Unpopular Opinion: If You “DO” Vote, You Don’t Have The Right To Complain

It’s a widely repeated mantra among many that “If you don’t vote, you don’t have the right to complain”. The logic seems to be that citizens aren’t allowed to criticize the state of affairs unless they cast a ballot for someone. Apparently, taking a principled stance in not supporting anyone is grounds to limit the ability to comment.

However, many of these same irate voters will express frustration and disillusionment with their choices within 6 months to 3 years. That said, it won’t stop people from endorsing the same people again and again. After all, the alternative is worse, right?

While this would certainly apply to Ontario — which has an election in June — the same principles are valid at all levels of Government.

This raises the interesting question: should people who voted for a dishonest and mediocre candidate have the right to complain afterwards?

Certainly, there will be claims that the voters had no idea that so-and-so would be so deceitful. Is that true though? Would a reasonable amount of due diligence have led to the conclusion that certain people can’t be trusted? Given that we are now in the internet era, it’s easier than ever to do background checks on the people running for office.

In fairness, the average person had no idea about this “pandemic” hoax that would be launched a few years ago. Still, this is a problem that goes much further back.

Take a look through any social media site. People will say they are voting for a person, not because they like or trust them, but because the alternative is worse. A great number also struggle to give any coherent reason as to why they are doing it. Using Ford as a specific example, Twitter is filled with people pledging to vote for the man who destroyed their Province — because Horwath and Del Duca would be much worse.

As lame a “journalist” as Brian Lilley is, he unfortunately sums up the right-wing quite well in Ontario, and Canada more broadly. Mindless sheep vote en masse for someone they KNOW will continue to wreck society. Ford brought in mask mandates, vaccine passports, issued stay-at-home orders, shut down entire sectors of business, ruined school for children, etc…. and he may very well get RE-ELECTED.

In the 2021 Federal election, millions voted for the Conservative Party of Canada. This came in spite of them being subsidized by Trudeau, and running on a PRO-vaccine passport agenda.

Support isn’t limited to real parties either. One would think that a “party” that doesn’t elect its leader, have a constitution, or vote on policies would be a cause for concern. After all, it’s been 4 years. Sadly, some simply cannot be reasoned with.

Take the U.K. as another example: Boris Johnson claimed (when running to replace Theresa May) that he would slash immigration to the “tens of thousands”. However, all it takes is a quick search to know that he supported amnesty for hundreds of thousands of illegals, while acting as Mayor of London.

In reality, it’s quite easy to check out candidates who are running for office. This is especially true if they’ve had a career in politics. Very few actually do it though.

Back to the premise of the article: if someone has no interest in performing any due diligence on the people who want to run their municipalities, provinces, or country, do they have the right to complain? Moreover, when the politician they helped install breaks all promises, are the voters not complicit in helping them?

If you vote for someone — while ignoring all of the warning signs — you are an accomplice to whatever destructive policies they may enact. As such, you don’t have the right to complain.

Here’s another unpopular opinion: universal voting is a bad idea. If someone can’t be bothered to do their homework on what they’re voting for, it’s detrimental to allow them access.

Update: As mentioned below, some countries, like Australia, make voting mandatory. With that in mind, it wouldn’t be fair to treat that the same way, if force is applied. The article was designed with Canada in mind, which doesn’t have such requirements.

What Senator Denise Batters Will Never Address…..

Senator Denise Batters of Saskatchewan is calling for a leadership review of Erin O’Toole. While this may seem fine on the surface, the details are troubling. It’s not so much what’s in the proposal, but rather, what’s omitted from it.

Batters gives a great performance in this short video. And performance is what it comes across as. She gives some decent points of why O’Toole should go, but never completely throws him under the bus. It seems pretty strange, unless all of this was being done just for show.

The Conservative Inc. media swallowed it completely.

