CBC Propaganda #10: Promoting World Hijab Day

(Windsor Hospital promoting “World Hijab Day”)

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This is the 10th piece in the open-ended series “CBC Propaganda”. For those who don’t know, CBC (a.k.a. the “Communist Broadcasting Corporation” or the “Caliphate Broadcasting Corporation”) is a state funded media outlet, which taxpayers are forced to pay. This costs in excess of $1 billion annually.

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“Windsor Regional Hospital is celebrating World Hijab Day, a day marked since 2013 to encourage women of all backgrounds to try on a hijab.

The hospital’s diversity committee will have booths set up at the Met and Ouellette campuses, explaining why the hijab is worn and visitors will be invited to try one on.

Lina Chaker, who volunteers with the Windsor Islamic Association, sees the day as an invitation for people to see how wearing the hijab influences their daily life.

“[The hijab] means something different for every single person,” said Chaker.
For her? It’s a way to strengthen her relationship to God.

People who are unfamiliar with the hijab or have questions are more than welcome to ask questions, according to Chaker.

Ruaa Farhat, a 4th year social work student at University of Windsor, echoes that sentiment.
“It’s understandable, because some people just don’t know,” said Farhat.

Commonly asked questions include: do you sleep with it on? To which the answer would be no, she doesn’t.

Any misconceptions?

Farhat and Chaker both started wearing the hijab at around 6th grade.

“A lot of times we think about people being pressured to wear the hijab. But I think over here in Canada, the trend is actually people tell you not to wear it,” said Chaker.

Hijab hacks: Two Windsor women share advice on World Hijab Day

VideoHow to: Lessons in hijab wrapping for non-Muslims

She remembers her family telling her that she was still young, that she didn’t need to wear it. And her mother was worried about her being bullied in school if she wore one.

Farhat said she’s had to explain that it’s so liberal in Canada and that there’s no pressure.

“So the fact that I am wearing it, shows that I’m doing it out of my own will,” she said. She feels wearing one is a representation of her true self.

Farhat and Chaker say there are many styles to the hijab and people wear it in many ways.

“Some people like certain colours more than others,” said Chaker. She personally prefers not to use pins and to have fewer layers.

To learn more about the hijab, people are invited to stop by the Met Campus Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and the Ouellette Campus Friday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.”

One thing to note: CBC has disabled the comments on this article.

Okay, what could be wrong with this? What is wrong with promoting it? Anyway, this group seems nice enough.

One “very small” detail gets omitted here:

In parts of the world, where Muslims are a majority, wearing the hijab is MANDATORY. It isn’t OPTIONAL for those women. If CBC were actually an objective media outlet, it would mention that

(Source is here.)

(Source is here.)

(Source is here.)

These are just a few examples of media coverage of punishment for women removing these headscarves. Any quick internet search will reveal thousands of such articles.

Of course, these strict dress codes only apply to women, not to men. Yet, Western feminists are deafeningly silent on this double standard. Perhaps by comparison, Western women have nothing to gripe about.

Rather than go into detail, I will leave it to the reader to do their own research. Why “promote” the hijab in the west, while it is clearly “oppression” under Islamic rule?

CBC, which again, gets over a billion dollars of Canadian taxpayer money every year “should” be broadcasting a far more balanced view on the subject. But objectivity seems non-existent.

Final note: CBC seems to have ignored a story it posted a year and a half ago, because it obviously doesn’t fit the narrative.

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