Using Artificial Scarcity, Product Placement, Market Manipulation, To Drive Up Demand

This article will get into some of the advertising and marketing techniques employed to get people to purchase products and services. There is quite a lot of science and research behind it.

1. Important Links

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Psychology Today: The Scarcity Mindset
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2. Techniques To Create Scarcity Illusion

  1. Price Scarcity — the price will increase
  2. Quantity Scarcity — limited amount available
  3. Premium Scarcity — limited time bonuses
  4. Offer Scarcity — relaunching a temporary product

Now, these specific techniques can be used individually, or in some combination, depending on the circumstances. The point of this is to put pressure on people to act now, or else the offer will never be better. While the creator, Alex Cattoni, says to be honest, artificially creating scarcity can be very manipulative nature. This type of pressure can be applied almost universally, although the specific methods vary. Justin Atlan talks about using scarcity in order to drive up sales.

Of course, artificially creating scarcity can be done for many reasons, and several of them are quite valid and legitimate.

  • Cartels, monopolies and/or rentier capitalism
  • Competition regulation, where regulatory uncertainty and policy ambiguity deters investment.
  • Copyright, when used to disallow copying or disallow access to sources. Proprietary software is an example.
  • Copyleft software is a counterexample where copyleft advocates use copyright licenses to guarantee the right to copy, access, view, and change the source code, and allow others to do the same to derivatives of that code.
  • Patent
  • The Agricultural Adjustment Act
  • Hoarding, including cornering the market
  • Deliberate destruction
  • Paywalls
  • Torrent poisoning such as poisoning bittorrent with half broken copies of music and videos to drive up prices when instead streamed from places the author has deals with
  • Planned obsolescence
  • Decentralized digital currencies (e.g. Bitcoin)
  • This is from Wikipedia. There are perfectly valid reasons to engage in the creation of scarcity, such as intellectual property, and not undercutting your own prices. That said, there are unscrupulous ones as well.

    Economics is the study of how we use our limited resources (time, money, etc.) to achieve our goals. This definition refers to physical scarcity. In a recent book titled Scarcity, Mullainathan & Eldar (2013) broaden the concept of scarcity by asking the following questions: What happens to our minds when we feel we have too little? How does the context of scarcity shape our choices and our behaviors? They show that scarcity is not just a physical limitation. Scarcity affects our thinking and feeling. Scarcity orients the mind automatically and powerfully toward unfulfilled needs. For example, food grabs the focus of the hungry. For the lonely person, scarcity may come in poverty of social isolation and a lack of companionship.

    The scarcity mentality is well known by social psychologists. It forces being to think in finite terms, and to ask what they are missing out on. This can be good or bad, depending on the circumstances.

    3. Fear Of Missing Out On A Benefit

    FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is commonly used to pressure people into buying good and services now. Notice, it doesn’t have to be the product itself. It can just be having their life back to the way that it used to be. Perhaps something happened recently to change what was considered normal.

    4. Suggestive Selling/Upselling

    Understanding Suggestive Selling
    The idea behind the technique is that it takes marginal effort compared with the potential additional revenue. This is because getting the buyer to purchase (often seen as the most difficult part) has already been done. After the buyer is committed, an additional sale that is a fraction of the original purchase is much more likely.

    Typical examples of add-on sales are the extended warranties offered by sellers of household appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, as well as electronics. A salesperson at an automobile dealership also generates significant add-on sales by suggesting or convincing a buyer sitting at their desk that the buyer would be much happier with the car with a few or several add-on options.

    Investopedia explains that upselling it often considered a better use of a person’s time that focusing solely on new customers. After all, the person is already buying something, so why not take the minimal amount of effort to see if they will purchase anything new?

    There is of course the idea of a volume discount. For example, take the BOGO (buy one, get one) free or greatly reduced. Often, people who may not have been willing to take multiple products now will, if it appears to reduce the price per unit.

    5. Product Placement As A Sales Strategy

    Product placement is a marketing strategy that has accidentally evolved a few decades ago. Nevertheless, the efficiency of the product placement has been spotted by professionals and since then various companies engage in product placement activities in various levels with varying efficiency. One of the main differences of product placement from other marketing strategies is the significance of factors contributing to it, such as context and environment within which the product is displayed or used.

    Implementing an efficient marketing strategy is one of the essential conditions for a product to be successful in the marketplace. Companies may choose different marketing strategies including advertising, channel marketing, internet marketing, promotion, public relations, product placement and others. Each of one of these marketing tools has its advantages and disadvantages and the rationale behind the choice among these tools relates to the type of the product, type of the market and the marketing strategy of the company.

    Product placement is a long recognized trick for getting a product into another production, without directly admitting that it is a form of advertising. This may be a substitute for more blatant ads, or may work in conjunction with it.

    6. Keep Repeating Your Talking Points

    This comment was (supposedly) in the context of pushing the climate change agenda on Canadians, but the principle can be applied much more broadly. It’s a variation of “if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth”. Unfortunately, this is all too true.

    7. Including Sponsorship In Marketing Plan

    1. Shape consumer attitudes.
    2. Build brand awareness.
    3. Drive sales.
    4. Increase reach.
    5. Generate media exposure.
    6. Differentiate yourself from competitors.
    7. Take on a “corporate citizen” role.
    8. Generate new leads.
    9. Enhance business, consumer, and VIP relationships.

    Sponsoring a group or event can bring several benefits to your group, and those are outlined pretty well. Yes, the benefits are more intangible and difficult to measure, but it’s commonly believed to be an effective practice.