Conservative activists and members across Canada are supporting this petition because Erin O’Toole has reversed his own positions from his leadership campaign, betrayed Conservative principles, lost seats in the election, and cannot win the next election.
O’Toole Betrayed Conservative Principles
O’Toole won the leadership race claiming to be a “true blue” Conservative, but ran an election campaign nearly indistinguishable from Trudeau’s Liberals. Conservatives and Canadians can’t afford more of the same.
Before and after the election, O’Toole repeatedly told Conservatives that they needed to have “the courage to change.” What he expects us to change into, he has yet to say.
As Leader, O’Toole has watered down and even entirely reversed policy positions without the input of party or caucus members. On the carbon tax, on firearms, on conscience rights – he has contradicted positions within the same week, the same day, and even within the same sentence!
The Election Was Lost
Winning without principles is pointless. O’Toole’s strategy and approach failed. Conservatives lost seats and votes.
Erin O’Toole lost this election by every measure. Our party lost half a million votes, won fewer seats, and received a lower popular vote than in 2019. We lost ethnically diverse MPs, female MPs, and MPs in the GTA, Alberta, and in Vancouver’s suburbs. In the GTA alone, O’Toole lost 80,000 votes compared to 2019. O’Toole’s inability to communicate or connect with female voters created an even wider gender gap.
O’Toole Can’t Win the Next Election
Since the election, O’Toole has not learned any lessons from this devastating loss. It’s business as usual. His strategy failed and he refuses to change it. He is surrounded by the same old team with the same old ideas. His polling numbers keep dropping. His flip-flops and weakness mean that he can never regain the trust from the Canadian people that he lost in the election. Because he refuses to learn from his mistakes, he can’t win.
Because Erin O’Toole turned his back on conservative principles, lost the election, and cannot win the next one, Conservatives must take action now!

All of this speech sounds lovely, but stop and think about it for a moment. What specifics does Batters actually complain about? She lists 3: (a) Carbon tax; (b) firearms; and (c) conscience rights. But are those really the most pressing issues facing the country?

And seriously? We’re going with the gender gap?

Canada has imposed medical martial law for the better part of 2 years, and Batters is completely silent on that. Moreover, the useful idiots in the comments are whining about relatively minor things instead of the collapse of freedom in this country. Some address the bigger picture, but most don’t.

Keep in mind, O’Toole ran as an anti-freedom candidate to take over the CPC. He doesn’t oppose anything Trudeau does, although he whines about the details of implementation. Whether he’s been bought, threatened, or is just a pandering twit, O’Toole is an enemy of every Canadian who values basic rights in this country.

What’s even more sickening is the double standard and hypocrisy. Canadian “Conservatives” like to virtue signal about how righteous they are in condemning human rights abuses ABROAD. That being said, they are silent on human rights abuses DOMESTICALLY. If Batters wanted a good excuse to get rid of O’Toole, this seems perfect. However, not a peep from her on that subject.

Conservatives claim to support freedom. In realty, they impose mandates for vaccine passports, masks, order businesses closed, and strip away religious liberties. This happens Federally too, although the bulk of the orders are Provincial. O’Toole, as CPC leader, had no issue with any of this. Batters appears uninterested in the fact that her party and leader have no issue with any of this.

Her Twitter account is filled with content on hockey and football, but nothing about the fake pandemic being used to erase the rights we take for granted.

Batters cites the Carbon taxes, but never states that the entire green industry is a giant wealth transfer scheme. The Paris Agreement lays that out in detail, especially in Article 9. She also mentions guns (presumably the May 2020 Order In Council), but never says the obvious: that a disarmed population is much easier to control, or eliminate.

There’s also radio silence on the FIPA with China, which involved selling Canadian sovereignty to a foreign power. Then again, the CPC still seems to support this treason.

She also never points out the elephant in the room: O’Toole worked at Heenan Blaikie right before getting into politics. This was the same law firm Trudeau Sr. and Chretien were partners at. Birds of a feather….

While at Heenan Blaikie, O’Toole also lobbied on behalf of Facebook. His support of free speech has always comes across as forced and insincere. Again, nothing from Batters.

If the CPC was actually concerned about winning elections, then perhaps Batters might want to address O’Toole’s open borders policies. Incidently, Harper and Mulroney supported the same thing. By flooding the country with left-leaning voters, it ensures that “Conservatives” will never be able to win more and more ridings. In the West, Canadians routinely vote for cons (literally) who enact policies to dilute their voting power.

