Sports Groups That Took CEWS Money To Enforce Masks, Vaxx Pass

Ever wonder why so many sports groups, including youth sports, were all too willing to enforce masks and vaccine orders? Maybe, just maybe, it’s because of the CEWS handouts they’ve been getting. CEWS is of course the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy. Of course, it’s not practical to add each agency, so searching the registry for individual names is probably the best.

Even at the NHL level, it seems that subsidies were too tempting rather than just treat people normally.

Wild idea, but with so many playing along, perhaps society isn’t worth saving.


Hotel, Restaurant Groups Getting Wage/Rental Subsidies
Liberals, Conservatives, NDP All Getting Bailout Money
Lawyers, Bar Associations Receiving CEWS Money
Conflicting Out? Lawyers Getting More Than Just CEWS
Churches Are Charities, Getting CEWS, Subsidies & Promoting Vaccines
Trucking Alliance Grants Raising many Eyebrows
Chambers Of Commerce Subsidized By Canadians, Want Open Borders
Banks, Credit Unions, Media Outlets All Getting CEWS
Publishing Industry Subsidized By Taxpayer Money
Gyms And Fitness Centers Getting Subsidies To Push Vaxx Pass
Chapters-Indigo Getting Millions In Subsidies To Discriminate
Jordan Peterson Shills For Vaxx, Suspension Of Civil Rights
Toronto Region Board Of Trade Pushing Vaxx Passports

2 Replies to “Sports Groups That Took CEWS Money To Enforce Masks, Vaxx Pass”

  1. What is the link between accepting subsidies and enforcing the cray cray? Is it in the fine print of the funding agreement?

  2. Of course, this answers the question as to why almost all of Canadian society was in lockstep when the government said to lockdown the economy. And many major corporations received what many recognized as bribe money before the ‘pandemic’, such as Loblaws that received $135 million to update their freezers.

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