    8. Pay For Advertising, Sponsoring In Media

    (a) Subsidization Programs Available For Media Outlets (QCJO)
    (b) Political Operatives Behind Many “Fact-Checking” Groups
    (c) DisinfoWatch, MacDonald-Laurier, Journalists For Human Rights
    (d) Taxpayer Subsidies To Combat CV “Misinformation”
    (e) Postmedia Periodicals Getting Covid Subsidies
    (f) Aberdeen Publishing (BC, AB) Getting Grants To Operate
    (g) Other Periodicals Receiving Subsidies
    (h) Still More Media Subsidies Taxpayers Are Supporting
    (i) Media Outlets, Banks, Credit Unions, All Getting CEWS

    Paying for advertisements in newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and online, is a long accepted way of getting a message out. It’s an effective way to promote a product, service, or ideology. Of course, Governments can go the extra mile and just outright subsidize such outlets. It’s a way to create financial dependence, and ensure that they will be obedient to whatever is needed.

    9. Psychology Used In Selling To People

    1. Branding
    2. Give, Give, Give, Give, and Ask
    3. Power of Scarcity, FOMO
    4. Perceived Value & Pricing
    5. Power of Persuasion
    6. Power of Convenience
    7. Appeal To Morality
    8. Changing Language, Misusing Terms

    Advertising is much more complicated than simply being interesting and visually appealing. There are plenty of mental and psychological ways to do this. After this, it’s impossible to view ads in the same way ever again.

    10. Have Credible Actors Promote Message/Brand

    One of the keys to an effective marketing program is to have believable and realistic actors selling the message. Getting caught out like this doesn’t help at all. From a casting perspective, Ontario Deputy Medical Officer Barbara Yaffe was an extremely poor choice. Health Minister Christine Elliott wasn’t a great selection either.

    When the stakes are high, it’s essential to have actors and actresses who have read and understood their scripts. They will be better able to improvise when asked difficult questions. See here and here. Remember, even though the media questions are screened, sometimes they will accidently be curveballs.

    BC Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry is also a bizarre choice. While she seems likeable, and has the fake trembling nailed, she frequently jokes about the “no science” part. Perhaps she was never informed that this is serious.

    Alberta Premier Jason Kenney may have topped them all. He admits there could be 90% error — and hence, no pandemic — but then defers to the experts.

    Granted, these are difficult roles to play, given the scrutiny they are under. But still, the casting left a lot to be desired.

    11. Why Does This Marketing Info Matter?

    Even back in May 2020, the MSM in Canada was openly talking about “shifting the culture” to get everyone wearing masks for the foreseeable future. Of course, this sort of predictive programming is not limited to masks, but spread to other areas.

    Imagine a group of people not driven by money, but by ideology. They wanted to convince the general population to inject — en masse — an experimental mRNA vaccine, to cure a disease they don’t know exists.

    Such a task would be very difficult to accomplish, without using brute force. An alternative solution would be to apply some of the techniques outlined above, and get people to take it willingly.

    As for appealing to morality, does this sound familiar?
    “My mask protects you, and your mask protects me”.

    Words and terms are redefined in false and misleading ways.
    It’s not “martial law”, it’s “sheltering in place”.

    Healthy people should not be viewed as normal.
    Instead, they are “potential asymptomatic spreaders”.

    The Federal and Provincial Governments are not buying off media outlets and businesses into compliance. Instead, they are handing out “emergency relief”. See the difference?

    FOMO, or fear of missing out is being applied as a hardball tactic to get more people into taking the vaccine. After all, who isn’t desperate for some return to a normal life? If there aren’t enough to go around, doesn’t that create artificial scarcity?

    Covid internment camps are a conspiracy theory. Those “mandatory isolation centres” are not at all the same thing, and people need to stop misrepresenting the truth.

    No one is trying to trick citizens into taking the vaccine. Instead, they are just conducting research into ways to overcome “hesitancy”. See Part #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5.

    Regarding hope for the future: an astute person will note that Canada has ANNOUNCED a program to compensate people for injury or death caused by vaccines. However, there have been no DETAILS of what it will look like. It could be the Government falling behind, or it could be tat they have no intention of implementing anything.

    Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy: Bailing Out Banks, Credit Unions, Media Companies

    Go onto the CEWS section of the Canada Revenue Agency website, where it allows people to search for companies that have received this benefit. Type in “media“, and 1447 results come up. Stunning how many outlets have been approved under this program.

    1. Buying Off Entire Canadian Media

    Subsidization Programs Available For Media Outlets (QCJO)
    Political Operatives Behind Many “Fact-Checking” Groups
    Taxpayer Subsidies To Combat CV “Misinformation”
    Postmedia Periodicals Getting Covid Subsidies
    Aberdeen Publishing (BC, AB) Getting Grants To Operate
    Other Periodicals Receiving Subsidies
    Still More Media Subsidies Taxpayers Are Supporting

    2. List Of Credit Unions Getting CEWS

    -Casera Credit Union Limited
    -Cornerstone Credit Union Financial Group Limited
    -Cornerstone Credit Union
    -Leading Edge Credit Union Limited
    -Libro Credit Union
    -Sunova Credit Union Limited
    -Synergy Credit Union Ltd.
    -ACU Wealth Management

    Looking up the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, under the search of “Credit Union“, results in a total of 81 hits. That doesn’t include institutions that operate without that in their name. All these companies have taken money from Ottawa in pandemic subsidies.

    3. List Of Banks Getting CEWS

    A search of CEWS for “bank” results in 245 hits, most of which are irrelevant. While the big 5 are not listed, several smaller ones are, including the Bank of China. Very interesting to see where your tax dollars have been going.

    Unfortunately, the amounts given out are not listed. It would have been helpful to include the actual dollar figures.