Batters ignores — and it seems intentional — the real reason O’Toole lost: it’s because he supports the same tyranny and creeping Communism that the Liberals and NDP do. He doesn’t offer any real opposition to the most pressing issues facing Canadians.

Additionally, Batters won’t discuss the obvious suspicion that O’Toole threw the race on purpose. There is no way someone could be that bad, unless it was deliberate.

What do we get here? More drama from actors playing a part. Batters’ job seems to be to pretend that there is a segment of her party that wants real change — all while avoiding more urgent topics. The role of this party is to gatekeep, and prevent real alternatives from gaining ground.

To all the people cheering about this petition, give your heads a shake. This is an act, and you’re buying it, hook, line and sinker.

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The Final Boss: Realizing That You Are The Best Source Of Information And Scrutiny

“We shouldn’t ask who are the people we should be listening to. Instead, we should be wondering how to verify or refute the things we see and hear.”

Anyone who has ever played video games knows that Bowser is the final boss in the world of Super Mario. This article will get into a more abstract type of boss.

A question that comes up surprisingly often on this site is who should readers be following. That’s understandable, given the vast amount and range of information that’s available. Most people don’t want to have to sift through mountains of rubbish to find gold.

That being said, the correct answer is this: people shouldn’t be relying on or following anyone. Those serious about seeing the world as it really is should be scrutinizing everything they encounter. Real truthers should be doing background checks on what information they come across.

Perhaps all of this is idealistic. However, the point of media shouldn’t be indoctrinating or telling people what to think. It should be empowering, and encourage readers, viewers and listeners to seek more. Does this involve work? Yes, but the alternative is never truly being awake.

Several pieces have been posted here to help the more curious types get started with their own research. They will be included at the bottom.

Additionally, there can be valid reasons someone may hold back on some details. It doesn’t have to be nefarious. They may not be sure of certain points. It may be a controversial topic, where doxing, harassment, and deplatforming are real concerns. Being right doesn’t matter much when livelihood is threatened. Yes, there are many gatekeepers, but that isn’t everyone.

This take may be controversial, but here it goes. Reputation and name recognition have little to no correlation to how accurate and in depth a piece may be. Simply knowing who authored it means nothing if the content is misleading. Moreover, reporting that is truthful (but intentionally superficial) is also unhelpful, since the full truth isn’t told.

The best sources of reporting will include all material used. Evidence that supports the publication will be either embedded into articles or video, or the resources will be instantly available. Anyone making serious claims should be eager to demonstrate their validity. Anyone can throw around allegations. It’s far, far more helpful to see what their basis is.

Things get a bit complicated when a piece of media makes important statements about a company, organization or person, but no source material is provided. The question becomes: do we accept this as a fact, or do a little digging to see how truthful and accurate the content is?

It also should be obvious that not all material is equal is value. While well cited articles, videos and podcasts are helpful, nothing beats primary sources. Are friends talking about an important Supreme Court ruling? Ask to see the text of the decision. Concerned about a new bill being introduced? Search the actual legislation, instead of relying on someone’s opinion. Heard horror stories concerning some new treaty? Go read it. Seeing rumours about what happened at a public event? See what footage is available from someone there.

We are in an age where almost anything can be accessed by an online search. Nonsense statements and assertions can be debunked in seconds. Too few take full advantage of this.

If the light goes on for even one person, then this is worth it.

For a wider perspective, here are a few videos that explain it well:

(1) Rocking Mr. E has a channel called Rocking Philosophy. He released a video in May 2018 on globalist approved opposition, and 3 rules to spot it. There are valid questions to ask when certain voices are promoted, even when they offer little in groundbreaking content. One doesn’t have to agree with his politics to see him poking holes in establishment narratives. It’s a video that’s well worth watching.

(2) Actual Justice Warrior has an interesting take from October 2019. He addressed claims that the mainstream media is dying. He further points out that it’s a bad business model to be celebrating their demise, even if it were true. Real journalism can be quite expensive to engage in. By contrast, commentary channels are a dime a dozen, but still are completely dependent on others doing the underlying work. Investigative journalism — which involves long hours digging through records — can be relatively cheap, but is extremely time consuming.

