PPC Cultists: If You Want To Save Canada, Get Rid Of Democracy

Apparently this person isn’t trolling. To any detractors who think that women’s suffrage should be repealed (yes, many do), just remember that morons like this are also allowed to vote. And their vote carries equal weight to yours.

We have 40,000 Germans and Panzers coming at us? Is this a reference to the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941? (2:10 in first video).

According to this deep thinker, just because a party can’t be bothered to draft an internal constitution, or elect its own leaders, that shouldn’t be grounds to dismiss it. Sure, it’s been 3 years, but that’s just a Kinsella talking point.

The obvious conclusion: to save Canada, get rid of democracy.

The PPC-Cult logic goes something like this:
(A) Scheer stole the 2017 leadership election due to dairy cartel interference.
(B) The defective CPC constitution allowed ballot harvesting instead of preservation.
(C) Bernier leaves a corrupt CPC and starts his own party.
(D) Bernier can’t hold a leadership race in HIS party, because there were serious integrity issues in a DIFFERENT party.
(E) Bernier shouldn’t draft an internal constitution in HIS party, because there were serious problems with the constitution in a DIFFERENT party.
(F) Having serious problems with another party in 2017 is enough of a reason not to try to do politics correctly in 2021.
(G) Having a legitimate political party is secondary to providing a “solution” to the current problem, even though we are past the point of having a political solution.
(H) We have a great platform, unlike the LibCons. However, the platform was drafted for the 2016-2017 LibCon Leadership race.
(I) The Conservatives are outraged at Bernier for “splitting the vote”, so they prop up Derek Sloan as an effort to further divide the vote.

Additionally, this “party” doesn’t vote on its policies, or have a National Council of any sort. There’s no long lasting structure, even after 3 years.

Doesn’t installing a leader, with no party mechanisms to keep him in check, directly lead to the kind of Stalinist regimes this ranting monkey claims to oppose?

It’s a shame though. He has enough sense to realize that the CPC is controlled opposition (it is), and that Sloan is likely a plant (which is quite possible). However, he doesn’t seem to realize that Bernier and Trump are also part of the matrix. Fake populists are a great way to stifle real movements from growing.

Vladimir Lenin would be proud of this “People’s Party”.

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