    Ottawa Using “Pandemic Bucks” To Help Companies Grow And Advertise Their Products

    We have already covered media outlets in Canada being heavily subsidized by the Canadian Government — which of course, means the public. It explains the total lack of independent media.

    Moving on, it seems that the NRC is heavily involved in propping up other companies, and helping them advertise. This happens even as mandated shutdowns have flattened other companies. Should we be picking winners and losers here?

    1. Important Disclaimer With This Piece

    It doesn’t appear that the bulk of the grants are directed to help companies push the “pandemic” narrative. That being said, it’s fair to assume that these businesses will be “mindful” of where their money is coming from. So, it’s unlikely that they will be critical of it in any meaningful way. The following comes from an online search of Government handouts on advertising, with some obviously irrelevant ones omitted.

    It’s also interesting that the National Research Council of Canada is financing the majority of them. More on that later.

    2. Buying Off Entire Canadian Media

    Subsidization Programs Available For Media Outlets (QCJO)
    Political Operatives Behind Many “Fact-Checking” Groups
    Taxpayer Subsidies To Combat CV “Misinformation”
    Postmedia Periodicals Getting Covid Subsidies
    Aberdeen Publishin (BC, AB) Getting Grants To Operate
    Other Periodicals Receiving Subsidies
    Still More Media Subsidies Taxpayers Are Supporting

    3. Grants To Companies For R&D, Advertising

    2047752 Alberta Inc. Apr. 20, 2020 $53,362
    10319287 CANADA INC Aug. 17, 2020 $21,000
    Abacus Growth Industry Inc. Jun. 23, 2020 $38,250
    Akuspike Products Inc. Sep. 21, 2020 $33,750
    Apollo Music Store Inc Jul. 7, 2020 $30,750
    Baro Apparel Inc. Aug. 1, 2020 $50,100
    Bonton and Company Jun. 1, 2020 $96,370
    Caldera Distilling May 5, 2020 $33,750
    Cambridge Elevating Inc. Aug. 12, 2020 $33,000
    Caméléon Média inc. Dec. 23, 2020 $258,903
    Casca Designs Inc. Jul. 14, 2020 $22,500
    Créations Today is Art Day inc. Oct. 19, 2020 $18,750
    CVAC Efficace Inc. May 19, 2020 $19,050
    Dirt Squirrel Co. Jul. 10, 2020 $41,250
    EatSleepRIDE Mobile Inc. May 11, 2020 $46,000
    EQ Advertising Group Ltd. May 1, 2020 $150,000
    Fab-Cut Systems Inc Jun. 16, 2020 $30,750
    FOM Inc. Sep. 25, 2020 $27,750
    Forestry Innovation Investment May 9, 2020 $258,500
    Glacier Communications Inc. Oct. 1, 2020 $30,000
    Gogglesoc Apparel Limited Nov. 18, 2020 $26,250
    Harbinger SCR Inc. May 30, 2020 $45,000
    Hunch Manifest Inc. Nov. 1, 2020 $47,787
    Hydrodig Ltd Jun. 9, 2020 $30,000
    Indigo Marketing Solutions Ltd. Aug. 4, 2020 $35,000
    Jeffrey Ross Jewellery Ltd Oct. 22, 2020 $22,500
    Kicking Horse Coffee Co. Jul. 22, 2020 $34,050
    Koffee Beauty Inc. May 15, 2020 $34,200
    Les Entreprises PNH inc. Nov. 17, 2020 $275,511
    M32 Média inc. May 1, 2020 $100,000
    Market Global Commodities Exchange Jun. 1, 2020 $98,000
    Market Global Commodities Exchange Jun. 1, 2020 $80,000
    Netgen Corp. Apr. 29, 2020 $26,250
    O’Grady Productions Inc. Sep. 16, 2020 $37,500
    Pacey Medtech Ltd. Oct. 17, 2020 $26,250
    PageFreezer Software Inc. May 3, 2020 $52,500
    Park & Fifth Clothing Co. LTD Oct. 20, 2020 $30,000
    Probuild Software Inc. Aug. 28, 2020 $18,000
    Riaz Sidi Performance Marketing Inc. Nov. 1, 2020 $45,000
    Rock Solid Productions Inc Sep. 29, 2020 $24,750
    Roomview Technologies May 8, 2020 $60,000
    Rosgol-Rostech Technologies Inc. Oct. 17, 2020 $24,000
    S&Y Househ Advertising Services Inc Nov. 18, 2020 $34,319
    Satya Organics Inc Aug. 24, 2020 $30,000
    Solutions Nubik Inc. Jun. 23, 2020 $27,000
    StackAdapt Inc. Jul. 1, 2020 $2,468,000
    Telecom Engineering Inc Jul. 27, 2020 $21,760
    Temple Lifestyle Inc. Jun. 25, 2020 $44,775
    Theos Inc. May 9, 2020 $43,950
    Trellis Corporation May 4, 2020 $17,000
    V. Island Men’s Trauma Counselling Jun. 25, 2020 $177,005
    Vertical City Inc. Oct. 1, 2020 $250,000
    WATTPAD CORP. Jun. 24, 2020 $54,000
    Wholly Veggie Inc. Jun. 15, 2020 $37,500
    Wizard Games Inc. Jul. 10, 2020 $15,000

    This isn’t all of them, but does give a glance into where the Federal Government is spending your money. Or rather, where it’s spending debt for future generations.

    4. Why Is National Research Council Funding It?

    The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) is Canada’s largest federal research and development organization.
    The NRC partners with Canadian industry to take research impacts from the lab to the marketplace, where people can experience the benefits. This market-driven focus delivers innovation faster, enhances people’s lives and addresses some of the world’s most pressing problems. We are responsive, creative and uniquely placed to partner with Canadian industry, to invest in strategic R&D programming that will address critical issues for our future.

