Canada’s Q-Anon? Romana Didulo Of Canada 1st, Claims To Have Been Installed As Leader In “Republic Of Canada”

Canada already has plenty of fake parties. Names such as: People’s Party of Canada; Maverick Party; Republican Party of Canada; and New Blue Ontario come to mind. However, the “Canada 1st” Party goes even further. Their leader, Romana Didulo, claims to have been installed as the Head of State of Canada already.

It’s hard to tell if this person (not sure if it’s a man or a woman) is simply a grifter, a nutcase or is working at a higher level to confuse people. These claims would be funny if not for the fact that some people will take it seriously.

  • Claims to be Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Canada
  • Claims appointed by White Hats and U.S. military
  • Claims Trump helped by these people
  • Claims assets of Vatican seized
  • Claims assets of British Royal Family seized
  • Claims assets of Royals across Europe seized
  • Claims governments across the world removed
  • Claims Canada declared a vaccine free zone
  • Claims banking system will not exist in this Republic
  • Claims current court system will not exist in Republic

However, it’s unclear why a “Head of State” installed by the U.S. military allows this illegal and criminal injections to still go on. They’re still be done on children.

Didulo claims that military tribunals will be convened, and that the penalty for crimes against humanity is death. But again, people are still be injected with these experimental poisoned. For someone who claims to care so much, he/she can’t be othered to actually do anything about it. Perhaps the new Commander-in-Chief could put a stop to it.

A huge red flag (one of many) was alleging to have been helped by the same people as Trump. The ex-President was a deep state asset from the beginning, who neutralized and co-opted real resistance. His “America first” sales pitch was just a way to get elected, as he never believed in any of it.

Strange how Canada got a new leader, and no one ever heard about it. However, the kinds of people this person would appeal to probably won’t ask such questions. Also, pretty odd, that the sitting leader of Canada can’t find any candidates to run in any ridings. There’s also less information available about this person than Theresa Tam, which says a lot.

There is a website for this “Party”, and it’s pretty skimpy. But to be fair, it has more information on it than the Karahalios Family’s New Blue, or Carbone’s Republican Party. The YouTube channel hasn’t seen any new videos since November 2020. The Twitter account was suspended some time ago, but the link remains on the website.

WELCOME TO THE TRIBE is a bizarre thing to say.

As for the Canada 1st Party itself, there’s also no elected leader, no policy votes, party constitution, or other governing documents. No real structure to make this a lasting organization. Hmmm…. where have we seen this before?

However, there is a donation system which appears to be operational. In fact, there was probably more effort done in setting that up than in anything else they created. And why is the self-professed Commander-in-Chief begging online for donations?

The site, Humourous Mathematics, points out that in Jewish Gematria, the values of “Trump ahead” match Romana Didulo. They add that ROMANA DIDULO is an anagram for I AM OUR DONALD. If the name didn’t come across as bogus before, it certainly does now.

Please note that if the fact-checkers and mainstream media outlets are all controlled by the cabalistic cannibalistic eugenicist globalist leftist liberal pedophilias and their Mossad satellites, heavily controlled by the Khazarian Mafia (Illuminati & Papal bloodlines) and their followers (Communists, Fascists, Luciferians, Masons, Khazarian Mafia (Canaanite, Illuminati & Papal bloodlines) and their followers (Communists, Fascists, Jesuits, Luciferians, Masons, Nazis & Zionists), then we can safely laugh at the free publicity on the mainstream level brought to Queen Romana and her peaceful movement of patriotic sovereign beings. How many replicated fake news articles do the shills require to effectively discredit and smear Romana Didulo? This is what PANIC looks like.

True, a lot of the fact checkers ARE controlled and co-opted. It’s been shown on this site (see links at the bottom) that media in Canada is largely bought and paid for. However, even the controlled outlets are occasionally right.

To entertain an idea: perhaps controlled news outlets are trying to establish some credibility by calling out the more obvious hoax, Romana Didulo. Vladimir Lenin knew a thing or 2 about leading the opposition.

What makes these fake parties so transparent is that they can’t be bothered to put in the effort to appear convincing. And in the case of Didulo, making wild claims of having been installed by the U.S. military without any proof gets normal people rolling their eyes. That same U.S. military is currently helping Trump’s Operation Warp Speed to vaccinate the American population. Some outlets will still share these people as if it’s legitimate.

I actually thought this person/party was satire or trolling when first hearing about it, but it’s clearly a scam. No sensible person would be taken in by it.



4 Replies to “Canada’s Q-Anon? Romana Didulo Of Canada 1st, Claims To Have Been Installed As Leader In “Republic Of Canada””

  1. Thank you for this Ronnie.

    She/he got some traction from Charlie Ward stating she was the Queen of Canada and some other preposterous comments. I found it an insult to Canadians that he makes such bald assertions, as though Canadians are so stupid that we would fall for such fakes.

    I saw an article about her/his having started a business, but its not incorporated or listed anywhere. The only company with the same name as her business, Global Solutions Canada, doesn’t seem to be in the same line of work at all and are located in Toronto, not BC. I have a request in to Global Solutions Canada to clarify their association, if any, with Didulo.

    On her unfinished website, he/she first claims she/he was orphaned (twice), because first she lost her mother, then a year later, her father. It suggests she immigrated to Canada from Japan at age 10, then later at age 15. It is never clear just where she immigrated from or her ethnicity.

    What bothers me is that innocent people, desperate for change, may send her/him their last dollar, for no good reason that I can see. When she/he claims that she was appointed by the US Marines, it puts me in mind of Robert Carbone’s claim (complete with a photoshopped picture) that Trump endorsed him. When he was questioned about this claim, the picture was quickly removed.

    For some reason, I can’t help but think that both Carbone and this Didulo are both plants of the UN. Didulo seems to be making a statement of being transgendered perhaps? I do know that the creased Canadian flags she hangs behind her in her videos are a sign of dishonor in military protocol.

    1. We voted trudope in not just once but twice! So I think you better walk that one back a step

  2. Weirdos are taking this opportunity to try to make themselves big fish in a small pond. This person has no credibility with me. She doesn’t look delusional, but I’ve seen things just as strange in my years practicing family law.

  3. trudeau should be charged with treason human rights that is why ankle b raclet trudeau has to go cabal

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