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Canada’s Q-Anon? Romana Didulo Of Canada 1st, Claims To Have Been Installed As Leader In “Republic Of Canada”

Canada already has plenty of fake parties. Names such as: People’s Party of Canada; Maverick Party; Republican Party of Canada; and New Blue Ontario come to mind. However, the “Canada 1st” Party goes even further. Their leader, Romana Didulo, claims to have been installed as the Head of State of Canada already.

It’s hard to tell if this person (not sure if it’s a man or a woman) is simply a grifter, a nutcase or is working at a higher level to confuse people. These claims would be funny if not for the fact that some people will take it seriously.

  • Claims to be Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Canada
  • Claims appointed by White Hats and U.S. military
  • Claims Trump helped by these people
  • Claims assets of Vatican seized
  • Claims assets of British Royal Family seized
  • Claims assets of Royals across Europe seized
  • Claims governments across the world removed
  • Claims Canada declared a vaccine free zone
  • Claims banking system will not exist in this Republic
  • Claims current court system will not exist in Republic

However, it’s unclear why a “Head of State” installed by the U.S. military allows this illegal and criminal injections to still go on. They’re still be done on children.

Didulo claims that military tribunals will be convened, and that the penalty for crimes against humanity is death. But again, people are still be injected with these experimental poisoned. For someone who claims to care so much, he/she can’t be othered to actually do anything about it. Perhaps the new Commander-in-Chief could put a stop to it.

A huge red flag (one of many) was alleging to have been helped by the same people as Trump. The ex-President was a deep state asset from the beginning, who neutralized and co-opted real resistance. His “America first” sales pitch was just a way to get elected, as he never believed in any of it.

Strange how Canada got a new leader, and no one ever heard about it. However, the kinds of people this person would appeal to probably won’t ask such questions. Also, pretty odd, that the sitting leader of Canada can’t find any candidates to run in any ridings. There’s also less information available about this person than Theresa Tam, which says a lot.

There is a website for this “Party”, and it’s pretty skimpy. But to be fair, it has more information on it than the Karahalios Family’s New Blue, or Carbone’s Republican Party. The YouTube channel hasn’t seen any new videos since November 2020. The Twitter account was suspended some time ago, but the link remains on the website.

WELCOME TO THE TRIBE is a bizarre thing to say.

As for the Canada 1st Party itself, there’s also no elected leader, no policy votes, party constitution, or other governing documents. No real structure to make this a lasting organization. Hmmm…. where have we seen this before?

However, there is a donation system which appears to be operational. In fact, there was probably more effort done in setting that up than in anything else they created. And why is the self-professed Commander-in-Chief begging online for donations?

The site, Humourous Mathematics, points out that in Jewish Gematria, the values of “Trump ahead” match Romana Didulo. They add that ROMANA DIDULO is an anagram for I AM OUR DONALD. If the name didn’t come across as bogus before, it certainly does now.

Please note that if the fact-checkers and mainstream media outlets are all controlled by the cabalistic cannibalistic eugenicist globalist leftist liberal pedophilias and their Mossad satellites, heavily controlled by the Khazarian Mafia (Illuminati & Papal bloodlines) and their followers (Communists, Fascists, Luciferians, Masons, Khazarian Mafia (Canaanite, Illuminati & Papal bloodlines) and their followers (Communists, Fascists, Jesuits, Luciferians, Masons, Nazis & Zionists), then we can safely laugh at the free publicity on the mainstream level brought to Queen Romana and her peaceful movement of patriotic sovereign beings. How many replicated fake news articles do the shills require to effectively discredit and smear Romana Didulo? This is what PANIC looks like.

True, a lot of the fact checkers ARE controlled and co-opted. It’s been shown on this site (see links at the bottom) that media in Canada is largely bought and paid for. However, even the controlled outlets are occasionally right.

To entertain an idea: perhaps controlled news outlets are trying to establish some credibility by calling out the more obvious hoax, Romana Didulo. Vladimir Lenin knew a thing or 2 about leading the opposition.