    Each year our scientists, engineers and business experts work closely with thousands of Canadian firms, helping them bring new technologies to market. We have the people, expertise, services, licensing opportunities, national facilities and global networks to support Canadian businesses.

    In this section, you will find more information about how the NRC is organized and governed, where we are located across Canada, and links to our corporate publications and financial statements.

    The majority, (though not all), of these came from NRC.

    The NRC’s mandate is to “promote scientific or industrial research”. In short, it’s a public-private partnership to bring to products onto the market. Even as Federal and Provincial Governments crash economies across Canada, public money is used to make new companies competitive. This isn’t simply about money handed out to prop up desperate enterprises. In the meantime, thousands of businesses have gone under, because of the “arbitrary” rules that have been imposed.

    The Great Reset is here, and Governments everywhere have their thumbs on the scales.

    Guest Post: Michael Comeau On “Buy Canadian”, Protectionist Policies
    Contact: contact(at)

    Economic Leadership eh! Great fantastic! Maybe ask for a moment, ‘Who on earth are you waiting for?” A visionary, a leader, an inventor, an entrepreneurial free enterprise genius, an industrialist, a down to earth character with real Canadian values, a technological prodigy? A nationalist visionnaire extraordinaire? Who you are looking for is Michael Comeau, the founder and CEO of the most awesome advanced technological manufacturing development program and projects of the century. You just don’t know it yet.

    Are you looking for someone capable of stealth business, national security rated, someone with a secret identity that you would never guess or suspect his true identity and profession? Are you looking for someone working on the most awesome Made in Canada portfolio in the history of Canada.

    Made in Canada? Can you name anyone in government, an MP or MPP who actually talks or writes about Made in Canada? Eh? What about your friends and the people you know? Is there really someone known as the coffeeshop billionaire? They mystery man who claims he drinks coffee to do stupid things faster? Like how fast? How about Is that a little more up to speed?

    Is Comeau Aerospace Inc. more up to speed, pure awesomeness, the ultimate flying machine, with a magnitude of design engineering genius and individual creative imagination, the genie out of Aladdin’s lamp. Zero unions, working share owners, asset protection, everyday advantage and more of what you never get in the news, as it makes everything else obsolete and backwards by comparison.

    Do you want to talk about space programs, strategic airlifters, conventional and advanced design and technology? A few hundred billion in aerospace development programs, talk about go big or go home, what about that saying that the 21st century belongs to Canada? Imagine, zero government money, zero publicity, only people doing stuff because they want to, in fact, the less publicity the better, now how is that for a business model? Eh Who cares about all the negative defeatist anti Canadian editorial opinions, design, build, fly.

    Stealth, UFOs, advanced weapons systems? Advanced materials and manufacturing? Is that more interesting? As-Garde Aerospace and Electrodynamics Inc. integrates creative imagination and inventive genius with a futuristic vision in their own portfolio of projects and also works to further refine and develop the next generation of the Comeau Aerospace Inc. – Ultimate Flying Machine series in addition to the core research and development vision. The transition from conventional aircraft design, production and propulsion is kind of like comparing the Avro Arrow Interceptor to a propeller driven aircraft, something from a futuristic outer space civilization or the CBC movie – Arrow.

    What about the nationalist? Economic leadership includes a technological, enterprise and industrial continuum, with a nationalist foundation and national security rated people, with real Canadians with true values. Imagine an individual with a private life working incessantly on the greatest adventure of all time. Classified defence technology, advanced aerospace, marine and transportation technology, something with challenge and reward, the thrill of building something awesome, the proverbial censored white nationalist super achiever that mainstream news never talks about in a good way, and doesn’t want any other white nationalist to know about, because if you did, you would feel different, alive, confident, optimistic, purposeful, awesome, energized and excited.

    What about National Turbo-machinery & Propulsion Incorporated, redeveloping engines for the ultimate Arrow, the CF-105, jet engines, rocket engines and the most advanced fuel systems in the world, which can’t be sold to just anyone, more of what you never hear or read about in mainstream media and government. Super Atomized Fuel Systems Inc., VapourInduction Fuel Systems Inc., Super Carburetor Inc. and Icosahedron Hydrogen GeneratorFuel Systems Inc.

    With all the focus on “green technology” and “green investment” and the war on fossil fuels, and banks and investment portfolios “divesting” aka dumping those securities, because that is evil white man technology and the cause of global warming, you might think that they would be well invested, like an insider would be, invested into something useful, practical and real, something that could transform the world, with technological and economic leadership, right?

    Saving money is like making money, that is economic leadership, right? Sometimes, massive investment in money, resources, time, infrastructure and people are all essential to make that possible, that takes confidence, technological and economic leadership, which can involve capital structure, enterprise and secure supply line development. This brings everything around in a circle of reality, as it is amazing, that with government legislation can make 4 different fuel system companies be worth billions of dollars, poof! With zero publicity! Of course those companies don’t believe in the carbon tax, or shutting down the fossil fuel industry in Canada, they like to burn fuel. Wouldn’t you at mach 3 or 200 miles per gallon?

    What’s it going to be, a gas guzzler, or something a lot more awesome? How is that for leadership, eh? Many hands make light work – how is that for personal economic leadership? Mainstream news, aka liberal fascist news, with the cultural marxist anti nation state agenda will never have anything good to say about things like the Avro Arrow, or free enterprise about that don’t conform to their editorial opinion…all the more to ignore them, censor them, make them obsolete and irrelevant, like they are, useless.

