Millions Got Rental Subsidy, CERS, Imposed Masks & Vaccine Passports

This article focuses on CERS, the Canada Emergency Rental Subsidy. Unlike the wage program, it doesn’t appear that there is a database to just search names. That said, we can still get some information from the statistics that are compiled.

To start with the obvious: some 2 million applications have been approved. Considering that Canada is (supposedly) a country of 38 or 39 million people, that would suggest that a majority of businesses here got something.

From the data presented, it appears that the median (50% above, 50% below) amount given would be a little over $1,500. Seems to be pretty cheap to sell out for.

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting 860 $1,393,000 5,710
Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction 180 $452,000 540
Construction 2,670 $2,410,000 3,230
Manufacturing 3,470 $4,781,000 4,450
Wholesale Trade 2,530 $2,815,000 3,780
Retail Trade 7,780 $7,020,000 11,680
Transportation & Warehousing 3,210 $3,681,000 3,930
Information & Cultural Industries 800 $1,181,000 1,640
Finance & Insurance 700 $904,000 1,510
Real Estate & Rental & Leasing 1,960 $2,510,000 2,750
Professional, Scientific & Technical Services 5,030 $4,305,000 6,190
Management of Companies & Enterprises 140 $264,000 310
Administrative Support, Waste Management & Remediation Services 2,880 $3,004,000 3,740
Education Services 2,150 $2,419,000 2,600
Health Care & Social Assistance 3,810 $2,424,000 4,790
Arts, Entertainment & Recreation 2,620 $3,874,000 3,370
Accommodation & Food Services 13,690 $17,368,000 16,200
Other Services, except Public Administration 9,530 $6,184,000 11,460
Public Administration
Not Assigned 4,370 $4,643,000 4,910
Total – Period 14 68,400 $71,645,000 92,800
Total since launch 2,001,670 $7,557,399,000

Wonder why so many companies are willing to go along with vaccine passports and mask mandates? It’s reasonable to assume that the handouts, which include CERS, played a large role in that. This is how the Government is able to keep its hands — somewhat — clean. If they don’t impose mandates, but simply subsidize businesses to do it, then it’s viewed as private enterprise.

This continues the list of institutions that are getting funded to shill the “pandemic” narrative. These include: restaurants and hotels, political parties, law firms, more law firms, churches, trucking associations, chambers of commerce, financial institutions, the publishing industry, and gyms, just to name a few of them.

Remember: things often don’t make sense until you see the entire picture. This site tries to show you as much of it as possible, and money seems to always be the driving factor.

(2) Canada Emergency Rental Subsidy

(A.1) Hotel, Restaurant Groups Getting Wage/Rental Subsidies
(A.2) Liberals, Conservatives, NDP All Getting Bailout Money
(A.3) Lawyers, Bar Associations Receiving CEWS Money
(A.4) Conflicting Out? Lawyers Getting More Than Just CEWS
(A.5) Churches Are Charities, Getting CEWS, Subsidies & Promoting Vaccines
(A.6) Trucking Alliance Grants Raising many Eyebrows
(A.7) Chambers Of Commerce Subsidized By Canadians, Want Open Borders
(A.8) Banks, Credit Unions, Media Outlets All Getting CEWS
(A.9) Publishing Industry Subsidized By Taxpayer Money
(A.10) Gyms, Fitness Centres Getting CEWS As They Mandate Masks, Vaxx Passports

(B.1) Unifor, Media, In Bed With Gov’t, $595M
(B.2) Government Subsidizes Media To Ensure Positive Coverage
(B.3) Postmedia Subsidies/Connections, Lack Of Real Journalism
(B.4) Latest “Pandemic Bucks” Grants In 2021, Lorrie Goldstein
(B.5) Nordstar; Torstar; Metroland Media; Subsidies & Monopoly
(B.6) Aberdeen Publishing Takes Handouts, Ignores Real Issues
(B.7) More Periodicals Taking Grants, Parroting Gov’t Narrative
(B.8) Tri-City News, LMP Pulls Bonnie Henry Article; Pandemic Bucks
(B.9) Black Press Group; Media Outlet Doxing Of Convoy Donors
(B.10) Subsidized Fact-Check Outlets Run By Political Operatives
(B.11) Digital Citizen Contribution Program: Funds To Combat “Misinformation”
(B.12) Counter Intelligence “Disinformation Prevention” Groups Are Charities
(B.13) CIVIX, More Grants To Combat “Disinformation” In 2021, Domestic, Foreign
(B.14) PHAC Supporting #ScienceUpFirst Counter Intel Effort
(B.15) Rockefeller Spends $13.5 To Combat Misinformation
(B.16) Media, Banks, CU, Getting CDA Emergency Wage Subsidies (CEWS)
(B.17) John Tory’s Sister Board Member At Bell; CEWS; Subsidies

(C.1) Media, Facebook, Google, Tech Collusion To Create “Trust” Networks
(C.2) CommonTrust, Commons Project, WEF, Rockefeller, Health Passes
(C.3) C2PA; Project Origin; Content Authenticity Initiative; CBC-BBC-Microsoft
(C.4) Public Media Alliance, Global Task Force, Brussels Declaration
(C.5) Institute For Strategic Dialogue: Govt/NGO Funded Counter-Intelligence
(C.6) Institute For Strategic Dialogue: Open Source Intelligence Gathering

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