What makes these fake parties so transparent is that they can’t be bothered to put in the effort to appear convincing. And in the case of Didulo, making wild claims of having been installed by the U.S. military without any proof gets normal people rolling their eyes. That same U.S. military is currently helping Trump’s Operation Warp Speed to vaccinate the American population. Some outlets will still share these people as if it’s legitimate.

I actually thought this person/party was satire or trolling when first hearing about it, but it’s clearly a scam. No sensible person would be taken in by it.

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Mike Farnworth Quietly Cancels State Of Emergency Throughout BC

BC is supposed to be starting “Stage 3” of its reopening. However, according to this posting, the “State of Emergency” is completely over. There’s also M273, from June 29, 2021, repealing CV health measures. Interesting. Will this be the end of it? Will this be brought back in the fall?

Date Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General
(This part is for administrative purposes only and is not part of the Order.)
Authority under which Order is made:
Act and section: Emergency Program Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 111, s. 11
Other: M073/2020; OIC 155/2020; OIC 173/2020; OIC 207/2020; OIC 241/2020; OIC 264/2020; OIC 310/2020; OIC 351/2020; OIC 389/2020; OIC 436/2020; OIC 458/2020; OIC 482/2020; OIC 494/2020; OIC 506/2020; OIC 570/2020; OIC 572/2020; OIC 581/2020; OIC 592/2020; OIC 611/2020; OIC 700/2020; OIC 1/2021; OIC 13/2021; OIC 57/2021; OIC 88/2021; OIC 107/2021; OIC 161/2021; OIC 202/2021; OIC 229/2021; OIC 258/2021; OIC 285/2021; OIC 313/2021; OIC 332/2021; OIC 366/2021
Page 1 of 1
Emergency Program Act
Ministerial Order No. M275
I, Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General, order that, effective at the end of the day on June 30, 2021, the attached declaration of a state of emergency throughout the whole of the Province of British Columbia made on March 18, 2020, and subsequently extended, is cancelled.

You’d think this would be more prominent.

(An update) The issue was raised that there was an extension until July 6, 2021. While that is true, it was issued on June 22. The cancellation notice came on June 29, and presumably overrides it.

Emergency Program Act
Ministerial Order No. M037
WHEREAS the COVID-19 pandemic poses a significant threat to the health, safety and welfare of the residents of British Columbia, and threatens to disproportionately impact the most vulnerable segments of society;
AND WHEREAS prompt coordination of action and special regulation of persons or property is required to protect the
health, safety and welfare of the residents of British Columbia, and to mitigate the social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on residents, businesses, communities, organizations and institutions throughout the Province of British Columbia.
NOW THEREFORE I declare that a state of emergency exists throughout the whole of the Province of British Columbia.
Original order of March 18, 2020.

The original State of Emergency Order was made in March 2020, and has been the basis for numerous extensions. A cynic may wonder if the reason was Bill 19, which gave Government officials immunity, is set to expire July 8. It came into effect July 8, 2020, and had effect for a year.

Cancellation of declaration of state of emergency
11 (1)When, in the opinion of the minister or the Lieutenant Governor in Council, an emergency no longer exists in an area in relation to which a declaration of a state of emergency was made under section 9 (1), the minister or the Lieutenant Governor in Council must make an order cancelling the declaration of a state of emergency in respect of that area.

(2)Immediately after an order is made under subsection (1) or a declaration of a state of emergency expires under section 9 (4), the minister must cause the details of the cancellation or expiry of the declaration of a state of emergency to be published by a means of communication that the minister considers most likely to make the contents of the cancellation order or the fact of the cancellation or expiry known to the majority of the population of the affected area.

Under Section 11 of the Emergency Program Act, publication is mandatory. It’s supposed to be done my a means likely to inform the majority of the people.

Saskatchewan also implies that their state of emergency will end on July 11. The orders (near the end) say “This Order remains in effect until 12:01 a.m. on July 11, 2021, or until, in the opinion of the Chief Medical Health Officer, there is no longer a public health threat, whichever shall first occur.”

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