    Economic Leadership? How about Strategic Enterprise Development Inc. or IntergalacticSecurities & Management Corporation, the leading edge in private investment, private enterprise, defence technology, Made in Canada. If you want an education maybe check that out, you will make your investment advisor look and feel not very smart, with all their exports of money and stock market gambling on things that don’t matter, that are on par with the Canada Pension Plan, yes, lots of money for foreign companies and governments to put us out of business faster, since you refuse to exercise powerful freedom of choice and invest in private Canadian companies that actually do practice intelligent thoughtful patriotism, that only whitey qualifies for, a nationalist, Made in Canada? Is that so bad, is that racist to you, Made in Canada?

    Go to the store, 95% made in china, is that racist and discriminatory? Now is that any way to exercise economic nationalism? Do you have a problem with self sufficiency or self government, or God helps those who help themselves? What about God eh? Don’t talk about religion? How about “I will command a blessing on you and all that you set your hands to do…” sounds economic to me, Is that the health and wealth gospel, here and now, we cannot deny our shared history, we can embrace our mutual future, right? Can we build great things together to the honour and glory of the great God? We can do it because we want to, we don’t need anyone’s approval, especially in mainstream media.

    Create a more Canadian media industry, that would be economic leadership, our companies, inventions, products, jobs and careers, new enterprise opportunities, that would be economic leadership to promote, not censor, to empower, not suppress, to encourage, not to neutralize and defeat and ruin, to be proud, not bitter, resentful, hostile and negative like the mainstream news media, something more Canadian, real Canadian, eh! Optimism, awesome news eh!

    We like our shared history, our national identity as real Canadians, the future too, step back in time, people had faith, people built things, inventions, buildings, infrastructure, technology, families, we of all countries in the world can be supremely self sufficient. We do not need imbeciles, traitors, saboteurs in Ottawa or anywhere else for that matter. We need people that can do the math, geometry, engineering, metallurgy, fabrication, production, logistics, pure creative imagination without limits. Real Canadians and nationalists capable of economic leadership, empowering technological and manufacturing leadership in government, not foreigners, or traitors and people that can’t do math, basic economics, money management and basic nation building, like Made in Canada, it does not even have to be advanced, but it does need to be Made in Canada Eh!

    Go forward eh! What kind of economic leadership are we looking for? What does it look like? It looks like debt free money, not treasury bond debt creation and endless electronic debt created money. We need real M1 money, sticking to the point about economic leadership, when nobody else in the world is doing it, only to obsolete, debt, slave system, a defrauded future, failure from looking at history, such as, what did Graham Towers do? The government and the Bank of Canada with the cultural Marxist agenda is incompetent by comparison, endless debt, compound interest, exporting billions of dollars, massive tax, industrial economic and industrial genocide super imposed on the founding people, war. Sell of gold reserves, we don’t need that eh, destroy the industrial technological base, we don’t need jobs and careers, do we? Destroy the military and better yet buy someone else’s garbage, that is what we are dealing with, imbeciles and traitors with zero economic leadership for nation building, planes, trains, automobiles, heavy machinery, marine and defence technology, virtually all gone. Four hundred billion for welfare based on a bogus virus, but nothing for Made in Canada. All the more reason to align with Strategic Enterprise Development Inc.

    Protectionism? Is that racist? As if that is the only standard and reflex tool to censor whitey. Made in Canada versus who? Our we supposed to honestly compete when someone else is making something 5 cents to the dollar?? How is that competitive, when we have all the regulations and they don’t have any? Currency warfare, is that really ok? How do we exercise economic leadership in currency warfare scenarios, since that is going on right now? Easy debt free money, low taxes, greater investment, conditional sales contracts, invest and acquire, research and development, identify and get rid of people selling out the country to foreigners. Don’t worry only white people are racist, and you will like it, Made in Canada. Why is it ok for foreign companies, governments and sovereign funds to buy us up and out? Logging, mining, agriculture, natural resources. The only political party defending Canada is the National Citizens Alliance, anti globalist, pro Canadian, everyone else is selling out the country and their souls, if they have one.

    Economic Leadership in defence, is that possible? Ask Battlegroup 301 Incorporated, they pioneered advanced program and project development with private investment to enable technology demonstration and super prototypes of advanced vehicles and weapons platform and secure supply line, and all kinds of other things, all to be available in case we might
    actually have a real nationalist vision, a more patriot character, not a bunch of traitors. As some people know, there are plenty of people in government and media that stop any degree of Canadian national pride, a competent military, like most allies, stepped on, suppressed and neutralized, all those awesome products and technology that never see the light of day, censoring and disqualifying pure awesomeness is standard operating procedure, which is a what they do to neutralize economic leadership and technological industrial and defence leadership also, which could have a rather exciting, inspiring, encouraging effect on everyday Canadians. Like wow, we built that!

    Most people don’t know, but to get in on government contracts, due to the control freaks who don’t want competition from smarter, faster, cheaper, more advanced, more Canadian Nationalist type of people, enterprise and products, only certain companies are entitled to bid. Like the naval ship program, no honest request for proposals are made, and the complex requirements to even get to the point of making a request for a certain vehicle or weapon system or otherwise is a big deal. Corruption and collusion, fixed and rigged, approved and disqualified or exempt, that is no way to have defence technology and economic leadership, at the expense of national security. So knowing how reality bites and the treason of traitors selling out to globalists and other people who do not want anyone to have nation state sovereignty or an independent integrated defence advanced technology and manufacturing base, and knowing that lead times are essential in addition to a product, vehicle and weapons platform and technology continuum require considerable resources and project management, it is pure genius from Battlegroup 301 Incorporated, who has accepted personal responsibility for, in their words, “National, industrial, economic, enterprise and civil defence.” How is that for economic leadership? What does the banks, investment advisors and wealth management say about that? Nothing, they are ignorant or censoring it, they don’t appear to care about
    small town, rural industry, Made in Canada or strategic advantage, only, inclusion and diversity, which somehow does not include Made in Canada, private enterprise, and certainly not white nationalists who take pride in their country and love Canada.

