Brian Lilley, Anthony Furey
(1.7) Review of Internet Regulation
(1.8) Richard Lee Support Internet Regulation
(1.9) Digital Charter After Christ Church?
(1.10) Internet Governance Forum, Setting Global Standards
(2) Global News Omits Real TRP Levels
(3) Post Media Owns Most Canadian Media
(4) Koch/Atlas Dominate Conservative Media
(5.1) Malcolm’s True North Canada Is Fake Charity
(5.2) True North Calls For Population Replacement
(6) The Post Millennial’s Real Agenda
(7) How To Do Research, Investigative Journalism
(8) Koch/Atlas On Both Sides Of Bill 10 Challenge
(9) Spotting Predictive Programming On TV
(10.1) Trudeau Foundation, Media Covering
(10.2) Trudeau Fdn: Media, Judges, Pols, Academics
(10.3) Dave: Swapping Out A National Leader
(11.1) Media Coverup Aided Epstein Child Trafficking
(11.2) Global News Pretends Pedo Networks Aren’t A Real Thing
(12.1) Shanifa Nasser, George Floyd, Focus HA
(12.2) “Double” Of Derek Chauvin Used In Choking
(12.3) Floyd Switched In Car WIth Crisis Dummy
(13.1) “Culture Shift” To Make Face Masks Mandatory
(13.2) UNESCO censorship under guise of “fighting misinformation”
(13.3) Big Tech And Big Pharma Colluding To Deceive
(13.4) BBC Reports WHO Mask Policy Reversal Politically Motivated
(13.5) Dominic LeBlanc Proposes Law To Ban “Misinformation”
(13.6) Hoax Compilation, Media Manipulation, Free Speech
(13.7) CTV Selectively Edits Out Admission That 98% Deaths Were LTC