Solutions Offered, Specific Proposals

(1) Offer Something To The Normies
(2) Leave the U.N. Entirely, No Half Measures
(3) Dump Feminism & Multiculturalism Completely
(4) CDN Children, Not Replacement Migration
(5) Restore 1934 Bank Of Canada Act
(6) Abolish Human “Rights” Tribunals Entirely
(7) Abolish Gladue Rights In Criminal Court
(8) Banning (Political) Corporate Welfare
(9) Putting A Moratorium On Immigration
(10) How To Do Research, Investigative Journalism
(11) Implement Real Entry/Exit Border Controls
(12) Maintain Christian Roots In The West
(13.1) Options For Refusing Forced Vaxx
(13.2) Know The Laws Around Professional Malpractice, Informed Consent
(14) Making More Informed Voting Choices
(15) Spotting Predictive Programming On TV
(16) Pushing Trans Agenda On Young Children
(17.1) Claim CV Masks Violate Religious Beliefs
(17.2) Using Cellphone, And Knowledge, To Bypass Mask Rules
(17.3) Mass Filings Of Complaints Against Public Health Officers
(17.4) Fluoride Free Peel Filing FOI Requests On Virus Isolation
(17.5) Economic Warfare Against Companies Forcing Vaccines


(A) Research, Reading Fact Checking, Uppity Peasants
(1) Dishonest Debate Tactics, Reed
(2) Logical Self Defense, Blair & Johnson
(3) Critical Thinking For Dummies, Cohen
(4) Essentials of Argument, Nancy Wood

(1) SCC Enshrines Protections For Self-Reps
(2) Need Tort Reform? Free Speech Grifters
(3.1) Representing Yourself In Court
(3.2) Review: An advocacy Primer
(4) How To Do Investigative Research
(5) Legal Tests And Standards Applied In Court

(A.1) Pintea v. Johns, Self-Representation
(A.2) 2006 Statement of Principles: Self-Reps
(B.1) Housen v. Nikolaisen, 2002
(B.2) Hospira Corp v. Kennedy Institute, 2016
(B.3) Canada v. Aqua-Gem Investments, 1993
(B.4) Canada v. DT Eastside Sex Workers, 2012