    The typical investment advisor or wealth manager is totally unaware or censoring one of the most incredible and innovative enterprise technology development endeavours in Canada, Battlegroup 301 Incorporated, all about Made in Canada. Censored and ignored, yes, but what about you, what will you do? Apply for a job, start a new career, do something awesome, I hope so. A guns & ammo co-op? While you are at it, check out the Railway industry development program, new locomotives, rail car (with no business with foreign countries we don’t need to mention that only counterfeit technology, product inferior goods and sabotage Canadian companies) Imagine, when we had a whole lot more of railroads going throughout Canada, there was vitality, a robust energy, a sense of identity, unity and purpose filled excitement. Why did we let people in government destroy it? Trains & the railway, isn’t that what made Canada? The auto industry association, what did they have to do with it? Collusion with government to tear up railway tracks. Now we are forced to drive plastic and electronic junk with rotten metal and fix it with more rotten junk imported from somewhere else, with next to nothing made in Canada, eh! Yes, let us compare economic leadership, shall we, nation building or industrial economic genocide, you can choose with powerful freedom of choice, right? What stops you, what are you waiting for? Eh?!

    The Avro Arrow, torched, railways torn up, is that anyway to build a future, nation wreckers in charge, people that never built anything, most never ran a business, yet they make decisions with little or no math and financial competence, no real genius in economics except selling out the country. As we found out someone with a degree in economics did great things like selling out the country and trade deals that ruined us, talk about the wasteland in the search for the holy grail, the industrial landscape is a wasteland. Like unions who own nothing, invest in
    nothing, contract nothing, yet want all the power, to extort and practice terrorism, which is the use of force or the threat of the use of force, to shut down company after company, strike to smash the enterprise, jobs and production, right out of the country. Now is that any way to have enterprise productivity ad prosperity that would generate economic leadership?

    So Yeah, amazing, talking about the Avro Arrow and Economic Leadership, amazing how we can tie all that together flying 3 times or more faster than the speed of sound. Since we have common interests and beliefs and values, let us work to build great things together, knowing our history, that what was done before can be done again, and if we learn from the past, we can do certain things to enable, augment and amplify the success of the future. Let us recruit smart people with perception, perspective, awareness, understanding, wisdom, ideas and imagination. Let us express the best of who we are, not making excuses, but make effort, pro active pro Canadian. A spirit of co-operation is essential, building a team, where everything has something valuable to contribute, where nobody gets jealous, but everyone jumps in with both feet, hit the ground running, on fire, living everyday with purpose…and think about it, if this was a secret military operation, how will you respond, what kind of mission tasking will you have, your personal initiative, response ability, personal empowerment by exercising powerful freedom of choice, what will you do? What are you waiting for, Eh? Everything to be perfect? Do not let the infinite perfect be the enemy of the good, as it is written. The individual can contribute to make it perfect, at least infinitely better than to succeed at doing nothing.

    You might wonder, how is it possible someone with individual creative imagination can start companies with a vision of such magnitude, that goes way beyond anything in government right now is doing, and in our history as a country, has ever done?

    If you look at the idea of self government, this is actually law, one’s own code, the acceptance of personal responsibility, the power to exercise freedom of choice, which is for the most part censored, along with whitey, now, a new law, the one that creates the future, the law of one individual that decides to do something about it, make effort not excuses, to be part of the solution, build something awesome, or build anything at all. In our law, we agree to treat others in a civilized manner…this is not the case in Canada right now. There is a real difference, between the patriots and nationalists and old fashioned Canadians and those who are not. There is a difference in thinking, capabilities, aptitudes and interests, as well as intelligence, reasoning power and loyalty. I see it everyday. What is important, is that people do something, not waiting for everything to be perfect. Align your values and priorities with what you do, your actions. Do something, go forward, make decisions, keep making decisions with a pro-active life of adventure and achievement, even super-achievement, hold nothing back, express the best of who you are, encourage others, make friends and allies, build great things together, redevelop and rebuild the national dream. Someone has already made it a lot easier to do that, so what are you waiting for? Who are you waiting for? Wait no more, you have the answer you are looking for, you have the solution and power, all you need to do is exercise it.

    It is time for all good men to come to the aid of their country, right? Wait no more!

    Peace, Order and Good Government, right?

    Cheers, have an awesome and pro-active day in Canada!
    Michael Comeau

    Bill C-405: Erin O’Toole Tried To Make It Easier For Companies To Transfer Employee Pensions In 2018

    In 2018, the CPC MP for Durham, Erin O’Toole, introduced C-405, a Private Member’s Bill to make changes regarding employee pension plans. While touted as some great overhaul for workers, things are not what they appear to be.

    1. Pensions, Benefits, Worker Entitlements

    The public is often unaware of what is happening with their pensions and other social benefits. Often, changes are made with little to no input from the people who are directly impacted by it. Unfortunate, but we need to constantly be on top of these things.

    2. Important Links

    Private Member’s Bill C-405 Introduced By Erin O’Toole
    Text Of Bill C-405 (First Reading)
    Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985
    Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act
    Open Parliament: Announcement From Erin O’Toole
    Open Parliament: Debate On Bill C-405

    3. Bill C-405 Introduced In June 2018

    Bill for Private Members rarely get far in the House of Commons, let alone pass. Often, they are just a way to signal to the sponsor that efforts are being made. O’Toole’s Bill didn’t get anywhere in Parliament, but it’s unclear how serious he was about pushing it.

