Jordan Peterson Sells Out: Asks To “Suspend Judgement” On Loss Of Civil Rights

Turn to 1:22:00 in the original video to see the clip that is being referenced here. It should shock people, especially considering how Peterson rose to prominence.

Peterson became famous in 2016/2017 for resisting tyranny and promoting individual rights. He calls the LBGT lobby monsters, and the Alt-Right racist. He claims that collectivism is a means for imposing tyranny on the public.

But with medical tyranny, he’s quite okay with that.

  • Peterson openly admits what’s going on amounts to severe and repeated violations of basic civil rights.
  • In spite of this going on for over a year now, he asks for ANOTHER 6 months to see what happens
  • Peterson admits the precedent has already been set, and acknowledges that this could be used in the future for another “pandemic”.
  • Peterson claims to have no special insight into what’s going on. This comes despite hundreds, if not thousands of citizen journalists posting well sourced information all the time.
  • Peterson promotes mass vaccination, despite obvious concerns such as: (a) lack of long term testing; (b) not being approved, but instead given interim authorization; and (c) indemnification for manufacturers.
  • Peterson’s “get the damn vaccine” comes across as gaslighting.
  • Peterson uncritically parrots the narrative that vaccination is the solution to going back to a normal life.
  • Peterson seems uninterested in the mountains of evidence suggesting that this entire “pandemic” was preplanned a long time ago.
  • Peterson seems uninterested in researching into the financial interests.
  • Peterson attempts to steer the narrative with his claim that infectious diseases are the real enemy of society.

Peterson ends the segment suggesting that authoritarianism may be BENEFICIAL in the future, if it can be used to combat future pandemics. It’s like the WHO wrote his script.

Then again, Peterson has long been (at best) inconsistent with his views. In 2017, “Mr. Free Speech” apparently took no issue for deplatforming Faith Goldy from a free speech event. Her crime: associating uncritically with the wrong people.

He also worked for the United Nations for 3 years, trying to remove the “ideological clap trap” from the Sustainable Development Agenda, in order to make it easier to sell to the public. The UNSDA, or Agenda 2030, is essentially laying the ground work for the Great Reset. This is to radically remake society, under the guise of overall benefit.

This is probably why Peterson still gets promoted. He is controlled opposition, and is useful to steer the narrative when it’s needed.


13 Replies to “Jordan Peterson Sells Out: Asks To “Suspend Judgement” On Loss Of Civil Rights”

  1. That he is a psychologist should have raised red flags right off the bat.

    That he worked with the UN for 3 years to advance their Agenda 21/2030 goals (end to private property ownership and depopulation), should have at least raised eyebrows.

    He should have been asked some really important questions about his UN ties.

    We really need to learn to research these people and to be able to quickly identify controlled opposition when we see it.

  2. Tanning bed Peter Jordanstein doesn’t really know much but he is proud of his very big following and even bigger bank account…. seems like its enough for him.

  3. He’s not God. He’s a man. This is his position. Use your own brain and make your own decision.

  4. Whoa – makes me wonder if his “illness” last year was for reprogramming….. probably not, but Jordan must have been compromised or was a pysop from the start, say what people want to hear, gather a large following then BOOM – spew the MSM narrative. Is anyone for real anymore?
    Trust no-one, question everything is no doubt best at this point.

    Great post Ronnie !

    1. Tbh, what he went through over the last couple of years has left him a broken man still trying put himself back together. Its unsurprising to me that this is his stance. Like so many other well meaning empathetic people, he is gripped with fear, the propaganda and lies have been monumental, it’s hard to maintain critical thought in that mode. I’ll give him a pass on this, especially as those of us who’ve admired his previous work are still yet to fully appreciate how many others he’s empowered to take responsibility as individuals. Make up your own dammed minds and seek not solice in leaders through fear. Peace

  5. That would be so disappointing to find out he’s just another patsy. You know what, who cares! Take the good things in what anyone says and carry on. No one is perfect. He’s from a generation that can’t believe this whole thing could not have been planned. He might be a Freemason himself. Just take the good messages he delivers like anyone else. There is an awakening happening, and these Luciferians fucks are going down for good! Love will win in the end.

  6. I left a comment for him on his YouTube channel. Who knows whether he sees it. This was that comment:

    )) )
    Jordan Peterson’s thoughts are not connected to reality. He’s actually part of the problem, not the solution. God is the solution, but not the way that Jordan would have you think. “God only knows,” without any thought or interest in what the actual person people refer to as God knows is called ‘disrespect’. God knows the problems – those who have sold their souls – and he knows the solutions and will implement them. Jordan’s support for the emerging global biosecurity police State is unforgiveable. His plea that he has no special knowledge is pathetic. He’s running from his responsibility by referring to ‘special knowledge’. Knowledge is knowledge. Caring means knowing. Jordan is saying that either he doesn’t care (and therefore doesn’t know) or he’s deliberately trying to hide facts that thousands of doctors and activists, at this point, are trying to shout from the rooftops. Either way, he fails.
    ( ((

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