    4. Pension Benefits Standards Act

    Termination and Winding-up of Pension Plans
    Marginal note:Deemed termination
    29 (1) The revocation of registration of a pension plan shall be deemed to constitute termination of the plan.

    Effect of termination on assets
    (8) On the termination of the whole of a pension plan, all assets of the plan that are to be used for the purpose of providing pension benefits or other benefits continue to be subject to this Act.

    The language of section 29(8) of the Pension Benefits Standards Act is quite clear. Once a pension plan is terminated, the funds must be dispersed to those who have contributed to the plan. Here is part of what O’Toole wanted to add.

    Amendment — liquidation, assignment or bankruptcy of the employer
    (8.‍1) If an employer is the subject of proceedings under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act or Part III of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and the amount required to permit a pension plan to satisfy all obligations with respect to pension benefits and other benefits to be provided under the plan is greater than the assets of the plan, the administrator may
    (a) despite subsection 10.‍1(2) and the terms of the plan, amend the plan to change the nature or form of the pension benefits and other benefits to be provided under the plan; or
    (b) apply to the Superintendent for permission to transfer or permit the transfer of any part of the assets or liabilities of the pension plan to another pension plan.
    Consent to amendment
    (8.‍2) Before a pension plan may be amended or part of its assets or liabilities transferred in accordance with subsection (8.‍1),
    (a) the administrator must provide any prescribed information, in the prescribed manner, to the members or former members, to any other persons entitled to pension benefits and to the representatives of the members or former members and of any other persons entitled to pension benefits; and
    (b) the amendment or transfer must be approved by more than one third of the members or former members and of any other persons entitled to pension benefits or by the representatives of more than one third of the members or former members and of any other persons entitled to pension benefits.
    No action against administrator
    (8.‍3) No action lies against any administrator for amending a plan or for transferring or permitting the transfer of any part of the assets or liabilities of a pension plan to another pension plan in compliance with subsections (8.‍1) and (8.‍2).

    Bill C-405 would have allowed employers to transfer the pension funds rather than pay out if the company were in serious financial difficulties.

    As for the consent, that is an extremely low threshold. Forget a super majority, or even a simple majority. Only 1/3 would have to approve for this to happen. Even worse, the “representatives”, or people claiming to represent the workers could simply approve on their behalf. This seems ripe for abuse.

    While transferring pension funds to another company may make that more solvent, the reality is, those employees did not sign up for it initially. An argument can be made that they should simply be allowed to collect on their entitlements, and walk away. If an opt-out were provided so individual members could cash out, it would nullify a lot of the criticism.

    5. Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act

    Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act
    3 The Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act is amended by adding the following after section 11.‍52:
    Limitation — pension plans
    11.‍53 No order may be made under this Part respecting the approval of a plan offering incentives to certain directors, officers or employees to remain in the employ of the debtor company for the period during which the com­pany is expected to be subject to proceedings under this Act unless the court is satisfied
    (a) if the debtor company participates in a prescribed pension plan for the benefit of its employees, that the relevant parties have entered into an agreement, approved by the relevant pension regulator, respecting the payment of the amounts referred to in subparagraphs 6(6)‍(a)‍(ii) and (iii);
    (b) that the directors, officers or employees are necessary for the successful restructuring or liquidation of the debtor company or for the protection and the maximization of the value of the company’s property;
    (c) that the directors, officers or employees have received a job offer from another person than the debtor company and the offering of the incentives is necessary for their retention in the employ of the debtor company; and
    (d) that the amount of the incentive offer
    (i) is not greater than ten times the amount of a similar incentive offer given to an employee of the debtor company for any purpose during the previous calendar year; or
    (ii) if no incentive referred to in subparagraph (i) was offered, is not greater than an amount equal to 25% of the amount of any similar incentive given to a director or officer of the debtor company for any purpose during the previous calendar year.

    Incentives and bonuses (primarily aimed at officers and directors), would still be allowed to be offered, and not be vulnerable to a court order. However, those incentives would be capped. Seems strange that heads of failing companies should be offered any type of incentives.

    6. Does This Bill Benefit Workers?

    If a company is failing, and going under, the right thing to do is to pay out its pension holdings to the people who have contributed to it. Transferring elsewhere, especially with such a low threshold, seems like shifting the goal posts. At a minimum, those who have contributed should be able to just take a pay out and leave.

    People who run failing companies shouldn’t be getting bonuses, even if they are capped. This just rewards incompetence, often at the cost of other assets of the company.

    The legislation was promoted as a way to protect pensions and to keep them going. However, such transfers (possible with just a minority of support), potentially remove all control from workers. And as with everything, the devil is in the details.

    For now, it appears to be dead.

    Tax Inspectors Without Borders; Partnered With OECD & UNDP

    Get ready for increased efforts to enforce taxation rules globally. While this is promoted as a means of stopping tax cheats, it’s unlikely stop there. Once the infrastructure is fully up and operational, what’s to stop organizations like the UN from simply imposing global taxes?

    1. The United Nations’ Many Tentacles

    The United Nations pushes an almost endless amount of agendas, nearly all with the goal of obtaining greater control. See some of their other documents, taxation efforts, and pandering to Islam. While a lot of this will seem harmless, and consist of minor issues, the loss of sovereignty creeps in incrementally.

    2. More On The International Banking Cartel

    Check this page. for more. The Canadian Government, like so many others, has sold out the independence and sovereignty of its monetary system to foreign interests. BIS, like its central banks, exceed their agenda and try to influence other social agendas. See who is really controlling things, and the common lies that politicians and media figures tell. Now, the bankers work with the climate mafia and pandemic pushers to promote their mutual goals of control and debt slavery.

    3. Important Links

    Tax Inspectors Without Borders Mainpage
    TIWB Partners With Both OECD/UNDP
    OECD Announces Launch Of TIWB Programme

    Tax Inspectors Without Borders Annual Report 2017
    Tax Inspectors Without Borders Annual Report 2018
    Tax Inspectors Without Borders Annual Report 2019
    Tax Inspectors Without Borders Annual Report 2020

    Tax Inspectors Without Borders Twitter (@TIWB_News)
    Tax Inspectors Without Borders YouTube Channel
    UN Development Programme YouTube Channel

    World Bank Global Tax Program (Mainpage)
    World Bank Global Tax Programme, 2020 Report
    World Bank Global Tax Program, 2020 Report
    World Bank, Taxation, Sustainable Development
    International Monetary Fund On Tax Evasion

    Yahoo: TIWB Started In 2015
    Reuters On Covering The Launch Of TIWB

    4. TIWB Partners With OECD/UNDP

    OECD/UNDP Partnership
    The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have joined forces to extend the global reach of Tax Inspectors Without Borders (TIWB) and to scale-up operations. The partnership was launched at the Third Financing for Development conference in Addis Ababa on 13 July 2015 and was welcomed by stakeholders from business, civil society, as well as OECD and developing country governments attending the conference. The Initiative was widely hailed as capable of assisting developing countries mobilize much-needed domestic revenues in support of the post-2015 sustainable development agenda. The TIWB Initiative facilitates targeted, tax audit assistance programmes in developing countries across the globe. The TIWB Initiative is a strong response to the attention given to effective and efficient mobilisation of domestic resources in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the commitments made by the international community in Addis Ababa to strengthen international tax co-operation

    UNDP contributes in the following ways:
    -Through its country offices, supports development and completion of TIWB programmes in developing, countries;
    -Promotes lessons learned and the sharing of good practices of TIWB country programmes with the international development community;
    -Manages a roster of tax audit experts;
    -Manages designated donor financial resources for TIWB activities;
    -Handles contracts for retired experts (or former tax officials) participating in TIWB programmes.

    The OECD contributes in the following ways:
    -Hosts the TIWB Secretariat at the OECD offices in Paris;
    -Identifies and provides support to host tax administrations on technical taxation issues and assists host and partner tax administrations in the set-up of TIWB programmes;
    -Provides technical support to UNDP on selection and quality assurance of the roster of tax audit experts;
    -Develops manuals, tools and research on best administrative practices in tax administrations and for TIWB Programmes.
    -Monitors, assesses and reports on results of TIWB programmes.

    So it isn’t just about helping certain countries get their tax money. It’s also about achieving the UN Sustainable Development Agenda goals laid out in 2015. The OECD also made their announcement about the partnership.

    In reality, this is the equivalent, (or soon to be the equivalent), of a global tax administration. Think of the Canada Revenue Agency, just on a worldwide scale. While there seems to be nothing wrong on the surface with stoppin tax cheats, it reeks of growing intrusion into national affairs.

    5. TIWB Conference September 28, 2020

    This high-level event provided an opportunity to engage with government ministers and senior officials and look at the TIWB approach of bringing countries together to tackle tax avoidance, evasion and Illicit Financial Flows. The panel reflected on how the experiences from the initiative can be utilised to recover from COVID-19 and re-imagining a new future, specifically in the context of the Financing for Development in the Era of COVID-19 and Beyond process.
    The TIWB Annual Report 2020 was launched during the event.
    This event took place in the margins of the 75th United Nations’ General Assembly on 28 September 2020.

    The Panel talks about efforts that TIWB is undertaking, and about how they can help advance the UNSDA in light of the coronavirus pandemic. How convenient it is for them.

    6. Tax Inspectors Without Borders’ Donors

    Seems rather strange that the World Bank and the Open Society, (George Soros), would be contributing to such a program. Or perhaps it isn’t. There are several donor nations in Europe, and Japan, also contributing.

    7. World Bank Global Tax Umbrella Program

    The Global Tax Program (GTP) provides an umbrella framework for tax support and leads an ongoing program of activities at both international tax and country levels focused on strengthening tax institutions and mobilizing revenues at the international and domestic levels. The GTP Program is one of the Umbrella 2.0 pilots for Trust Fund Reforms recently undertaken by the WBG.

    The international community has set ambitious goals to end extreme poverty and boost inclusive and sustainable growth by 2030. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals requires massive investment in physical and human capital. Focus is needed on the quality, fairness, and equity of domestic tax collection.

    To be clear, this isn’t simply about tax collection. It’s also about seeing that those taxes are used according to the goals set out by TIWB/OECD/UNDP. There are certainly strings attached.

    8. Int’l Monetary Fund On Tax Avoidance

    The IMF, or International Monetary Fund, has taken an interest in tax collecting, estimating that $12 billion is in corporate shells, and another $7 billion is hidden by people overseas.

    Information from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), have allowed more research and study to take place.

    9. Reported By Yahoo News In 2015

    Yahoo reported the launch of Tax Inspectors Without Borders back in 2015. Short article, but it covered a lot of important points. Reuters and TaxConnections addressed it as well.

    10. TIWB Ultimately Pushing Policy Change

    Tax Inspectors Without Borders talks about how they are helping in the 3rd World with regard to tax evasion, but they minimize a very important issue. TIWB is interested in pushing policy changes in taxation, and they are trying to get more money spent on Agenda 2030. This isn’t altruism on their part, but is ideologically motivated.

    With all of this in mind, one very serious question has to be asked: will TIWB (at some point), begin calling for global taxation schemes?